Kat's Second Date
by Bartaugh
Kat had met and taken in so many lovers over the years that he rarely
recalled how he'd met them. He remembered many intimate details about
them; their physical appearance (both before and after), the sound of
their voice, the passion with which they made love but it was an extreme
rarity that he ever recalled the details of where and how he'd met them
prior to taking them home.

James had been no exception.

Brianna was an exception.

The first thing that Kat had noticed about her was her resemblance to
James. Her fur, while totally different in colour, had the same general
texture. Most people -- even other rabbits -- wouldn't have noticed
such a detail; to them her milk-chocolate coloured fur wouldn't have
borne any resemblance whatsoever to James's fluffy white pelt, but Kat
had an eye for such details.

But even beyond the fur, there was her face. She was streaked with
feminine beauty, but then James had been a bit effeminate himself. And
there were so many features in common. More than you'd expect from
total strangers. Their eyes were practically a matched set, and their
noses seemed to twitch in exactly the same way.

And they were about the same height. Almost five feet tall. Probably
no more than a coincidence, except that Kat noticed the illusion of
height augmentation from the long ears: how far they stuck up before
they began lopping back down. And it was an amazing coincidence that
their ears seemed to add just the same amount of height.

About the only similarity that Kat didn't really consider significant was
their ages. Well, apparent ages. He'd never gotten Brianna's age, but he
correctly guessed it to be just two years older than James.

It was because of all of those similarities that Kat didn't act the
least bit surprised when Brianna mentioned a great deal of concern
regarding her cousin, James, an only child (quite a rare thing amongst
rabbit families) who had gone missing five weeks previously.

Not that he made any mention of ever meeting the now-missing lapine.
After all, she never asked.

Kat had initially written her off as unobtainable, at least at present.
She was clearly close to her missing family member, almost like a
sibling, and Kat doubted that she'd want to get involved in a
relationship or even a one-night stand given her current state of mind.

What a difference a few drinks can make. Not even hard liqor, just a
few light drinks to lower her inhibitions and she'd quite willingly
followed him home.

Which, really, was what she'd planned to do in the first place. Not to
find Kat specifically of course, but to loosen up and relax enough to let
her meet someone and have a good time and do whatever having a good
time with someone might involve.

James would have wanted that. He wouldn't want her constantly fretting.
She'd done what she could to find him. She needed to allow herself some
pleasant experiences or she'd just sink too far into depression to

And now, thanks to this charming feline, she had finally forgotten most
of the worry, the fear, the sadness that had claimed her life since her
cousin's disappearance.

And it really didn't take long for things to progress from Kat's living
room to his bedroom.


A kiss. A nibble on her toe. Teeth lightly tickling the flesh, making
them wiggle and curl.

Brianna wasn't quite sure if it was the alcohol she'd conusmed or Kat's
natural charm that had her lying naked in his bed. Right now, she
didn't much care; not so long as he kept up the work with his tongue.
It was just at her toes for now, but each time the appendage would glide
over her wiggling digits; each time his lips suckled over and tickled
her, her entire body spasmed for reasons she couldn't understand. If
his tongue was this good at -- oh my.

A firm lick pressed against the sole of her foot. Lips suckling against
the soft, sensitive skin. Spasms running through her body in response.

That was his tongue sliding along the underside of her foot, heel to
toes -- how well would he preform between her legs

She would have to wait to find out, since Kat was currently just lightly
nibbling at her ankle, barely moving on to her calf. The added suspense
only heightened her excitement. He wasn't even working that talented
tongue at her sex and already it was tingling madly, soaked with juices

A series of light kisses at her calf. The feline mouth opened up over
the thick flesh, and teeth lightly grazed along the skin as he suckled
on her lower leg.

It took more than five minutes for Kat to reach her knee and trawl up
the thigh, and the building tension was already causing the young rabbit
woman to buck her hips sharply. She reached between her thighs and
firmly caressed her moistened sex, trying to temporarily calm the
overwhelming desire that Kat let grow and grow through his slow,
deliberate teasing.

A firm nuzzling at her thigh, followed by another tongue-tickling. His
lower teeth lightly slid over the skin, making her shiver.

He was only midway up her thigh, and it was all that Brianna could do to
keep from firmly grabbing his head and shoving it into place at her
crotch. Minutes passed. Kat's whiskers were barely grazing Brianna's
mons, and that was enough to make her cry out from excitement. Her body
was rigid; strong lapine legs were wrapped around the feline's body,
large rabbit feet pressed into Kat's back, toes curled and kneading into her
lover's body.

A feline tongue grazed a moist female rabbit's sex. Kat tasted sweet
sexual fluids soaking her pulsating labia lips and he simply lapped at
them; his tongue simply tickled over the sensitive and wanting slit of
his lapine lover without pressing in any deeper.

Naturally this drove Brianna even wilder.

She moaned and mewled and panted rapidly. She rubbed over her lover's
sensitive ears, trying to encourage Kat's purring; the vibration
heightening her arousal to mind-blowing heights. She spread her legs,
opening her sex up for her lover, desperately wanting him to push his
tongue -- and his face -- in deeper.

She got what she wanted, though Kat still moved at a deliberately slow
pace. The opening of the rabbit's sex enticed the male feline to probe
in slightly, tonguetip pressing in and licking along the slit to taste
his lover's inner juices. Kat seemed pleased with the taste, so his
tongue pressed forward for another go at it, delving in deeper this time
to feel the warm folds of Brianna's vaginal opening against his tongue
while his teeth playfully nibbled at her mons, tickling and stimulating
her further. His tongue curled upwards then drew up sharply, pulling
against the swollen nub of Brianna's clit, bring it into reach of his
lips, which slid over the puffy nubbin and sucked firmly.\

Brianna screamed.

Warm fluids washed over Kat's face as his tongue flicked over the
sensitive rabbit flesh currently pressed tightly between his lips. He
felt his lover's hips bucking widly, and he pushed his tongue inside
Brianna's sex to feel her vaginal passage clenching and convulsing. He
lifted his feline face up and licked his lips, leaving the trembling
rabbit stuck at the height of her pleasure, waiting for it to wear off
somewhat before he dove back down again...and then he repeated the

Fifteen minutes passed. Fifteen minutes of Kat licking, suckling,
nibbling and teasing. Fifteen minutes of Brianna screaming, writhing,
gasping and convulsing in extacy. It was over now; neither the rabbit
nor the feline believed that they could handle another minute.

Neither spoke for some time. Both were pretty well out of breath as it
was, and the pleasant afterglow really didn't need any words. Kat
occasionally turned his head to brush his nose against Brianna's thigs,
which were still well-scented with her juices. Finally, wanting to
better snuggle with his newfound lover, Kat slid up to rest his head
against Brianna's, nuzzling the rabbit affectionately.

Brianna broke the silence, feeling as though her lover deserved some
compliment after giving her the most intense experience of her life.

"That was..."

She didn't get any further before Kat's mouth covered her own, the
feline's rabbitjuice-spiked tongue pressing against hers as he kissed
passionately and firmly. It went on for only a few seconds before
Brianna forcibly pulled back and lowered down to kiss Kat's neck.

Then she kissed his chest.

Then she kissed his belly.

Then Kat let out a gasp and closed his eyes, just enjoying the
reciprocal oral pleasuring from his lapine lover. The female juices
still coating his face filled his nostrils as he felt her pleasant
tongue slipping and sliding over his engorged member, her lips bobbing
about the throbbing shaft, her mouth gulping at the spill of seed that
followed within a few minutes.

And then they fell into blissful slumber.

Well, Brianna did. Despite his exhaustion, Kat forced himself to stay
awake, watching over his satisfied lover, preparing himself for one more
surprise for this beautiful girl. Satisfied that she was sound asleep,
Kat gently slipped his arms beneath her and lifted her up, carrying her
out of the bed, out of the bedroom, and down the hall.

The kitchen. Kat's kitchen. A massive, impressively-stocked
custom-designed monstrosity of a kitchen. Everything within was
oversized; the sink, the oven, the refridgerator, everything. Well,
oversized by most standards. For Kat's purposes, everything within was
exactly the right size.
Brianna fit perfectly inside of the sink, the basin large enough to keep
her from being cramped within as the feline -- after putting on a pair
of rubber gloves -- began gently cleansing his slumbering lover. He had
to be gentle; usually he drugged those who were given this special bath,
but Brianna was special. She was so peacefully asleep that Kat
correctly assumed she would not awaken even through the application of
the fur-loosening shampoo, or even the gentle warm rinsing that left her
completely bald and smooth-skinned in the sink.

Witnessing the sudden and complete removal of fur from another is usally
a shocking sight, creating disbelief that the former sight was of the
same person as the latter as the transformation is so stark; not only is
colour and texture lost, but so is volume as the loss of fur makes the
body seem to shrink rather dramatically. Kat, however, had long since
learned to recognize others by more than the features given by their
fur. Despite Brianna's sudden baldness, he still recognized clearly the
beautiful thickness of her legs, the gentle curves of her breasts, the
sweet disposition of her face...and, of course, the distinct scent of
her sex. It was because of his familiarity with the 'before' and
'after' nature of recently defurred lovers that he spent no time
dwelling on the rabbit woman's new appearance, and instead he cautiously
dried her smooth skin off with a towel, then very gently laid her on her
backside in a large roasting pan.

The pan, large as it was, was still smaller than Brianna's length; it
really only held her from her head down to her buttocks. Kat had to
lift her legs up across her chest, bending them at the knees, folding
the young rabbit woman up. From there, the feline completed the awkward
task of single-handedly bringing her arms around her knees and binding
her wrists together securely.

Brianna was moaning softly by the time Kat started lashing her ankles
together; the young lapine lass starting to stir at last.


She wasn't terribly coherent. Unsuccessful attempts to move her arms
and legs caused twitching and wiggling, but there wasn't any real risk
of her suddenly breaking free. She didn't even really comprehend that
she was trapped; at least, not yet.

"Why's it so cold?"

The kitchen's cool air against her now bare skin did help to rouse her a
little faster than she might have otherwise. By this time Kat had
returned to her side; minutes earlier he had left to retrieve a large
bag from his pantry. He gently stroked her sexlips with the index
finger of his left hand, making her twitch and squirm even more. His
right reached into the bag, grabbing a handful of the contents.

"Shh," Kat whispered, "Just relax and let me work."

By now Brianna had gone from confused to being slightly alarmed. She
tugged her arms, trying to pull them back, but felt that her legs were
in the way. She attempted to stretch her legs, but felt that her arms
were holding them back. As she hadn't expected to wake up in such a
restrained position, she was naturally a little concerned.

"What's going on!? Why can't Iuoooooaaah!"

Her words were cut off when Kat's right fist suddenly plunged into her
spread sex, shoving in the handful of stuffing. It was a rather
traditional mix: dried breadcrumbs laden with various special herbs and
spices. Brianna let out a grunt, then squirmed about uncomfortably as
the dry mix irritated her sexual passage. She opened her mouth to again
try and ask what was happening, but once more she felt herself suddenly
distracted by an invading feline hand as she was filled with more
stuffing. At least she was prepared to try again as soon as she felt
Kat's hand withdraw.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!". It came out rapidly, as Brianna attempted to
make her inquiry before she could be interrupted yet again. She
attempted to make the query demanding, but the rather uncomfortable and
undeniably distracting sensation of the stuffing mashed up inside of her
sex combined with her inescapable sense of panic at her current
restrained position tempered the attempt at implied force.

Kat didn't answer right away. He slid his hand into the rabbit's
stretched sexual passage a third time, making Brianna writhe and squirm
once again as more stuffing was crammed within. After pulling his arm
free, he took the time to lick his fingers before finally giving a
rather simple and short explanation.

"I'm stuffing you, silly!"

Another handful went in.

"Ungh!" Brianna didn't find the answer terribly informative, so she
pressed the issue, "Why...why are you stuffing me? What are you
stuffing into me?! Why did you tie me up?!"

Kat never ceased to be amazed at the silly questions he would be asked
at this stage, but he always humoured his guests and provided as
adequate an explanation as possible. Between cramming more and more
handfuls of stuffing into Brianna's increasingly tightly packed sexual
passage, he answered her questions.

"I'm stuffin' ya so I can cook the stuffin' and eat it after it's soaked
up yer juices. And it's just normal stuffing mix, nothin' special about
it. Got some nice herbs in it, but yer juices are what really give it
flavour. And yer tied up so ya don't move around when I get ya ready."

Brianna was having increasing difficulty concentrating on any one
subject of deep concern as her sexual passage was increasingly filled
with the dry and irritating mix. She tried to think of a response, but
first realised that she would need to decide upon a statement to which
to respond, and even then something beyond what Kat had said was
troubling her. She tried to put her finger on just what that deeply
troubling matter might be, but her concentration was broken every few
seconds when Kat's hand once again pushed deep into her. Finally, as
the feline seemed to pause in his work, the rabbit realised the problem.


Kat was, at that moment, peering inside of Brianna's stuffed sex, and
her question was accompained by a renewed wave of squirming struggles.
Fortunately the feline had already finished his assessment, deciding
that his rabbit lover was filled up as much as needed. He slid his
index and middle fingers along the labia lips for a moment before
finally realising that he'd been asked another question and so, in the
spirit of politeness, he answered honestly.

"Well, among things, it makes it easier to apply the sauce."

The answer was less than informative to Brianna, who had no idea what
this 'sauce' might be, much less where it would be applied, why it would
be applied and just why she had to be bald for it. Admittedly, though,
a little thought would have answered two of those questions for her, but
she figured matters out quickly enough when something cold streaked up
along her left thigh. She let out a shriek in surprise and her whole
body spasmed from the shock.

"AIEEE! What is that! Stop, what're you doing!?"

Kat wasn't exactly pleased with Brianna's sudden wiggling and writhing
about, but it didn't make sliding the basting brush along her bare,
smooth skin too difficult so he didn't ask her to stop. It probably
wasn't something she could have easily helped anyway, seeing as how the
thick gooey mess that he was lightly smearing on her left leg -- and
then her foot, soon to be followed by the other foot and right leg --
was still quite cold after being pulled out of the refridgerator. He
was a bit engrossed in his work, though, and didn't quite notice the
question when it was first asked. In fact, it wasn't until he was
smearing the sticky mix on Brianna's buttocks that he noticed her
insistance on being debriefed on her current predicament.

"Gah! What is that stuff? It's cold!"

Kat responded with a silly, and not entirely sane grin.

"It's the sauce, silly!"

A dab of it was suddenly smeared across Brianna's nose, giving the
lapine pause as she took in the now rather overwhelming scent of the
gooey mix that was being liberally applied over her bald skin. She
could have asked what exactly it was, but her mind was a little addled
from the sudden rush to her senses and she only thought to try and
discern the makeup on her own. Honey. There was definitely honey in
it. And some various spices that she couldn't quite place but didn't
detect anything particularly exotic about them. And something else.
Something stronger than any of the other scents; one she knew but for
some reason just couldn't place.

The rabbitgirl's pause for pondering left Kat to get her rather well
coated in the shiny mix for the next few minutes. Yes, her body
reflexively twiched and jerked about both from the temperature of the
sauce and the occasional tickle that the bristles gave -- especially in
more sensitive spots, like the rabbit's pert and erect nipples -- but at
least she wasn't deliberately trying to pull away, nor was she bothering
him with any more pointless questions.

Brianna barely noticed the drop in temperature across her body as she
was coated in the cold mess, not noticing the sticky sensation all
throughout her skin. She was too busy inhaling deeply and trying to
place that last scent, the one that continually eluded her mind's grasp.
She even licked up at her nose, trying to taste it, but the blend of the
other flavours diluted it too far for her to place the lone mystery. At
least, whatever the whole of it was, it tasted alright.

Then she squealed in response to a sudden tickle between her legs. And
she knew exactly what it was.

What she still didn't understand was why she was tied up, completely
bald and being coated in a sticky mess of honey, spices and female
rabbit sexual juices. She opened her mouth to ask, but she was
interrupted before a single syllable came forth.

"Sorry I didn't have time to get yer own juices out for the sauce. I
woulda thought to do it in bed, but I was so lost in the moment, and you
were so yummy I couldn't help but lap 'em up. But these juices should
be good, came from a bunny girl 'bout yer age an' I've been keepin' it

Kat paused momentarily, remembering that girl. Insatiable lass,
provided him with enough 'sauce' mix to last for some time, even
considering what he'd used on her in the end. He started savliating as
he fondly recalled the final night he'd spent with her, but he was
pulled back to reality by Brianna's confusion.

"W...what girl about my age? W...why did you smear this stuff on me?
What are you doing?"

Kat ignored the question. He'd learned not to bother wasting time going
into detailed explanations; they rarely fully believed it at first and
the truth would be apparent sooner or later without any explanations up
front anyway. He simply continued musing, "Pity I ran outta James's
sauce. Mighta been nice to season you with the flavour of yer own

Brianna paused, completely at a loss as to how to respond to that. She
waited for Kat to explain further, and when he kept his silence for
nearly a minute while he finished coating her skin with that sticky
"sauce" she finally worked up the nerve to -- very quietly -- ask,
"w...what do you mean J...James...you didn't know James..."

Kat grinned, and it was becoming apparent through the strange twist of
the feline's smile that he wasn't entirely sane. In fact, he might not
be sane at all; he was definitely showing clear signs of outright
madness. The feline asked, "James? White rabbit? Only child?
Seventeen years old when he disappeared? I guess I coulda met another
James who was just like yer missing cousin, but I doubt it."

Her heart was pounding now, and her whole body trembled from fear. She
thought of her current situation, and while she didn't consciously
comprehend the danger to herself, she did realise that the implications
that this feline had met James were not good for her cousin. In a
quiet, whimpering and almost begging voice, she asked, "w...why didn't
you say you'd seen him? W...when did you see him? How long ago? Do
you know where he went?"

Kat was finished with the sauce, and was quite pleased to see that there
was enough left over for at least another night. He sealed up the bowl
to keep it fresh and answered, "I never told ya 'cause ya never asked!
And I last saw him right here in this kitchen, 'bout five weeks ago.
Had 'em turnin' over a fire for a few hours, then ate him in the middle
of the room. Got lotsa cum from him beforehand, though. Used it all up
already, though." 

Kat sighed sadly. Three weeks earlier he got the idea that the young
rabbit male's spunk would be a delightful complement for the flesh of a
squirrel girl not even out of her teens. Turns out he was right, but he
used up all of James's "legacy" in determining as much.

Brianna lay there, utterly shocked by what she'd heard. Part of her
didn't want to accept it, but her current position -- naked, stripped of
fur, sex stuffed with some strange substance, body coated with a sticky
honey-based mix -- slowly convinced her that this cat's words, horrible
and bizarre as they might be, were truth. He'd cooked and eaten James.
He was a monster. He ate people!

And then it finally dawned upon her.

She was about to be his next meal!

Part of her mind knew that this was going toward a terrible, horrible
end. Being stripped of fur should have been the tip-off right away, but
her mind didn't want to accept that her feline lover, strange as he
might be, was actually a murderer. There was no denying it now, though.
She'd calmly -- well, relatively -- lay here letting this cat stuff and
prepare her to be cooked. He was going to eat her!

Her reaction was fairly typical, if a bit delayed (once it started Kat
wondered what the hell had taken her so long). The sobbing, the
screaming for help, the pitiful begging, the futile strugglings within
triple-checked bindings. Those were somewhat amusing, actually, as her
movements jostled around the stuffing inside of her, which led to even
more involuntary squirming. Through one of her tear-filled attempts to
plead for her life, the rabbit's voice was drowned out by the loud
creaking of metal against metal. Brianna instinctively turned her head
toward the source of the noise and saw, horrified, the opening up of the
feline's large oven door.

The lapine's terrified sobs didn't actually double in intensity until
after the wave of heat washed over her. Her large, tear-streaked eyes
watched the feline return to her. She again tried begging and pleading,
shaking her head and whining, "No, no!" and "I'll give you anything!
I'll do anything!"


Her attempts reached the peak as she felt itense heat against the back
of her head. She was at the entrance of the oven, about to be pushed in
headfirst. She'd been so afraid or horrified in her life as she stared
up at the psychotic feline, still begging for her life.

It wasn't any more moving than the struggles, sobs or pleading from
anyone else the feline had put in there. Or who he had skewered and
cooked in his firepit. Or strapped to his grill. Or dropped into his
fryer vat. Or boiled in his stewpot. And he'd cooked a lot of people.
He'd not once been convinced to let someone out of his kitchen after
making up his mind to eat them, and poor Brianna was no exception.

Brianna tried to wail with all her might as she was pushed into the
oven, but the intense heat took her breath right away. It also forced
her to close her eyes; it was far too uncomfortable to keep them open
for any amount of time in this intense heat. There was, of course, a
struggle, but it was more reflexive and instinctive than any deliberate
plan of action. People being cooked alive at over 400 degrees
Farenheight typically aren't that sharp when it comes to devising
elaborate escape plans, especially if they couldn't pull one off before
being exposed to such intense heat. It was more of a random 'tug where
you feel the most heat in a futile attempt to break away from it',
shifting from one part of the body to the next, none of the attempts
ever getting anywhere with exhaustion and fatigue setting in typically
no more than five minutes. By then consciousness was mostly faded
anyway, at least in most cases, and Brianna was no exception here. Her
movements died down as her skin turned a bright red colour and her
already laboured breathing soon faded out as she lacked the strength to
pull any more of the scalding air into her lungs.

Kat did what he always did after getting another sentient being over a
fire or in an oven or otherwise cooked. He watched, waited and
masturbated. Not to orgasm, of course. Orgasm would wait until the
meal was ready, so he could properly enjoy his release and his dinner at
the same time. It was always a difficult time for the feline; he was
impatient and impulsive, but also insistent upon having his meals
properly cooked. The rare occasions where he had two people in his
kitchen were nice, because he could keep one around for pleasure as the
meal roasted, baked, boiled or whatever, but on most nights when he was
to dine on sentient flesh he had to wait out the long hours alone. It
was enough to drive him insane, if he weren't already. Knowing that
there was really nothing to do but wait, the feline pulled up a chair
and watched Brianna's progress through the small window set in the oven
Brianna didn't expect she'd have the best sexual experience of her
life, the most horrifying experience of her life and finally joining
up with her cousin, all in the same night. But here she was, having
experienced the first two already and only hours away from ending up in
the same feline stomach that had digested James weeks earlier. No
longer moving at all, she simply lay peacefully in the baking pan,
turning a deeper and deeper red until her body began darkening even
further to a deep, rich brown colour. Her skin dried out from the
intense heat, but the glazing that coated her hardened and prevented the
moisture from escaping anywhere, so it was trapped at the surface,
making her glisten in a tantalizing fashion. Inside her sexual passage,
the stuffing packed within her absorbed more of her juices -- both the
sexual juices leaked out earlier and the juices of her cooked flesh --
and began expanding, filling up more space within her until it began
rising up to the opening of her vagina. Periodically the oven door
would open and a pair of fork prongs would place another set of dimples
into her left or right thigh as the feline chef who waited to eat her
tested the flesh. Each time those prongs sank in deeper and deeper.
Hours ago, Brianna would have screamed from being pierced in the leg
with a fork. Now she simply sizzled and steamed. And she would have
done that without being poked.
Hours passed. The worst was long over for Brianna, but they were quite
tortorous for Kat, who couldn't tear his eyes off of he intensely erotic
sight of his lapine lover slowly cooking to perfection. The stuffing
packed inside of her had long since begun spilling out of her sex,
piling up a bit between her juicy thighs. Another chek, another probing
with the fork. And this time it sank down until the pointed tips tapped
bone. Clear juices leaked out freely from the two newest holes.

Kat nearly had an orgasm right there. Brianna, the rabbit who had
squirmed with delight as the feline's tongue had worked its magic over
her clit, was done. It was time to eat her.

* * *

Kat gazed admiringly over at his lover one more time. Even without the
fur, even with her skin a crisp brown, even with her body glistening
from the mix of her juices and the sauce applied earlier, the feline
still recognized the steaming roast before him as the beautiful woman
who had held him so lovingly hours earlier.

She was lying on the table now, in the same position she'd been in while
cooking in the oven. Kat recalled how beautiful she was as she'd slept
in his bed, yet he still felt that her current placement and positioning
was a far more attractive sight. Her limbs had pretty much cooked into
position, and so the ropes that had bound her ankles and wrists were
gone. For all his impatience, as much as he'd wanted to sink his teeth
into her flesh, Kat was at a loss as to where to begin. Everything
looked so good: juices slid down her plump breasts and thick streams of
steam rose from her nipples like little teakettles; her feet had plenty
of inviting, tender meat and Kat always enjoyed sucking toes off of the
bone; each of her long legs had very well-toned flesh on it; her thigh
promised many hearty bites of meat before the bone would even be
exposed; her bellyflesh would make a lovely steak, and who could resist
the cute little adornment of her navel at the center of the cut of meat?

And then there was her sex.

Her cunt. Her pussy. The juiciest, most tender, tastiest portion of
meat on a female. At least Kat thought so. And he'd eaten a good
number of females, so he should know. Her labia lips had been stretched
open from the expanding contents inside of her with steam wafting
invitingly from it, carrying with it the absolutely intoxicating scent
of her cooked sexflesh. Juices dribbled down from the opening of her
cunt, splashing down on the pile of stuffing that had spilled out of
her. Still more stuffing -- likely even better saturated with her
juices -- could be seen within, a hint of the virtual feast that was
Brianna's vagina.

Kat stuck a spoon into the pile of spilled stuffing and sampled it as he
considered his first course of roast rabbitgirl.

It was nearly too much.

Kat recognized the taste of Brianna's sexual juices, and the merging of
them with the juice of her meat packed into the now moist stuffing
nearly drove him to tear right into her crotch. But that wouldn't be
right. She deserved better. She deserved to be loved.

He ate another heavy spoonful of stuffing, then another. His breathing
was already ragged and laboured, but he kept eating it; the taste spiked
his hunger with further arousal. He brought another spoonful up and
looked at it.

It was inside of her. It had cooked within her, absorbed her essence.
He was already eating her, part of her, in eating the stuffing. And he
wanted to eat more of her. And he wanted to eat her in a way that had
meaning. He wanted to make love to her one last time, just as he'd done

He climbed up onto the table, knelt before his roasted lover, placed his
nose right on her toes, and inhaled deeply.

A kiss. A nibble on her toe. Teeth lightly tickling the flesh, then
sinking in and sucking the digit away completely.

One by one Kat devoured her toes. He slid his mouth over them, bit down
at the base to loosen the flesh, then sucked it away from the bone. A
slow, thorough chewing, then he swallowed and moved to the next, leaving
only bony remnants sticking out from her foot in his wake.

A firm lick pressed against the sole of her foot. Lips suckling against
the juicy, crisped skin. Teeth pushing up and tearing away the juicy

He sank his teeth fully into the thick flesh of her large rabbit foot,
pulling out a strip of meat and exposing the bones beneath. Kat had a
particular fetish for rabbit feet, and he felt his loins aching with
need as he tore more and more of the juicy flesh of her foot away,
gulping down mouthful after mouthful until only a loosely hanging
collection of bones remained.

A series of light kisses at her calf. The feline mouth opened up over
the thick flesh, and teeth pressed in firmly as he stripped out the

Even her lower legs were nicely-fleshed, and it took several bites
before he could reveal bone in any single spot as he worked his way up
along the steaming limb. It was too much to eat all at once, but the
lower leg was well pockmarked by the time he reached the knee.

A firm nuzzling at her thigh, followed by another tongue-tickling. His
lower teeth sank into the tender flesh, then his upper teeth bit in as

Kat pulled out a thick hunk from Brianna's thigh. He chewed, swallowed,
and went back for seconds. The meat was just slightly more tender than
her calf had been, but well more that twice as thick. He ate out long
strips of thighmeat and still saw no sign of the bone beneath the flesh.
He couldn't bring himself to stop and eat it all however. The scent was
too powerful. Her scent. The scent of her arousal, now cooked to
perfection. The scent was driving him insane, stronger and stronger.
His nose brushed her sex and he inhaled, utterly overpowered by it.

A feline tongue grazed a moist female rabbit's sex. Kat tasted tangy
sexual fluids soaking her crisp cooked labia lips and he simply lapped
at them; his tongue simply tickled over the hot and steaming slit of his
lapine lover without pressing in any deeper.

Brianna couldn't guide him this time. Kat was on his own to make this
lovemaking session perfection. And he knew exactly how to do it.

He pushed his feline muzzle into her stretched sexual opening, his
tongue extending to lap at the stuffing inside, pulling more than he
expected into his mouth, devouring all that he could reach. He drew
back and opened his mouth up, pressing his lips on her vulva; his upper
teeth were poised just below the puffy nubbin of her clit. He sank in,
tearing into the tender meat, pulling the flesh of her outer sex into
his mouth. He again nearly orgasmed as he tasted the mix of intimate
meat and juices hitting his tongue all at once, but he forced himself to
chew slowly so that none of Brianna's exquisite flavour would be wasted.
And then he swallowed. He felt the hot flesh that had been Brianna's
cunt sliding down his throat and warming his stomach. After only the
briefest of pauses he snapped up her clitoris, sucking on it alone,
playing with it against his tongue before chewing up the little nub of
flesh and swallowing it with the rest.
Then he opened up again, sank his teeth into the next layer of her
vagina, and began chewing. Layer by layer the ravenous feline slowly
devoured his lover's genital flesh, eventually tasting her juices along
with the meat as he pulled in the stuffing with subsequent bites. His
heart pounded from the excitement, his facefur dripped with her juices,
his nostrils flared from the scent, and his tongue kept working to pull
more and more of that meat into his mouth until finally, after many
minutes of eating yet not nearly enough time for the cat, his teeth
scraped pelvic bone.
It was over. Brianna's love tunnel was no more. Kat very slowly lifted
himself up, still shaking, and licked what he could from his face.

He'd made quite a mess, and there was still so much more to eat. Still,
hungry as he was Kat had another, more urgent, matter to attend.

Kat caressed his lover's cheek. Brianna's mouth remained open from her
final attempt at a gasp, and Kat thought she'd hardly mind giving him
one last act of pleasure. Especially after the show of tenderness and
affection from his previous course. He straddled her head, turned so
that he could look over the remains of her body, and slowly lowered his
cock into her steaming muzzle.

She was hot. Almost painfully hot. But Kat had experienced worse, and
she had cooled to the point where there was no risk of injury. She
couldn't suck properly anymore, but she didn't need to do that anyway.
The warmth of her body, the grease slickening her tongue and mouth and
throat, the scent of her meat in Kat's nostrils; those were enough to
satisfy the feline's arousal.

Kat leaned forward to nibble lightly at Brianna's left wrist while his
cock pushed its way into the rabbit's steaming throat. As he felt a
sudden spike in his pleasure, he took a firm bite out of her arm, then
ripped out a strip of meat when his hips began pounding fiercely. The
feline braced himself, building up a good rythim, slurping each finger
off of the bone one by one as he let himself work up properly. After
snacking upon all five digits, Kat let himself let go, shuddering and
spasming atop his roasted lover, filling her throat with his seed as he
tore away meat from the palm of her hand.

It was late. Kat wasn't sure how late, but he was relatively certain
that he'd be witnessing sunrise if he went back upstairs. Not that he
wanted to venture up there. He was far too comfortable on his kitchen
table, cuddling against his golden brown lover, feeling himself drift
off to sleep.

He'd eaten her right breast. It was soft, fatty, with a pudding-like
texture. Some people might not have found it appetizing; for Kat, it
was an acquired taste and he wouldn't miss it for the world. For him,
licking over the erect, stiff nipple, then opening wide and eating the
flesh on which it rested was not an experience to skip. It may not have
been as intense as burying his head between her legs and munching until
he hit bone, but it was still an intimate way for him to be closer to
his lover.

Now he was full. There was still plenty of meat to eat in the morning.
He'd probably eat her other breast, and carve a steak from her belly,
for starters. For now, he was going to rest and sleep off tonight's
portion. He leaned in and kissed his lapine lover on the cheek, then
sucked away meat until part of her skull was exposed. He drifted off to
sleep lightly nibbling on her neck.