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Death By Chocolate

By Rancid

…also missing. Sources say that this rash of kidnapping is only going to get work. Police suspect that the sweet supervillain Dark Chocolate is responsible. In a related story, popular superhero The Boot has also mysteriously vanished, leaving the city defenseless. Now on to the weather…*Click*

Flip Hooper turned off the television, slumping down in his slightly is his armchair. Flip was a pale green frog, with occasional brown spots. His yellow eyes narrowed as he stood, glaring at the blanks TV screen.

“The city is defenseless? Not on my watch. This is my big chance!”

Flip rushed off to his closet and threw open the door. He smile, looking at just how beautiful it was. He’s worked on it for months, stealing scrap from the garbage dump he worked at. Finally it was done, and he could prove to everyone that he wasn’t just another slob. 

“Time to suit up!”

Metal clicked into place, lights flared to life, life support system kicked to life. Finally, he slipped on the final components…two huge metallic boots. Flip was now wearing what looked like a full-body suit of armor, with a large metal footprint screwed onto the chestplate. The most important feature were his large metal boots that seemed to have several gadgets and even on onboard computer. Slamming his feet to the ground and taking a dramatic stance, he thrust out his arm, holding a helmet under his other arm. 

“Fear not fair city, for you have a new defender. Evil beware, you have a new enemy. For I am the Steel Toad Boot!”

He slid the helmet on, and the built-in computer blinked in from of his visor. Giving a final system’s check, the Steel Toad Boot opened his window and jumped out, landing on a fire escape on the building across the street. His boots rumbled, and jets flared. The big metal hero leaped into the sky and started hopping across the rooftops.

In an abandoned section of the city, there were lights coming from the old Sweet Tooth Candy Factory. Inside, the dilapidated building appeared to be working perfectly. The candy factory was in full swing, machines whirred, vats bubbled, and conveyer belts carried candy and chocolate bars in various stages of preparation. Strange pink bunnies, none over 2 feet tall, and nearly featureless save for eerie yellow eyes wandered around the factory, some wielding whips and chains. Occasionally, one of the bunnies would crack the whip, and a small voice would cry out. The scared sobbing of small children could be heard. There were dozens of kids in the factory, each one chained to a machine, forced to run them for fear of those whips. 

The door to the manager’s office high above the factory floor opened. Red high-heeled shoes stepped delicately out to the catwalk. A sensuous brown rabbit female leaned on the railing, flashing a generous amount of cleavage. She looked down.

“Hello, my babies. Are we making lots and lots of candy today? I hope so…remember, my widdle sweetums loves to eat naughty little children who don’t work hard.”

Dozens of little eyes stared at one corner fearfully. A huge bloated rabbit stared hungry back, looking like a grotesque mix between Jaba the Hut and the Easter Bunny. A tiny head atop roll after roll of hideous pink flab. So far, the children had only seen the enormous monstrosity fed candy, but a few times, a lazy pink bunny was tossed into the gaping maw.

“Dark Chocolate, you fiend! You’ll never get away with this!”

The lovely bunny turned and walked down the catwalk. She stopped in front of what appeared to be a skinny blue kangaroo in a bad latex suit with unusually large green boots. He was tied up and dangling above a bubbling vat of chocolate. The roo sneered as the cute brown muzzle leaned mere inches from his. 

Dark Chocolate smiled sweetly. ”My dear, sweet Boot…”

“THE Boot, not Boot, THE BOOT!!! I’m not just some ordinary boot, I’m--.”

Dark Chocolate rolled her eyes. She pulled out a small handgun, and fired, gooping The Boot’s mouth shut with a glob of caramel. 

“Stuff it, hero.” She regained her sweet disposition. “My dear Boot, I’ve already gotten away with it. I’ll finally have my revenge. For years, children have been eating candy and chocolate, murdering millions of innocent sugary confections.” She shuddered. “But soon, these children will help me complete my ultimate creation! I’ll make a huge chocolate rabbit that will eat children!” She started to laugh, yet even her maniacal laughter sounded like a sweet giggle. 

The Boot started to protest, but the caramel reduced it to angry grunts. DC tilted her head and though. She grinned, “Hmmm…perhaps we should start the fun early.” She turned her head, yelling. “Sweetums! Make sure none of those rotten little children stop working!”

She pointed at two of the little pink bunnies and barked an order. She then strutted off to her room, while the Boot was lowered and dragged away.

Outside, Steel Toad Boot stared down at a sleeping city. His visor zoomed in and out, trying to spot any crime. He’d stomped a few gangbangers and punted a cat burglar into the next county, but no sign of the kidnappers. He sighed.

“This turned out to be a bust. So much for being the big her-huh?” He squinted and zoomed in…. “The Hell?”

Four pink rabbits climb out of a window, carrying a burlap sack with ‘Trick or Treat’ on the side. They start running down the fire escape at top speed. The sack moved a bit.

Steel Toad Boot stood up. ”Bingo. Kidnappers.” He crouched, ready to pounce. But a flash of thought popped into his brain. ‘The kidnappings are supposedly related. One kidnapper means more kidnappers. More kidnappers means more kids that have been…er, napped. So if I follow them…’

STB grinned under his helmet, and started to leap from building to building, following the pink henchmen to the abandoned section of town. 

Back in Dark Chocolate’s private chambers, The Boot was trussed up, stripped of everything but his super hero speedo, his mask, and his boots. Dark looked a bit disappointed, but one of her nervous henchmen explained that couldn’t seem to get the mask or the boots off no matter how hard they tried. She waves off the nervous bunnies and stood, her red silk robe sweeping the ground as she stepped closer to the growling blue roo. 

“Sweet little Bootsie, I’ve waited a long time for this.” She removed her robe, the silk slid to the ground, revealing her dark brown body. Her skin was smooth and even a bit shiny. She was in excellent shape, and was even rather full-chested, with dark brown nipples. 

The Boot’s eyes boggled, even under the mask. DC slid close, pressing her warm body against Boot’s bear chest. She licked a bit of caramel from his lips and giggled. “I want to feel you…deep inside me.”

The Boot boggled again.

With that, Dark Chocolate kissed Boot, and shoved the back of his head. Her mouth stretched, sliding around the Boot’s muzzle and clamping down hard. Despite having his muzzle pressed deep in her throat, The Boot found himself able to breathe. He narrowed his eyes, planning his narrow escape. But he was suddenly distracted as two warm hands slipped into his speedo, starting to massage his malehood. DC finally slid his underwear, plopping him into a chair. Standing at full attention now, The Boot was surprised again as his cocktip brushed his archenemy’s cunny lips, warm melted marshmallow dribbling down his shaft. A bit surprised, Boot finally worked his tongue out of his mouth, licking the roof of her mouth. Chocolate…she was living chocolate. 

The lick made DC moan, and she gulped again, working his face deeper. She pushed her hips down hard, sheathing his cock in one thrust. She moaned, pumping her hips steadily, dribbling marshmallow as she slowly used her prey. She dreamed of this for so long. She swallowed hard, forcing his neck and shoulders into her stretched mouth, pushing Boot’s cock deep, trapping him. Shivering heavily, she ground her hips against his, and finally climaxed hard, a gush of melted marshmallow making the Boot and the chair underneath very sticky. 

Boot has been trying to concentrate on his escape plan, but it was hard to focus. Suddenly, those silky, partially melted insides clamped down hard on him. He completely lost in, cumming hard inside. He felt Dark Chocolate moan heavily around him. He struggled to get out, but Dark slipped off of him and gulped hard, trapping his arms. She tilted him up, gulping faster, having already played with her food. The Boot grunted, feeling himself falling headfirst. Legs kicking, Boot tried to slow his descent, but the warm chocolately inner lining of her throat gave no handholds or leverage. Dark chocolate only stopped when his hips filled her mouth, and she paused to clean off the remaining marshmallow from his still rock-hard shaft. Boot’s legs stiffened, and DC took that opportunity to slurp him down, his boots a bit harder to swallow, but they too fell victim to her powerful throat. 

The now VERY full chocolate rabbit lay down in the chair, rubbing her still wriggling tummy. “You should be very safe in there for a while. But don’t get any ideas, that caramel should cement your mouth shut. No chocolate for you, Bootsie.” She moaned as her little pet name caused Boot to struggle angrily in her tummy.

Steel Toad Boot followed the pink, thingies all the way to an abandoned Candy Factory. He frowned. “Dark Chocolate…this is just her style.” He hopped onto the roof, peering into a greasy skylight. He zoomed in and growls. “Those are the kids alright, making candy. That sick bitch, I’ll make her pay…” He stood, and lifted a boot, ready to smash his way into the factory. But he stooped, watching a strangely bloated chocolate rabbit walk across a catwalk, wearing a badly stretched latex bodysuit. He kneeled, opening the skylight and listening in. 

Dark Chocolate lifted her hands and raised her voice. “My babies! You’ve all worked so hard to please me, and finally I have everything I ever wanted. The Boot is mine now, and soon, the children of this city will all be mine!” She giggles merrily, and waved her hand to a giant tarp in the back of the factory. A vat finally stopped pouring the chocolate onto the tarp and rolled away. A few pink henchmen pulled away the tarp, revealing an enormous metal mold with a suspiciously bunny-shaped dent. The mold started to open with a low metallic moan. Inside, a sticky mutated chocolate rabbit lay dormant, studded with candies and still dripping. The children huddled together, crying.

Dark Chocolate laughed melodiously. “Awaken, and feast upon the youth of this cursed city!”


In a blur of shiny metal, Steel Toad Boot leaped down, jets blazing. He flipped, stomping right into the giant bunny’s sticky head. He revved the jets, and the chocolate noggin exploded, sending warm melted chocolate raining down on children and henchmen. The rabbit collapsed, smashing a vat and a wrapping machine, and squashing several screaming henchmen. Boot landed on another machine and struck a pose. 

“Unhand these children, you chocolaty fiend! I, the Steel Toad Boot will *OOOF*!”

Steel Toad Boot flew back, stuck to a vat by more of that cement-like caramel. Dark Chocolate giggled.

“Why is it you heroes always ramble so much? Sweetums! Dinner!”

The bloated bunny looked up from his nape, drooling a bit. He spotted the hanging hero and struggled to his feet. He wobbled over, getting directly beneath the thrashing figure above. Without warning, the Caramel gave way, and Flip found himself falling.

“Oh NO!” He knew well even the suit couldn’t save him from this.


Flip found himself inside the giant rabbit, the walls of what he assumed could only be the beast’s stomach closed in tight, something warm seeping into the seams of his suit. Struggling for air, he opens his mouth and gasped, getting a mouth-full of marshmallow. Flip blinked. ‘Marshmallow? It’s…candy?’ He suddenly got a brilliant idea.

He started eating. 

Popping off his helmet, he gobbled down big chunks of the sticky insides. He moved upward, looking for a way out.

Dark Chocolate laughed. “Two heroes eaten in one day. True, I lost my big bunny, but I can always make another one.” She turned, just as a gooey metal toad burst out of Sweetums’ stomach. Gasping, he struggled to put his helmet back on, but he was completely covered with pink gunk that masked his face very effectively. Tossing his helmet aside, he punched Sweetums in the face and climbed out. The children gasped, giving him an idea. 


His metal boot crushed a chain to dust, releasing a whole section of frightened kids. He stomped on another chain, which released half the room. He smiles and shouted. 

“Hey kids! These bad guys are all candy! Eat up! They taste great!”

The kids looked at each other. The older ones caught on quick, and pounced a whip henchman taking a bite. They nodded to the others, taking another bite. The scared kids got the idea, and wanting to turn the tables, immediately started chasing the screaming pink bunnies, eating the slower and stupider ones.

Dark Chocolate witnessed all this and screamed with rage.

“My Babies!” She nearly lost her still wriggling lunch as she watched poor Sweetums getting eaten alive by some of the older kids. 

Steel Toad Boot leaped up, clanking down on the catwalk in front of Dark Chocolate. She gasped, stepping back, tummy bouncing lightly. STB narrowed his eyes, thankful the pink goo disguised his face.

“I don’t like hitting ladies…”

Dark Chocolate gave her sweetest smile. “I’m no lady.” Then she punches him in the nose.

Grunting, Flip stumbled back, holding his bloodied nose. He growled and punched DC in the stomach. The chocolate rabbit stumbled back, and a muffled ‘OW’ escapes her tummy. Looking guilty, Dark turns, starting to run as fast as she can.

Flip blinks. “Someone’s still alive in there…” 

STB lunged, tackling Dark’s legs. She fell, with two muffled grunts of pain. Flip reached up and squeezed hard, giving the bloated bunny the Heimlick maneuver. She gasped.

“N-NO! He’s m-miiii-“

With a final surge of effort, The Boot, sticky and exhausted but still very alive, squeezed out of Dark Chocolate’s struggling lips. 

The boot blinked, the bright light blinding him. He became instantly aware of two things. He was out, and some guy with pink stuff on his face was holding his archenemy down, both looking very surprised. The second thing being that he was still buck-naked. No help for it. He stood up, melted candy coating his fur and hiding his nudity. He looked down, and grinned. There were dozens on bloated children, all lying about with candy on their faces. He turned back, and chuckled. Dark Chocolate was hitting the new boy in the head repeatedly, but the metal-clad hero refused to let go. The Boot gently booted DC in the head, knocking her cold. 

“Ok…want to fill me in as to what just happened here?”

The police finally arrived, but not before droves of grateful parents showed up to pick up their kids. The police locked up Dark Chocolate, but the henchmen were all lining the stomachs of various children. Meanwhile, the two Boots stood on the roof, looking down.

The Boot smiled, now back in his uniform. He kept his face turned away, waiting patiently for his new comrade-in-arms to finish cleaning the crap out of his helmet.

“So, what do you call yourself, hero?”

Flip finally put his helmet back on. He’d need to seriously clean it later, but now wasn’t the time. “Steel Toad Boot. Sorry, but you’re kind of a hero of mine.”

Boot nodded. He was a lot of people’s hero. “You’re a frog though, aren’t you?”

“Steel Frog Boot sound stupid.”

Boot nodded, turning as STB walked next to him. He looked back over the scene. ”You saved a lot of little lives tonight. And mine…You won’t hear this much, so, thanks.”

Flip beamed. “All in a day’s work.”

Boot nodded. ”Well, this city needs more heroes. I’d sleep better at night if I knew you were helping me patrol the city.”

Flip nodded. “Count on it…real hardcore villains like her never stay locked away long enough. You might need my help again.”

Boot chuckled. ”Maybe…” He turned and walked off, the police starting to drive away slowly. Flip lingered a bit and smiled. “I’m a hero. Me, a real honest to God hero. I feel…I feel…” His stomach gurgled. “Uhg, I feel bloated, I need an antacid.”

With that, Flip hopped home.

Later that night, in Crazy Acres Insane Asylum, Dark Chocolate fumed. She narrowed her eyes, struggling a bit in her straitjacket.

“I swear to God…I’ll get that Steel Toad Boot, if it’s the last thing I do!!”