by anonymous


Where was he? A bed, he, well, if it's a bed, it's an awfully big one...maybe it's a football field with did he gethere? Where was here? What was here? It was a blur--he knew he had too much to drink last night; he couldn'tremember more than that. His head spun a bit, then settled down as he sat up.Yes, it definitely looked like a bed, but it was titanic; looking around,everything looked normal--walls, pictures, a desk and chair--nothing strange about anything except that everything was huge. But then, he thought, that was probably strange enough.

"AWAKE ALREADY?" He spun around to look at the source of the voice thatboomed out from somewhere behind him. 
"AWWWW, YOU'RE SO CUTE..." a woman the size of a mountain had just stepped into the room from what appeared to be an enormous bathroom. She was gorgeous--though her size made it tough to see allof her at once--and, from the disheveled condition of her hair and thebathrobe she had on, it looked like she had just woken up too. In one hand,she held a bottle that was at least twice as tall as he was; as she raised itto her lips to take a long swallow, he decided it was probably tequila. 

"YOU'RE SO CUTE, I COULD JUST EAT YOU RIGHT UP...." He looked like she could, too. 

Oh, God...she was huge...and she was drunk....She sat down heavily on the bed, bouncing him up into the air and making him lose his balance. She swung one leg over him and leaned back against thewall, her bathrobe parting immodestly as her titanic leg passed over his head, giving him a brief glimpse that left no doubt that the bathrobe was all she had on. She giggled, seeing his eyes bug out at the sight of her, shifting herself somewhat clumsily to lean against the wall, one of her enormous breasts escaping from her bathrobe, bobbing slightly as she let out amonstrous sigh. 

" am I?" He asked, trying not to be distracted by wha twould have been the best-looking breast he'd ever seen, if it hadn't been for the fact that it was bigger than a VW bug. 

"MY PLACE," she boomed. Not as meaningful an answer as he'd hoped for."YOU PASSED OUT LAST NIGHT AND YOU WERE MUCH TOO BIG TO CARRY, SO I SHRUNKYOU." 

"What?""I SHRUNK YOU." She took several long swallows from the tequila bottle.
Things were starting to make more sense, even if only slightly. 

"Can you make me big again?" "I DUNNO; IT'S NOT MY PROJECT. BESIDES, I LIKE YOU THIS WAY." He groaned. How do you argue with a drunken giantess? She put the bottle down and stretched dramatically, shifting forward a bit and not bothering to keep the bathrobe from falling open completely. 

Now, for him to be getting an erection when he was between the thighs of a beautiful, naked woman wouldn't have usually surprised him, but, gods, this woman was the size of an office building! Apparently certain parts of his body didn't careabout this particular detail, though 
"quite the optimist, aren't you" he muttered in the general direction of his crotch. 
"AHEM," she said, and he realized that he'd been staring slack-jawed at her gigantic pussy for who-knows-how-many seconds. 

"ADMIRING THE VIEW?" sheasked; "WHY DON'T YOU TAKE A CLOSER LOOK?" He shook his head, but she reached her hand around behind him--he wasn'tmuch larger than one of her fingers--and nudged him forward. There wasn't much he could do but take a step and try to keep his balance, she kept pushing as he stumbled closer and closer to her--even as huge as she was, the skin ofher hand was still soft and warm, but it still pushed him relentlessly forwardand he couldn't do a thing about it.She stopped pushing and he managed to regain his balance and stand up he looked around to see that he was trapped in a triangle of flesh formed by herthighs and her hand; he looked forward and found himself staring right at her enormous cunt--it was as big as he was, and he could feel its warmth radiating against the entire surface of his body. 

She giggled again, her whole titanic body shaking and her hand bumping into his back, making him stumble, and he found that he had caught himself with his hands buried in her curly pubic hair, one hand on either side of her cunt. 
"COME ON, DO IT!" she laughed; he looked up at her, puzzled, and she giggled again, "LICK ME, BABY!" this time giving him a little push with her fingetip, planting his face smack in her giant, wet cunt. Oh, hell; he'd never turned down a request like that before--and even ahuge woman is still a woman. Still, it was possible that this particular woman might require some modifications to his usual techniques. 

He started playing with her cunt lips, rubbing his hands up and down inbetween and around them, sliding his whole arm in and out of her and letting his body rub up against her huge vulva. 


He found he was actually getting into the task of pleasing this giganticwoman--in more ways than one. He could feel her flesh quiver with the pleasure that he was producing in her and sometimes her cunt would squeezedown around him, making it hard for him to pull his arm out but, obviously, increasing her pleasure when he did so. It became almost a game he'd tease and play with her cunt, she'd try to grab him with it and he'd try to pull hisarm out first. He tried to see how far he could reach into her and still pull away before her cunt grabbed him--reach in a little, pull out, a little more,pull out, reach in to the elbow, pull out, reach in all the way to theshoulder...and her cunt grabbed him, not just holding his arm, but pulling itinside enough to shove his face into her pussy. Man, was she wet! Hesputtered, spitting out some of her sticky fluids as she relaxed enough to lethim go.

"HIGHER, DO IT HIGHER" she moaned. 

He tried to reach up to her clit, butshe had leaned back enough to put it beyond his reach. "Hey, no problem," he thought, grabbing handfulls of her pubic hair and climbing up her body,alternately grabbing a new handful and placing a foot a bit higher on one sideor the other of her cunt. She writhed under him, obviously enjoying watchinghis efforts--it was halfway between rock climbing and horseback riding, butshe was a heck of a lot sexier than either of those sports could ever be.

"COME ON, LICK ME!" she shouted, and he buried his head right into the topof her cunt, rubbing his whole face over her throbbing clit; she squirmed withdelight under him as he held onto handfulls of her cunt fur and rubbed hiswhole body against her cunt. The handfulls of her pubic hair he gripped ineach hand were becoming slipperier with her juices and harder to hold on to asher excitement and pleasure grew; he found himself scrambling to keep afoothold against her soft, warm flesh, as she squirmed in sexual excitement.

"UUUUUNNNNGHH" she moaned, spreading her legs wider for a moment, rolling herhips as his feet slipped against her slick, wet skin, leaving him dangling for a moment from her soft, moist pussy fur.
"DON'T STOP," she demanded, his ministrations to her gigantic cunt havingbeen interrupted. 

"COME ON, MAKE ME COME!" As he scrambled to regain his footing, she tipped her hips back and spread her legs again...and a surge ofpanic filled his brain as he felt his feet slip into the hot wetness of her vagina which immediately closed, softly but firmly around his ankles and lower legs.Suddenly terrified, he tried to pull one leg free, trying to free himselffrom her hungry wet cunt, but his struggles only served to pull him deeper,down below his knees in her hot wetness. 


Muscular waves rippled through the walls of her cunt, squeezing him wetly in its sticky, warm embrace, slowly pulling his legs inside her.Frantically, he grabbed more handfulls of her pubic hair, now so slick with her wetness that they slipped through his fingers as the muscular contractionsof her cunt pulled him into her, and her soft, hot cuntlips wrapped wetly around his thighs.

"Help me!" he shouted, realizing that there was no way he was going to beable to free himself from her giant cunt without her assistance.

"WHAT?" she said, looking down and giggling at the sight of him now stuckhalfway into her cunt.
"Pull me out of here!" he shouted.

"MAKE ME COME FIRST!" she said, still giggling.

"Come on! This isn't funny anymore--you've got to help me out!"


Arg. Now this was one situation he'd never planned for. Nervously, hereached upwards to her massive clit, stroking it tentatively with his hands,covered in her sticky fluids. 

"YOU'LL HAVE TO DO BETTER THAN THAT," she said,"AND YOU WERE DOING SO WELL BEFORE." He felt the muscles of her cunt squeezeagainst him, pulling his hips inside her cunt. Frantically, he startedrubbing her clit, sliding his hands rapidly, vigorously over it.

"AHHHHH," she moaned, "THAT'S MUCH BETTER." She relaxed for a moment as he worked harder and faster over her clit, then suddenly a shudder went through her body sucking him down to his ribcage in her ravenous cunt.


He glanced up at the gigantic grin spreading across her huge face, slowing the strokes of his hands on her clit. "OH, NO--YOU'RE NOT DONE YET!" she said, in betweenher gasps for breath. "YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT'LL HAPPEN IF YOU'RE NOT GOODENOUGH?" she asked, and a brief look of concentration came over her face as another contraction of her powerful cunt sucked him down to mid-chest in herhot wetness.

"MAKE ME COME, MAKE ME COME QUICK!" she panted out between clenched teethas the struggles of his body inside her sent waves of pleasure racing up herspine, squeezing his tiny body in her cunt, swallowing him up to his armpitsin her. "FASTER! FASTER!" she moaned, as he continued to be pulled slowly inside of her.

His arms were starting to shake with fatigue--the outer lips of her cuntpressed against his arms and shoulders, making movement more and moredifficult; another muscular shudder of her cunt and her pussy lips wrapped around his shoulders, squeezing his arms inside of her. "DON'T STOP! DON'TSTOP!" she cried, as she held him trapped in her cunt. "AAAAGH," she groaned in frustration "I GUESS I'LL HAVE TO FINISH THE JOB MYSELF!"

He watched helplessly as she reached one of her huge hands down towardshim, her fingertips almost as large as his whole head. The lips of her cuntheld him imprisoned, holding him with her clit just before his face as shetouched it with the tip of her middle finger. Her gigantic finger slid backand forth over her clit, nearly striking him in the face--he recoiled,struggling to avoid being hit by her huge finger, his struggles creatingsympathetic muscular waves in her cunt, pulling him slightly deeper until her cunt wrapped itself, hot and wet around his neck.

"Help!" Escaped from his lips--"HELP?" she moaned, in between gasps of pleasure, "I'D BE DELIGHTED TO. OH, BABY, YOU CAN'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH I WANTYOU INSIDE ME RIGHT NOW--HOW ABOUT I HELP YOU GO 'ALL THE WAY'?"

She slowed the motion of her finger on her clit, concentrating on the muscles of her cunt--he felt them squeeze him from all sides, making itd ifficult to breathe, then he felt himself sliding slowly deeper inside ofher--terrified, he struggled to escape her cunt, even now pressing warmlyagainst the sides of his head, sucking him slowly into her hot wetness.

"OHHHHHH! THAT FEELS SOOOOO GOOOOD!" he heard her say, her pussy delighting in the stimulation his struggles were providing her, her moans and gaspsbecoming harder to hear as her cunt lips covered his ears.The sticky juices of her cunt began flowing more freely as her passion increased and he spat and sputtered to keep his mouth and nose free of them.

"OHHHH, YES, COME IN ME NOW, BABY," she moaned, squeezing her cunt muscles around him, sucking him inside of her as she watched his panicked face disappearing into her cunt--his struggles suddenly became more intense. she wondered briefly if he might be having a hard time breathing in there, then her orgasm overtook her, filling her with pleasure that mounted and blossomed as he struggled within her, waves of climax rippling through her body until she was tired and spent with pleasure and passion and more than a little alcohol, and, now relaxed, she fell asleep.