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    Donna set the table for her friends. Every morning around 9 o'clock, 
Sue, Barbara, and Andrea met at her house to watch Regis and Kathy Lee, 
complain about their husbands, and gossip in general.  Everyone's kids 
have gone to school, and their husbands have gone to work. 

    The doorbell rang, and in walked Barbara. She stood about 5'6", and 
weighed just over 150 pounds. Her once beautiful figure was now covered 
with a layer of unwanted fat. However, her face remained gorgeous.  At 
the age of 42, and having 3 kids, she was feeling the effects of both. 

    " Hey Donna, I brought over some pastries " 

    " Alright, just bring them in the kitchen " 

    Barbara walked into the kitchen, and sat down at the table. She 
poured out a tall glass of milk, and grabbed a donut. 

    " Oh, I know I shouldn't eat this, but I just can't help myself", 
she said regretfully. 

    As Barbara began eating, Andrea walked in cheerful as ever. 

   " Good-morning, ladies, is everyone as happy as I am. My husband is 
away for 3 days and I have my house all to myself" 

  She sat down at the table, pouring herself some coffee, and putting in 
half-and-half cream along with it. Meanwhile, Barbara finished off her 
milk and donut. 

   " You know Barb', you really shouldn't eat those donuts." 

   " Oh that's easy for you to say Andrea, you can eat anything you want 
to and you won't gain a pound." 

   Andrea Drummond was a 27-year old, newly married housewife She was 
5'7", and weighed 110 pounds. Her husband was the varsity football coach 
at the local High School. He was an enormous man, very intimidating, and 
prone to violence. Andrea had a crush on him since she attended the high 
school herself. He preferred women with a little muscle, and she had 
tried hard to accommodate him, but has had little success. 

   The last of the foursome arrived in the person of Sue. Sue Stanley 
was the oldest of the four. She was 45-years old, divorced for the past 
3 years, and had 4 children that lived with her. She was 5'6", and 
weighed a soft 125 pounds. 

   " Hello everyone, sorry I'm late but Julia had trouble with her car." 

   " Don't worry you haven't missed anything, Reeg' is just warming up." 

   " Speaking of warming up, how about passing me the coffee, I'm going 
through caffeine-withdrawal." 

   Sue poured herself and Donna cups of coffee, both taking milk with it. 

   " So Barb', how goes the ol' diet," Sue asked? 

   " Not so well I'm afraid I....I...." Barbara suddenly felt strange, 
her chest was on fire, her heart pounding. 

   " I-I feel weird, something's happening to me..." Her shirt started 
pulling tight, her shoes felt too tight, and her pants were tighter than 

   " Oh no, I'm getting fatter I think...." 

   " No your not, your muscles are growing..." someone cried out. 

   Her bra snapped underneath her shirt, her nipples fighting to free 
themselves of her shirt. Her pants began ripping at the seams as her 
thighs started getting bigger and bigger. Muscles were popping out all 
over her body. 
   " This is absolutely wonderful, I feel such amazing power surging 
through my body," she cried out in ecstasy. 

   She was growing in height as well, reaching 6'4" in no time. Her 
gigantic quads had completely shredded her jeans, her immense diamond-
shaped calves growing beyond belief. Her  blouse had long-ago given way 
to her huge, ballooning breasts defying description. Arms the size of 
most men's thighs now hung at her side. Her shoulders had to measure 3 
feet across, maybe more.  All of her fat had been melted away, almost 
magically, now replaced by powerful, immense, feminine muscle. 

   " I can't believe this is happening to me, I feel incredible. Look at 
my arms, my legs, look at the size of them, they're huge." 

   Her height was easily 8 feet tall as her head was pushing up against 
the ceiling, her shoulders threatening to crush it She had been 
transformed into an immense, muscular Amazon. 

   " I wonder what caused me to grow like this, not that I'm complaining 
mind you. The feeling I have is indescribable." 

   Andrea had been looking on with envy, wanting the same thing to 
happen to her. 
 " Well whatever caused it, it sure as hell didn't happen to me," Andrea 
said dejectedly, " or anyone else for that matter." 

      Suddenly Sue and Donna felt a strange sensation in their stomach. 

      " Wait a second, I'm not so sure about that, I feel a burning 
throughout my body," Donna said excitedly. 

      " Me too," Sue joined in. 

      With that Sue's body started growing, her blouse pulling tight 
around her chest. A pop sounded out as her bra could no longer contain 
her ever-increasing breasts. Her thighs were slowly adding pounds of 
feminine muscle, tearing her stockings and shredding her dress. Her 
shoes burst apart as her feet were growing along with the rest of her 
body which was now about 6'2" tall. Her arms totally destroyed her 
sleeves, exposing monstrous arms, muscle upon muscle laced her biceps 
and triceps 

     " You were right Barbara, this feels wonderful..." 

     Donna's body had been growing right along with Sue's. Where her 
original height was 5'1", she now stood over 6' tall. Her robe had been 
destroyed during the growth process. All that was remaining was her 
stretched-out, torn apart nightgown. She ripped the remains of her 
clothing from her newly-formed body, exposing her brand new muscles. 

     " Yeah, I have to agree with you guys, I feel so incredibly 
powerful, its almost erotic. I mean, my muscles look bigger than Arnold 
Schwarzeneggars...yet my breasts have grown so big its unreal." 

     Suddenly, the newly-born Amazons realized that the same thing had 
not happened to Andrea, and she was crying about not sharing in the 
thrill that they had just experienced. 
     Donna walked over to her, knocking a chair over accidentally, 
trying to console her. 

     " Don't worry Andrea, I'm sure we'll figure out a way to get you to 
grow also." 

     " Wait a second guys, whatever caused this must have been something 
that the 3 of us just did that Andrea didn't..." Sue explained. " Think, 
what have we just eaten... the donuts maybe?" 

     " No, that couldn't be it, I didn't eat one" replied Donna. " What 
else...wait a second, we all had the coffee.." 

     Barbara yelled out, " not me, I had a glass of milk, so 

     that kills that one." 

     Finally it dawned on Andrea what it must be..... 

     " The milk, it has to be the milk!" she cried out excitedly. " You 
3 all had milk, Barbara had a glass of it, and Donna and Sue put it in 
their coffee. That would also explain why Barbara's over 8' tall and you 
two are only over 6' tall. 

     She raced over to the refrigerator and pulled out the milk, quickly 
scanning the carton for something unusual. 

    " A-Ha, this milk has been treated with some form of radiation to 
make it last longer. Well it obviously produces some slight side 
effects. I've never liked milk before, but there's nothing else on earth 
I'd rather be drinking right now, here goes...." 

    She started gulping down the remainder of the carton, which 
consisted of over half a gallon! With milk streaming down the side of 
her cheeks, she licked them, and waited for the expected results. She 
didn't have to wait long.... 

    " It's working, I can feel myself changing......"

    Having taken in more milk than the other girls combined caused the 
milk to take effect almost immediately. She began the day at a height of 
5'7", but she quickly shot up to over 7' tall. Her entire body was 
becoming muscle-plated as her mammoth-sized thighs ripped her cotton-
stretchy pants apart, not able to keep up with her astounding growth. 
Her calves had to be over 25 inches around, huge diamond-shaped beauties 
    Her back was equally immense, flaring out 10 inches on each side. 
Suddenly, her head burst through the ceiling, as she continued growing 
into the second floor. Her height was now over 10' tall. Her breasts 
formed a huge shelf to stand under, they looked to be the size of 
tractor-trailer tires. 

    " I'm becoming a Giantess, a virtual goddess," she said laughing out 
loud, her voice booming out. 

    Her arms were the size of a bodybuilders' chest, absolutely beyond 
belief. Her shoulders and traps were tearing through the house like it 
was made of paper. The other girls looked on in disbelief at how big 
Andrea was becoming. Barbara's face only came up to her lower quad now, 
she had to be over 15' tall. Her immense, muscular body , filled the 
entire house. Her thighs looked to be over 80" around, her calves over 
40". It appeared that they could crush a car between them with no effort 
at all. A man wouldn't last more than a second if she didn't want him 
to. She looked down at her new body, overjoyed with the results of the 
magic milk. 
   " I know my husband likes muscular women, but this might be pushing 
it. I just can't believe how big I am.... just amazing!" 

   The women were standing around, taking in the magic of the moment, 
admiring their power-filled muscles. They began posing, flexing huge, 
sexy muscles. 

   " Oh my God, look at your arms Barbara, I've never seen any men with 
arms like that", Donna commented aloud. 

   Suddenly Sue called out, " hey you guys look, there's Bob bringing up 
the mail, let's surprise him....." 

   Donna stuck her head out the front door, " Bob, could you come in 
here for a minute....?" 

   Bob walked right through the front door, not realizing what waited 
for him on the other side. He first saw Sue in all her muscular glory. 

   " Oh My God...! Sue, what the hell happened to you, you've blown up 
like a balloon.... Jesus Christ Donna, you too... what's going on here?" 

   Sue slowly walked over to Bob, flexing her huge thighs with each step 
she took. 

   " Well Bob, a little accident occurred, one that we're all pretty 
happy about... 

   " All? I don't see anyone else....holy shit...." 

   Barbara walked around from the living room, her head brush ing up 
against the ceiling. She dwarfed Bob in size, the two of them looking 
somewhat silly standing next to one another. 

   " Hello Bob, something magical took place today, and now, you're 
gonna share the experience." 

   With that, Barbara bent over and ripped off his shirt.. 
     " no need for this right now..." 
   Bob's dick was totally erect... these women that he'd delivered mail 
to for the past 3 years had somehow grown into huge, magnificent 
amazons, little did he realize the best was yet to come. 

     " B-Barbara, how did this happen, I-I mean you look absolutely 
incredible but, it's unreal...." 

     Barbara sucked Bob into her immense thighs, holding there as she 
flexed her enormous upper body. 
     " Well Bob, does this look real to you..." 
     She squeezed out a double-bicep shot, her breasts jutting out into 
Bob's face. 

     "holy shit, this is amazing..." Bob managed to gasp out. 

     "You think that's amazing, how about this..." Barbara grabbed him 
by the back of his head and shoved him into her enormous breasts, 
muffling his cries of delight. 

      Barbara loved feeling this powerful, taking Bob into her breasts 
and smothering him with ease. Effortlessly she pushed his body down 
between her massively-muscle-laden thighs, thighs that were bigger than 
his entire chest. She rammed his head up into her cunt, surprised to 
find herself already wet. Looking down at her tremendous new body, she 
wondered what her husband Donald would think of his new Amaz-onian wife. 
He had been so supportful of her throughout her pregnancies, never 
making fun of her for losing her once mag-nificent shape. Oh well, he'll 
just have to adjust to this new magnificent shape, she thought to 

      She suddenly realized that Bob had stopped moving, worrying that 
she might have accidentally hurt him she got up off of him. 
      "Bob, are you alright," she asked, shaking him slight-ly. 

      A wry smile slowly swept across his face as he respond-ed, "ohhh 
yes....never been better, never, ever, ever." 

     This was a dream, he kept thinking to himself. It had to be, there 
was no way women could become this big and musc-ular. Men couldn't, for 
that matter. Christ, these women were tiny just a day was just 
beyond real. Barbara had to be the biggest, most muscular person on the 
face of the Earth. 
      Out of the corner of his eye he suddenly saw a huuuge calf come 
into view. Just as suddenly he felt dizzy, it was a good thing he was 
lying down. The rest of this colossal body slowly looked down on 
him.....holy was Andrea Drum-mond. She was three times the 
size of her husband, who was the biggest person in town. Who used to be 
the biggest person in town, now, he wasn't even the biggest person in 
his family 

      Jutting her humongous tits into his face, she re-intro-duced 
herself, "hey handsome, remember me...." 

      Bob felt the room spinning, he was passing out thinking surely 
that he had died and gone to heaven. 

      Andrea stood up to her full 16 foot height, stretching her mighty 
limbs, "wow, that's some kind of effect we have on poor ol' Bob here. 
You know what girls, this is gonna be sooo much fun." 
    The other girls looked around at each other, giggling, and nodding 
in agreement. This was going to be a blast....

the end