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The She Wolf Stories..
Part One:She Wolf, by Throat Wolf.(Vore transformation)"Be at peace," Astra said, her voice coming from all around him. "You won't be harmed...you'll simply become a part of me for a while. A very precious part, indeed."
Part Two:Sonjas Tale, by Throat Wolf.(Transformation and Vore) "As full awareness returned to her, Mikhail's head tilted backward, and she began to slide down into his throat. "No!" Sonja cried, realizing what was happening. "No! You can't do this! It's not right!"
Part Three:Cassandra and Janet, by Throat Wolf.(Transformation and Vore) "Janet managed a grin. "What? After all this time of teasing me about it, you don't want to follow through now when it's for real? C'mon, I thought you were a better wolfie than that."
Part Four:In The Throat of the Wolf, by Throat Wolf.(Swallowing, Vore and throat wolf himself!)"You're just worried that I'm going to eat you, aren't you?" Janet said. "Not it might not be interesting to see what happened, but you're forgetting...I don't like eating people. I don't think it's right."