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Career Move:

by Gimlet (email)
       As far as Micheal was concerned it began with a flash of light. He felt  suddenly fatigued and had to struggle to remain conscious. All this as he  felt himself twisted in a direction that he couldn't quite describe. 

        He fell a short distance and crumpled in a tired heap on the floor, his  clothes slightly singed at the edges. When he managed to open his eyes he  couldn't make out much in his dim surroundings. 

        After a while he pushed himself into a sitting position against a nearby  wall and waited for his eyes to adapt to the dark. Instead he slipped into  an exhausted slumber. 

The sudden burst of light and noise as a door was flung open woke him. He  was very groggy however and barely got his eyes open before the figure who  had dashed in slammed the door shut and leaned up against it. 

        As Micheal tried to sit up he realised that the figure was talking to him. 

        "They're bound to look in here. Look, can you hide me? I'm desperate!" The  voice was female but he barely made out any of the words, let alone her  meaning. He tried to ask her who she was but it came out as a croaky  grumble. She seemed to mistake this for an agreement however. 

        "Thanks, I won't forget this. Take these and let me out before the hours  up." He still couldn't shake the fog from his brain and hadn't registered  what she'd said as she took a bottle of pills from a jacket pocket before  taking off the jacket and throwing it into the dim recesses of the room. She  took a handful of the pills and shoved them into his mouth. 

        "Mmph! *Gulp*" he was caught unawares and swallowed them down as she pushed  the bottle into one of his coat's pockets. She unbuttoned his coat and his  shirt and then held his head in her hands for a moment. 

        "Wouldn't want to tear up your overalls now would we?" This he managed to  hear, but didn't quite grasp what she meant. He wasn't wearing overalls,  just his ordinary casuals and a raincoat. She probably couldn't see too well  in the dark either. 

        However she didn't give him much time to ponder any further on the matter.  She glanced nervously at the door and then turned back to his, still groggy,  form sitting by the wall with a determined look on her face. 

        "See ya!" she said and lifted her left foot up off the floor. She then  grabbed Micheal's jaw, prized his mouth open, and thrust her foot down his  throat. The constriction was incredible and he tried to scream, and instead  found himself reflexively gulping as her ankle slid in. Then he heard, and  felt, his jaws pop and the pain lessened. 

        What was she doing? He was still too exhausted to resist much as she  wriggled and jammed her leg down inside him further, forcing his head to tip  backwards. She then put all her weight on that leg and lifted the other off  the floor. He felt her left foot push into his stomach and come to rest on  the bottom. With one leg swallowed up to the knee she proceeded to shove the  other one in alongside! 

        Pain blossomed in his mouth as she crammed it in. Once both legs were even  she leaned over him, grabbed him under his shoulders and heaved herself  downwards. She pulled herself in surprisingly quickly and he felt his  stomach swell as her legs folded up inside him. There was a pause as her  hips reached his lips, but with a little wriggling and a few hefty tugs she  pulled herself down, and his mouth went on up her. 

        She had to press her breasts in under his upper lip and teeth by hand but  after that it was plain sailing. He couldn't help swallowing in synch with  her wriggles as he watched, first her head, and then finally her hands  disappear down out of sight down his gullet. 

        He couldn't believe it, he had eaten her! He could feel her settling into a  foetal position inside him. He looked down at his enourmous stomach and was  staggered. Surprisingly, apart from his neck and jaw still throbbing, there  was very little pain. His stomach felt incredibly stretched and ached a bit,  but not as much as he thought it should have. 

        He was still trying to get his, still foggy, brain to understand why she  had seemingly committed suicide, let alone how she had managed it! His  already rickety train of thought was shattered as the door crashed open once  more, the light outlining two more figures standing there. 

        "All right!" shouted a deep voice "Come out with your hands up. You're  under ar... " the figure that was talking seemed to squint into the gloom of  the room and peered around. "O.K., where is she?" The pair stepped  cautiously in turning from side to side every now and then Micheal saw they  were pointing revolvers around. 

        The second figure fumbled around by the door and then light bloomed as the  room's fluorescent lights kicked in. When Micheal managed to open his eyes  against the glare he, somewhat bluredly, saw a man and a woman (police by  the look of their caps) standing over him. 

        "Don't say you ate her?" said the woman with a frown as she glared at  Micheal's distended gut. Micheal just gave a weak grin and shrugged his  shoulders. The evidence was pretty hard to miss. 

        "Actually," said the male cop as he holstered his gun "it would mean a lot  less paperwork." he grinned at his partner. She obviously didn't share his  assessment. Micheal couldn't believe they were taking it so calmly. 

        As Micheal was helped to his feet by the male cop (walking was going to be  a struggle with the extra weight for a bit) he couldn't help but think there  was something obvious he was missing. He knew that what he had done was  impossible, but there was something else that he was sure was staring him in  the face that he hadn't quite registered yet, but he just couldn't figure it  out. 

        Once Micheal was somewhat steady on his feet the male cop continued. 

        "Look, don't worry. No-one will complain, even though..." he briefly  glanced at Micheal's bulging stomach. "... I doubt she signed a CTBC-90,  aye?" and he grinned broadly. 

        "Erm, Sarge?" his partner managed, still frowning "Whatever way you look at  it she didn't give consent so it should still be murder." 

        The 'Sarge' gave his companion a hard stare. 

        "Don't scare the kid Hanley. Haven't you ever been that desperate for a  meal once or twice?" he said. 

        "Yeah but I never..." her tirade was cut off as the Sarge ignored her and  began talking to Micheal again. 

        "Look, trust me, nothing will come of it. The only person who would demand  a trial is her partner, and he isn't likely to show his face around here for  a long time. If you come in, sign a statement etc. you'll be free to go."  his partner still seemed to disagree with this but didn't comment further. 

        As Micheal followed them out of the darkened room he desperately tried to  remember if he'd been under any strong medication recently, anything to  explain these weird events as some sort of hallucination. Nothing sprang to  mind and he was forced to conclude that it was possible this was all real!  He began to feel even more dazed as he got into the police car as he tried  to wrap his brain around the concept. 


        It took about ten minutes for them to drive Micheal to the Police  Department. During the ride he could swear he felt his meal shift itself  around inside him. He guessed it was just his stomach getting on with its  business. He didn't like to think too much about that so tried to ignore it. 

        Once they had arrived he was escorted upstairs, past the busy main area, to  a cramped room with a couple of chairs and a table, and virtually nothing  else. Hanley left and then returned with a sheaf of forms. 

        "Oh come on girl!" he said, glaring at her again. "Does he look like he is  in any fit shape to fill those in?" 

        "Well, we'll have to wait till he can then." she said putting them down on  the table "It's standard procedure Sarge and you know it." 

        The Sarge picked them up and before his partner could object started  filling the forms in himself. 

        "Yes... no... Er what's your name son?" he asked as Hanley fumed silently. 

        "Er, Micheal. Micheal Danning sir, I mean officer, er whatever." He had  thought he had shaken the fog from his brain on the way over in the police  car, but apparently not. 

        "Right you are Micheal... age?" He proceeded to get Micheal's age, place of  birth, and then asked for his address. Micheal was not sure what that flash  of light back in that darkened room had been but he was sure this was not  his home town (and maybe not his home planet!) and so was a little hesitant  at this question. 

        "Oh, new in town huh?" the Sarge said "Got anyplace to stay yet? No? Well  Langstrom Heights is pretty good, and cheap too." he grinned broadly. "Well  now, to the point of the matter. Look, we'll just say you'd been desperately  hungry at the time huh?" at this Hanley interrupted. 

        "Look Sarge, you can't write his testimony for him! This is going too far!"  she looked like she was about to blow her top and the Sarge took her to one  side. Micheal couldn't make out what he said to her but when he came back  and sat down Hanley stayed quiet. 

        The meeting went on for quite a while but mostly the Sarge talked and  Micheal listened, nodding or shaking his head on occasion. Micheal used the  time to try to figure out why she'd done it. He could still feel her in  there and was sure she was moving about. Eventually the Sarge seemed  satisfied. 

        "Well then, If you head on over to Langstrom's we'll be in touch if we need  anything." he stood up, and ignored the look Hanley gave him. 


        Micheal left the Station house in a daze and started to follow the  directions the Sarge had given him to the Langstrom Heights hotel. As he  turned the corner he felt his stomach churn again, much stronger. He could  feel something pushing upwards. He propped himself against the wall and  leaned over. 

        She was still alive in there! He tensed his stomach, opened his mouth and  tried desparately to bring her up. After straining for a bit he managed to  find the right combination of muscles and felt her press upwards. 

        Her head came up and his throat stretched tightly. As it entered his mouth  he could feel that she was coming up still in the foetal position and his  throat stretched further around her shoulders and her knees. Surprisingly,  as her head emerged into the open, he could feel very little pain. It seemed  much easier than when he swallowed her, despite the extra breadth from her  being folded up which should have made it more difficult. 

        It was very weird looking down over his nose at her face as it emerged. As  his mouth slid over her neck he remembered all that the Sarge had said. He  hadn't really learnt what she was wanted for and he now wondered what this  was all about. He strained and managed to halt her progress while he fumbled  in his pockets. While she gasped for breath (how had she managed to breath  in there?) he found a pocket calendar and a pen. It would have to do. 

        He scribbled on the January page of the blank calendar and then shoved it  in front of her face. It read 'So what the hell did you do to interest the  cops?' 

        "*Cough* Woah! What the?" she managed to focus on the scribble in front of  her "Oh, Hi there. Erm well it was mostly Arnold's doing really. Look could  you let me out so we can talk properly?" He glared at her for an answer. 

        "Oh. I guess the cops were rough on you huh? Look don't worry about it they  can't do anything. You aint even an accomplice to anything." he pointed to  his scribbled message again "Yeah, well we were just trying to make some  money. It was Arnold who started with the stolen goods. I didn't even know  where they came from! Look you've already been through the business with the  cops, there's no reason for you to get into any more trouble. You just cough  me up and we'll call it quits, eh?" 

        Micheal kept his gaze on her and realised he wouldn't have much longer to  ponder this, he usually couldn't hold his breath for very long. He'd have to  do something to clear his windpipe soon. 

        "Look maybe I could let you have something for your troubles eh? I mean  after those bastards giving you the once over it's the least I could do."  she said. As he thought on this and what the Sarge had done for him he made  his mind up... and swallowed hard. 

        "Hey! what the... Oooh I, mmph!" *Slurp Gulp*. She struggled as she slid  once more into his stomach. As he stood up straight again, turned around and  headed back to the Police Department she kept on struggling. 

        After a few queries at the Station house the Sarge showed his face again. 

        "Hey there Micheal, what's up. I was just about to go back out on the  street." As he spoke Hanley came in behind him and sighed as she saw him. 

        "Yeah, well I think you were a little hasty..." Micheal smiled "I mean I  was a little hasty in my testimony. Look could we talk in private please?" 

        The Sarge nodded and soon they were in the back room again. 

        "O.K., so what's changed kid? You get a bit of indigestion that jogged your  memory huh?" he grinned at Micheal. Micheal still had that feeling that  there was something obviously out of place with all of this besides this  swallowing business but still couldn't place it. He pushed that thought from  his mind for the moment and concentrated on the issue at hand. 

        "Yeah, well something like that. I was pretty out of it when she showed up  in that room so I don't remember exactly what she said, but I didn't eat  her, she fed herself to me." he smiled to himself at their faces as he said  this "Yeah, I know. I didn't believe it myself and at the time I thought  that was weird too, but... Well I think I'd better show you." Micheal  started to lean over then thought it over. "Look, you'd better get your guns  out, just in case huh?" and at their perplexed looks began to bring her back  up again. 

        She started to scream abuse as soon as she realised where she was. As her  body squeezed it's way tightly up and out of Micheal's gullet the Sarge and  Hanley cuffed her. As soon as she was completely extricated they led her  away, leaving a trail of wet footprints behind her. Something about that  caught Micheal's attention but again it was beyond him. He was getting fed  up of this and wished his subconscious would let him in on the joke,  whatever it was! 

        The Sarge came back in after a minute or two with a cup of coffee whilst  Micheal finished coughing up hair from his 'meal'. 

        "Well now, what the hell happened huh? How'd she survive in there," and he  poked him in the belly "and how'd you figure she was still up and at 'em,  eh?" 

        After a good drink Micheal repeated what little he remembered about the  experience and what had happened after he left the Police Department the  first time. The Sarge listened and when Micheal had finished he told him  what his temporary meal had been doing. 

        Apparently she and her partner had been in an organisation that fenced  goods for crooks all over the state. They must have been dealing in millions  when Arnold got sticky fingers. They had fled and various information came  to the police from unusual sources about them. It seemed their previous  employers thought it was poetic justice that the cops deal with them. 

        "...but we figure they must have a fair bit of info on their bosses.  Probably most of it will be out of date, but you never know. Any way we  followed a few tips, found they had split up and that Mary had ended up  here. A couple more leads led us to her apartment and we 'bumped' into her  on the street and a chase ensued. The rest you know." 

         The Sarge took a sip of coffee and put his feet up on the table "So, I  don't recon' we'll be needing your testimony after all, huh? Look, after  what you've been through, or rather what Mary's been through, you probably  are starving now. There's a great place down the road. It's called Cafe  Raishus. The owner, Victor, is a little unusual, just don't joke about his  put-on accent and you'll be fine." 

        They both got up and went back into the central area of the Department.  "Thanks for everything, er, I don't even know your name." Micheal said 

        "It's Frank," The Sarge replied "come on, I'll get your package." 

        Micheal looked askance at him "Package, what package?" 

        "Didn't I mention it?" the Sarge grinned "Oh I must have forgotten. Look  wait here will you?" he went into an office and talked with another cop for  a bit. When he came out again he was carrying an envelope. 

        "You see some people got fed up with us failing to get any leads on their  stolen property and so have given a reward to anyone that helps bring those  responsible in," he grinned once again, broadly "even jerks like Mary and  Arnold." he handed Micheal the envelope which had a wad of notes in it and  started towards the Station's Main entrance. 

        "It ain't much." he added "This is standard to anyone who helps bring in  someone from that gang, and its a big gang. Still it's nothing to sneeze at,  right?" the Sarge patted Micheal on the back and watched as Micheal left the  station two hundred dollars richer. 

        This was turning into a very strange day. Micheal first found himself  dumped, by something straight from the twighlight zone, into this city, was  force fed a criminal, and then received a reward for throwing her up again.  What a weird place. And still he had that feeling he was missing something  important! 


        He decided to follow the Sarge's advice and have something to eat, he was  definitely hungry now. The place was not hard to find. It was a small cafe  and seemed packed. It was obviously popular. He went in and was greeted by a  french accented waiter. 

        "Can I 'elp you sir?" he said. 

        "Er yes, table for one?" Micheal said trying to ignore his subconscious  which was still trying to insist there was something important here again. 

        Victor (he assumed this was the Victor the Sarge mentioned, there couldn't  be two people with that bad a faked french accent) showed him to a table and  handed him a menu. 

        "Ah, would you like something to drink before you order monsieur?" Micheal  managed to avoid laughing before answering. 

        "Er, just a lemonade please for the minute." he managed. 

        "As you wish monsieur. I will be back when you are ready to order." and  Victor went over to another table. 

        Micheal couldn't make it out. The menu listed foods in various odd  groupings. Mostly by size. Different meals were listed as chicken, duck,  rabbit etc. but not as a specific meal and no extras were mentioned. All of  these were also listed with heights, and even colour. 

        As he was puzzling over this he noticed Victor pushing a trolley out from  the back of the cafe. On it were a number of small... then it clicked! The  creatures on the tray were people... sort of. They were person shaped but  only a foot tall at most. But they weren't human! 

        Each one was different, one was a humanoid mouse, one was a humanoid bird,  but they were all like some sort of realistic versions of cartoon animals.  They may have had fur and muzzles etc., but they had arms, hands and looked  for all the world like a man in an animal costume. And that was what had  been bothering him ever since he had arrived here. 

        All the people he had met were like that, just human sized. The Sarge,  Hanley, even Mary had been humanoid animals of one sort or another! He had  been in such a haze his conscious mind had somehow accepted them as human  somehow and ignored it. But why hadn't they seen him for being an 'alien',  or whatever. As he looked around he realised that there were an awful lot of  different animal types here. Maybe they saw him as just another type they  just hadn't met before! 

        While he was mulling this startling revelation over to himself Victor  finished pushing the trolley to one of the tables. The customer, a human  sized female cat, chatted to Victor, and then pointed to three of the small  creatures on the trolley. They seemed to be excited to be 'chosen' as Victor  picked them up on plates and placed them on the feline's table, and left  taking the trolley with him. 

        The 'cat' licked her lips as she looked over her choices and then picked  one up. As she brought it up to her face Micheal could swear the tiny  figure's face showed sheer joy! When the cat opened her mouth it virtually  pushed it's legs in on its own! He watched as the ten inch high figure was  slowly gulped down. It released an ecstatic little scream as it's head  vanished from sight and then all Micheal could see was the bulge as it  travelled down the cat's throat. As Micheal watched in shocked silence she  picked up and swallowed the other two as well. 

        He looked back over menu and read it in a new light. He realised that that  was all this place sold, people to eat! OK some of them were small but they  didn't seem like animals, he was fairly sure the last one that the cat had  eaten had cried 'Yes!' just before it slid out of sight. In this weird place  certain creatures... sorry, people... actually wanted to be eaten. Or maybe  they are just forced into it he thought? Then he remembered the expressions  on the faces of those meals he had witnessed, and gave up that thought. They  definitely wanted their fate! 

        Then his train of thought was interrupted as Victor returned with his  lemonade. 

        "There you are monsieur," he said setting the drink down in front of  Micheal "and 'ave you decided what you wish to eat yet sir?" 

        Micheal realised that he would look pretty foolish saying something like  'sorry wrong building' and running out. He glanced back at the menu as he  thought desperately for options. 

        "Oh, well... " he muttered "I'm not, er, really sure." 

        Victor smiled at him. 

        "Well then, do you want to choose from our snack trolley?" he said. 

        "No!... Thank you." Micheal said hurriedly, remembering the 'snack' he'd  just seen. 

        "Ah!" Victor said smiling again "You are not 'ere for just a 'bite' eh?  Then you will want to see our main selection, no?" 

        Micheal thought desperately but couldn't think of an excuse "Er... yes...  of course." he mumbled. 

        "If I don't Miss my guess" Victor continued "you will be wanting a female  selection, no?" Micheal just nodded dumbly. 

        Victor Smiled and then left, presumably to get the 'selection'. Meanwhile  Micheal seriously considered making a break for it now, but still couldn't  bear making himself look that ridiculous in front of the other customers. 

        He looked again at the menu and thought of the alternative. Maybe... no! It  was impossible! Actually, considering what he'd done to Mary he supposed it  wasn't, and that second time he'd partly regurgitated her then swallowed her  had been rather enjoyable. Could he bring himself to eat another intelligent  creature? 

        Micheal looked around the room at the other patrons. They obviously had no  problem with that, and if the cat's 'snacks' were anything to go by then the  meals didn't mind either. 

        As he pondered his alternatives Victor returned with a precession of female  humanoid animals behind him. Micheal realised he had made his decision,  apart from which one to have. 

        There seemed to be eight of them, the smallest was bearly three foot tall,  the tallest was over six foot. They were all different humanoid creatures;  cats, dogs, even a lizard, but all definitely women. Victor appeared to be  canine by nature, now that Micheal was paying attention. 

        It was about now that Micheal realised that all the 'people' he'd seen so  far had worn very little in the way of clothing. Even the cops had worn just  shorts and a hat, and Mary had only worn a jacket.  That must have been why  she called his coat an overall. Clothing must be mainly for work here rather  than for leisure. 

        As Victor lined the 'girls' up by Micheal's table they posed, all naked  (discounting fur), with grinning faces... well, all but one. Near the end a  four foot tall rabbit sulked, trying to edge out of sight behind her  neigbour. She had white fur with short brown hair. Micheal couldn't help but  think of the cartoon rabbit; lola as he looked at her, but she was  definitely not a toon.

        Victor was not amused by her behaviour. 

        "Suzy!" he said walking over to the rabbit "I 'ave told you before! Stop  acting like this, you'll embrace me!" Victor smiled sheepishly back at  Micheal. "I'm sorry sir, She is a little out of sorts this morning." 

        "I bloody am not!" she retorted "I just didn't sign on for this. It clearly  said 'taster', That was what I came for. Well, I knew eventually it would  end like this, but I figured a few years of service first!" After this  outburst she realised she was just drawing attention to herself and  nervously sidled behind the female canine alongside her. 

        Victor sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose (or should that be  muzzle?) as he shook his head.

        "Look, I 'ave told you before Suzy. You are too large to be a taster for  the clientele I cater to." he sighed again. He seemed to sympathise but  obviously wasn't about to give in on this "*Sigh* OK, I will check again to  see if any other restaurants are looking for tasters your size, but I am  afraid until any come through you are on the menu! Please try to just accept  it and enjoy yourself, hmm?" 

        Micheal was not sure he'd quite understood that little conversation. Suzy  did not exactly seem in fear of her life, she just seemed put out that she  wasn't a 'taster', what ever that meant in this context. Several  possibilities popped up in Micheal's mind, some of them none too savoury. To  clarify matters he decided to butt into the argument before the next round  started. 

        "Erm, excuse me. I may be a little dense but what exactly is the problem?"  he tried to smile at Victor and Suzy despite the nervousness he felt from  not really knowing how much he was 'supposed' to know. After all, everyone  still seemed to accept him as a native of this planet (or dimension, or  whatever) and he didn't want to arouse suspicions unnecessarily. 

        Victor put on his 'customer smile' and turned to Micheal. 

        "Please, it is nothing for you to worry about. Here we have a selection of  our available female dishes. If there is something specific you want, just  ask." 

        "Look," Micheal replied "If there is a problem I'd prefer it if you'd just  explain it too me. I'm, er.. new around here, er.. what did she mean by a  'taster'?" he tried to keep his voice steady but it was getting difficult.  He had no idea how basic a concept this was to the locals. 

        Victor just sighed again. 

        "Very well then sir. A taster is just a meal that is not swallowed, yes? It  is just tasted, hmm 'ow you say, rolled around in the mouth. Do you  understand?" he said, still wearing the put-on smile. "Yes well obviously in  Stockbridge there are few people who want tasters her size, and she was  purchased legally. It is not my fault she did not read the fine print on her  contract! Anyway I 'ave done all I can to sell her to someone who does cater  to the, er larger group of people, if you get my meaning sir?" 

        Micheal thought about this. Apparently this culture bought and sold people!  At least those who'd signed contracts for... whatever. Maybe it was only for  those who wanted to be food? He thought he'd better get to the local library  sometime soon to try and figure out if there were any other major  differences between his own world and this one! 

        For the moment he concentrated on the matter at hand. He thought back to  Mary for a moment. She certainly didn't seem to be harmed by her experience.  Why not then? 

        "Hmm, OK then, if she only wants to be a 'taster' I don't mind" As Micheal  said this Victor's expression seemed to indicate he'd said something wrong. 

        "You, wish Suzy here" and Victor nudged the nervous rabbit back out into  view again "as a taster? I am sorry sir but you seem, how should I say it...  somewhat small for that?" he looked at Micheal in a rather condescending  manner. Suzy seemed to be mentally sizing Micheal up as Victor spoke, maybe  trying to judge his honesty. 

        Micheal thought he'd really put his foot in it now. He thought back. He  couldn't think of any objections that Suzy might have. After all she might  be going further than just the mouth but she wouldn't be hurt. Was there  some sort of taboo on swallowing and then regurgitating people? He doubted  it from Mary's blasee attitude towards it. So there shouldn't be any problem  with this... should there? he gulped nervously and tried to answer Victor. 

        "I'm perfectly capable of just 'tasting' a woman quite a bit larger than  her." Micheal indicated Suzy and tried to put on a indignant voice. "So why  shouldn't I have Suzy for a 'taster' then, assuming she's all right with  that I mean." he said glancing at Suzy. 

        Suzy jumped a bit as he said this. 

        "Me?.. Erm... You really could just taste me?" she said, obviously  interested. Micheal nodded in reply. 

        "All this is very interesting" Victor interrupted "but the fact is that  Suzy is on the menu as a main dish, not a taster. No matter what you  personally may be capable of" he obviously didn't believe Micheal "I cannot  just make her the only taster in the place, I'll probably never get another  customer who'd want one her size!" He'd plainly made his mind up and wasn't  going change it. Micheal thought this over for a few seconds. He checked out  the prices on the menu again. 

        "Well, what if I pay for a full meal rather than a taster?" he offered. 

        Victor thought for a moment or two. 

        "Hmm. If you are paying full price then she is your responsibility, I'm not  'aving her back afterwards." Micheal guessed that Victor had been trying to  get rid of her for some time. He certainly seemed insistent now. 

        Micheal looked at Suzy again. He had to admit she was rather pretty. Well,  once he'd 'bought' her he could always just set her free to her own devices.  As he watched her he realised she bearly seemed to be able to contain her  excitement at the turn of events. This obviously meant a lot to her! Micheal  finally made his mind up. 

        "OK then Victor" he said smiling at Suzy "I'll take her." 

        Victor noted it down on his pad and spoke at the same time. 

        "Very good monsieur! And would you like a main meal to follow your taster?"  Victor was certainly trying to force as much money as possible out of  Micheal. 

        Micheal thought for a moment. He was rather hungry! As Suzy sat down on the  table grinning like the Cheshire cat, he pondered the selection remaining.  After considering how full he'd felt with Mary inside him he plumped for a  small one, about Suzy's size, this time a rather sexy looking feline. 

        "Ah, Becky. of course monsieur." Becky was almost as overjoyed as Suzy had  been. Micheal still couldn't get over their attitude to being eaten! "Well I  will let you get on with your meal then Monsieur. Come along ladies, back to  the kitchen!" and Victor lead the remaining six, sullen looking women out to  the back of the restaurant. 

        Micheal turned back to his two 'meals' and was suddenly unsure how to  proceed. Maybe this was not such a good idea after all! 

        Suzy however did not seem all that patient! 

        "So" she said, kneeling fully on the table and looking down at Micheal  "Which way would you prefer?" 

        Micheal gulped. This was getting very weird! Then Becky interrupted. 

        "Look," she said as she walked right up to Micheal and gave him a stern  look. "Suzy may have bought all this, and I know I don't have any say in the  matter, but you had better be on the level on this. Suzy's been stuck in  this place for over a week dreading being chosen..." 

        "Well, not exactly dreading it," Suzy butted in, but Becky ignored her. 

        "Anyway! You'd just better not go any further than a 'taste', OK?" she  stared at him until he nodded and then smiled "I, on the other hand, expect  to stay in there for good!" and she prodded Micheal's stomach a couple of  times for effect, still grinning. Then she moved out of Suzy's way to let  her continue. 

        "Well" Suzy said, obviously getting more impatient "as I was saying,  head-first or feet-first? Or would you prefer to get this out of the way to  begin with?" she said slapping her backside playfully. 

        Micheal remembered when Mary had come up with her knees still folded up  against her chest. Although it hadn't really seemed to hurt, her knees  hadn't reached all the way to his mouth and he didn't want to risk over  stretching now. When he'd finally brought her up in the police station she  had been 'unfolded' and so he knew he could manage that. 

        "Er, I think I'll go for feet first." he said trying to steady his voice.  "Oh and can you unfold your legs on the way out too, just to make it  easier?" Suzy grinned and nodded enthusiastically. 

        She then lay down face up on the table with her feet pointing towards him. 

        "Like this, or maybe face down?" she asked. 

        "This will be... er... just fine." Micheal managed as he gazed up her well  formed body stretching out in front of him. She lifted her feet up level  with his head and waited. 

        'Well,' Micheal thought to himself 'this is it' and just to make sure  opened the bottle of pills Mary had used on him, and swallowed a few. He  hoped he wasn't over dosing on these! He then leaned forwards, took hold of  Suzy's ankles and opened his mouth wide. 

        He concentrated on the odd feelings this time as her furry feet (or paws?)  slipped between his lips. She tasted completely different to anything he'd  ever had before (what a surprise!), kind of sweet, musky... and gorgeous!  Suzy Wriggled a bit, pushing her feet further in and forcing Micheal to  swallow to avoid choking. 

        "Wheee!" she cried as Micheal's gulp dragged her along the table sharply.  He felt her feet slip down into his throat and moved his hands further up  her legs to get a better grip. He took a firm hold around her knees and  yanked hard whilst leaning over more and swallowing deeply again. Suzy's  slim legs slid down slickly right up to the knees in one gulp. He let go  with his hands, flexed his throat muscles again, and dragged her down till  most of her legs were inside him. 

        He could feel her knees bending in his throat now as Suzy's breathing  started to get somewhat laboured. She was definitely getting turned on by  this, and he had to admit he was too! His lips were stretched tightly around  her thighs but didn't seem to hurt at all this time, and neither did his  throat! maybe he was getting used to this! 

        He squeezed both his hands under her backside and lifted her up, tipping  her upright whilst he tilted his head back along with her. Soon she was  'standing' up in him as he sat back in his chair and he could feel her  weight dragging her down towards his stomach. Her feet were already in there  and as she slipped further down he could feel them press against the bottom.  As his lips approached her hips her feet slid backwards (from her point of  view) bulging out his belly as she sank into him. 

        She was wriggling back and forth all the time now and her panting was  getting even louder! Slowly he felt his upper lip push over her mons as his  tongue slid over her plump rear and fluffy tail. As soon as his mouth was  past the largest part of her hips he felt her descent accelerate. She was  soon kneeling in his stomach as his lips travelled up her midriff and came  up to her chest. 

        He reached up and stroked the furry breasts one at a time as she continued  to wriggle and moan. As he grasped, and squeezed them she seemed to reach  the point of no return and bucked wildly as she rode the orgasm.  Surprisingly, she remained quiet as she shook inside of him and grasped his  head firmly with both hands to steady herself. 

        After she'd finished Micheal proceeded to squeeze and press her breasts  into his mouth, bit by bit. Eventually they slurped under his upper lip and  she pushed on down. He sighed mentally, wishing he'd thought to try her face  down so he could taste the breasts as they passed by. Maybe next time? 

        It started to get difficult then. As Suzy's hips moved down his throat they  pushed out his stomach and her knees pressed painfully towards his back. As  her shoulders entered his mouth and he could look down on her ecstatic face  he felt the upper part of her legs push down to the horizontal position  stretching out his belly enormously. Then her knees slipped up and she fell  into him suddenly! Her arms were flipped up as her head shot down his  throat, followed shortly by her long silky ears. She came to rest in the  foetal position in Micheal's stomach, but with her arms still up inside his  throat and her hands sticking out of his mouth. 

        He leaned back contentedly feeling the overwhelming sensations as she moved  around inside him. He tasted her forearms and then gulped strongly feeling  them fold up as they joined the rest of her inside his stomach. He looked  down and was surprised at how small a lump she made. Although she was quite  a bit smaller than Mary had been, he didn't expect it to make this much  difference. He thought that if he breathed in a bit and squeezed he would  only look a little overweight! He chuckled to himself at the thought. 

        "My god!" Becky cried "You really did it! You git, after all you said too!"  she looked daggers at him but it didn't seem that she'd actually get violent  about it. Micheal tried to calm her down. 

        "Hey, she's fine, and I intend to bring her back up." he held her shoulders  to force her to look him in the eye "I promise I've done this before, she'll  be fine, OK?" 

        "Just you bring her back out right now!" she said, almost on the verge of  tears. Micheal wondered how long these two had known each other? He couldn't  bear to see her like this so he tensed his throat and stomach as he had done  for Mary and felt Suzy squeezed upwards. 

        For a moment he thought he was crushing Suzy as she started to struggle as  she came up, then as she calmed down he realised that she probably didn't  want out this soon! He started to chuckle at that but had to stop as Suzy's  head passed into his throat blocking his airway. 

        Thankfully Suzy did remember to unfold her legs as she was disgorged just  as he'd asked her. Although thinking on how easy it had been to swallow her  he decided it wouldn't be as hard as he thought! Her knees were now digging  into the back of his stomach again so he thought that next time he might try  her face down so her knees would bulge forwards instead of backwards. 

        Soon her head squeezed up and out of Micheal's distended mouth. The first  sound she made as she came out into the open again was; 

        "Oh YES!" 

        Becky seemed to calm a bit at this. She came up to them so she could look  down at Suzy's emerging, upside down, head to talk to her. 

        "Are you OK Suzy?" she said. 

        "Whoah!... Oh yes!" Suzy replied grinning as she was slowly extruded  between Micheal's lips. "You'll love it in there Becky! And that reminds  me," and she tipped he head down as far as she could to look Micheal in the  eye. "Why'd you kick me out so quickly? I'd bearly got settled in there  before you started squashing me back out again!" 

        Whilst Suzy's chest squished out of his mouth, Micheal looked at Becky as  an answer to Suzy's question. Becky looked at her feet for a moment. 

        "Weeell," she said at Suzy's hard stare "...I told him to get you out of  there. I was worried about you! I mean you were in his stomach! Didn't it  hurt or anything?" 

        Suzy giggled. 

        "God no! it was gorgeous and spongy and slippy and.." She said to Becky as  her eyes practically twinkled. "...well you'll find out for yourself in a  minute won't you!" and, much to Becky's consternation she refused to say  anything else as Micheal continued to squeeze her out of his tight throat. 

        None of the three noticed that one of the other customers had been watching  them avidly ever since Micheal had had the argument with Victor about Suzy.  He now turned his chair around to get a better view of the proceedings as  Micheal finished easing Suzy's hip's from between his lips whilst Suzy  continued moaning to herself in sinc with his throat's movements. 

        Eventually Micheal brought Suzy's feet out of his mouth and she sat down on  the table trying to catch her breath and also to scrape most of the saliva  off her fur. She didn't seem to have much luck. Micheal sat back and  relaxed. He was finding out just how tiring an experience it was to swallow  someone whole, and Becky looked impatient to be the next to be gulped down! 

        The next time Micheal saw Victor he motioned him over. Victor certainly  seemed surprised to see Suzy again but didn't say anything about it. 

        "Victor," Micheal said "Could you get a towel or something for Suzy please?  She'll catch her death of cold as she is." 

        Victor looked to be about to object for a moment but then changed his mind  and agreed with his fixed smile. As Victor went back for a towel Micheal  wondered if he'd been about to charge him for the towel! He wouldn't have  been surprised. 

        Victor came back quite quickly and soon Suzy was drying her self off  thoroughly. Becky chose then to come over to Micheal. 

        "Well then," she said "ready for the main course?" Micheal sighed and  nodded. She proceed to sit up on the table next to Suzy and offered Micheal  her feet. 

        "Unless you'd prefer me a different way?" she said 

        Micheal considered his options. After a few seconds he made up his mind. 

        "Would you mind turning over?" he said. She grinned, leant back onto the  table and twisted over onto her front. 

        "Like this?" She asked. Micheal's answer was his lips closing over her  toes. She sighed as he pressed her feet deep into his mouth. 

        Micheal bent over to give a straighter route for Becky's legs, then reached  up to hold her by the waist. He could only just reach but got a good grip  before pulling hard as he swallowed. 

        It certainly seemed to be getting easier as her feet slipped down into his  stomach in one go! He felt his lips stretch tight around her thighs as her  feet pushed down into the bottom of the stomach lining. She bent her knees  out, bulging out his belly as he pressed her hips in between his lips. He  felt his tongue travel up the groove between her legs and press against her  furry mound as his lips irised down about her waist. 

        She gasped as his tongue pressed and rubbed against her, then she had to  grasp his shoulders to steady herself as Micheal sat back up again leaving  her upright and kneeling into him. As she got her balance he slowly worked  his tongue into her. 

        "OH! Ahhh! Yes!" she cried, and continued as Micheal squeezed his tongue in  and out of her slit. 

        It didn't take much to push her over the edge and soon she was coming  explosively in his mouth, "YEEESSS!"  and then yanked hard on Micheal's  shoulders, heaving herself downwards. She didn't move that far but her  slippery vagina completely swallowed his tongue pressing deeply into the  ridge underneath. 

        As she rode the storm of her orgasm he felt her muscles press tightly all  around his tongue until she finally came down. He then slipped his tongue  out of her and continued to lick her as he began once more to gulp her down.  She tasted slightly different than Suzy, but just as delicious! He had to  admit though, having their fur rubbed back the wrong way did feel awkward.  He'd have to try a head first approach one of these days to see if they went  down any smoother. 

        Slowly her torso eased into his mouth as her legs doubled over up towards  her inside of him. It looked as it he'd been right. It wasn't hurting this  time as only her rump pressed into the back of his stomach.  As he  approached her breasts she grasped them herself and started to compress them  so they would press inside his mouth. His lower lip moved over them and soon  both of the furry spheres were squashing into him. 

        They pressed in and he licked and tasted them as they moved down. God but  they were delicious! 

        Before he reached her shoulders Becky lifted her arms up and pushed her  hands in front of her, pressing them in over his lower lip. Her arms came  down into his throat on either side of her breasts and Micheal gulped once  more as his lips slid over her shoulders coming to rest around her neck. 

        Suzy was kneeling over the table gazing at Becky's ecstatic face. She  reached up and touched Becky's cheek fondly. 

        "Goodbye Becky," she said smiling "have a really great time in there, won't  you?" 

        "Ah!... Don't you... Oh!... worry about that!... Oooh!" Becky replied as  Micheals mouth started to ease over her head "You just... Ungh!... take care  of yourself... Ahh!... And you better take... Mmm!... good care of Suzy,  OK?" Micheal assumed this last was aimed at him but he couldn't see Becky's  face to tell who she was looking at when she said it. He nodded slightly as  an answer as his lower lip pressed under her chin stopping her from saying  any more. 

        Suzy watched, still smiling, as Becky's head gently slid into Micheal's  mouth and his lips slowly closed over her face. From the feel of how Becky's  head was positioned Micheal guessed that the last things that Suzy saw were  Becky's eyes peeking out of his mouth before his lips closed and he finally  gulped her head, slowly, into his waiting stomach. 

        As he eased back into the chair he felt her settle fully into his stomach,  still jerking and shaking from the sensations of being swallowed. Micheal  was about to feel his belly to try to make out her form inside him when the  customer who had been watching them spoke from behind Micheal's chair. 

        "Ah, now you've finished perhaps we can talk." it said "I think you'll be  very interested in what I have to offer." 


        At the sound of the newcomer's voice Micheal turned around and saw a tall  pelican smiling at him. Despite the difference in faces between species he  thought that the bird looked very happy. Micheal thought he could make out  the glint of greed in the its eyes.          "Erm... and what would that be?" Micheal replied nervously. 

        "Perhaps we'd better talk away from the staff?" he said in a quiet whisper  into Micheal's ear. It was loud enough so that Suzy could hardly miss what  he'd said and she plainly wasn't amused. 

        "Hey I ain't staff!" she said almost pouting "I'm his lunch!" she actually  seemed proud of this. Weirder and weirder! 

        "Oh yes," the bird replied "I suppose bought goods don't count." and  Micheal saw a flash of a sneer start to cross the his beak before he thought  better of it and turned back to talk to Micheal. Luckily Suzy didn't rise to  the bait, but she was obviously beginning to fume to herself. 

        "I am Marcus Talon, agent to the stars." he flashed a glossy card in front  of Micheal's face momentarily "Ever hear of Malory Dupont, or perhaps  Margerat Haverwood? Well I got them where they are today... and you might be  next." 

        Micheal couldn't believe his ears. What was this bird talking about? Him, a  ... well he assumed Talon was talking about actors. For all he knew on this  world 'Stars' might be a nick-name for something entirely different. 

        "What makes you think I'm what you're looking for?" Micheal replied. 

        Talon smiled politely. 

        "You have a talent that is coming more and more into demand these days." he  said still grinning "Acting can be learnt but I've rarely seen anyone with  that much stomach control! With the right training and assistance from me  and you could have your name all over the country!" 

        "Whoah, whoah, wait a minute!" Micheal said trying to make sense of this  "You want me to become an actor because I can eat well?" 

        "Eating yes, but more the ease with which you released this morsel." and he  motioned to Suzy who was obviously a little confused by the turn the  conversation was taking as well. "Most people have great difficulty in that,  yet you seemed to barely bat an eyelid. I know some companies that are  desperate for such talent. The current craze for sit-vores shows no sign of  slowing. With me behind you could go far, really far!" He'd obviously said  something right because Suzy face lit up with understanding and she suddenly  seemed enthusiastic about this guy. 

        "Yes, well, I don't know about that," Micheal fidgeted around a bit as he  replied "you see I'm not from around here and, well I don't keep up with  things that much." 

        Talon seemed shocked and Suzy was obviously taken back a bit aswell. 

        "You've never seen a sit-vore?" the Pelican asked. "Where have you been,  Africa?" After a noncommittal nervous shrug from Micheal he continued "Well  it's just as it sounds, a situation vore programme. You know, mix a bit of  playful carnivorousness with a bit of eroticism and a little bit of plot.  Less of the plot in most cases." his abrupt grin faded as no-one laughed at  his weak joke. 

        "Yes, well, anyway most are just one off episodes but some do a continuing  theme like Panakam's 'Running Wolf' series. But whatever the format they are  all pretty much alike. They've taken over from the erotic cinema since the  censors letup on carnivorous issues in the eighties. Are you sure none of  this rings a bell?" Micheal shook his head 

        "Hmm well, don't suppose it matters... unless..." Talon stopped and after a  pause continued in a nervous whisper "You're not an illegal alien are you?"

        Talon's face seemed more questioning than actually fearing the answer so  Micheal made a decision. He hoped to god he wasn't going to regret this. 

        "Actually," Micheal whispered back "there might be some problems there." 

        Talon groaned, pulled a chair out and fell into it despondently. 

        "Great! The first talent I spot for over a year and he's.." he caught  himself before blurting this out in the packed restaurant and looked around  nervously. No-one seemed to be very interested in their conversation. They  were busy either sleeping off a good meal or involved with their own chats. 

        Talon leaned over to Micheal. 

        "Perhaps we'd better discuss this in my office?" and he stood up. 

        Micheal smiled and turned towards the back of the shop and raised his arm.

        "Check please!" 


        "This is your office?" Suzy got the words out just before Micheal was about  to. "I'd hate to see what the rest of your business is like! 

        After Micheal had paid the bill Talon had led Micheal and Suzy out to a  nearby carpark and up to a large bedraggled looking off-white caravan still  hooked up to a battered looking twenty-odd year old Ford Escort. Well at  least the local transport paralleled his own history if this was anything to  go by. 

        "Hey, don't let this fool you hon," he said motioning to the car as he  opened the door to the caravan "I just don't like to advertise my success.  Plus this fits more with my tax returns, if you catch my drift!" he smirked  as he stepped into the dark interior. 

        Micheal and Suzy followed him inside the caravan. Micheal was definitely  getting second thoughts about this guy. 

        "Look," Micheal said, stopping by the doorway "I appreciate what you are  offering but I'm not an actor. I've never even wanted to act let alone to be  on TV!" 

        Talon turned around sharply. 

        "Hey! You can't give up without even trying can you? Look, I promise you'll  be a killer on camera, no doubt!" he pulled a couple of chairs out and  motioned for Micheal to sit down, ignoring Suzy. Micheal paused for a moment  or two and then sat down. 

        Over the next hour Talon went over the various studios that might be  interested in Micheal and also what his cut would be. Micheal could see  where Talon's interest lay, fairly obviously. Money. He was just desperate  for Micheal to sign and even said he could throw in a green card and ID!  Micheal didn't ask how he was going to arrange that, he suspected he  wouldn't want to know the details at all. 

        Eventually, after nearly eighty minutes he asked Talon if he could talk to  Suzy in private outside. Suzy seemed somewhat surprised at this but followed  him out. 

        "Look Suzy what do you think of this jerk?" Micheal said quietly when they  were a few yards away from the caravan. "I'm sure he's trying to pull  something more than he's saying from this deal." 

        Suzy looked askance at Micheal for a few seconds before replying. 

        "Why are you asking me? This is your business after all, isn't it?" 

        Micheal paused himself as he realised he had completely forgotten his  earlier plan to leave Suzy to her own devices after they left the cafe. He  had begun to think of her as a friend, maybe more than that, mainly, he  supposed due to how sensuous the feeling of swallowing her had seemed to  both of them. 

        "I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking. Look if you want to leave go right ahead.  I'm sorry if you think I'm getting you into anything shady." he tried to  keep the sadness he felt from showing as he said this but didn't succeed  very well. 

        "What are you talking about?" Suzy replied quizzically "You bought me, you  eat me. That's the deal, right? Well I intend to stay with you until you  finish me off." she paused, a slight smile curling her mouth. "I have to  admit I was hoping you'd let me stick around for a while. Oh I don't know...  maybe ten or twenty years or so?" 

        Micheal heart leapt into his throat and he hugged her abruptly, pressing  his cheek against the soft fur on her neck. He hadn't realised he had felt  this strongly about her until this moment. "Oh god yes! Of course you can! I  just... I mean... " Micheal didn't know quite what to say and so kissed her  instead. 

        When their lips finally parted Micheal looked passionately at her as he  held her "Look, I don't care what the rules are on ownership of 'meals',  even tasters," at this they both smiled "but if your staying with me you  still have a say in things, OK?" 

        "Well, OK. It's just that we get all the talks before the signing of the  waivers, the talks before we're sold to a restaurant, talks before every  time we're put on display... it gets kind of ingrained, you know? We're just  food, and the customer can do as he likes with us before he eats us." she  smiles slightly again at this "Actually its kind of nice to just let the  responsibilities go, once you've got used to the idea that it's all going to  end in you someone's stomach." Suzy then playfully prods Micheal's belly,  still bulging with Becky inside. 

        Micheal smiles back at Suzy "Fine, but I'm still interested in what you  think of this guy and what he's offering. Should I trust him?" 

        Suzy pondered for a bit "He almost certainly thinks he's got you over a  barrel due to your 'alien' status. But he'd also be nervous that he'd be  discovered in harbouring an illegal alien, and still would want you to go on  to better things. He did ask for a percentage after all, not a fixed charge.  I think he really does see big things for you!" 

        Suzy and Micheal chatted a little more but eventually they went back in and  Micheal signed the deal. Talon would contact a few studios and get back in  touch shortly with Micheal at the Langstrom Heights hotel that Sarge had  mentioned. Micheal was surprised Talon didn't charge for his initial  services. Apparently Talon was satisfied with only a percentage. 

        Once that was over Micheal led Suzy out of the parking lot. He followed the  directions the Sarge had given him and managed to find the hotel. It was  getting late in the afternoon by now and after Micheal had paid a week in  advance (apparently necessary if paying by cash, for some reason) for a room  they both raced in and flopped down on the bed. Micheal was getting really  exhausted by now and only managed to keep his eyes open a few more minutes  before sleep finally took over him. 


        Micheal slowly drifted awake to find his head resting on Suzy's furry chest  while She stroked his hair softly. He murmured quietly, closed his eyes and  nuzzled gently against her. 

        "Oh, awake at last huh?" she said as she scratched his head. She was  definitely worth what he'd paid for her. He just mumbled softly for an  answer to Suzy's question and snuggled closer to her. 

        After a few minutes he eventually opened his eyes and was surprised to see  the sun still setting out of the window. Had he only been asleep a few  minutes? Slowly he lifted himself up to sit on the edge of the bed,  stretched, yawned, and then turned back to Suzy. 

        "How long was I asleep for?" he asked still stifling a yawn. 

        Suzy sat herself up in bed smiling at him "Oh about two days" she grinned  broadly at his shocked expression. "Well what do you expect, Becky was quite  a meal." and she reached around to pat his belly. 

        Micheal looked down and realised That the lump Becky had made was almost  gone. For a moment he felt a lump in his throat as he realised what he'd  done, then he remembered the fuss she had made as he'd swallowed her. She  really had wanted to be eaten! How long it would take him to get used to  this? Then he realised Suzy was speaking to him. 

        "I said" she repeated "I never got the chance at the restaurant to ask you,  how was she?" 

        Micheal looked at her oddly. This was Becky's friend and she wanted to know  how she tasted? He guessed in a weird kind of way it made sense given how  the people on this world felt about this kind of thing. 

        "Oh.. well, delicious..." he managed, then smiled at her "and you were  pretty tasty yourself." he reached over and kissed her. 

        "Well," Suzy replied with a mischievous grin "are you sure? Maybe you need  another taste now you're all rested huh? Just to make sure?" 

        They grinned at each other for a few seconds then kissed again. Suzy made  the embrace short however as she pulled back. 

        "Oh yes," She said "this time I expect some time to get comfy before you  kick me out OK?" 

        "Fine, fine." Micheal replied, reaching for his jacket to get the bottle of  antacid pills. He suspected he'd have to get some more of these soon. As he  gulped the pills down he thought of something. 

        "Oh, did Talon ring back?" 

        Suzy shook her head "Not yet. Give him a chance, I'm sure he'll come  through. Even if it is just so he gets his percentage." She said laughing  softly. 

        Then she suddenly lent over and pushed Micheal back down onto the bed again  with her landing on top of him. He smiled and slowly licked her nose in  retaliation while Suzy giggled. 

        "That tickles!" 

        "Oh does it?" Micheal said "And how about this?" and he reached up, gently  grabbed her long silky ears, bent them down and pushed them into his mouth. 

        As he slurped them in her head was forced down and he felt her breath on  his chest as she gasped. 

        "Oh!... Mmmh, that's nice!" she said as she nuzzled upwards forcing all of  her ears into his mouth so his lips pressed down on her hair. Micheal then  got a grip under both of her armpits, relaxed his mouth, and pulled. 

        Suzy giggled and then gasped, taking in a deep breath as her head Slipped  in between his lips. Micheal tried not to gulp yet because only her ears  were in his throat as the moment and he didn't think it would be too  comfortable to be yanked down by her ears! 

        Slowly his mouth covered hers and then irised down to rest around her neck.  Here he stopped and, as he felt her shift, probably as she wondered what was  wrong, he began to suck and lick her face. She responded by squirming  violently inside him and he could feel her trying to laugh in the tight  constraints she was in. 

        As he tickled her face in his mouth he slowly eased her in a little further  till her head started to squeeze into his throat and then he suddenly let go  of her arms, relaxed his mouth again, and gulped strongly. 

        Suzy squealed inside him as her head shot down his tight throat and her  shoulders stretched his lips. Her breasts pressed against his lower lip  slightly but another gulp pulled them over his teeth and they bounced inside  up against his tongue. She really did taste gorgeous! 

        As Micheal's tongue started to roam over her soft breasts, Suzy went  ballistic. She reached down his torso and managed to get her left hand under  his rump and the other went unerringly between his legs and grasped his  tool. He was already getting turned on as he swallowed her and this got him  hard in a matter of seconds. 

        Her progress down his gullet was brought to an abrupt halt as she grasped  his backside firmly and yanked her self down, guiding his shaft between her  legs. Micheal was forced to sit up as her short torso wouldn't reach to his  waist, and Suzy then swung her legs round to kneel astride his lap as she  landed on him. 

        Micheal curled over further and would have gasped if he was able to as he  felt himself squeeze into her. She wasn't as tight as he'd expected from  someone who was only four foot tall but the double sensation of being inside  her and around her was almost unbearable. Although it was a little  uncomfortable bent over like this he didn't worry about it as she began to  move up and down on him and he closed his eyes and moaned slightly around  her shoulders and sucked on her breasts some more. 

        Soon he was gulping and withdrawing her in his throat in time with her  thrusts and he felt her movements quicken inside him and around his shaft.  Then he exploded into her as she shook and quivered and Micheal bent further  over, gulping her shaking, hot wet torso down. 

        Once he'd finished spurting inside her he grasped her waist and lifted her  off his tool and high in the air, straightening his back. With her hips and  legs vertical above him he widened his mouth and let her ease herself down  his throat. 

        A few moments later he felt her hips wriggle into his mouth and he stuck  his tongue out to cup her mound as it entered. Once he had her thighs  between his lips his tongue worked it's way inside her slit and he felt her  begin to shake inside him once more. 

        This time she came in a matter of seconds and once she had finished Micheal  slipped his tongue free and gulped strongly. Her thighs slid into him in one  slick motion as she doubled over in his stomach and another gulp brought her  in up to her feet. He reached up and tickled them feeling her giggle again  and then gulped them down too, tasting them as they past by, and then felt  her knees press into his neck, then down inside him until she was wrapped up  in a foetal position. 

        Micheal shifted over to sit up against the wall. He stared down at the  bulge inside him as Suzy got herself settled the right way up. Micheal  gulped a bit to give her a bit of air and then leant back and relaxed once  he was sure she was all right. 

        "Mmmm. Yes, you're definitely delicious!" he said licking his lips. Then he  heard a muffled reply from inside him. 

        "Glad you enjoyed me!" Suzy said wriggling around a bit "I'm sure having  fun in here. it's wonderful." 

        Micheal chuckled to himself and felt Suzy giggle in response. 

        "Well" he said "maybe you'll have to show me what it's like inside a  stomach some time, mmm?" 

        Micheal felt Suzy shift slightly. "You mean you'd let me 'taste' you?  Really?..." then her tone fell slightly "Oh, but I don't think I could. I've  never eaten anything above three foot tall before, let alone tried to bring  it back up, I'd probably end up eating you for good if I tried! *sniff*" 

        Micheal patted his stomach where he thought her back was before replying.  "I'm sure we could work something out, maybe a rope or something so you  could drag me back out again? Any way for the moment you just enjoy yourself  and let me know when you want out." 

        Micheal smiled and rested his head back on his hands against the wall and  sighed. He'd just have to be careful never to fall asleep with Suzy inside  him and to gulp more air in occasionally, otherwise she'd end up joining  Becky! 


        About half an hour later Suzy spoke up again, apparently she'd drifted off  to sleep. 

        "*Yaaawwn* Mmm, that was gorgeous." He felt her stretch inside him and  could see his belly pushed outwards "You know, I haven't eaten for a while  myself. Do you think you could pop out to the grocery for some mice? Just  three or four 'll be fine, plus what ever you want for yourself if your  still hungry." 

        Micheal stared down at the 'Suzy bulge'. "You want me to go shopping with  you still in my stomach? You know I'm not sure how long those pills last  for. Wouldn't you rather come out first?" 

        "No way! I'm staying in here as long as I can." He felt her wriggle around  again "Don't worry, I'll come out the moment I smell anything acidic in  here, OK?" 

        He had to admit it did feel wonderful with her inside him and after he'd  mulled it over for a few seconds he gave in and got out of bed. 

        He got dressed around giggles from his stomach every time he moved. She  eventually managed to calm down a bit before he left. God knows what people  would think if they heard his stomach laughing! On second thoughts, on this  world it was probably a common occurrence. 

        All though his T-shirt stretched over Suzy he couldn't zip up his jacket so  left it undone. He might have to rethink his wardrobe from now on. 

        He wandered down stairs and outside. He had to search a while before he  found a grocery but at least it wasn't too far away from the hotel, Suzy was  pretty heavy for a rabbit and he wanted to sit down again already. 

        In the grocery there were vegetables (at least some of the people here must  eat something other than live food!) sauces and a variety of drinks, but  most of the shop was filled with little plastic boxes with tiny  'animal-people'. Mostly mice, squirrels, and birds, but there were a few  larger 'meals' here such as more normally sized humanoid cats and dogs. 

        The Canine at the till didn't comment on the odd sigh and giggles that  irrupted from Suzy as he wondered round the shop. The produce got up and all  but begged to be purchased as he passed by and eventually he selected four  female mice. He couldn't bring himself to swallow any males, and most of  them didn't seem to want him to buy them either. They probably equate eating  with sex as much as he did and were waiting for a nice female predator to  pass by. 

        He picked the mice out of their trays and headed back to the till whilst  they squeaked and giggled excitedly to each other. before he reached the  till his attention was caught on a small female cat lying down eyeing him.  He sighed to himself and decided he may aswell. She purred delightedly as he  opened her tray and offered his free hand to her. She climbed up his arm and  settled across his shoulders. 

        Micheal chuckled "Comfy?" he asked the feline. 

        "*Prrrrr* mmmm, yes thank you." she said curling around his neck. 

        Micheal shook his head and smiled to himself as he went to pay. After he'd  left the shop the cat nuzzled him and the mice wriggled in his hand  incessantly all the way back to his room, accompanied by Suzy's somewhat  muted giggles. 

        Eventually he closed the door to his room and flopped down on the bed  dropping the mice beside him whilst the cat managed to keep itself up on his  shoulders. 

        "OK," he said looking down at the mice "who wants to be first?" 

        While they quarrelled noisily amongst themselves for the 'honour' Micheal  felt Suzy shift inside him. She pushed down a bit and tipped her head back.  Then he felt an odd pressure and he 'reverse burped', sucking down air. Suzy  must have her mouth around the opening to his stomach and was sucking. She  must be getting really hungry! 

        Micheal chuckled and made the decision for the mice by taking one of them.  He lifted it up over his head as it looked at him in anticipation. 

        "Well, mustn't keep Suzy waiting for her lunch must we?" he said and saw  the mouse's perplexed look before he lowered her into his mouth. 

        It was very different feeling a tiny female form wriggling inside his mouth  to his previous meals. She still tasted wonderful though and he rolled her  around for a bit. There wasn't much room in there but she still managed to  move about quite a lot. 

        Eventually he started to force her, head first, towards his gullet and he  felt her starting to shake and gasp. She slid backwards and he felt her  head, shoulders and then her breasts squeeze into his throat. Then he gulped  and she slid slickly down towards his stomach. 

        He felt Suzy move as the mouse pressed into her mouth and soon she was  sucking and then swallowing it all over again. When she had finished her  meal Micheal felt her settle a bit. 

        " Mmmm! Lovely. I hope there was more where that came from? " she said from  within him. The mice seemed to grasp what was happening and the thought of  being swallowed twice seemed to get them even more excited! The cat just  purred some more and stayed balanced on his shoulders. 

        He lifted up the next one as he felt Suzy get her mouth back into position  and slipped it into his mouth. The mouse wriggled about even more before he  gulped her too down into Suzy's waiting maw. He looked at the two remaining  mice and smiled, picking them both up at once. They giggled as he opened his  mouth and placed them inside. 

        Soon they were hugging and fondling each other as they were pressed and  squeezed by his tongue. He felt their motions quicken and then they shifted  around into a sixty nine position and their movements became even more  emphatic. Soon they reached a crescendo and they spasmed clutching each  other tightly. Micheal tasted the sweetness of their juices as he gulped  them down towards Suzy. 

        They slipped into Suzy and he felt her slurping and sucking them before she  too swallowed them down. 

        "*Buuurp* ooh, they were gorgeous!" Suzy said "Mmm, I'd like to stay in  here all day but I think I can smell the beginning of stomach acid so I  think it's time I came out." 

        "Sorry kitty," Micheal said as he lifted the cat off his shoulders "I'm  afraid what comes next would probably knock you off there." 

        He knelt up on the bed and leant over, took a deep breath, and tensed  feeling Suzy squeezed inside him. She shifted and in a couple of seconds he  could feel her head forcing it's way into his throat. It moved up and was  soon pressing on his tongue in his grossly stretched mouth. Her shoulders  followed suit forcing her face out into the open. 

        "Ahh! Fresh air again." she breathed deeply, gasping every now and then  when his throat squeezed her body. "Not that I *gasp* don't like it in  there, Oohh!, but you could gulp air in a bit more *Unggh* often don't you  think?" 

        Soon Micheal could feel the familiar impression of Suzy's breasts squashing  against his tongue and so he stopped her movement and began to suck and lick  her. She began to moan and gasp even more and he thought he could feel her  arms moving in his throat as her hands went between her legs. Soon she was  literally bucking inside him and he had difficulty keeping from falling over  and had to spread his knees a bit to maintain his balance. 

        Her movements got more and more vigorous and then he felt her arch her back  inside him suddenly. The movement threw his head up and tipped him off the  bed. They collapsed on the floor, Suzy still gasping, while the cat looked  down grinning at the pair of them. 

        As Micheal Lay on his back Suzy slowly slid the rest of her body out of  him. After her thighs squeezed into his mouth he reached up and grasped her  waist and hauled her legs out of him, stood up, and lay her, wet and sticky,  onto the bed. 

        As he went into the bathroom to get a towel the cat started to lick her  down. Suzy was still giggling when he returned. 

        "You two enjoying yourselves?" he said throwing the towel at Suzy. She  caught it as it landed on her face. As she was about to answer Micheal she  gasped again. The cat had moved down to begin licking at Suzy's slit and now  positioned itself to lye down between her legs to get a better angle.  Micheal laughed and sat down beside them idly stroking the cat as it  continued. 

        "Suzy, I was thinking," Micheal said still stroking the eager feline "I  still don't know the town that well, maybe you could show me around?" then  he saw that Suzy was now far too busy to answer as she reached down to help  the cats ministrations. 

        Micheal saw the cats nose press into her cleft as she spread her legs and  pressed it in tighter. Then Suzy came and Micheal was surprised to see the  cat's entire head squeezed into her. Suzy let go and let her internal  muscles squeeze and draw the wriggling furry body deep inside her. Soon only  the long tail and a bulge in Suzy's tummy showed the cat's position. 

        "Guess your pussy was hungry for some pussy, mmm?" Micheal said and they  both groaned. 

        "That was terrible." Suzy said when she got her breath back "Are all you  jokes that bad?" 

        "Well, I have had one or two previous complaints." 

        Suzy sat up, the cat's tail still sticking out, and reached up to Micheal  to pull him over to her. She held him close and kissed him, wrapping her  arms around him. 

        "I hope you didn't eat all of the complainers?" she said once she'd come up  for air. 

        "Oh I think you've had quite enough of that today," Micheal replied "and  no, I don't eat the bearer of ill tidings." he miss-quoted. 

        Suzy closed her eyes and 'mmmmed' to herself. Micheal looked down and saw  the 'cat lump' squirming around. 

        "Ohh! That feels wonderful." Suzy murmured and lay back down again. Micheal  grinned and lay down too, face-down with his head level with Suzy's crotch.  He started licking around the rapidly wriggling tail and felt Suzy giggle in  response. Then he caught the tail and placed the end in his mouth. Slowly he  sucked it down and gulped until his lips pressed up against Suzy's dripping  sex. 

        Suzy's hands came down to press against the back of Micheal's head and for  a moment he wondered if she was going to try to squeeze him in there too!  However she just held him there while he worked his tongue into her around  the furry obstruction. 

        Suzy must have already been close to the edge because she exploded almost  immediately, holding him tightly against her as her vaginal muscles squeezes  the cat's soaked form into Micheal's waiting mouth. 

        Although it was human shaped it was no bigger than a normal cat and  compared to the meal Suzy had made it slid into his maw easily. It must have  raised it's knees up against it's chest while it was inside Suzy because the  feline's plump bottom was the first to enter. It was soon followed by the  rest of her as Suzy's explosive release jetted it out of her and soon he  felt the kitty squeezing down his throat. 

        Suzy kept Micheal pressed against her for a while longer as she calmed down  and as he continued to taste her he could feel the cat settling inside him.  Eventually Suzy released him. 

        "Enjoy your meal?" she asked. 

        "Definitely," he replied "and the cat wasn't bad either." Suzy giggled a  bit at that 

        "Well that was a little better. Maybe your sense of humour is improving?" 

        Micheal pulled himself up to lay on top of Suzy's small body. 

        "Don't hold your breath." he said grinning. 

        Suzy kissed him briefly. "Mmmm. Well, getting back to what you asked when I  was 'occupied', I'd be glad to take you on a tour of  Stockbridge, what I  know of it. I'm afraid It's not a lot. I grew up in my mom's burrow out of  town. With fourteen siblings, mostly a good deal younger than me, I spent  most of my time taking care of them..." she paused smiling distantly "...and  dreaming of becoming a taster. Eventually I went to the nearest  vore-barn  and signed up." Suzy sighed slightly "Although I should have read the fine  print a bit more. Well at least my mom got some cash from that anyway. And  of course it led to you buying me." At this she grinned up at him 

        Micheal gazed down at her during her cut-down life-story. He thought it was  a bit sad she seemed not to have had much of a childhood. Perhaps she was  just highlighting the bad times and was missing out the rest. 

        "Mmm, want to go back to old burrow?" Micheal said. 

        "What?" she said raising an eyebrow "Oh, well not really, I don't think mom  would really want me back, even for a visit. She was always complaining  about 'the kids' and fussed about having an extra mouth to feed every time  someone came to visit. We didn't exactly have a nice 'loving family' I  guess. But at least she was never actually angry, just distant." Suzy seemed  a little distant herself as she said this but her eyes snapped back to his  after a moment or two. "Besides I don't think you'd fit in my burrow. I'm  sure we can find something else to fill the time in between 'tastes' " she  said, a familiar gleam in her eyes. 

        Micheal was beginning to realise that 'tasting' Suzy could end up being  continuous commitment. It seemed she couldn't get enough of being swallowed!  Then the phone rang. 

        "Hello?" Micheal said, answering it. The Hotel's receptionist replied. 

        "Yes, mister Danning? Room 17?" he said, and continued after Micheal  murmured accent. "Yes... well there appears to be a Mr Talon on the line  asking for you. Do you want to take it?" 

        Micheal felt himself tense up and forced himself to relax a bit. 

        "Er, yes, of course." He waited while the line clicked as the receptionist  connected him. 

        "Micheal?" came the familiar, overly loud voice "Hi there fella! Have I got  good news for you. There's an opening that I think you'd be perfect for in a  pic that Hemrook Productions are making. I've managed to persuade them to  take a look at you for the part. They want you up in Kellingworth tomorrow  at about 11am. Hey, can I get results or what!" 

        Micheal held back any smart reply to that last sentence, this could be his  first chance for a decent (sort of) career in this world. 

        "Well... that's wonderful Talon." Micheal said without a lot of enthusiasm  "Er, what's the show they're doing about?" 

        "It's their 'Voreplay' series they started last summer. This one's a simple  fifteen minute segment out of three that's about some shmuck who helps  someone and then ends up eating a few people and getting in trouble for it.  Looks good so far and I like what they've done to date with the show,  although I admit I prefer the full forty five minute episodes with an actual  story rather than the ones where they break it up into three or four short  stories on a similar theme. Still Kamdon, the director, seemed open to you  being in later episodes if you're any good. Maybe you'll run in one of the  longer ones, eh?" 

        Micheal thanked Talon and managed to cut the phone call short. He really  didn't want to spend ten or fifteen minutes hearing how Talon had managed to  persuade Kamdon to see Micheal. When he put the phone down he turned to find  Suzy sitting tensely on the edge of the bed staring at him. 

        "Well" she said "what did he say?" 

        Micheal paused a bit before he answered. 

        "Hmmm..." he said pausing some more, much to the annoyance of Suzy "He did  say that he'd been to see someone... and, well... I've got my first  interview tomorrow!" 

        "Oh Micheal!" Suzy said leaping up and hugging him tightly, grinning from  ear to ear. 

        "Well I guess you wont have many large meals from now on." she said.  Micheal didn't quite get what she meant for a moment and then he got it.  Since the shows he'd be doing (assuming he got the part) involved him  swallowing people he supposed he couldn't very well turn up on set full from  a meal! 

        "I guess" Suzy continued "that you'll have to make do with me from now on."  her eyes gleamed as she locked her mouth with his once more for a passionate  kiss. They stayed wrapped around one another as they fell over back onto the  bed. 

        Micheal had to admit it had been quite a day, even though he'd only been  awake for an hour or so in all, and soon both he and Suzy drifted off to  sleep. That is, after they spent some time rolling about under the covers.  Yes, quite a day! 


        Given how long he'd been asleep the previous few days it wasn't surprising  that Micheal woke up early. As he came fully awake he turned to look at the  bedside clock. 

        "Six fifteen?" he mumbled "It's gonna be hours before even the shops open,  let alone my interview in... Kellingworth?" Then Micheal realised he didn't  even know where the place was! For all he knew it would take all morning to  get there. 

        He turned to Suzy to ask her, but she was still asleep, gently snoring up  against his side. He ummed and arred but eventually decided to wake her. 

        "Hey, morning sleepy head." he said while gently nudging her. When she  didn't wake up he held her shoulder and shook her a little... and she just  mumbled in her sleep and rolled onto her back. 

        Micheal started to scritch her neck fur, and then smiled as he moved down,  rubbing her chest, midriff, and her belly. He heard her sharp intake of  breath as his fingers slipped between her legs and started to move. 

        She wriggled a bit, 'mmmed' to herself, and squeezed her legs together but  still didn't wake up! 

        "OK," Micheal said "you asked for it." and started to increase his rhythm  while his other hand began to squeeze her silken breasts. It didn't take  long for her to start bucking against his hand and her movements and  breathing became more vigorous and rapid quite quickly. After a minute or so  she finally exploded, waking abruptly as she did so. 

        "AAAAGHH! God!" she cried and started panting deeply as Micheal managed to  withdraw his, now rather sticky, finger from her thighs grip. 

        "I said, good morning." Micheal repeated grinning down at her. 

        "What a wake up call!" Suzy said in between breaths "You gonna wake me up  every morning like this?" 

        "If I manage to get up early enough." he replied "I'm afraid the reason I  woke you up was that I roused early" he nodded to the clock "and then  realised I don't know how far it is to Kellingworth. You know, for the  interview? Anyway I wasn't sure if I was going to have to start off early to  get there for eleven and... well I figured you might know." and he smiled at  her. She smiled back and sat her self up, resting on her elbows. 

        "Well I know Kellingworth is a nearby City" she said "but I've never been  there, or any other town or city actually, so I'm not sure. But I know it's  close by, probably only an hour's drive away." 

        Micheal sighed. That was a relief! For a bit he had wondered if he had  needed to start off last night to get there in time! 

        "Actually I don't have a car" Micheal continued "but I'm sure there'll be a  train we can catch. Now I'm sorry I got you up this early. We're not in a  rush now so we've got a few hours to wait out before we can even find out  when to catch a train." 

        Suzy smiled. 

        "Oh good." she said with a gleam in her eye "You know last night you fell  asleep before we actually got anywhere! I think we should remedy that now,  hmm?" 

        "Are you kidding" Micheal managed staring at her "I ate you, four mice and  a cat!" 

        She tapped her index finger on his nose. "You know what I mean!" and she  stroked her finger down his face, along his neck, over his chest and across  his stomach. when she reached his groin and his rod (still hard from  watching her 'wake up') she traced along it till she reached the end and  then grasped the head feeling it twitch in her little hand. "Although that  was gorgeous too." 

        Micheal just nodded agreement as she started to stroke him. Her hand was a  little small for the task though (more due to her size than his, he wasn't  overly large in that department) so she wriggled under the covers and soon  he felt her lips press on the tip of his manhood. Her mouth certainly didn't  seem to have any trouble as her lips soon encompassed the head and then slid  down it's length. It pushed deep down her throat before she had swallowed it  entirely but she didn't seem to mind. 

        The sensations as she slid her lips up and down his shaft were incredible.  He could feel her throat squeezing it as she gulped him down and a slight  rippling as she withdrew. Her pace soon picked up and Micheal found himself  grasping the bulge in the covers where the back of her head was, forcing  himself deeper into her with each thrust. Then he felt her hands between his  legs and she swallowed sharply and her hands guided his balls into her mouth  as her lips pressed tightly against his groin. 

        "Whooah!" Micheal exclaimed as he came, Suzy still gulping, pressing  herself tightly against him as she milked him. He took a while to calm down  while she continued to suck. 

        Eventually she released him and came back out from under the sheets once  more. 

        "Mmmm," Suzy said in a husky voice "now that I've returned your 'wake up  call' suppose we get on with our unfinished business from yesterday hmmm?" 

        Micheal was thinking he might need another night's sleep to recover from  this before that interview as she shimmied her self into position and slid  down onto his still slightly soft member. It didn't stay that way for long. 

        They continued for the next half an hour or so but eventually had to stop  to find out when a suitable train would be going to Kellingworth. Suzy  seemed rather disappointed. 


        The studio at Kellingworth wasn't very impressive but then Micheal hadn't  really expected much anyway. It was a couple of warehouses and a large brick  building that looked like it could do with some repainting. 

        He and Talon were walking out of the toilets in the lobby heading for the  set where the director was going to meet them. 

        "I'm telling you," Talon was saying, a little too loudly "You'll do fine.  Look just do what I said and you'll knock 'em dead." 

        Micheal wasn't sure if Talon knew he could tell this was all just pep talk.  He actually thought this would help him. Well, it might have if Talon was a  little more sincere about it. 

        "Mmm, well" Micheal said, nerves beginning to show in his voice "I am glad  you were here. I was wondering how to get in touch. You didn't give me a  phone number and your 'office' wasn't in the carpark." Talon looked  nervously around for a second at this and then regained his composure when  he realised there wasn't any one to hear. 

        "Yeah, yeah" he said patting Micheal on the back "you just go in there and  slay 'em, OK?" and he gave Micheal his biggest, fakest, grin. Micheal  managed a weak smile in reply and they opened the door to the studio. 

        The 'studio' was half of one of the warehouses that backed up against the  offices. The ceiling was probably thirty feet up and Micheal wondered what  was done here before. From the look of some of the fittings still visible in  the rafters it had to involve cranes and heavy equipment, maybe a foundry?  Any way Micheals attention was more focused on the scenery in front of him. 

        There were four 'rooms' here all with their front and side walls missing so  the cameras could get in. The 'missing' walls could be seen slightly off to  one side of each room, presumably so they could be put back and another wall  removed so the camera could shoot from the other side of the room. The rooms  themselves were pretty empty in stark contrast to the area around them.  Cables, microphone booms, camera, desks and all manner of people were packed  around them. At present there didn't seem to be any filming going on but  there still seemed a lot of activity around anyway. 

        "Hey Talon!" Micheal nearly jumped out of his skin as the voice spoke up  from their left "so this the newby?" 

        A scruffy man (well, actually a fox) came up to them. He was wearing just a  pair of faded jeans and carrying a clipboard. He didn't wait for Talon to  reply. 

        "The boss's waiting for ya' on three." and he pointed at one of the sets. 

        Talon just smiled and nodded and headed off in the direction given with  Micheal in tow. They soon found themselves edging around chairs and trying  not to fall over the cables strewn all over the floor. Micheal's attention  was more on his feet to make sure he didn't trip and so started abruptly as  a deep voice spoke. 

        "Hi there. My name's John Kamdon." Micheal found himself staring at a bear  a little taller than himself and realised that the bear's hand was  outstretched. He managed a smile and shook his hand. "Hey sit down, take the  load off, you must be tired after your trip." He sat down himself and  motioned to a couple of chairs opposite him. 

        "John," Talon said after they'd sat down "I'd like you to meet your next  star, Micheal Danning." Micheal rolled his eyes and held back a groan at  this and then noticed a suppressed smile on the director's face. It looked  like he wasn't too keen on Talon either. 

        "I'm pleased to meet you." the bear said "So, I understand you've never  acted before?" 

        Talon spoke up before Micheal had a chance to answer. 

        "Come on John, you know its the talent you're looking for. Acting can be  taught after all, and trust me this boy's got tons of talent where it  counts." he said wearing a forced grin. 

        "Yes, well, I'm supposed to just take your word am I?" he said staring at  Talon. Talon just glanced at Micheal. 

        "Your on boy." 

        Micheal sighed and stood up. 

        John saw his face straining as Micheal was obviously straining. 

        "What are you up to? This is..." and he stopped as a lump rose visibly up  Micheal's throat and Suzy's face emerged from his mouth. 

        "Oooh! That's nice." Suzy said, and then noticed the Director "So are you  going to help me... *Oh*... down hon?" she said to him as her chest squeezed  out from between Micheal's lips. 

        She pulled her arms free and John helped steady herself as she slipped  free. With this help her hips eased out quickly and she lifted one leg out  and Micheal leaned over so it could touch the floor. A few moments later  once she'd got both feet on the floor Talon handed her a towel to dry  herself down. 

        Micheal smiled and patted Suzy on the back. 

        "Mr Kamdon, I'd like you to meet Suzy, my tastiest friend" he said grinning  at Suzy. 

        The director chuckled as he stared at the pair. 

        "Well, I have to admit that's the fastest disgorging I've seen. However I'm  not really after fast, except for one or two laugh shots I've done in the  past. Usually we want to stretch out the swallowing to maximum effect." he  smiled as Micheal and Suzy's faces dropped "But, what I am after is someone  who can swallow easily. Now that looked pretty easy on you. You can manage  bigger meals?" 

        Talon jumped in yet again much to Micheals annoyance. 

        "Of course" he said clasping Micheal's shoulders "This boy can swallow  anything." 

        John grinned at Talon. 

        "Really?" he reached in a satchel by his chair and pulled out a small thin  bottle shorter than a cola bottle and much thinner. "This is our specialist  counter-agent. It's been designed to counter the various digestive juices in  the stomach and inhibit their production for about ten hours for someone  your size. I hope you're not planning a proper meal soon." he said passing  the bottle to Micheal. 

        Micheal looked at the bottle. There was a white label that looked like a  prescription labelling. The name read Inhebzoine 5XT. Apparently one of  these small bottles was one dose. 

        "5lbs... 50... ah! Not more than five doses taken in any one week period in  the range 100 to 200lbs. I take it that refers to my weight?"  John nodded  "Well, this must be better than antacid pills." and gulped the contents  down. 

        "You've been using commercial antacids?" John said frowning "They're not  that reliable. They don't take into account several variables. Certain  species have problems if their body's produce too much adrenaline or certain  other hormones as the tablets inhibitors kick in. If you do go for one of  those I'd just go for ones that neutralise existing acid, it's probably  safer. But if you're working for us I think we can supply you with some  Inheb for your..." and he glanced at Suzy ", recreational use." 

        The bear smiled as he turned around and shouted across the set. 

        "Deena! Could you some onto set three for a Vore scene." 

        Micheal jumped for a third time as a voice spoke up directly behind him.  Dammit! why do they keep doing that! 

        "More Vore?" a deep husky voice said "So who's the lucky meal?" 

        Micheal turned around... and looked up and up, at a bipedal horse who was  very definitely female. She was naked, very busty, and seemed over eight  feet tall! Micheal was supposed to swallow her? 

        "No Deena," John said answering Deena's query "you're the meal, he's the  diner." and pointed at Micheal. 

        Micheal turned back to the director and saw the suppressed grin on his  face. Then John couldn't hold it any more and laughed out loud. 

        "Oh I'm sorry kid" he said once he'd stopped laughing "I just had to see  your face when you came across an impossible meal!" 

        Micheal did not like being laughed at. Part of him tried to tell him it was  Talon who had made the over inflated statement and so John was laughing at  him, not Micheal, but the rest of him wasn't listening. 

        "What do you mean impossible?" he found himself saying, and was rewarded  with the dumb struck look on the Director's face. Before John could say  anything he turned to Deena again. "So would you prefer head first or feet  first?" 

        "Oh this I gotta watch! Definitely feet first!" she said, found a nearby  sturdy table and laid herself down on it, feet towards Micheal. As he went  up to her he noticed Suzy watching him nervously. Well she couldn't be any  more worried about this than he was but he just couldn't bear to back down  now. He kept telling himself that his first meal was about his size so now  he'd got used to doing this sort of this Deena should be easy... but it  didn't sound very convincing to him. 

        He took off his jacket took hold of Deena's left foot, actually a hoof, and  opened his mouth. Once he'd eased it in he picked up her other foot and  squeezed it in along side. 

        He was getting second thoughts about this. She must weigh over three  hundred pounds compared to Suzy's forty five, how could he manage her! 'OK  come on' he said to himself 'everyone's watching you. Just make it a good  show.' 

        He slowly worked her hooves towards the back of his throat and felt his  jaws widening and then dislocating to accommodate her legs. He leaned over  to get a better angle and swallowed. He felt her hooves slip into his tight  throat and slide down. Soon they reached his stomach and his mouth had  passed her knees. His lips were starting to stretch painfully. How was he  going to manage her hips! 

        He couldn't stop now though and kept on going, gulping repeatedly, and  feeling her knees bend inside him as her hooves started to push out his  belly. He reached out and held her waist at arms length, relaxed his mouth  as much as he could, and pulled. Her thighs slid deeper and deeper into him  and the pain increased in his lips and now his jaws too. 

        As he approached her hips he started to slow down and then noticed her  anxious expression peering down at him over her breasts. His expression  hardened, he tensed himself up, ignoring the pain as he did so, and made an  enormous gulp and pulled sharply at the same time. 

        "Eeep!" Deena shrieked as she found herself engulfed up to her waist in  scarcely a moment and then sighed as Micheal, now that at least his lips  weren't hurting any more around her waist, continued his rhythmic  swallowing. "Oh now I know why every one goes nuts when they're swallowed,  this is.. Oh!... gorgeous!" She moaned and sighed as her legs stretched out  Micheal's stomach enormously and soon her backside was visible as a large  bulge. 

        Micheal was now getting her knees digging into his back just like before  but tried to ignore it. Then, as he had hoped, he felt her knees slip  upwards jerking her down his throat. She didn't go all the way however. She  came to an abrupt halt as Micheal found his vision suddenly obscured by her  breasts up against his face. Once she'd got over the sensations of her short  but rapid descent she saw his predicament and started to squeeze and press  her breasts in under his upper lip. 

        It was quite a challenge but eventually he felt one start to fold into his  tight mouth. By sucking and wriggling his mouth side to side in eventually  squashed into his mouth. He wished she was the other way up so he could  taste it! After a similar effort the other joined it's partner and Deena  could continue. 

        He could feel her knees threatening to finish the slipping motion they'd  started earlier so before they could he took her hands and pressed them into  his mouth alongside her and forced her arms down his throat too. It was  getting very painful now and he gulped desperately and a couple of gulps  later was rewarded by her shoulders slipping into his mouth. His lips shrank  down to encircle her neck and he mentally gave a sigh of relief. 

        "Oh fantastic!" Deena gasped  wriggling her massive body inside him. "We  gotta do this again some time!" Micheal suddenly realised he was actually  looking forward to it! His mouth hurt but his throat and stomach seemed  amply up to the task and hadn't even twinged! He shook off that thought and  got down to the matter at hand and started to swallow her long head. It took  a while longer before he felt her muzzle easing in between his lips, she  still gasping in pleasure as she disappeared from view. 

        Once she had slid completely in to his belly he collapsed on the floor and  gasped for breath. He suddenly realised it had been five or ten minutes and  he hadn't breathed the whole time! He felt slightly out of breath, sure, but  not as much as he should have. It seemed he'd changed more than he'd  thought! 

        As he sat there staring at the writhing bulge in his stomach that was  considerably bigger than the rest of him, he realised he could hear  clapping! All the people on the set were watching him and there seemed to be  several cameras turned on him. He glanced up at John who had seen what  Micheal had been looking at. 

        "Hey, you think I'd let a scene like this go to waist?" he shouted over the  applause "I just hope we got it all!" 

        "I'd just *URP*... just like to lie down in private some- *HIC*... where  for a bit please." Micheal said looking plaintively at John. 

        "Sure sure" he said laughing as he came over to him to help him up. 

        It took him and Suzy to get him upright and Deena kept twisting around  inside of him and throwing his balance off. 

        "She must really be enjoying herself in there." Micheal said staring down  at the wriggling mass as they negotiated a corridor. John chuckled 

        "I'm not surprised. She's been the predator in a lot of Vores we've done  but she's never been a meal before, no-one's ever been able to manage her!" 

        Eventually they reached a small room and John left Micheal and Suzy (and  Deena) in private. 

        Micheal sat on the bed not even able to see over the bulge. He wondered if  this would leave stretch marks? 

        He suddenly felt his belly pressed and the mass lift slightly throwing him  off balance and he fell backwards onto the bed. Before he could get up he  felt Suzy kneel down over his thighs up against the bulk of his enormous  stomach. 

        "So how was she?" Suzy said, giggling as she undid his trousers. 

        "Hmm." he replied with mock seriousness "Could have done with some  ketchup." 

        Suzy burst out laughing but managed to stop as she pulled his trousers off  and settled herself down on him. 

        "Ahh!" she exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around the 'Deena' bulge and  held tight. "that's.. Oh." she stopped as Deena twisted again, almost  sitting upright inside him facing Suzy. "She's moving around in there!" then  Micheal felt his stomach strain as Deena spread her knees, causing Suzy to  fall forward into the hollow inbetween. 

        "Ungh! Mmm" Suzy said hugging the Deena form even tighter as she started to  lift herself up and down on Micheal's rod. Deena couldn't quite manage to  stretch her legs or arms far enough to actually wrap around her, but nearly.  He could feel Suzy's tiny head pressed in below Deena's breasts. The size  difference was quite evident. 

        Soon Suzy picked up the pace and Micheal Suzy and Deena came almost in  synch and collapsed on their side. Suzy was still hugging Deena through  Micheal's stomach. 

        "You really like her don't you?" Micheal said to Suzy. 

        "Mmm. Gorgeous" Suzy murmured and then realised what she was saying "Oh!  Not that I don't like you... or that I'm... er..." Micheal chuckled. 

        "It's all right hon," he said "I don't mind. Actually I rather like it." 

        "Really?" Suzy said crawling around his belly to look at his face "You mind  if she and I... er... you know?" 

        "Go ahead, I'm exhausted right now anyway." 

        Micheal expected her to go around and start squeezing the Deena bulge  again. Instead Suzy came up to him and kissed him, long and hard. Then  smiled at him, prized open his jaws, and pushed her head into his surprised  face. 

        Compared to the meal he'd just had Suzy was tiny and her head and shoulders  slid in easily and pressed down his gullet before he could object. Soon her  furry breasts were once again squeezing into his mouth and he gave up and  started sucking and licking them as they passed by. 

        She then brought her legs up, braced her self against his enormous belly  and pushed. Her upper torso shot down his throat and curved down to his  stomach rapidly and he reflexively gulped her gorgeous hips, thighs and legs  down in a matter of seconds. Whereas Deena had taken five or ten minutes  Suzy had gone down in less than five seconds! 

        He felt her joining Deena inside and Deena leaning back and pulling Suzy  down over her front. Suzy had gone down inbetween Deena's knees and her body  and Micheal could just make out the outline of her legs against the very  visible lumps of Deena's breasts as they began to get stuck in. 

        Over the next few minutes their motions got very hectic and Micheal just  closed his eyes and went with the flow. The feelings as the girls made love  in his stomach were wonderful. he hugged them through his skin and felt  their motions coming to a peak. Then he could hear Deena's cry echo out of  him as his entire stomach stretched and rocked with her bucking. 

        Soon they quietened down and he felt Deena's hips settle on his legs  through his folded stomach lining whilst her knees tilted upright. Her head  lay on his chest as his stomach took the very long shape of Deena's relaxed  body. He almost expected her to stretch her legs out to lie down properly  inside him but she didn't and he was rather glad. 

        After some hard thinking Micheal decided he may as well get it over with.  Deena was going to have to come out of there sometime, no matter if it hurt  or not. 

        He reached up and pressed her knees back up against her body inside him and  then rolled over onto his stomach. With his legs outstretched his legs could  just reach around it to balance on the bed. 

        "Time for you two to come on out of there." he said and started tensing his  stomach. 

        "Oh! Not yet sugar I'm having too much fun in heEEEREEE...!" She squealed,  as she squeezed up into Micheal's throat. He squashed and pushed her up till  he could feel her head entering his mouth. 

        "Oh God!" she cried as her muzzle came out into the fresh air. "That's  wonderful!" She continued to moan and wriggle as he squeezed her shoulders  out between his jaws. 

        Micheal was surprised that it didn't seem to hurt as much as when she went  in. He couldn't be getting used to her already, could he? Thoughts about  that were brought to a halt as her breasts squashed up into his mouth. 

        This time she was the right way up and he could taste them. Delicious! He  pressed and moulded them over and over and held her there for about a minute  while he continued. She certainly didn't seem to mind and got quite vocal  over the subject. That combined with his stomach and throat squeezing the  rest of her finally tipped her over the edge and she screamed as she bucked  wildly in his mouth. 

        "AAAAAH! JESUS!" she shouted "Whoah! Oh that was incredible. You gotta let  me return the favour sometime huh?" Micheal's mouth was too tight around her  to smile in reply so he just nodded very slightly. 

        He now began the arduous, but enjoyable, task of squeezing her breasts out  of his mouth. This took quite a while but eventually they sloshed out and  she then withdrew her arms and started pulling herself out of him. 

        Soon they were squeezing her thighs out between his lips and Micheal  suddenly realised that he couldn't feel Suzy in his stomach. She hadn't come  up alongside Deena either! As Deena slowly pulled her legs out of him  Micheal started to worry. He doubted Deena had had the forethought to drink  any of that 'Inheb' stuff to stop digestion! 

        Once she was free and Micheal had got his jaws back together he turned  towards her. 

        "Where's Suzy?" he said glancing nervously at her stomach. It didn't look  that bulging. 

        "*Chuckle* oh don't worry! I wouldn't hurt her. She just got a little too  enthusiastic in her... endeavours." she then lowered her legs down over the  side of the bed to sit down normally and then spread them wide. 

        As Micheal watched he saw Deena's belly was moving, and then a pair of  white lumps emerged from between her thighs. Soon Suzy's legs followed her  emerging feet and Micheal realised where Suzy had been for the last few  minutes! 

        Deena obviously was enjoying this immensely and was gasping loudly as  Suzy's hips squeezed out into the open. Micheal reached over and grasped  Suzy's waist and started pulling. Soon he saw her breast emerge and then her  head followed by her arms. He helped her up to sit on the bed between them  and smiled at her. 

        "That looked fun." he said wiping some of the juices off her fur. This bed  was getting soaked in liquids of one sort or another! 

        Before Suzy could reply Deena interrupted. 

        "Oh!" she said, grinning almost from ear to ear "So I know where you want  to go for your holidays!" and stroked her thighs. 

        This could be an interesting job after all! 


        "Micheal!" shouted John enthusiastically "Come on over here." 

        Micheal strolled back onto the studio, followed by Suzy and Deena, and  joined the Director at what was labelled 'Set 2'. John had apparently been  looking over a folder, presumably a script, and when Micheal came close  enough he tossed it to him. 

        "This is the second part of our current short vore piece planned for show  in a month." John said picking up another copy of the script from beside his  chair for himself. 

        Micheal glanced at the cover. It said 'Vore & Order by Alan Meernack' and  had a crudely drawn picture of a policewoman (feline) poking a gun down the  wide open maw of a smiling Canine. The whole document seemed to be badly  photocopied. Suzy peeked over his shoulder to get a look, while Deena  wandered off to another set. She probably knew she wasn't in this script. 

        "In case you haven't guessed I'd like you to take the part of homeowner."  John smiled and nodded to his right to a table where three women sat dressed  like extras from a robin hood show "those three over there will be the thief  and the two cops. We'll bring in a few extras for the final court scene,  although I still haven't got anyone to play the Judge yet. Still its only  for a few seconds at the end anyway. I'll sort it out before shooting starts  next week." 

        Micheal looked at the three actresses as they chatted. They were all feline  and, apart from slight colour differences in fur and hair (assuming they  weren't wearing wigs at the moment), looked very similar to one another. All  had very short fur, shoulder length hair and were a little over five foot  tall, a fair bit bigger than Suzy. At least they would be piece of cake  compared to Deena. Micheal turned back as he realised John had started  talking again. 

        "I had actually planned on having Deena or Marvin, a male Hippo, to do this  one but after your show with Deena I'd like to see how you go with it." he  grinned at Micheal, obviously aware that Micheal had been staring at the  girls. "That's your copy, go over it and come back Friday and we'll go over  it. As long as your OK with the part we'll start shooting the following  Thursday." he grinned even more as Micheal's obvious nervousness showed.  "Don't worry, there's not a lot to memorise. Your character doesn't say a  lot." 

        Micheal tried to hide his reservations and instead thought about how  whichever one of the three cats he would swallow in the show would taste. 

        He and Suzy managed to find their way out and back to the train station.  They hadn't seen Talon since the 'scene' with Deena, and to be truthful they  were both glad. he could definitely grate on the nerves after a while. 

        On the train ride back Micheal went over the script. Suzy started to pay  more attention to Micheal rather than the scenery going by as his face  became more and more anxious as he read on. 

        "Oh bugger!" he finally exclaimed when he had finished it "I don't know if  I can manage that!" and he dropped the script on the table, and secretively  marvelled at some startling similarities to... no better not go into that. 

        Suzy picked it up and started to read it. 

        "Oh come on." she said as she began to scan "It can't be that bad. After  all you won't have to down Deena again." as she read further her eyebrows  went up and up and she started to giggle Once she'd finished she couldn't  stop from laughing out loud. Once the laughter had subsided she passed the  script back to him. 

        "I admit that's interesting." she said grinning "but you managed both me  and Deena inside you, you'll do fine!" 

        Micheal thought it over quietly for a while, trying to ignore Suzy's  occasional giggles and his own niggling thoughts about the plot. Eventually  he couldn't help himself and joined in the laughter. He supposed he probably  could manage to do it. After all the swallowing would be easy, he was only  worrying about how much his stomach would stretch but given how he'd been  able to cope with progressively larger and larger meals recently he guessed  he wouldn't have any trouble. 

        He hoped... 


        "Micheal my boy!" came Talon's cry from across the set "Come on over here,  you're early!" 

        Micheal groaned to himself as he and Suzy walked over. He was going to have  to perform infront of his 'agent'? Not what he wanted. 

        "Er, hi there Talon. I didn't expect to see you here. Don't you have any  other clients to see to?" Micheal said. 

        Talon smiled at him. 

        "Oh come on lad. Do you think I'd miss the debut of my protégé?" The  grinning bird was leafing through what looked like the script for the show.  He crossed over to the far side of the set and sat down and patted the chair  next to him for Micheal to join him. 

        As Micheal crossed over to Talon a hand landed on his shoulder and a voice  spoke up directly behind him. 

        "Come on Micheal, this is only the rehearsal." Jon said as Micheal nearly  jumped out of his skin, again. Why do people round here keep doing that? 

        The next few minutes were spent with a little make-up (Micheal had expected  the film industry to need more than this!) and then they waited as the stage  hands finished setting up the set for the show. 

        As the set took shape he saw the three girls come in he'd seen the day  before. He had been given instructions last Friday on what to wear for today  but the script was not exactly very descriptive on what they would be  wearing. The answer was, not a lot apparently. Two of them wore police caps  and had gun belts on and nothing else (if you didn't count fur). The  brunette with the dark brown fur was wearing a tight T-shirt that left  little to the imagination. He had to admit they looked lovely, and  delicious! 

        The three felines were chatting as they entered and then the Brunette  pointed at Micheal, waved and then came over. 

        "Micheal right?" the Brunette said "Pleased to be working with you. I'm  Lizzy and this is Sandra and that's Rose." she said motioning to the Blonde  and then the red-head. Both had lighter tan coloured fur. Rose came up and  clasped his hand and shook it vigorously. 

        "So you're the new boy huh?" she had quite a grip! "Had your neutraliser  yet? I don't want to end up as an accidental appetiser." 

        Lizzy scowled at her and interrupted. 

        "Oh don't mind her, this is her second shoot and she's still not used to  this yet." She grinned, covered her mouth, ostensibly to avoid Rose hearing  her but spoke rather too loudly for secrecy. "I think she's still a little  overwhelmed by her last 'ride'. She took a slow dive into a wolf last time,  little taller than you I seem to recall. Actually what species are you?  Can't say I've seen your kind around before." 

        Micheal paused, partly because he didn't really have an answer but also as  he recovered from Rose's little speech. She was a fast talker! Before he  could think of a response Sandra came up, took of her police cap and spoke  up. 

        "Trust me you'll need to be quick if you want to get a word in edgewise  with these two." she grinned at him and then grabbed the arms of Lizzy and  Rose and started dragging them off. "We need to get to make-up. We'll see  you on set. Break a leg!" 

        Micheal and Suzy glanced at each other. 

        "Oh definitely love at first sight." Suzy said grinning. Micheal scowled at  her. 

        "Can't you keep your mind on what's important." He said, then before Suzy  could add anything he quickly continued. "I mean acting!" 

        Micheal slumped a bit in his chair and brought out the script again to go  over it once more. But, as Jon had said before, the wasn't a lot of speech  involved in this he mainly had to make sure the various scenes were the  right length. This had involved some rather enjoyable trial runs with Suzy  earlier in the week as Micheal learned to get his timing right. He hope he'd  had enough practice. 

        After a few minutes Jon started things going. After he'd spoken a bit with  some of the camera men and the sound engineers Lizzy came back on the set.  Her hair and fur had been spruced up a bit but again Micheal had always had  the impression from watching television that make-up before these kind of  things took ages. These guys seemed to be over in a couple of minutes. 

        As she came on set he saw the other two girls with their cop 'costumes' on  sitting down to watch the first scene. They were only going to come in in  the second scene later on. 

        Once Jon had finished giving orders to the others on set he started over  towards Micheal. For the next couple of minutes Jon went over various  aspects of the first scene; timing of actions, positions and which camera  will be on at any time. Mainly going over what was in the script and what  they'd talked about last Friday. As they talked he Micheal noticed Deena  coming from the neighbouring set. Apparently she'd just finished a scene  herself. She noticed Micheal and smiled. Then she came over and sat down by  Sandra and Rose. Micheal was surprised the chair took her weight! 

         As Jon kept talking, going over Micheal's response to Lizzy's dive once  again, Deena waved at Micheal and gave him a thumbs up. 

        "...her smile and then... Micheal are you paying attention?" Jon waved his  hand in front of Micheal's face. Micheal turned his attention away from  Deena and back to Jon. "yes well, as I was saying you wait for her to smile.  Remember although you know what to expect you have to, not only act  surprised, but make sure you respond a little after she makes her move as  you would in real life. Timing's everything." 

        Micheal smiled and nodded as Jon continued. After a couple more pointers he  finally finished and called to clear the set and motioned Micheal on stage  and Lizzy out behind the stage's 'front door'. 

        The set was set up as a living room with a door outside and the kitchen  leading off from the adjoining wall to the right. Micheal went up and  entered the kitchen as the television was switched on and the sounds of an  old scratchy film echoed onto the set. One camera pulled back to take in the  whole room as the starting shot, a couple of microphone booms went into  position, and they were ready. 

        "OK everyone. Quiet on the set... and ACTION!" 

        Jon waited a few seconds for the camera to get the opening shot as it  pulled in to get the view of the sitting room and then pan up and to the  right to take in the entrance to the kitchen. 

        'Oh well,' he thought to himself 'here goes!' 

        Micheal got the look of boredom on his face and opened his soft drinks can  and strolled into shot. It was very difficult to avoid looking at the  cameras directly but Jon had gone over this with him last week and he  managed to keep focused. 

        "God what a day!" he said sarcastically as he sat down in front of the TV  and slouched down. "I can't believe that all I could find was this!" he  reached over and picked up a magazine and started skimming through it. 

        "Racing, news, spy thriller... ball room dancing?!?" he threw the thing  down in disgust. "Oh this is ridiculous!" he picked up the remote and  started flicking through the channels. "Nothing, nothing, ah forget it." and  he switched it off. 

        "Now what am I gonna' do to fill up my spare time?" and he slouched into  the chair even further. 

        Right on cue Lizzy ran infront of the window behind Micheal and stopped,  looking in nervously. She then dashed up to the door and buzzed the  doorbell. 

        Micheal groaned and struggled out of the chair slowly. 

        "Never fails. Just when I'm comfy..." and he was interrupted by a second,  more insistent buzz "All right All right I'm coming!" 

        Micheal strolled over to the door, slowly unhitched the lock chain and  pulled the handle... and was promptly pushed backwards as Lizzy barged her  way in and slammed the door shut behind her. She's still wearing just the  tight T-shirt but carrying a small pouch with her. 

        Micheal managed to act surprised and get knocked back by the door as she  rushed in. It was very tempting to dart back out of the way of it.  Apparently acting wasn't as easy as Talon made out. 

        Once the door was re-locked Lizzy dashed to the window. 

        "Damn!" she cried as Micheal was still 'recovering' from being slammed by  the door. "they must have seen me come down this street." She closed the  curtain slowly and peeked out for a second before rushing into the middle of  room and looking around desperately. 

        "It's no good they'll look there... No, not there." she kept scanning the  room. Micheal waited a few seconds and then 'recovered' and walked slowly up  to her. 

        "Look, what do you think you're doing missy?" he said, feigning dizziness.  "Who do think you are, huh?" 

        Lizzy turned and looked at him for the first time and her eyes narrow. 

        "Hmm. That could work." she said glancing up and down him "That's not  exactly the first place they'd look." and then she strode up to Micheal,  stopping a foot in front of him. 

        She raised her hands up to stroke Micheal's face and then smiled. Micheal  managed not to tense and just did as he's supposed to, he opened his mouth  as if he were going to speak. Lizzy managed to time it right and as soon as  his mouth was open she shoved her hands down his throat, still holding on to  the pouch in her right hand. 

        Micheal felt her hands press in and slide straight down in one motion. The  pouch she held was pretty silky and didn't impede her progression much. In a  fraction of a second her whole arms up to the elbow were in his mouth and  she had to lean over him to avoid bending her arms painfully. He had to  admit her fur was very silky and she tasted delicious. It was a struggle to  react as he was supposed to; in surprise. 

        He got his arms up in protest but she pushed forward forcing herself and  Micheal back over against the door. 

        She looked up and smiled at him. 

        "Thanks, I won't forget this." she said and shoved Micheal hard against the  door and used the purchase to lean over, tuck her head, down and push HARD! 

        Micheal felt her arms slide down his throat. He wanted to relax and enjoy  this but managed to act surprised and look shocked. He just tried to  remember what it was like the first time a couple of weeks ago. Then he felt  her hair press into his mouth and her head start to squeeze inside. A second  later and his mouth had slipped up around her shoulders. 

        He started making faces as if struggling to gulp or catch his breath and  felt Lizzy levering herself against his insides. He held himself up against  the door and went with Lizzy's movements as she pushed forwards and lifted  her legs off the floor. Soon she was vertical and upside down and he felt  her weight trying to press her into him. 

        Micheal knew that if he let Lizzy slide she'd disappear from sight in a  matter of seconds. The scene however called for a slightly drawn out swallow  and so Micheal slowly gulped a little at a time. 

        Still trying to make it seem as if he's struggling against swallowing her  he made his first gulp and felt her head enter his throat whilst her  shoulders slid gently past his teeth. He felt Lizzy giggling inside him and  caught himself before he joined in. He focused on the task at hand (easy  given how much he was enjoying it!) and put his hands up to her waist making  it look like he was trying to push against her inward motion. 

        She started wriggling and gently kicking her legs then and he had to fight  against gulping her down quickly. Soon he felt her breasts pressing up  against his lower lip through the thin fabric of her T-shirt. He made  another small gulp and they squeezed tightly up against his chin. 

        Micheal then struggled to stand up away from the door and staggered over to  the chair with Lizzy's torso and legs still gently wriggling, stuck up  vertically out of his mouth. He collapsed in the chair and screwed up his  eyes and tried to make a face, even with his mouth stretched as much as it  was, for the camera as he gulped again. 

        Slowly her breasts eased down and he could feel them squeezing inch by inch  into his mouth. Another small gulp and they plop completely inside and onto  his tongue. Micheal couldn't help himself and, while he kept his pained  expression for the camera, starts to lick and suck on Lizzy's breasts. He  felt Lizzy shake a bit and then she got control of herself. 

        He could feel her arms in his stomach now as her head was pressed down his  throat to join them. As her chest was slowly forced down his tongue starts  to lick it's way down her torso as it entered. Her leg's motions start to  quicken and he could feel her breathing getting quicker inside him. It seems  as if she's starting to lose control. 

        Soon her torso was swallowed and his lips started to stretch towards her  hips. He felt her head and arms curling up inside him and could only imagine  what a lump she must be making in his belly. Then he remembered what it  looked like with Deena inside and had to struggle to avoid smiling. 

        Another gulp and he could feel her pubic fur creeping onto his tongue. He  lathered it up with spit as it passed and then as soon as her slit was past  his wide stretched lips he curled his tongue up and into her. She bucked  strongly as his tongue wound its way inside, then, as her body slid further  down his gullet his tongue wove it's way further into her, wriggling as it  went. 

        This sent Lizzy over the edge and he could feel her heavily muffled scream  from inside his stomach as she let loose. Her whole body squirmed and  writhed madly and it was all Micheal could do to avoid gulping the rest of  her down then and there. He managed to stop at her knees and continued at a  more leisurely pace as she continued to fold up in his belly. 

        He kept up the pained expression and slowly turned it further into shock as  his eyes followed Lizzy's feet as they slipped down and down and eventually  out of sight into his mouth. He sucked on them as they were gulped down,  forcing her knees to bulge out his neck and then his chest till she ended up  in an inverted foetal position. 

        He looked down in 'shock' at his stomach bulging with someone almost as  large as himself, and held the stare for a few seconds as he forced the air  up, and up ,until... 

        "BUUUUURRRP!" Micheal exclaimed as loudly as he could, and brought his hand  up to cover his mouth "..'Urp, excuse me!" 

        "Granted!" came the weak cry from inside him, and Micheal glanced down  oddly at the talking lump. 

        "And Cut!" said  Jon, getting up. "Not bad, not bad at all Mikey." 

        Micheal smiled and stood up feeling Lizzy squeezed a bit by his internal  muscles. 

        "Thanks. So any pointers?" he said trying to act as nonchalant as possible  with his extra weight. 

        "Micheal, when you go for fixed expressions don't try too hard, it tends to  look very forced." Jon came over to him and walked along side him. "And  you," he said to Micheal's stomach "try not to get too violent towards the  end there. Things tend to go too quickly as it is with out you cramming  yourself in that fast!" 

        Micheal strained to avoid smiling at this and hoped he'd manage to stop  himself from 'joining in' next time. 

        "Yes sir." came the quiet reply "Ungh! hang on a sec, just got to get  comfy. Ooff!" 

        Micheal felt her pushing and shifting and she started to swing her self  around. He felt her head start to press into the right side of his stomach  and he looked down at the obvious outline of Lizzy's curled up body as it  turned itself right side up. 

        She wriggled and strained and then half way round Micheal pressed his  stomach with his hands, helping her into position. Finally she slipped  upright with an almost audible 'Plop!' and sighed. 

        "Ah! that's better." she said softly. 

        Jon smiled at them and then walked back over to his chair. 

        "Right then," he said to them over his shoulder "cough her up, then both of  you take a brief trip to make-up and we'll go for a take eh? Someone get a  towel for Lizzy will you." 

        Micheal found he was curiously self conscious about bringing Lizzy back up  in public but sighed, leant over a nearby chair and tensed his stomach  muscles. Soon he felt her head pressing back up into his throat and shortly  after Lizzy got a breath of fresh air once again. 

        "Whoah!" she said as his lips eased down around her neck. "You don't hang  about do you? Yipes!" this as Micheal continued to squash her up and out. 

        He smiled around her as her shoulders eased past and he once again tasted  her breasts, albeit briefly. Once most of her torso was out he reached up  and pulled her hands out from alongside her. She then took hold of the chair  and balanced herself as Micheal recommenced her exit. 

        Soon her hips eased out of his mouth (he managed to restrain from giving  her a tongue job this time) and held her waist as she drew her legs clear.  Once she had twisted around and was seated the a couple from make-up came  over and started to prepare them for the full take. 

        "How was she?" said Deena as she walked up beside him "Not going to be too  taxed to do the rest of the shoot today are we?" and she smiled broadly, or  as broadly as a horse can anyway. "I'd hate to miss another show like that." 

        "Oh, I think I can manage." Micheal said quietly as he sat down himself to  get 'made-up'. 


        Suzy had to admit this was quite an experience. She wondered if Jon would  let her act, although she suspected that legally it was Micheal's decision  not hers anymore. 

        Micheal had finished getting prepared and the cameras were being set up  again. Suzy watched him walk off into the 'kitchen' for the start of the  scene. She had to admit he was weird looking, all bare skin, but definitely  a nice shape. She smirked to herself and watched as the film crew finished  setting up. 

        After a couple of minutes Jon got the show on the road and the cameras  started running. Then Micheal strolled into the living room and sat down  just like before. As Suzy watched him go through the same routine she  noticed Deena sitting come over and sit down beside her. 

        Suzy still couldn't get used to being around someone so big! She was easily  twice Suzy's height. Still she remembered how nice her last 'trip' with  Deena had been and she couldn't help glancing at the juncture of Deena's  thighs. 

        "Hi again hon." Deena said. She'd obviously noticed where Suzy was looking  at smiled at her, uncrossing and then crossing her legs slowly. "Enjoying  your first time? On a shoot I mean." 

        "Hmm? Oh yes well it's been, interesting." she said, tearing her eyes away  from Deena's hips and glancing up at her. "Have you, er, worked here long?" 

        "Oh about two and a half years now." Deena replied as she watched Micheal's  acting on set. He'd just got up to answer the door bell. "He is rather cute  ain't he? Hey where you staying round here, huh?" 

        Suzy smiled at her. 

        "Well we're staying at the Strolingworth hotel just out from the centre of  town." 

        "Do you think he'd mind if I popped over for dinner?" Deena said looking at  Suzy out of the corner of her eye. "I'm sure you wouldn't would you? You'd  both make fine dinner, er, hosts." 

        Suzy chuckled to herself and then pulled her attention back to the set  where the room's front door slammed shut after Lizzy dashed in. Just as  before Suzy saw Lizzy size Micheal up and then push him back up against the  door and then shove her hands down his throat. Suzy thought he managed to  get a better look of shock this time, not quite as over done as the last. 

        She watched contentedly as Lizzy slowly wriggled her way into Micheal's  mouth and pictured herself up there instead of Lizzy. Now that would be  interesting, getting slurped down up in front of all those people! Slowly  Lizzy disappeared from sight, her legs swinging up vertical and then  slipping down into Micheal's tight throat. He wandered over to the chair and  sat down heavily. 

        A minute later and only Lizzy's feet were visible till they too slid from  sight and all that was left was the enormous bulge in Micheal's stomach. 

        "BUUUURRRP!" Micheal exclaimed loudly. Then Suzy could just make out the  muffled sound of Lizzy inside him. 

        "Granted!" she said once more, and was promptly followed by Jon's "Cut!  That's a take." 

        Suzy turned back to Deena as Jon lumbered slowly off set with Jon helping  him balance. 

        "Well I guess you could drop by, if Micheal agreed." and Suzy got up to  help Micheal regurgitate Lizzy. 


        The next few hours were interesting. Micheal spent several hours practising  with a heavily modified mini-camera that was fed down his throat to film  footage of Lizzy entering the stomach. It was rather difficult to keep the  camera and it's support struts from tipping over and ruining the shot. 

        The remainder of the morning was spent with Jon explaining how this would  work and Micheal doing a couple of dry runs. Then in the after noon they  tried for a take... several times. By five O'clock Jon was satisfied with at  least one shot they'd done and told him to get some rest for tomorrow. There  were two more shots like that and Jon wanted to get them over with then. 

        The reason for the rush was that apparently vore actors had too eat on  occasion and, of course, couldn't eat when they'd taken the inhibitor. Thus  the usual state of affairs was either two days intensive filming per week if  they were having just 'snacks' or a week and a half work a month if they  preferred larger meals. 

        While they were still digesting filming was pretty much impossible except  for non-vore scenes (of which there were very few in Kellingworth films). 

        So after tomorrow Micheal and the others would get a food break for a few  days while the crew got on filming some other show with a set of actors who  weren't feeding at the moment. Jon said there were usually about six to nine  shows on the go at any one time. He also had stated that all the actors in  this show were going to be on 'snacks' for a while, just to keep every one  in synch with their breaks. 

        Suzy and Micheal got a taxi from the studio and pretty soon they had  arrived at their hotel. The room they'd paid for here last week was a darn  sight better than he'd received at Stockbridge. The room was larger and  there was a proper bathroom en-suite instead of a cramped toilet and wash  basin affair, and also a small kitchen. The bed was a decent size too. Over  the last week He and Suzy had got a lot of use out of that! 

        As Micheal went up in the lift he got out the script and went over his  'lines' for tomorrow. 

        "Oh come on!" Suzy said exasperatedly "You've been over those things  solidly for the last week! Can't you take a break tonight?" 

        Micheal sighed. 

        "Well, I suppose I could wait till tomorrow morning" he said as he opened  the door to their room. Then he stopped and sniffed "Do you smell something  Suzy?" he said reaching for the light switch. 

        "That would be my perfume." said a familiar voice from inside the room "Do  you like it?" 

        "Er, yes it's very nice... Deena? Is that you?" he said finally finding the  switch. 

        The lights answered his question. It was definitely Deena! She was lying on  the couch in nothing but her fur. She was a little too big and her legs  almost totally overhung the couch and were resting on a chair. If it was  possible Micheal thought she looked taller than she did when she was  standing up. She just smiled at Micheal's question. 

        "Oh... yes, well how did you get in here anyway?" Micheal said somewhat  nervously. Suzy squeezed past him into the room and headed for the kitchen. 

        "While you two get re-aquainted I'll get some coffee." Suzy said and then  turned briefly to Deena "Two sugars? ...And a large cup of course." Deena  nodded. 

        "The porter was very helpful, after I gave him a bit of 'help'" Deena said,  smirking. "Now suppose you come on over here. We have some unfinished  business." 

        "You really don't believe in hanging around do you?" Micheal said as he  walked over to the couch. "Um... could you shift a bit so I can sit down?" 

        "Oh, no need for that!" she said patting her lap. "I'm sure this will be  nice and comfy, till I find a better place for you." 

        Micheal turned and was sitting down when Deena grabbed him and pulled him  over, face down on top of her. She then hauled him up till his head was  level with hers and kissed him deeply. She had one heck of a long, and  thick, tongue and she was very dextrous with it! Micheal did his best to  return the favour. 

        Deena continued to tongue wrestle Micheal for a while. At one point Micheal  thought he was going to swallow her tongue and have to follow it up with the  rest of her again! However she eventually did come up for air. 

        "Mmmm! Told you I'd make sure you were comfy." she said, hugging him  tightly. 

        Just then Suzy interrupted them by coming back with the coffee. She pulled  up a chair and table and put the coffee cups down before sitting down  herself next to the couch. Deena's cup was a small bowl. She leaned over the  side of the couch and then brought up a large tube of digestion inhibitor  and poured it into her 'cup'. 

        "I've got some more in my bag if you need some." she said glancing at  Micheal then Suzy. "mine's in doses suited to my, er, increased stature so  you'd have to share one between you." Suzy started to chuckle 

        "I don't think I'd ever be able to manage to gulp you down Deena, if that's  what you're implying." Suzy said. 

        "Actually," Deena said, getting out another bottle and pouring it's  contents into Suzy's and Micheal's cups "I thought you could take Mikey here  then I could see what you taste like? After all it's early yet, we've enough  time to try a few 'variations' haven't we?" Micheal and Deena started to  drink their coffees as Suzy gawped at Deena. 

        "Oh come on!" she said "I'd never manage to swallow Micheal! I haven't even  managed anyone my size before." 

        Micheal thought she looked a little excited but seemed to be trying to look  more scared than excited. He didn't think Deena was buying it. 

        "Oh here. I'll help you." she said, gulping down the last of her coffee,  putting the cup down and then reaching out, grabbing Suzy's waist in both  hands and hefting her up off her chair. 

        "Eeek!" Suzy exclaimed as she was manhandled (or should that be  horsehandled?) up over Deena. She was then let down till her rump landed on  Deena's face, her legs straddling her muzzle and pointing down the couch. 

        "Why don't you get undressed Micheal?" Deena said from between Suzy's wide  spread thighs. "I'll keep Suzy on the boil for you!" and as Micheal slid off  the couch she grasped Suzy's hips and 'bounced' her up into the air while  tipping her head back and opening her jaws wide. 

        "I... Ooof!" Suzy cried as she landed in Deena's mouth and then "Hey I...  OOOH!" as Deena tongue squeezed it's way into her. Micheal could see it  writhing and squirming it's way into her. Suzy reached under her and grasped  Deena's head and pressed her backside firmly into her mouth, ramming Deena's  tongue fully into her in the process. Micheal could see the bulge in Suzy's  belly squirm around while Suzy went nuts! 

        "Oh god!... Yes, oh!... Deeper, De..WHOAH!" she cried. Micheal was halfway  through taking his trousers off and looked up to see Suzy's legs forced up  against her chest as she had been pressed up to her middle into Deena's  throat. Micheal could see the bulge in Deena's neck where Suzy's rear was  squashed inside. 

        He realised that Deena's tongue must be curled back into her own throat to  stay inside Suzy and by the look of Suzy's reactions it sure looked like it.  She was bucking and writhing around and as Micheal finished taking off his  socks she went rigid, hugged Deena's lower jaw against her chest as she  came. Deena brought her hand up and gently squeezed Suzy's breasts while her  orgasm lasted. 

        Micheal climbed onto Deena again and then Deena grabbed him by the waist  and pulled him into position. He felt Deena guide his shaft into position  then ram it home. Then her left hand pressed his head in between her breasts  firmly. 

        "Aaah! That's good!" he mumbled into her as he felt Deena's internal  muscles clamp down on him. Then he looked up, out of the crack of Deena's  cleavage at Suzy's widespread thighs. "So how are we going to do this huh?" 

        Once she was satisfied with Micheal's position Deena answered him by  tipping Suzy forwards to land with her land on her chest. Now her head was  pointing down the couch nuzzling up against Deena's cleavage with her legs  spread wide on either side of Deena's head. Deena's mouth remained around  Suzy's waist. 

        Suzy giggled as Micheal strained his neck to get a good look at her,  scarcely a few inches away from him. She reached up and stroked his hair. 

        "You really want me to try this?" she said softly "Now would be a good time  to cancel." 

        Micheal grinned, then nodded and was going to answer her but Deena butted  in, somewhat muffled by having Suzy's hips in her mouth. 

        " 'Oo 'ett'r 'ake 'is." she said pushing Suzy's coffee in front of her.  Suzy gasped, realising she was the only one who hadn't had her coffee and  the inhibitor in it. If she'd continued without it.... well that could have  been a sticky situation! 

        Once she'd finished it and Deena had put the cup back on the table she  looked back up at Micheal and smiled. Deena didn't seem too patient though. 

        " 'Ome on 'o, 'et on 'iv 'it" and so saying she curled her head over,  forcing Suzy's head up deep into her cleavage where she pressed firmly up  against Micheal. She gasped and Micheal, as he felt her small mouth open,  twisted his nose up into the opening. 

        With that as a foot hold, Deena leaned over more pressing Suzy down. She  pushed and pushed and then Micheal heard an audible *POP* and Suzy's jaws  parted! He had a brief view of her teeth as her mouth spread wide around his  face and cut off his light. 

        Micheal could feel Suzy's tongue pressing up against his chin as Deena kept  on pushing. Soon Suzy's mouth was tilting over, covering the back of  Micheal's head till he felt his face press firmly into her tongue. Shortly  afterwards her lips squeezed around his head completely and came to rest  around his neck. 

        He could feel small movements all around his head as her mouth quivered and  her tongue wriggled around. His head was already into her throat. he was  hardly surprised considering her size. He was beginning to wonder if she  could manage him. It certainly seemed a struggle. He doubted she would have  got this far without Deena's 'assistance'. As he thought this Deena shoved  again. 

        Suzy reflexively gulped but this didn't seem to help much. His movement  seemed to rely on Deena's pressure. Slowly his head squeezed into the tight  recesses of Suzy's throat as it rippled around him. This was very pleasant,  if a little too tight. 

        Soon he felt the sides of Suzy's mouth press down onto his shoulders. After  several pushes from Deena it was obvious that Suzy's mouth wasn't stretching  quite far enough. Then Micheal felt Deena shift slightly under him. He could  just make out Deena speaking through Suzy's tightly stretched throat around  him. 

        " O 'a, 'ow a'o' 'is 'en?" she mumbled and Micheal was tipped up, out from  between Deena's breasts, as Suzy's rear was tipped upwards, lifting her off  Deena completely. A few seconds later he felt Suzy's throat tighten around  him briefly as she seemed to try to gasp. Then he felt her being slowly  lowered. 

        As she was descending he felt Deena's hands clasping him around the waist  and he suddenly found himself and Suzy flipped upwards yanking his shaft out  from Deena's passage! Now Suzy was upright and he was upside down into her  with Deena steadying his waist. 

        Then he felt some twisting and movement. It seemed as if Deena was sitting  up on the bed. Micheal wondered how Suzy was balanced on her? 

        Suddenly there was another shift, followed by a short but abrupt drop. Both  he and Suzy had just slipped down about six inches. What was happening out  there? 

        Deena shifted some more, got a firmer grip, now on either of Micheal's mid  thighs, and pulled hard. He felt himself and Suzy plummet about a foot. Suzy  was trying to groan around him and he felt her arms reach up and hug around  his back as she wriggled around beneath him. Maybe Deena was raising Suzy  slowly enough he couldn't feel the motion and then ramming her down on her  long tongue again? 

        Micheal felt Deena alter her grip some and then pull again. The lip-locked  couple then slid another foot down and Micheal felt something odd against  his chest just below Suzy's lower lip. It squirmed against him wetly across  his chest. Had Deena dipped her finger between her legs and then started  brushing it against him? No, she had both hands at his thighs. He soon got  his answer. 

        Another drop hit him and then he felt wetness press down on his front and  back, pinning Suzy's hands against his back. Then he understood what was  happening. Deena was swallowing Suzy with him still with his head in Suzy's  throat! The wetness was Deena's jaws closing over him after having downed  Suzy feet first (or maybe butt first?)! No wonder Suzy was squirming and  wriggling. She always got off on being swallowed. 

        Micheal felt the wet squirming on his belly and realised it was Deena's  dextrous tongue! It wove along him and out of her mouth to lick the tip of  his still erect member. Then Deena gulped, squeezing Micheal's shoulders  into her mouth as he and Suzy dropped another foot into her. Her tongue now  curled itself around Micheal's shaft and started to slide up and down him. 

        Then he felt the world tip back about forty five degrees. Deena was leaning  back, relaxing herself as she swallowed. 

        Deena's mouth pulsed around him sucking his upper torso wetly as she gulped  once more taking his hips into her mouth. He was surprised a horse's mouth  could stretch as far as this, even one as large as Deena! She seemed to have  no problem however and her mouth closed tightly around his entire body now  with her tongue still rippling over his shaft, now inside her jaws aswell. 

        His head tipped forwards, from his perspective, as Deena gulped again. This  time she only eased them down a couple of inches and Micheal felt his  shoulders pressing very hard up against Suzy's lips. He could feel Suzy in  ecstasy around and beneath him but he didn't go any deeper into Suzy. 

        As Deena gulped again he felt Suzy reach her peak as the orgasm hit her.  She gulped around him squeezing him tightly inside her as she bucked, and  Deena continued her ministrations with her tongue which tipped him over the  edge and he succumbed to his own orgasm, pumping his seed alongside himself  into Deena's throat. 

        Deena's saliva and gulping soon washed it down past Micheal as he relaxed.  He realised he hadn't travelled any further down either Deena's or Suzy's  gullet. 

        After a minute or so (he still hadn't worked out how he could do this sort  of thing without needing to breath) he felt Deena's hands grasp his legs and  pull upwards. He felt Suzy's mouth ripple around him as he was pulled out of  it. He heard a wet *PLOP* as he emerged from it and heard Suzy's sighs,  seemingly of relief. He wondered if the attempt at swallowing him had hurt  her? 

        Soon he felt Deena's tongue and mouth sliding over his chest again as she  pulled him out of her, leaving Suzy behind, and tipping her head over so his  legs ended in her lap. Eventually he felt his shoulders squish out and her  mouth come to rest around his neck. 

        Here she stopped and he suddenly felt her tongue delve into his mouth once  more. This time she was more vigorous and the 'kiss' lasted quite a while.  Just when Micheal thought she had finished he felt it suddenly press into  the back of his throat. He couldn't help swallowing and soon felt it slide  down his gullet. 

        Deena let it wriggle around in there for a bit and then started pulling his  head out of her mouth, drawing her tongue out of him as she went. 

        Finally Micheal landed in a wet heap in her lap, dripping with saliva and  thoroughly exhausted. As he looked up he just caught Deena lean her head  back and gulp, squeezing Suzy down her neck. He saw the bulge of her head  slide down into Deena's chest as her belly filled. 

        "Mmmm!" Deena moaned "You were delicious! A pity Suzy was right. It looks  like she just can't manage you yet. Maybe if she practices on slightly  smaller meals her mouth might stretch a bit?" Deena looked down at Micheal  and smiled. Eventually Micheal manage to get his breath back to speak. 

        "That was an interesting method you have of force feeding." Micheal said. 

        "Hmm, yes well," Deena replied softly, she looked like she was tired too.  "since she didn't seem to be able to gulp you down on her own I thought I'd  add my own swallowing muscles to the task." here she grinned broadly and  then 'mmmed' to herself and closed her eyes. Micheal then felt Deena's tummy  bulge out, nudging him. It looked like Suzy was enjoying herself in there. 

        Soon Suzy tired herself out too and they all lay back on the couch to rest.  Micheal ended up on his back using Deena's breasts for a pillow. He didn't  quite get to sleep but from the sound of Deena's stomach Suzy did! 


        After about an hour or so Deena stirred beneath Micheal. He wondered if  she'd drifted off to sleep? 

        "So how do you like the film industry hmm?" Deena asked Micheal "you think  you'll enjoy working here?" 

        "Oh definitely!" he said tipping his head back to look up at her.  "Definitely given the script I'm following!" and he smiled broadly. 

        "Hmm?" she asked, tipping her head to one side quizzically "How so? It  seems fairly standard to me." 

        "What? Oh yes well." Micheal paused wondering how much he should say. He  hadn't really talked his about his origins with Suzy either. eventually he  decided "You see I'm not exactly from around here and the 'story' of my  arrival here is not too far off the script I'm acting out! Except I didn't  eat the cops and I let the crook out when I got to the police station." 

        Deena looked at him, a slightly shocked expression on her face. Micheal  continued. 

        "Well I'd never eaten anyone before and this feline comes up to me and  force feeds herself to me!" he said, trying to sound nonchalant "Besides I  was pretty out of it at the time and couldn't really offer any resistance."  he saw Deena's puzzled expression and was about to continue, so he could  explain better when he felt her tummy shift underneath him. 

        " What do you mean 'out of it' "  called Suzy from inside Deena " Were you  on drugs or something? " 

        Micheal sighed again and gave in. He went through the whole story from when  he arrived right up till he arrived at the studio. Deena and Suzy stayed  silent the whole time. When he'd finished Deena slowly spoke up. 

        "So... you're an... Alien?" she muttered. 

        "Well sort of, I think." Micheal replied "Both the people here and back  home speak the same language and the countries seem the same, although I  don't remember a town called Stockbridge nearby back home. I figure I must  have popped into an alternate universe or something. Don't know how. I was  just walking down the street when the light hit me... then here I was. Or  rather I was there in Stockbridge.... Oh you know what I mean." 

        Deena looked at Micheal seriously for a bit then continued. 

        "So... an 'alternate' universe?" she said "That's like, the same as ours  but different in little ways, right?" Micheal nodded "So how is our world  different from yours?" 

        "Ah! Yes well there are a couple of things." Micheal said "The main one is  that back home every one is like me. Oh I don't mean they all look alike! I  mean they're all human, my species. There aren't any talking horses,  rabbits, cats dogs etc." 

        Deena looked pensive for a moment then started as Suzy spoke up again  inside her. 

        " Wait up, if there aren't any people like us in your world, how did you  know what to call me, I mean rabbit, when we met? you wouldn't have had time  to look the word up would you? " 

        "Ahh, I think you misunderstood." Micheal said "I didn't mean there were no  rabbits, horses etc, just that they weren't people like you. They're just  animals back home, they can't speak or whatever. They're also a bit smaller  in most cases. Although there are a few people that claim some monkeys,  dolphins (and I heard even some birds) can think properly and even talk  after a fashion. I don't know too much about that, I never paid much  attention to those sort of things before." 

        Deena stared at him and even Suzy stayed silent. Eventually Deena spoke up. 

        "You mean these 'humans' are the only intelligent, sorry, civilised  creatures around?" 

        "Well yes." Micheal said. He wondered if he should have kept his mouth shut  after all. 

        "And the other 'little' difference between our worlds?" Deena said,  frowning at him. 

        "Ah, well, although humans are omnivores we don't eat animals.... well...  not whole anyway. Normally our jaws don't dislocate and I'm fairly sure our  ribcages don't separate in the middle to allow the chest to expand. That's  why I was so surprised when that cat first surprised me and squeezed herself  down my throat. It shouldn't have been possible. I can only guess that  something about this world has altered me, is still altering me, making me  more able to swallow things." 

        He propped himself up on the couch so he could get a better view of Deena's  face. 

        "That first swallow, she was a under five foot tall and it felt like my  mouth would split in two! Last week when I gulped you down it was nowhere  near as bad. I mean..." Micheal found himself grinding to a halt and just  waited to see how they would respond to all this. 

        Deena stared at him for a while without saying anything. Eventually she  smiled and spoke up. 

        "You lucky bastard! You've gone from a complete non-vore to be able manage  my... er... physique? Well, I think I ought to repay that, hmm? Besides I  promised you a trip, didn't I?" 

        Micheal glanced briefly down beneath him in the general direction of  Deena's thighs 

        "Oh now wait a minute. I do... OOH!" He cried as Deena grabbed his  shoulders and forcefully slid him down over her till his head landed on the  couch between her legs. The view was... interesting! 

        Before Micheal could comment on this however she grabbed him under his  armpits and hauled him forwards sharply. He looked up just in time for his  face to be rammed up between her thighs! 

        Deena yanked again and he felt her opening up infront of him. The next pull  and her wet passage slurped over his head, quivering tightly around him. He  felt her alter her grip to hold him on either side of his chest and pull  again. She spread her legs wide and his shoulders slipped in to join his  head as he was squeezed in further. 

        He could hear Deena moaning faintly (although given all the flesh around  him deadening the sound he wondered how loud she sounded out there!) but she  didn't seem to be moving much, just rocking her hips gently as she stuffed  Micheal further up between her legs. 

        His head suddenly felt constricted as a tight ring passed over it at an odd  angle. Then his head entered a slightly less constrained area as he was  forced up into Deena's womb. He twisted and started to tuck his head down so  eventually he could curl up inside. 

        Then, as his torso was almost fully swallowed by Deena's vagina, he felt  his member bump into her rear. Almost immediately Deena shifted and he felt  her hand grasp his tool and guide it in between her buttocks. 

        Her vaginal muscles pulsed hard drawing him in and driving his shaft deep  into her anus.  Due to Deena's size he fitted her this way almost perfectly  and he could definitely hear Deena gasping now!  Micheal found he could  contribute very little to the motion in his tight constraint and had to let  Deena's grip on his body thrust him in and out of both her holes on her own. 

        After a while he couldn't hold back and gushed deep up inside her. She came  shortly after and then extricated his shaft from her rear and fed it up  along his body into her other, very moist, passage. He couldn't help but  start to react as she drew him in further and by the time her nether lips  closed past his feet he was rock hard once more. She managed to come before  he settled into a foetal position listening to the drum of her heart beat  around him as well as her screams of pleasure. 

        After all that he closed his eyes to relax a bit. It was difficult. Just  the thought of where he was set his blood racing! After a few minutes he  realised that Deena was moving around quite a bit, although he didn't think  she'd stood up yet. Then, after some tight clutching motions from the womb  around him, he felt something press against his feet. 

        Soon a furry mound that could only be Suzy's head was forced up between his  feet and then up infront of him, gasping loudly as soon as her mouth was  clear. He felt her head squeeze up past his hips and soon her shoulders  entered forcing his legs wider apart to allow her to pass up between his  knees. 

        Micheal closed his eyes again and moaned as Suzy's furry breast squelched  in and pressed up over his groin. As they slid over his shaft he had the  overwhelming urge to grasp hold of her and press her body against him. For  the moment he held back, waiting till she had entered fully into the  chamber. 

        Slowly Suzy's small, wet, furry form slid up infront of him, bucking and  twisting more and more violently until she gasped hard and he felt her arms  slurp into the chamber suddenly as she grabbed hold around his waist. She  held on tightly as she calmed down but that didn't stop her motion inward,  it just force Micheal upwards as well. 

        He felt Deena's belly stretching more and more as more of Suzy was  swallowed up. She was entering rather quickly now, slowed slightly perhaps  by her hold on him, but not by much. Then he felt Suzy slip as her legs  entered fully and they buckled upwards removing the support that had been  stretching their confines tightly. 

        "Eeep!" Suzy exclaimed as her legs folded up and both her and Micheal  bounced down as Deena's womb contracted around them. The bump forced Suzy to  lose her grip around Micheal's waist and he shot past her, feeling her  kneeling legs press under his backside and her soft breasts brush rapidly up  his belly. Once they'd settled in their new position Suzy regained her hug,  now around his midriff, and *mmmed* softly to her self. 

        Just as Micheal was getting used to their new position their world shifted  suddenly as Deena stood up! They were held together tightly and didn't  bounce around much but it felt really weird to be inside Deena's belly as  she wandered around his apartment. Then had other matters to think on as he  felt Suzy's hand clasp around his shaft, directing it between her legs. 

        "Oh Suzy don't you... Ahhh!.. ever get tired?" he asked as she settled on  him fully. 

        Both he and Suzy moaned softly as he felt her familiar tightness ripple  around his manhood. With the sensations of being softly bounced around in  Deena's womb and Suzy's furry form (still wet from Deena's vagina) pressed  tight against him, he couldn't hold back and released almost immediately,  but Suzy didn't let up. Soon he could feel his ardour rising once more and  Suzy picked up the pace. 

        As they pounded away inside Deena they felt their world shift once more as  Deena pressed her belly tightly, forcing them around inside her. It felt odd  being twisted around and manipulated by Deena's large hands through her skin  but soon they had been inverted and they felt Deena's womb contract tightly  around them. 

        Abruptly Micheal's head was squeezed back down into her vaginal passage.  Deena kept up the pressure as she leant back once more and soon both he and  Suzy were pressing into Deena's passage as they continued their frenzied  motions. The added sensations of Deena's tight vaginal muscles moistly  squeezing them forward set them over the edge and as Micheal's head popped  out into the air once more they came together, with Deena gripping them  tightly in place inside her till they had stopped shuddering. 

        Once Micheal and Suzy had calmed down Deena extracted their wet bodies from  between her thighs to lie in the bath. Apparently Deena didn't want to get  the couch soggy with her juices and so had moved to the bathroom while they  were inside her. Suzy lay on Micheal's chest with his limp member still held  inside her as she nuzzled him softly. Both she and Micheal were almost  asleep, they'd had a very tiring evening. 

        "So would you rate that little holiday jaunt, hmm?" Deena said looking down  at the sleepy pair. Suzy just ignored her and closed her eyes. 

        "Oh definitely five star accommodation," Micheal said tiredly. "and the  transport was first class!" after that he gave in too and started to drift  off to sleep. 

        Deena popped out into the main room and then returned to placed a pillow  under Micheal's head. She left Suzy with Micheal for a pillow. 

        "Well sweet dreams you two." She said and briefly kissed both of them  goodnight "I think you'll get on fine in this town. I think I'll ask Jon if  he can put us in a flick together..." and then traced a finger gently across  Suzy's right breast. "and we'll see if you can't join in too hmm? I'm sure  you'd enjoy that wouldn't you" 

        Deena left them to their dreams and went to the bedroom her self to dream  of acting in a Voreplay alongside the two newest actors at Kellingworth  Studios.