The Dark Unicorn
by Filo
This is a story of four naughty girls, Katja, Sally, Chevy,and Sandy and their horny mother Lazea in the dark unicorn forests of voropia. Katja is the oldest at 21 years old with long black hair and a gorgeous body, then Chevy at 17 with long curly hair and a voluptuous but not fat body, Sally at 13 with a skinny build and red shoulder length hair, and Sandy at 8 years old with a small build and long blond hair. Lazea is 34 years old with a very voluptuous build and slightly long red hair.
"Ok girls, it's time for bed" lazea said.
"Awww, do we have to?" sandy said.
"Yeah. Do we have too?" the other three, sally, katja and chevy whined in unison.
"Yes you do! Now go brush your teeth and come to your room. I'll read you a bed time story." Mom replied.
"Ok." Moaned the children.
The kids went to the bathroom and brushed their teeth one by one as Lazea went and got their beds ready. Sandy, Chevy, and Sally came into the room.
"Where is Katja?" Lazea asked.
"She had to poop and pushed us out the door." Sandy whined.
"Well she'll just miss out on the story of the dark unicorn then" Lazea said.
Katja closed the door behind her after shooing her three sisters away and walked over to the sink. She took the toothbrush and the tooth paste and proceeded to brush her teeth.

After rinsing her mouth she walked over to the toilet and pulled off her panties and hiked up her skit to sit down. She relaxed and a few moments later she started to pee followed by her visibly straining. She knew having rabbit for dinner was a bad idea. After a few seconds her poop finely emerged from her anus and landed in the toilet. A few more minutes went by as she continued to poop and when she had finished she wiped. She got up and looked.
"One nice huge dump." Katja said quietly to herself and flushed.

Leaza proceeded to tell the story of three bad little children who disobeyed their mother to venture out into the dark forest and got lost. They walked and walked until they got to a clearing and saw the dark unicorn. It was twelve midnight, the witching hour. He looked them right in the eyes, scaring them into paralysis and gobbled them up. They were never seen again.

"Now girls, I don't want to catch you leaving this house at midnight because I don't want my special magical little girls to be turned into unicorn poop!" Lazea told them.

Lazea kissed her daughters good night and blew out the candles when Katja came in and got into bed.

Lazea smiled and went to bed herself. She was sound asleep within minutes of hitting her soft pillow.

"Pssst." Sally said.
"Yeah?" Sandy replied.
"Do you think it was real?" Sally asked.
"No way, mom is just trying to scare us." Chevy said
"What?" Katja asked
Sandy told Katja about the story. Katja waited a moment before she said "Well, I know for a fact that that is just a story and to prove it..."

Katja got up her sisters gasped.
"I'm going out into the forest to the clearing and waiting to midnight!"
Katja walked out of the house shortly followed by her three sisters.

They walked for what seemed like forever until they finally reached the edge of the forest. There the four stopped. Up on the cliff stood the dark unicorn. They froze in fear. Lazea had been right.
Before they knew it he was upon them and had already swallowed Chevy. Then he turned his gaze at Sandy and she too went down quickly. Sally screamed just as the dark unicorns mouth engulfed her and swallowed her down. Katja was able to muster enough strength to run but he easily caught her and preceded to swallow her.
Somehow, to katja amazement, she felt her clothes fall off and to the ground effortlessly. She remembered that that happened to her sisters as well but didn't realize until now. He swallowed, pulling her half way up into his mouth. She could feel his tongue, probing her pussy and then licking her anus clean. She moaned in pleasure as the unicorns throat muscles contracted and he swallowed again the a second time sending her to his stomach.
When Katja emerged into the stomach she saw and heard her sisters moaning in the pain of digestion. They were writhing in pain in the dark unicorns stomach, searching desperately for a way out, but finding none. Only digestion would find them release, but even then...
Katja screamed. Her sisters melted before her eyes into a digested soup of colors and smells. Chevy turned into a pool of red goop that smelled like strawberries. Sandy turned into a pool of yellow goop that smelled like lemons, and Sally turned into a pool of blue goop that smelled like blueberries..
Katja could take no more and started to claw at the sides of the unicorns stomach. The stomach pulsed and she let one final scream out before she too melted into a pool of goop.

Unfortunately for her, her dna led her to melt into a pool of brown goop that smell just like poop. The stomach continued to digest the children and pushed them into the intestines.

Lazea woke up with a start. She had had a bad dream. She went an checked on her daughters and found that they were missing and so was a candle. She screamed and ran outside to find the dark unicorn.

The dark unicorn let out a loud belch and walked slowly with its swollen belly to the pond near by lazea's home. It was dawn and he was thirsty after such a large meal and long walk.

He took a drink, his hard penis glimmering in the morning sun when he heard a scream. He looked up and saw a woman. He thought of his penis. He was not hungry for food, but it had been a long time since he had a woman.

Lazea stood there, dumb struck. She knew her four children were nothing but food now. She was terrified and angry. The unicorn inched close to her and she found herself on the ground on all for, nude, being ridden by the unicorn. She liked it.

The dark unicorn rode and rode. It felt good. He was nearing release and came hard into her. His penis softened and he retuned to the pond to drink.
Lazea felt warm. She had come as well but something was strange. She began to change. Her arms and legs grew white fur and so did the rest of her. She was transforming. Lazea knew what was happing and let out a scream before blacking out.
He looked over to his mate. She lay on the ground writhing, transforming into a unicorn, pure, innocent, hungry. Lazea finished transforming. He walked to her and nuzzled her neck.
She awoke and stood. Lazea felt strange. She remembered her children but as she looked at the dark unicorn she forgot who and what she was. She was his mate now and always was. she walked over to the pond and took a drink.

The two of them roamed the forest for awhile before coming on to another pond. lazea went and took a drink but he stayed back. She drank and looked up when she realized he wasn't by her side. She watched him.

He decided that he would let her drink. He needed to relive him self. He felt his penis extend. He turned so he was not watching her and began to pee. For three minutes he drained his bladder and then grunted.
He lifted his tail out of the way and pushed his anal muscles. his anus slowly began to open wide and out came a three foot long by one foot wide pinkish piece of poop. It landed on the ground with a thud. He continued to poop. Next slightly smaller was a yellow piece of poop, followed by a blue piece of poop.
He grunted. He gave a final push and a very large 5 foot long 2 foot round piece of brown poop came out. The smells wafted up to his nose. How he loved them. He turned and found that lazea had been watching him. He smelled each piece of poop for the quality of the souls that he devoured. A strawberry, lemon, and blue berry. He neighed. He smelled the final one, the brown and frowned. It smelled like poop. He would have to digest that soul he thought. He looked at lazea.
Lazea watched as he emptied his bowels. She felt sad somehow. A memory of her children floated through her mind and vanished. That is what she would do she would have her children. She walked towards him, watching him smell each piece of his waste before the two of them ran off into the woods to hunt....