The Hesitance of Hunger, by Random Dragon , (cute little people eating dragons) " they both lounged on the softgrass, their protruding bellies still sloshing high in the air as the two playful predators finally began to claim their prizes"
The Food Chain. By Random Dragon, The Final Memoirs of the dragoness, Erinystial.
  • Part one:And so, like the innumerable times after that, I had Derekin for dinner. 
  • Part two:And with a full stomach, a full heart, and a full head, I sprawled out on the patch of grass I had fallen asleep on the first time I had discovered the joy of feasting. 
  • Part three:Craning my head ever so slowly, I noticed Derekin's cherry, perched in a tuft of grass, close to the water's edge. I sighed, picked it up between two dainty claws,and popped it into my mouth. 
  • Part four:"Not at all, my pet. You're far too critical. In fact, I thought he was quite…" I paused to lick a rivulet of chocolate from my lower lip, "good." 
  • Part five:They say you can't keep a good man down, and I had no problem keeping a bad man down. 
  • Part six:I leaned over as much as I could, my eyes full of dangerous lust and hunger, and gave a nice, long, tasting lick to Leindurstit's snout, lowering my eyelids in agreement with his flavor, freaking him out as expected. 
  • Part seven:Before he could react, I snatched up his own tail, threaded it into my throat, and began to swallow. 
  • Part eight:"So," I breathed passionately, lost in the wicked pleasures of such a fantasy. "How  was she?" Lein blushed, then patted his belly once more.