>stories>A lioness fattens up....
                    A Lioness Fattens Up
By: Chad Black & Huge Lion

The lioness blinks and looks around at all the
animals.. So big and meaty.. Her stomach growls again,
loudly, and she looks at you while licking her lips.
"Why did your father do that? There must be thousands
of animals here! What are they all for??"
Again she looks out and swallows, suddenly VERY hungry..

Chadara chuckles and grins. "He does it for any female 
feline that wishes to gain weight and eat alot." He 
looks up to her, winking cutely. "Oh, there is more. 
Literally millions." He moves up against her and nuzzles 
into her chest fur. "Why, for you, my dear... If you 
are really that hungery. I bet you can't eat them all 
though." Its a dare. However he doesn't know what this 
lioness is capable of doing. Let along how she got the 
way she is now.
The panther purrs, nuzzling into your chest fur and 
licking at the fluff some. "Don't worry, these are 
tame, so they'll come right up to you. And if you tell 
them what you want them to do, they'll do it. No need 
to hunt now." He ends with a long and soft purr, hugging 
at her chest.

"Gain weight?" Keli blinks a little and looks at him
strangely, she then laughs. "What? You want me to eat
ALL of them? Oh come on.. That's not possible. No one
could eat just one of those! You'd explode first!"
She does seem curious though, and again looks over
towards the herds and takes a few steps closer. "Wow.
They're really tame.."

"Well, yes, if you want." Chadara sits back to watch you 
as you begin to step towards the herds. "Oh, I don't know. 
You'd have to be a /special/ lioness for it." Humming, he 
stands up and pads over to a near hippo that was feeding 
in a waterhole at watergrass, looking to be over 4 tons.
"Yes, they are. And here is one I asked to let you feed 
on it willingly." He walks beside the big hippo til he 
gets next to the lioness and sits back to watch. "Go on, 
eat up." Chuckling at already imagining how huge she might 
get. "Oh, you haven't told me you name yet."

Keli sits there in awe of the 8,000 pound hippo. She's
never seen one so big! Giggling, she looks at you, "Oh
come on.. No one could eat that much. It's just not
possible.." Again she looks at the hippo. "I won't
even be able to eat a quarter of this one! He's HUGE!"
She smiles at you anyway though and lies down in front
of the meal. "Keli." The enormous carcass is so fat
that it's just.. all over the place in front of her as
she starts eating.
"Oh my god.." she exclaims. "This is the best tasting
hippo I've ever had!" She starts eating faster,
gorging herself on the tender flesh. "I can't believe
how good this is!"
Lost to this new vice, the lioness continues to eat
and eat and eat and eat, consuming enough meat in just
15 minutes to feed three whole adult lions! Her belly
is starting to bulge out on either side of her as she
consumes it all, not even aware of how much she's
stuffing herself with. "This is the best.. Sure you
don't want any??"

Chadara sits and watches as Keli begins on her huge feast. 
"Keli. Thats a beautiful name." The panther behind her 
looks out to her of curiousity. A grin creeps its way 
to his muzzle as he sees the lioness begining to put on 
some weight other than her muscles. He actually wonders 
how much she /can/ eat.
"Yes, it is." He chuckles. "I'm glad you like it," Then 
calling out in a language Keli hasn't heard before and 
more hippos come waddling up and in front of Keli, waiting 
on her to finish with her first hippo so she can feed on 
them on at a time. "cause you're going to have more."
Arching a eye ridge, Chadara shakes his head. "Nah, not 
right now. I'll eat when you sleep taking rests from your 
meal, your HUGE meal." He corrects himself. "Just think, 
Keli, this is /really/ going to be your most BIGGEST meal 
you've ever had." He smirks and pokes at the side of her 
rump near the place where her tail starts.

Keli just looks at you strangely.. "I'm not going to
be able to eat all of this.." she says, laughing a
little. "It's too much!" But the lioness doesn't seem
to want to stop.. nor can she. It's just too good!

Chadara cackles a bit. "Oh, sure you are Keli. Don't think 
of each hippo as your next one, think of each one as your 
last." He inquires a suggestion to her. He gets up and pads 
around to one side of the lioness in front so he can watch 
more of her feasting. A grin appears on his black muzzle and 
he is actually getting a bit aroused by this. Amazed by her 
body fattening out so quicker than it should. Must be her 
He watches Keli with wide eyes as she gorges on the remaining 
hippo she first started on and he blinks when she finally 
gets all the fatty meat down and into her. "Wow," He mutters 
out. "you've /really/ filled out, haven't you?" He asks, seeing 
Keli already moving herself to get to the second hippo and start 
feeding on it. So she eats and eats and eats. He wonders if her 
stomach digests the hippo fat very fast.

Keli takes a moment to pause and blink. She ate the
whole thing! A whole hippo! And not just any hippo,
but one of THESE ones!
She looks at herself and gasps. "I'm HUGE!!!!!"

Chadara looks at you to and smiles wide. Licking his 
muzzle lips in pleasure. "How about another?"
Keli didn't need to respond as another much fatter 
hippo than the last waddles up in front of her.
"After the first, you must have a big appetite now."
The panther chuckles and watches the huge lioness 

Keli starts eating the next one, her form again
starting to grow even fatter.. "I can't stop myself!"

Chadara nodnods as he murrpurrs, padding around your HUGE 
fat body as he gasps to see your mammary glands have pushed 
out from the fat in your body and are being fattened up 
as well...real long though with some roundness to them- 
Keli's newly formed breasts. Three on both sides of her. Six 
so far ten foot long jiggly breasts.
Chadara smiles wide, nuzzling each of the three long breasts 
he passes on your left side until he gets around your rump and 
between your fat hindlegs where your also fat tufted tail 
is. Lustfully, the panther begins licking slow then fast on 
your fat pussy as he caresses your fat rump best he can.
Even long before you finish your second fat hippo, the rest of 
the surrounding hippo's gather in front of the fattening HUGE 
lioness for them to be eaten, since Chadara told them what the 
reason for bringing a VERY hungery lioness to them. So they 
willingly complied.

Keli blinks and tries to look behind her. "Hey!
What're you doing? Stop that.." she says, a little
miffed, but unable to stop herself from eating more.


The lioness growls, trying to decide if she should
take the time to stop you, which would mean she would
have to pause in her eating. "Will you stop that? I
mean it.." she mutters, still munching away on another
of the fat animals.

Chadara blinks, eyes wide... Suddenly getting frightened 
of you. Cautiously, he backs away. His heart pounding 
with utter fear. Right now he is thinking about just 
running off to leave you to your own devices. Contemplating 
on his thoughts, he nods to himself and starts to walk 
away slowly until he is a good distance from you and 
darts off in a hurried run. That was his first attempt to 
hopefully have a lover, since none of the panthresses or 
leopardesses want him around. Depressed now and fear 
striken, he hurriedly makes his way to a far away tree 
that he calls...home. At least its a home- to him. Not 
bothering to look back nor glance behind him to see what 
you are doing now. He runs in such a hurry that his feet 
kick up ground debris...

But Keli can't see that. She's eaten three full hippos
by now, and has gotten so big and fat that she can't
even look behind her anymore. She keeps on eating and
eating, figuring you're just standing behind her, and
keeps slowly getting bigger and bigger and bigger.....

Sighing, the panther slowly makes his way cautiously 
back to where you are feasting on the many hippos. 
And he blinks to actually see the HUGE lioness's body 
visibly fattening up more an more. From being gone for 
a whole night, he had came back to see how Keli was 
doing just out of curiousity. Chadara stops when he gets 
within twenty feet of distance away from the huge lioness to 
give her a decent space, in case she is still angery with 
him from what he did yesterday. Thoughtfully, he wonders just 
how many hippos she has eaten and how many tons she has 
fattened up to. There was 100 hippos total, and when he left 
her yesterday... 
She was about 24 tons...and he didn't know Keli would still be 
eating and eating after he left. Resting down on his haunches, 
the panther contemplates if he should ask how many hippos 
she's eaten and how many tons she's gained from this. 
He knew that each hippo is more fatter and heavier then another, 
One would weigh 4 tons, the next one would weigh 8 tons and 
so forth. The hippo's weight were by 4's and times that another 
4 on the next hippo and the next hippo after that one.

Keli had eaten all of 3 hippos when the panther left,
sulking, leaving her alone with her hugely bloated 24
ton body and unstoppable hunger.. Something in these
animals is making her hungrier and hungrier with every
bite she takes, and now she can't stop.. All through
the night she ate and ate and ate and ate.. She didn't
sleep.. She just ate more and more, and even now as
the panther returns Keli is still eating.. and
growing.. The lioness is a mountain now! So huge and
fat, her stomach covers so much of the clearing now as
it fills, visibly swelling with her insane lust to
feed.. She's become an eating machine, managing to
stuff whole animals into her mouth and swallow, making
her grow big enough to do the same with the even
bigger animal which follows.. Counting quickly, you
realize she's eaten over half of the hippos now.. 50
of them. Over 5,000 tons...

Chadara whoas at the rate of Keli's body fattening up more 
and more. He blinks as she had actually downed whole some and 
she's ate 50 of them. 
And now there was 50 more fatter- the more fatter hippo's 
ranging from 50 to 100 tons each more to go. He chuckles as he 
pads around her stadium sized side of her belly as he makes his 
way to her front. When he gets there, he stays out of Keli's way 
of eatting but he looks up at the mountain of lioness and widens 
his eyes from the sight. Wow, must be uncountable rolls of fat 
around her head. 
He wonders how she might be doing this- eatting more fat animals 
and instantly growing and swelling fatter for each fat animal she 
takes in. "Wow." He then purrs as he nuzzles up against Keli's fat 
blubbery side of her chest. "If you get these hippos done, then you 
can start on the many elephants too. Don't worry, their tusks have 
been removed- so they won't hurt you. That is, if you can handle 
eatting more, as in much huger fat elephants the size you are and 
more?" He teases Keli a bit too. He just wishes that they could 
become life-mates, since he now finds this mountainous lioness 
just stunning and he can feel his member swell 
out from just thinking of the possiblity of mating with Keli 
when she gets done. 
But then, she hasn't drunk any she might be thristy 
for water too. He thinks of how he is going to get any water 
near her...

Keli doesn't stop.. she can't stop. She has to keep
eating to try and stave off the hunger which only gets
worse and worse the more she consumes! A loud rumbling
is heard and you realize it's coming from her. It's
the sound of her belly and skin stretching, trying to
hold all of her in, as well as the sound of her
stomach rumbling.. wanting more and more.. You can
actually see her form expanding as she lays her head
down and just opens her mouth, letting the animals
march in.. She does pause long enough to say one word
though. "More."

Chadara blinks a few times at this. He hopes Keli wasn't going 
to pop or explode, cause that would really dampen his day if 
she did. "Ok, you want more. You can have more." Cautiously 
turning around while standing next to Keli as she continue to 
not eat but let the fat animals march in her--- wide maw? 
Chadara blinks and flatten his ears in acute distress. Maybe 
Keli had some kind of stretching genes. 
Oh well, he returns to calling over the huge elephants the 
same size Keli is now and the much more huger and FATTER 
ones too.
For now, he can just satisfy himself for laying up against 
the huge mountainous Keli and laying on her as well as he gets 
picked up by her ever swelling and growing belly and body. Her 
legs are still visible, though nothing more than fat buldges 
of fat... and her paws have been envolped inside by the jiggly 
fat of her four legs. "Wow."

Keli continues to eat and devour the hippos, eyes
hungrily looking over at the elephants as they come closer..

The panther smiles wide, as he thinks that you are
diffinately a /very/ special lioness,
as he continues watching Keli blimp out more and
more...growing and swelling fatter
and fatter with now each two hippos she takes in at
a time. Chadara blinks, wondering
how Keli could possibly know how to stretch her
mouth like that, or it could be just
a deep hunger instinct for the fat-blimping mountain
of a lioness.
Watching intently as Keli eats and eats, devour and
devour two hippos...then a deep
gulping as he hears her digestion immediately do its
work, turning the meat and fat of
each two hippos she takes in to more and more tons
of blubbery fat for her.
Though now Chadara gets and idea and mischivously 
grins. Looking up to her head that has been
pushed up from the ground by her fat chest and the
rest of her by her massive belly and
sides. "Hey, hon, I gotta go and get something." 
The panther leans close to hug what he
can of her. "I'll be right back. Keep eating the 
way you are for me." And with a loving lick,
he bounds off back towards his not-so-far home to
get something...
Keli barely even acknowledges it as she grunts, unable
to stop her eating and not wanting to pause for too
long.. How come she's so hungry?? She has no idea, and
it frightens her, but what can she do? She will not
ignore the burning hunger...

The return of Chadara had taken another night, as he 
reappears in Keli's line of sight and behind him the 
vat as he hurrys to pull the giant vat. 
When he finally stops, he comes to rest beside a shady 
tree and leave the giant vat there. Chadara comes padding 
up to Keli. Seeing she had finished on all one hundred 
hippos and is now starting on the huge, fat elephants. 
And there is three hundred of them! And each one is ten tons 
more bigger than the one elephant ahead of the marching line.
Chadara pads up to Keli's fat side and purrs. "Keli, I want 
you as my lover."


Chadara waiting until after Keli had totally finished with the 
huge, fat elephants. Nodding as she gulped down the last one. 
He blinks as he could only guess at how much she might weight 
now. 100,000 tons plus 300 elephants. Wow. Keli was now no 
doubt as big and huge as Mnt. Kilamanjaro he looked the 
enormus and fat lioness over. Shrugging, the young panther went 
over to the giant vat to retrive the long and round hose from 
it and walked back to Keli's massive form. With a chuckle, he 
began climbing up her blubbery and fat chest until he got to 
her head. He could tell she only wanted more food. And with a 
small giggle, he was glad to oblige her. As he took the long 
and round hose and stuffed it into Keli's mouth and the hose 
filled of the wide space Keli's mouth had made when she was 
eating the hippos and elephants. No air could get out as well 
as any jello. Of that he was positive. Placing a hot wet lick-kiss 
on Keli's fat cheeks and a gentle nuzzle of affection, he then 
slid back down and padded hurriedly where the giant 
vat rested. It was by standards as huge and enormus as Keli 
herself was now! Smirking, Chadara turned on the vat and with a 
humm, huge GLOBS of jello came out and rushed through the hose 
in tons!
Now the panther wondered how the massive fat lioness was going 
to handle this. She wants more and more food- and this jello is 
highly fattening itself. One ton of would equal to 10 tons! 
And so the panther sat back up against the giant vat and 

Keli just sat there, fat as ever, like a massive
hillside taking up space around her. Starting to chew
right away on the hose, she swallowed it down to get
it where its needed, wanting to eat more.. To grow
more.. to get bigger and bigger, fatter and fatter..
There is no stopping the mega-fat lioness now! Her
hunger will never stop.. never be satisfied. She'll
eat and eat and eat and eat until there's absolutely
nothing left!! She'll consume it all!!

Chadara blinks and gasps, actually being swept up 
in the swelling mass of Keli's stretching body fat of huge 
amounts of pure blubber. He had been in front of her and 
is now upon her forebelly as he stares wide-eyed at her now 
continuing growing mass. He can now actually see her belly, 
sides and forebelly spreading out and filling up more as she 
is fattened by the jello from the giant vat as huge as she is. 
His expression is one of awe as he blankly watches Keli 
expand, fatten and swell out in all directions. Even her belly 
is pushing her upwards now. As her head and far hidden legs 
are pushed up farther from the ground. He wonders if her tail 
is getting fattened up too. Wow. He sure does wish that 
Keli was a panthress now... Cause he'd really like to relieve 
some growing pressure of his own- down at his croch area.
Though Chadara gives himself a shake and turns up the giant 
vats flow from gallons to TONS and the speed from medium to 
HIGH!! Smirking, he turns his head back to watch how Keli will 
take this. And she might even thank him for it too. There's no 
way he could guess how many tons she must weigh now.

It's a good thing that he isn't on the ground because
Keli's form is plowing over the ground as it grows
fatter and fatter. With the hose swallowed deeply, she
can speak around it in a limited fashion.. "More!
More!" she calls out, still purring.

"Oh Gods." Chadara cries out as he had given himself 
a shake as well as a shake from Keli's expanding and 
swelling and ever fattening forebelly. Which reminds him, 
her mammary glands should be fattening up big and round 
as well. Those would be some really huge...breasts and 
nipples by now. Growing out from both sides of her as well. 
Plus the fact that Keli has three on either side of her! 
He cannot begin to guess her enormus size now. All he can 
do is lay there on her fattening forebelly and helplessly 
watch and wait as she feasts on the tons of jello now 
continuiously flowing from the giant vat in huge GLOBS 
through the long hose and down into Keli's stomach. He 
looks on both sides from his point of view and can see her 
massive beyond huge sides fattening out like a volcaneo had 
erupted and its lava flowing outwards. Thats what her beyond 
huge, fattening body is doing, surging out in a wave in all 
directions, except for around Keli's head. He just blinks, 
wondering just how much of this highly fattening jello Keli 
desires to feast on. 

Keli wants it all and more. She won't ever be 
satisfied, and won't ever stop being hungry.. She just 
wants more and more and more. Even now, as her body 
spreads and grows, gobbling up land all around her, 
she demands more.. She mouths around the tube again, 
practically snarling. "More!" she calls out, her voice 
loud and booming..

Chadara blinks and gasps from her booming, loud voice. 
How can he feed her more when the giant vat that is as 
big as her previous size is not even half empty. It 
could well be enough jello to fatten and grow her up to 
a moon size...or more. Suddendly, he gets an idea and 
takes a hose from the giant vat beside him -since Keli's 
fattening forebelly had pressed up against it and then 
just encircled around the thing- and grins as he now 
climbs up to where her fat cheeked head is and stuffs 
the second hose into Keli's mouth. Giving her a nuzzle 
and kiss before heading back down to the giant vat and 
padding around its back to grasp another long hose, then 
the panther hurriedly pads out to where Keli's fattening 
forebelly of blubber ends and hops off only to rush onward 
until he comes upon the edge of the ocean. Chuckling, he 
throws the long hose into the water and grins. "This'll 
do her good. Since the water will mix in with the jello. 
And jello has water in it anyway. I'm just adding more 
water to it. Hehe!" Chuckling as he heads back to Keli 
and climbs upon her fat, blubbery forebelly again and 
pushes a button for the second hose to start sucking at 
the oceans' water... which is vast! It sounds more like  
a huge vaccum being turned on. Satisfied, he returns 
his awed attention back to Keli. Watching...

The super-fat lioness starts to grow fatter much
faster, bloating up all around.. But she's still not
satisfied! How can that be?? No one has ever been as
hungry or ravenous as she is.. It's just not possible!
And yet, she's screaming for more!

 Chadara blinks and gulps in fear. What does it take to 
get her full?? He thinks hurriedly, then the panther grins 
as he hops back off from her and back on the ground around 
her to hook up three hoses onto each of Keli's thick nipples 
where her massive and fattening breasts are, laying on the 
ground beside her and still filling... 
   Now Chadara chuckles and runs over to Keli's other side 
and hooks up three more hoses for each fat nipple on those 
three massive breasts, grinning mischivously all the way until 
he returns back in front of Keli and now there in front of her 
is a very, very HUGE vat with milk filled to the rim.
    Chadara activates this vat and milk flows through at the 
same speed as the first vat with jello. He watches intently 
as the milk flows through each of the six hoses making 
BIG globs as the milk quickly pours into each of Keli's fat 
nipples and no doubtfully into her six massive breasts.
    Thinking still, he pads over to another very gigantic vat 
that is filled to the rim with all the flavors of pudding. And 
he takes that hose and walks all around Keli until he's behind 
her and at where her rump is. Giggling, he climbs up the rump 
fat and blubbery rolls of flabby flesh until he gets to his 
destination; Keli's anal hole. With a lick of his muzzle, he 
stuffs the hose he'd gotten from the pudding vat and it 
automatically turns on.
      He thinks this might frighten Keli for all he knows, then 
again... There's alot Chadara doesn't know about the supersized 
fat lioness... So he stays there behind her, close and up against 
her lush and massive mounds of her rump. Even her tail is 
swelling and thickening with fat too.

The super sized lioness purrrs loudly as she continues
to grow fatter and fatter, much quicker now too.. But
STILL she isn't satisfied.. Her hunger knows no
bounds! "MORE!!!" she roars, the ground trembling and
crumbling beneath her frightening voice and increasing
weight and mass. "MOOOOOOOOOORE!! I'M STARVING!!!!"
Keli is growing out of control now, her fat body and
breasts spilling and flowing over more and more
landscape. Just how big is she going to get before
she's no longer hungry? Will she ever be not hungry??

The bemused and awed panther shakes himself to get out of his 
daze, grinning as he gets an idea. Then hurries off to get more 
hoses from the factory, as he returns, which was a long wait... 
like a whole three days he had to travel there and back. Chadara 
stuffs some more hoses into Keli's mouth, stetching her mouth 
out wider. He then grins and goes to her rump and stuffs another 
few hoses into Keli's anal hole, then another few into her fat sex.
That done, he stuffs the remaining hundred hoses again into her 
mouth, stretching her mouth out wider. With the hoses hooked up, 
he now turns on the pumps and millions of tons upon tons of jello 
from the factory and zillions of tons upon tons of water from 
the nearby ocean. All the jello and water flow through their hoses 
and actually get sucked into where the hoses are like Keli is now 
like a vaccum of her own. He smiles and sits on her blubbery 
back and watches, hoping this will help...

But it doesn't help enough. Keli purrrrs for a few
moments, her body growing vastly fatter, but then she
growls again and opens her eyes. No.. she's not
satiated yet. She needs more. Much, much more..

Chadara huhs and hums, thinking deeply. He lets her fatten out more 
and more from this for a while, to let her enormus-monstrously huge, 
fat body get used to this. Then with a wide grin, he climbs up on 
top of Keli's fat back...while her head, legs and tail remain in the 
middle of her vast mass of blubbery and jiggly fat. When he gets to 
the top, he takes out a remote and aims it up towards the sky. A 
signal is transmitted. Up into space to a beyond enormus vat filled 
with all kinds of highly fattening foods. On type of the food would 
equal one planet at the amount it has in it. And the whole vat is 
literally the same size of Jupiter, ir not bigger as the size of the 
sun! But he couldn't tell. From the clouds came long and thick hoses, 
they each latched and hooked up to all of Keli's openings. There had 
to be at least a zaquillion hoses stuffed into each of her openings. 
In her mouth, in her nipples, in her sex and in her anal hole. When 
that was done, Chadara pressed another button as another signal was 
transmitted too. Soon in no time at all, the enormusly vast and 
blubbery fat lioness would find herself getting bombarded by all of 
that fattening food, being pumped more and more and more with tons 
beyond tons from the Jupiter-to-Sun sized vat full of the stuff! He, 
himself sat on her blubbery fat back, near her neck and contemplated 
on mating her good when she got to the fat size her hunger demanded.


With: Chadara & Keli