There goes the neighborhood,by Anima (vore, genital vore, yiffing, intense cuddling) ' The bulk of his hips went in with a little wriggling, stretching Reya to a point Tad thought must be excruciating!..'
Foxes in blue, by Anima (genital vore, and furry sex) 'Reya was already moaning and rubbing her breasts and clit, the idea of unbirthing her lover again incredibly arousing..'
They Grow Up Too Quickly!, by Anima (plushie, vore, Unbirth/Genital vore, and assorted sexual elements) 'The firm tube was now swollen at the tip, a swelling that moved and twitched as the woman struggled. Groaning happily, Windsor gripped hir cock above the bulge, and slowly jacked hir hand down hir length.'
The Perfect Gift, by Anima (plushie-phile genitalvore/ rebirth anthropormorphic)
'The vixen trembled with the glorious sensation of her body filling to bursting with her lover, and the continuing feeling of flesh sliding up through her pussy.'
Burgeoning Desires by Anima, (furry inflatable yiffy vore) "A tight little sphincter of rubber admitted Terry's head into Talia's tummy.."
Well, Look What the Cat Dragged In! , by Anima.(vore, swallowing)" Those powerful handpaws gripped my smooth buttocks and pushed them up and towards her, jamming my skull even tighter into her gullet!" 
How Roger's Thursday Went.. , by Anima.(human/furry/dragon sex, m/f/m, unbirthing)" As the huge female grew more excited, her flow of lubricant increased. Soon, it was flowing steadily onto the floor of the cylinder"