Family Secrets
by Dancing Queen

Sarah walked down the street with a smile on her face and butterflies in her stomach. That’s because she was walking, hand in hand with Mark. She hardly knew what either of them were saying, she was completely fixated on the fact that only 20 minutes ago she had confessed her feelings for him and now they were holding hands as he walked her home.

Despite being 18 years old and a high school senior this was all very new to Sarah. Even though she was physically a grown woman she was a late bloomer when it came to discovering her sexuality on a mental level. She’d never had much interest or curiosity about it. This was due in no small part to her mother, Alice. Alice had never been married and as far as Sarah could tell had never had a serious boyfriend either. However what she did do was bring home men as often as 3 nights a week, and it was a rare thing for Sarah to see the same man come over a second time. As a result Sarah had never been very attracted to men or sex, it was something her mother did and she had no interest in it. That was until she had met Mark. Mark was different, he made her feel nervous and happy all at once, she adored his body, the way he walked, his voice, almost from the first time she had seen him she had felt damp between her thighs.

By now the two teenagers had reached Sarah’s house. “Well…” she said nervously, “here we are… thanks for walking me.”

“Not a problem,” Mark replied with a smile. “Anytime,” he added. Then he did something that was totally unexpected for Sarah, he leaned in and kissed her on the cheek before heading down the street to his own house.

Sarah stood on the sidewalk for what seemed like forever, hardly believing what had just happened. Finally she came to and with an ear to ear smile she went up to her house with a spring in her step. She opened the door, tossed her backpack aside and headed to the kitchen, where she found her mother.

At 37 Alice was a well rounded woman, though not to say plump. She had very round and noticeable curves and the clothes she wore always showed that off, something that annoyed Sarah to no end. Alice wasn’t a bad mother so much as she wasn’t really ever around unless she was in her room with her latest one night stud.

“Hi Mom,” said Sarah pleasantly, still giddy from the kiss as she opened the fridge.

“Hi honey, how was your day?” asked her mother with a slightly mischievous tone in her voice.

“Fine,” replied Sarah as she closed the fridge after seeing nothing of interest inside of it.

“Who was that boy I saw you with?”

Sarah froze, realizing her mother had seen her with him and most likely seen the kiss as well. She stammered, “Um… oh he’s just a friend… from school.”

Alice grinned, “Looks to me like a little more then a friend.”

Sarah’s blush gave her away even though she tried to brush it off, “Mom… it’s not like that…”

Alice gave Sarah’s reply no attention, “You know I thought this day would come much sooner, sit down honey we need to talk.”

Sarah gave a sigh, “Mom, I’m 18, I know all about that stuff already.”

Alice laughed, “No Sarah I’m not talking about sex, this is something else now please have a seat.” She motioned to the dining room table.

Sarah stopped herself from protesting further and went over to the table. She slumped into a chair wanting to get this over with whatever it was. She had to wait for a minute before Alice walked in carrying a rather large watermelon, which she placed on the table in front of her daughter.

Sarah looked at the watermelon, slightly confused. “Um… mom, what’s going on?”

“Just try to relax hunny,” responded Alice.

Sarah shrugged and then without warning her mother sudden reached around and yanked her hair back. “Ouch!” yelled Sarah, her mouth wide in astonishment and pain. Alice leapt at the chance, she grabbed the watermelon, lifted it up and shoved it hard against her daughter’s wide open mouth.

Sarah’s eyes went wide as she felt the end of the heavy fruit wedged between her jaws, she struggled, trying to pull away from the watermelon.

“Trust me hunny, just relax your jaw,” Alice said in a soothing tone.

Not able to break away Sarah did what she could to relax and to her amazement her lips started to stretch over the watermelon. Her jaws opened far wider then should have been possible as her mother slowly started to push the large melon actually into her mouth. After what seemed like forever to Sarah she found her lips closing over the end of the watermelon, the entire thing was in her mouth!

Her head seemed ridiculously large with the heavy melon in her mouth, yet her mother smiled proudly. Sarah looked at her not sure what to do now.

“Swallow hunny, you can do it,” Alice gently urged her daughter.

Sarah wasn’t sure she could but then again she shouldn’t be able to fit this thing in her mouth in the first place. She took a deep breath and swallowed. In one loud gulp the watermelon slid into her throat, bulging obscenely and from there, with the help of a follow up swallow, it slid down and landed audibly in her stomach. Sarah gasped and caught her breath, looking down at her stomach that strained hard against her suddenly tight jeans, which she quickly opened to free her rounded belly. She ran her hand over the hard bulge that made her look at least 6 months pregnant and then back at her mother in disbelief.

“I knew you could it,” exclaimed Alice before leaning down to kiss her daughter’s cheek with pride and affection.

Sarah just sat there for a moment, feeling the weight in her belly and she sputtered, “But… what… how… it…”

Her mother laughed and patted Sarah’s belly bulge. “We can all do it baby, it runs in our family.”

Sarah looked at her mother oddly. Hearing the phrase “our family” just sounded strange to her. She had never known her father, her grandparents had died before she was born, she had no siblings, no aunts or uncles, or even cousins that she knew of. To her the “family” was just her and her mother.

“My mother showed me the same thing when I was ready, and someday you’ll show it to your daughter.”

This seemed to satisfy Sarah enough that she was able to suddenly realize how wonderful she felt. She had been too confused and surprised before to notice the feeling of total joy at having her belly not only full, but stretched beyond reason. She smiled a small contented smile. “Wow…” was all she managed to say.

“Oh hunny, just wait. This is only the beginning.”

To be continued….