>Chicken Thief
Chicken Thief

by Hedonism
(of 'Hedonisms ophidan haunt')

This story contains scenes of non-consensual sex between humans and reptiles, transformation, slavery and (especially) oviposition.

- - - - -

Unreah forest was a strange place, Liene thought, and she wasn’t the only one with that opinion. It was hundreds of miles wide, so people had no choice but to follow the rough caravan trails through it, preferably in large groups and as fast as possible.

That was the normal thing to do in any forest, but people were especially flighty and paranoid with Unreah. This could have been because of the magical creatures here. But the creatures in question were generally placid dryads, harmless but beautiful tree spirits. There was a dragon’s lair here, but dragons had lairs in human cities, and they didn’t exactly terrify their neighbours into moving out.

The real reason had to be the reptiles. Like most forests in the land, it was home to many, many lizardine monsters. Unlike in other forests, these creatures were gentle towards humans. Crocodiles waddled placidly past the travellers, snakes just looked wary. Most bizarre of all, the local lizardmen didn’t attempt to kidnap and rape anyone, which was something that practically defined their species to humans. Friendly lizardmen spooked the humans even more than ravaging, perverse ones. People didn’t want to find out what sort of terrible creature had tamed them, so they headed through the forest as fast as possible.

Liene rubbed the placid hermaphrodite lizard person on the tummy with her booted foot as sie lay in the grass. No two lizard people were alike, as they had different amounts of humanity inside them, and their lizard quota could come from any species of reptile on the planet. They could be male, female or, like this cutie under her, a mixture of both. Sie was eighteen foot long, of which nine foot was tail, shortish arms and legs, and scutes for slithering with. Probably half-snake, half-human. Her hermaphrodite status was clear from the scute-covered scaly breasts in combination with a thick genital pouch covering hir genitalia. Like any sensible human, Liene wouldn’t normally go near a lizardman, woman or in-between anywhere else; they were a mixture of human intelligence and well-armed, hugely muscled animal. This one was three times her size, and had claw nails that were longer that Liene’s fingers.

The human stood up and stretched her legs, happy at having enjoyed the novelty at tickling such a monster. The fiend grumbled and wriggled for more attention.

“You know, you can speak if you want to. I’ve been around, I know you creatures aren’t dumb.”

The lizard chuckled, got up and slipped into the bushes. Liene felt a peculiar heat inside her. She enjoyed that petting that rather sleek, strong creature more than she let on.

Still, back to the business at hand.

The lizardmen didn’t interest her. Welll, they did, just not in a financial sense. She had come to rob the dragon’s lair. This suicidal-sounding activity would be possible by her sneaking up to the cave while looking like a dryad, taking the goodies, and from that point on she’d have to make up the plan as she went along.

Liene already had the appearance of a tree spirit. She was breathtakingly beautiful in an unaugmented way, her lips naturally red, her eyes catching other people’s without needing make-up. Her shape was perfect, her breasts almost sculptured.

But dryads were naked and she wasn’t. Each one was bound to a tree by an invisible, intangible but finite link, and if they wandered more than a mile away from it they would grow weak and die. This made shopping for clothes impractical. Besides, like their trees they took in sunlight through their skin. Despite having human form and no clothes, they had a curious invulnerability to most of the rigours of life exposed to nature.

The beautiful thief reluctantly shed her clothes completely, revealing her enviably toned yet soft body. She stuffed all her belongings under a stone and set off through the forest buck-naked.

Liene looked at her beautiful flesh and compared them to the breathtaking scenery. She felt quite the dryad, despite a slight pang of guilt; she was a city girl, few thieves weren’t, given the choice. She knew nature was callous and cruel, and her emotions were just being childish and naive, but walking naked through the trees still felt right, and wonderful.

The local flora wasn’t helping. She reached out and plucked an apple from one of the trees. Others held equally delicious fruit. All the bushes in sight were filled with berries palatable for humans, and the shrubs were actually vegetable plants. Only the nettles and the grass weren’t in some way edible, but Liene was tempted to try even these in her current state of mind.

And then there were the animals. Liene spotted her friendly lizard man-woman again. Sie slipped out of the bushes, walking erect on hir clawed hind legs. Sie ambled along with the human, hir equally naked body twinkling with wetness and little spots of pond mud. Hir placid nature matched the serene forest perfectly.

The thief stopped, chuckled and stroked the reptile’s back. Sie made a strange gruffle noise and reached out to stroke her bottom.

“Hey,” giggled Liene.

And suddenly the monster grabbed the woman’s arms with hir claws and flicked her feet out from underneath her with hir tail. The beast expertly ground her back into the grass and parted her legs.

Liene shrieked and tried to release her hands, but the monster easily pulled them back to her sides, then locked her legs wide open. She looked with blank horror as the reptile purred gently to her and rubbed his groin against her black pubic hair until two pink penises unsheathed themselves from their pale scaly pouch.

Liene knew she was defenceless against the lizard hermaphrodite’s superior size and strength. And the monster knew it too. Sie let hir lengths fully erect, the featureless flesh bulging with cartilage ridges, the tips growing soft, tentacle-like spines. The lizard guided one of the twitching shafts over Leine’s all to exposed vagina and thrust it deep between the human’s reddened lips.

The thief squirmed with all her might as she felt the penis descend into her body, but the lizard continued to purr, enjoying her protests. Sie started to hump the human, green scaly groin bouncing happily atop a contrasting smooth pink skin.

Amidst Liene’s cries, the lizard worked on her for five endless minutes before gripping her wrists harder, grinding into her body and suddenly letting loose jets of cum. The human felt her insides get coated in the torrent of horrid slime while the reptile’s second penis ejaculated freely onto her belly.

But still sie humped, robbing Liene of her relief and forcing her to admit she was getting excited at this rape. Hir penii remained erect, the gentle spikes inside tickling wickedly, the ribs tugging and pushing at their victim’s vaginal passage. Just as the cum was starting to froth inside her slit with the action, Liene weakly humped upwards with her crotch and came with a sullen wail.

The beast gently slowed hir descents and eventually stopped when the thief’s orgasm was spent. Then sie leapt backwards, freeing Liene in a blink. The human instantly rolled to her feet and ran as fast as she could, her face white, her mouth hung open.

* * * * *

Liene ran wildly through the forest, her body glittering with sweat, her vagina trailing foaming juices. She could hear the reptile slinking behind her, giving her the chance to flee but not to escape. It was merciful ground for bare feet, she spared enough thought to realise.

Did the animal take me because sie thought I was a dryad, being naked, she thought. Maybe they rape dryads... no, sie saw me in clothes after all. It must have simply been because I was naked. I need some clothes!

Liene looked up and saw a building up ahead. A huge place, like one of the warehouses on the docks, but improbably surrounded by untamed if rather fruit-filled forest. It was, she noted, large enough to house a dragon and its hoard.

A couple more lizardmen were in sight, gleefully chasing down another naked woman. This second human was a welcome sight, even when she noticed from her incredible beauty she had to be a dryad. But Liene steered clear as she saw a raptorlike lizard swat the fleeing beauty onto her rump and leap atop her. She didn’t want that to happen to her. Again.

Liene made a swift detour towards a second building. It was also big, but there was an open doorway through it and the thief knew she had no choice. She darted into darkness.

And ended up jammed into soft, nude flesh.

“Be careful!” said its owner. She had bumped into a dryad. One of dozens! The frowning, beautiful face looked down at the thief as she pulled her head back from between the girl’s breasts, spluttering an apology. Liene tried not to be annoyed at this rival for attractiveness.

Liene slowly pushed through the herd of breathtaking women. They all looked subdued, though some were smiling and chatting. Others were nervous. The majority were pregnant. But there was something equally strange about them. And it quickly became apparent when the human felt her bottom get stroked by a tail, on the way to scratching it’s owner’s nose.

Liene jumped away instinctively, thinking the lizard had pursued her in here, but the lithe green tail belonged to a teenaged dryad. She giggled at the thief’s reactions and held her shoulders before Liene could fall to the ground.

“You’re new here?” she asked. Liene nodded briefly, watching the lady’s curved fangs flash. Many dryads had large tails like this one. Some also had patches of bright scales, especially over their bellies.

“I’m Eracus. Just relax and snuggle up to me, you poor thing,” she said, genuinely.

Liene had no reason not to. Her back already felt nipples pressing into them from a taller lady who was more reptilian than Eracus. It felt good to feel the touch of a fellow girl against her, even in such an intimate way. The dryad’s pregnant belly pressed gently into her trim tummy.

“I’m afraid you’re not going to like what you see. Or feel. At least at first,” said Eracus.

“I was raped,” said Liene in horrified tones. The dryad just stroked her shoulders in reply.

One of the more chatty dryads nearby suddenly hissed, letting loose a long forked tongue, and grasped her swollen tummy. Clear but gooey liquids splashed from her scaly vent, and she squatted down hurriedly. She was clearly straining to give birth, but none of the others attempted to help.

Eracus was saying something, but Liene stared past her with wide eyes and a mind tuned to the sight of the labouring dryad. Her breasts seeped white pearly liquid as her vagina opened reluctantly. With great hissing gasps and a rippling tummy, her cunny stretched around the tip of an egg. Redoubling her efforts, the lizardine woman layed her orb over a hole in the floor. Its leathery shell wobbled as it rolled into the hole and dissapeared from sight.

Eracus noticed the human had stopped paying attention, so she stopped talking, giggled to herself, bent forwards and licked Liene’s teet. The rogue didn’t notice, so she started to suck it. They were already erect and swollen; the laying had turned the human on.

Liene realised she was hearing more odd hisses all the time, in the background. She looked around at their sources. An iguana-underbellied and tailed beauty was birthing several smaller eggs in succession, her genital pouch unpeeling again and again around fist-sized eggs. A huge, horny-scaled dryad laboured slowly and patiently over large, speckled spheres while an as-yet unchanged teenaged girl suckled from her gnarled teets. A stately, dragonlike female leaned on a snakeling and finished off the last of her births, nudging golden shelled eggs into the nearby hole with shivering footclaws.

“It’s like a chicken coop,” Liene mumbled to herself. “A chicken coop for women to lay!”

She finally felt the cozy, mouthing sensations at her chest and looked down, puzzled. Eracus was wetly, loudly nursing from her. Liene gasped and pulled her breast free with a slurping noise.

A spray of white touched on Eracus’ surprised face. A line of pale liquid trickled from her lips.

Liene worked it out with some speed. She squeezed her wet teet and a little fountain of milk issued from it. And her tummy was bigger. Not more flabby, but taut and strained. Her eyes widened and she whimpered like a baby, stroking her milk-sprayed stomach. Her tummy button popped out before her eyes.

Eracus grasped Liene and pulled the increasingly hysterical woman to her own breasts.

“Suckle from me. Pretend I’m your mother, it’ll calm you. Please.”

Liene surprised herself by doing so. She started to suckle, sullenly, hiding her face like a sulking child. Milk filled her mouth and she swallowed instinctively, embarrassed at what she was doing, but unable to stop.

Liene stayed at her foster mother’s teet for an hour. During that time, the shrill hisses as women layed mixed with lilting conversation from the girls around her. Eventually, Eracus’ time came. She bent down, taking Liene with her.

The human slowly parted from the dryad’s swollen, slightly scaly nipples.

“Were you raped too? Were all of you raped?”

“Well, we... mmmmph, we all were mated. It’s hard to tell nowadays whether we let it happen or nnnnhhh... Nnnot. It’s fun, I know that.”

She grunted huskily and her muscles locked and flexed against Liene as they hugged. Eracus fought with the orbs inside her and coaxed them forth, birthed them one by one against Liene’s thighs. As they slipped forth, the human clutched her own tummy which had now swollen enormously. She opened her own legs as something firm and solid pressed against a barrier and breached it.

“Oh no... No! This can’t be happening! I can feel them, they’re inside me!”

Eracus stroked Liene’s breasts affectionately as the thief’s crotch spilled watery fluids into the hole underneath her. Her body hurt down there, but she had to push at whatever it was.

Liene gritted her teeth and strained her sto,mach muscles. A jolt of pain flashed through her body, and she wailed much louder than the others here going through their own births.

“It’s not moving!” she wailed. Eracus patted her tummy.

“It will. It will, I promise!”

“No... Nnnh, I’ll never get it out, It’ll be in me forehvv... ahhh... AAAAGGGGHHHHH!”

She fought the stabbing pain with an almighty push. The blockage moved a few inches.

She hugged the lizard-tailed dryad tightly. “I can’t do that again! Please don’t tell me I have toooaaahhh... Agghhh, noooooOAAAAAAGGGHHH!”

Again Liene pushed. More movement, but never enough! She screamed and pushed again, and again, each frantic squeeze moving the egg less and less, it seemed. It opened her passageway agonisingly, caused her vagina to seep with liquid. The human was amazed that none of it was red.

Finally, the human’s semen-covered vagina blossomed, and she reached a trembling finger into it. Sure enough, at nearly thre full width of a finger’s depth was a smooth, wet spherical wall. Eracus petted the human on her back as Liene reluctantly squeezed and screamed once more, and her cunny opened vividly around the egg and let it halfway out. It was about ten centimeters wide and nearly double that long, a pill-shaped, snake-like egg.

Shuddering with horror, Liene birthed the lozenge object into a hole in the ground. She half-expected her insides to follow it our in a splash of gore, so much was the pain. And her stomach was still swollen with a second!

“I can’t do it again!” she whimpered.

“But you can. it won’t hurt like that again,” replied Eracus confidently. “And you’ll be used to it now. Just try.”

Liene shook her head and stood up swiftly, closing her legs. Then squealed with pain, fell to her knees and gave birth all over again.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 

Liene stood up slowly, stroking around her aching pussy. Now it had been defiled from both directions. She had no idea if she had any pride left.

“This is a horrible place!” she whispered to Eracus. “I can’t believe the dragon’s turned you all into laying chickens! I’ve got to get away from here.” After a second, she added, “I may be able to sneak you out as well.”

Thieving doesn’t lend itself to acts of gallantry easily. But Liene didn’t feel much like a thief any more. She had become the victim, and it stank. Maybe she would reconsider what to do with her life. Maybe.

Eracus sighed and stroked Liene’s hair. “I can’t go.”

“But why not? Oh... You’re a dryad. You can’t leave.”

The human felt her heart turn to lead, but Eracus smiled meekly. “Actually, I’m a dragon.”

Liene looked up at her warily. The hand in her hair was now a powerful talon. The room had grown silent since Liene’s screaming, with the exception of the many maidens who had been newly mated and were labouring on their own eggs.

“I found out too late that sometimes lizardmen will go for dragons as well as humans,” continued Eracus shyly. “They took me and my two daughters as slaves and robbed us of our power.”

The expression in Eracus’ eyes was hardly that of burning anger. Her voice wasn’t exactly filled with vengence. In fact, her nipples started to harden.

“They made me watch my children being leapt upon and taken, get turned into more weak humanlike forms, then fall to their knees and lay eggs.”

Two of the more draconic girls went a deep red through their golden scales.

“I don’t know why I enjoyed watching it,” she continued, shivering. “Maybe that’s why they made it happen. They... domesticated us. Without even altering our minds. We just... slid into it.”

This made no sense to Liene, but as her new friend rapidly turned scaly before her eyes, she chose to believe it. To her embarrassment, she latched back onto the dragoness’ nipple and started to suckle once more. It just seemed to be as natural a thing to do as show sympathy in words.

“I like being here, I like laying eggs for my masters. None of our eggs are fertile, but they taste delicious. My children are happy, I’m content.”

“What about the others here?”

“They’re humans that the lizardmen turned into dryads to keep them here. They will eventually be freed from the tree-link when they have been mated with so much that they become lizard people themselves.”

Liene shivered against the dragon’s teat. “So if they were humans that were made into dryads, I could be turned into one myself?”

Eracus didn’t reply to that. Instead, she said, “I can fly you to away from here. My powers are still sufficient for that.”

= = = = =

And now Liene was flying naked atop the creature she had come here to steal from. They winged their way over the larger, empty hut, turned and slipped through the air in the way the human had come.

As she hugged the sleek, huge dragon the thief said in unhappy monotone, “I am Liene. I came to steal from you. I don’t deserve your help.”

The dragon shook with a light chuckle. “If it’ll make you feel better, I could eat you up and turn you into lots of little eggs.”

“Oh, errr, no thanks,” replied Liene quickly.

Eracus alighted in the shallow clearing where Liene had left her belongings. The woman fell awkwardly with the force of landing and tumbled to the ground. When she got to her feet, she looked dumbly at the rock she had hidden her stuff under. It had been shoved aside by a tall peach tree that had grown up from underneath.

The girl started to whimper and mewl. The tamed dragoness stroked her back with an immense claw and felt her body become even heavier with sorrow.

In the upper branches of the tree were the tattered remains of Liene’s clothes, now out of reach. When the new dryad concentrated, she could feel the link between her and the tree, like an umbilical chord streaming into her still popped-out navel. It took her human lifespan and spun it out into hundreds of years. But in return, she was rooted to it, forever.

Or until she became a lizard woman.

Liene turned around and hugged Eracus’ immense chest. She cried until the dragoness shapechanged breasts from her body and lay down, her new growths bobbing merrily.

Liene latched onto one of them and sucked hard. It didn’t tae away thr problem, but it did taste nice, and Eracus’ motherly mewling sounded pleasant.

A serpentine lizard creature uncoiled slowly from the tree and slinked slowly to the despairing suckler, who was having a go at draining all of the dragon’s enormous reserves of milk.

The lizard placed a gentle claw on Liene’s shoulder sympathetically, even as sie slithered around behind her and mounted her back.

“I’m going to become pregnant again. It’s going to hurt again,” said the human against Eracus’ thick green nipple.

“I wish I was a broody hen again,” said the lizard manwoman softly, as hir breasts squeezed into the human’s back and, this time, sie slid hir other penis deep.

The dragoness chuckled and bid them both suckle from her generous teats. 

By Hedonism