by Portly Robust
Time: Present Day.
Place: A Small Village. 
Jake really loved Shirley and Tammy, the two cute Catmorphs he lived with, but was having a rough time deciding which girl to have. The two were deeply in love with Jake and were constantly competing for his love. The two roommates would do things that they thought Jake would like, and in turn, giving one an edge up over the other. Some times this rivalry could get sneaky! 
Unlike most girls, the two used all kinds of creams to remove the fine fur that you normally found on their lovely powerful bodies, and lotions that would keep their skin smooth and supple. The girls loved it, as did Jake, when he rubbed the creams and lotions all over their bodies. He would take great care in applying the creams and pay very close attention to the bellies, as this is the area he loved the most about both of them. Jake really loved the feel of their furless bodies and would accommodate the two any time they wanted in this sensual interaction. He also liked how the two would run around the house naked. They both had no problem with him seeing them this way and knew that it turned him on. He loved most watching their huge tits fly around, so firm yet so soft. 
Both of the girls knew that Jake liked to watch them eat, and on every Friday would have a contest to see which one of them could out eat the other, thereby gaining a better foothold on Jake's supposed love for them. Jake would tease and taunt the two into eating more and more until neither one of them could possibly hold another bite. Tammy, being the shorter of the two, would always fill up first. Her round tight belly could stick out so far that you might think it would explode at any moment. Shirley on the other hand, because of her height and wider middle, could stuff her belly so full that she looked like she had swallowed a Hyena. 
Both of the girls ended up eating so much during these competitions that they would be sick for days and complain about how much each had eaten. Tammy was always the looser in these contests and she knew it. When the two gorged Catmorphs had finished their little contest he would help both of them to the couch and would rub Shirley's tightly bloated belly until she purred. After all, She was the winner. Tammy was so jealous of how much Shirley could eat that she vowed to be the winner some day. Jake got so turned on by watching their bellies grow that he could hardly contain himself. 
Shirley was taller than most of her pears standing 7'5", but Tammy had it all over Shirley with her body. She was built like a brick Cat House. Standing just 6'9" tall with nice wide hips, a relatively narrow waist, and the biggest set of hooters the village had to offer. A real hour glass figure and just the right amount of padding. Tammy's tits were as big as casaba melons and almost as firm. Her legs were long and packed with muscle, as most of the creatures were here in the village, but hers were more shapely and with better definition. She had the smoothest skin, thanks to Jake and the creams, and her pointy little ears just barley poked through a lovely head of hair, bright red, flowing down across her shoulders resting atop her massive bosom.
Shirley on the other hand, was so tall and lanky that her voluptuous figure all but got lost in her height. She too had strong fleshy legs and little to no body fur. Her skin had a light tan to it and was so smooth that even dust would slide right off. Her hips were of average size, her waist was a bit bigger than Tammy's and slightly rounded. Her tits, even though not as big as Tammy's, were huge and full and set atop her chest proudly. Shirley's hair wasn't as long as Tammy's but just as red and her ears were a bit longer and slightly rounded at the top. But when Shirley smiled, she lit up the room with her sharp fangs, something Tammy wished she had more of. The two girls were both Knockout Amazon Cats, a dream for any man, and Jake could have them both, if he wanted.
   One Afternoon......
Jake called and talked to Tammy. He let her know that he wouldn't be able feed them to capacity and rub their rounded bellies, as was usual on Fridays. This evening he wanted to tutor a bunch of young girl bunnies, which he had befriended at school. He told Tammy that he was quite taken by the group of little bunnies, and would be spending more and more time with them. "Maybe I could get something going with one of these Fat Little Fur Balls as it was plain to see that they liked to be fed also.

Jake knew that this would infuriate the two and possibly tip the scale one way or the other in his decision. He was right! When Shirley heard this, she hit the roof, running all over the house, her big tits bouncing and her powerful arms waiving all around, ranting and raving about that damned Jake this, and that damned Jake that. Shirley soon developed a plan. A Plan that would get rid of her rival bunnies, and alienate Tammy at the same time. It was diabolically perrrrrrrfect.
Shirley had to wait two weeks to put her plan into action. Jake had gone to the next village to take a seminar on, "The Wavering Willow - why not to stand under one!", and would be back around 6:00 P.M. that evening. Shirley began her plan by taunting Tammy about how she was loosing Jake. She continued, "because I can eat way more than you and my belly grows much bigger than yours". She told Tammy that there was a sure-fire way she knew of that would make Jake forget all about her.
 The mental abuse that Shirley was handing out was beginning to bother Tammy. Yet she was intrigued, but questioned Shirley more about it wondering why Shirley would say these things. "Shirley has never been this way before and I know she wants him as badly as I do." Tammy thought. "Why then all of a sudden is she being this way to me?" Shirley didn't say much else, just looked at her coyly and marched off into Jake's room. Tammy sat confused in the front room wondering what Shirley was up to. The rivalry between them had really heated up a bit, but Shirley just wasn't making any sense. 
Tammy's curiosity got the better of her, as it does in all Catmorphs. She got up and walked into Jake's room noticing his Prize Koy Show Tank on the floor, Empty. Jake kept rare Koy. His 24 prized Koy were all over 20 years old making them some of the largest known. None of the fish were to be seen, and there was very little water left in the tank. Tammy turned her head quickly looking around the room in a frantic search for them. Maybe she could save them! How could the tank have come off it's stand like this? Why wasn't there any water on the floor, to speak of? Where was Shirley? Too many questions. Tammy bolted out of the room and ran around shouting for Shirley, her huge tits bouncing wildly. Tammy thought, even though Shirley had just been so mean to her that, she would really like to know that something had happened to Jake's prized fish! 
She finally found Shirley in her bedroom lying on the bed moaning. Shirley's belly was so big Tammy had trouble even seeing her head. Shirley's big tits spread to her sides to accommodate the girth of her belly. Shirley rose from her bed all the while with a frown on her face, and stood in front of her friend holding her aching and monstrously over filled belly. As she did, her enormously extended belly heaved and sloshed side to side as she moved around making loud sloshing noises. Shirley asked, as she rubbed her extremely gorged and protruding belly, if Tammy thought Jake would like how big her belly was now. Tammy couldn't believe that Shirley had eaten all of Jake's fish, but told her that Jake would really love to see the size of her tight tummy, but to what cost? Shirley explained, "I am going to tell Jake that I just wanted to make him happy and that the fish were really meant to be eaten. I think he will have such a hard on about it that I will be the final winner." Shirley knew that Tammy would think that the rivalry between them was still in full swing and end up doing something, so as not be out done. 
Tammy could hear loud sloshing noises coming from Shirley's tight swollen belly and moved to put her ear to the over filled orb. Tammy could actually hear the fish swimming around inside of Shirley's monstrous belly. Then a huge gurgle and Shirley let loose with a long loud belch. It caused her big tits to vibrate and Tammy was a little amused. "I think that Jake will be so mad at you for eating his fish that he will love me the best." Shirely just giggled and in doing so caused her overloaded belly to bounce wildly. The noises that came from her belly almost drowned out what Tammy was saying. Tammy was determined not to be out done, and said out of spite, "I too could please Jake when he returns with a huge pre-swollen belly like yours, if I wanted." Taunting Shirely with her comment. Shirely just giggled and again all but drowned out Tammy's voice with the noise from her hugely stuffed belly. Tammy DID want to please Jake, nodding agreeably as she spoke. Tammy knew then and there what she had to do! But where would she get everything she needed? She thought a while and then scurried off leaving Shirley moaning on her bed. 

Shirley placed the balance of her plan into action, even though she could hardly move, and when she did it hurt. Knowing that Tammy would want to go and get drunk, and thereafter try to overstuff her own belly, Shirley made it down stairs and said, "What I think you need right now is a little drink." Shirley waddled around the kitchen taunting Tammy with her massive sloshing belly. Shirley knew that it would piss Tammy off to see her this way not being able to get that big. Everything was working in Shirley's favor as Tammy became more and more agitated having to see, and hear, Shirley this way, and not be able to do something about it. Tammy hated the thought of eating until she puked, and the only way for her to overstuff herself the way Jake liked was to get so totally plastered that she really didn't realize what she was doing. 

Just then the phone rang. Shirley answered it and began to look quite concerned. Truth was that her friend Jill was helping Shirley with her plan. Shirley hung the phone up and looked so discussed that Tammy thought she was mad at her. "What's the matter?" asked Tammy. "Jill just told me that she saw Jake and those bunnies going in to a motel together. Tammy remembered the call from Jake and the words, "Maybe get something going with one of those Fat Little Bunnies!" 
Tammy became furious. She grabbed the bottle of Gin from Shirley's hands and took a huge swig. Tammy was all but in tears over the news and is afraid that she will loose Jake, forever. Shirley continued to console Tammy offering her drink after drink. Just as she finishes the bottle, she held her flat little belly and belched. Her huge tits quiver as the noise comes from her mouth and she soon began to feel very warm inside. She discarded the bottle on to the floor and got up trotting off to fetch another. The booze hit her head a bit, and she all but looses her balance. Returning from the kitchen into the living room, where Shirley has gone with two full fifths of Vodka, she sits down next to Shirley. Tammy explains to her rival just how much she really loves Jake. Shirley nods in agreement and helps Tammy with another swig. 
Tammy sits next to Shirley and finishes both bottles one after the other and each in long continuous drinks. Now she is real warm inside and is really feeling the effects of the booze. Tammy begins to rub Shirley's huge belly telling her that she wishes that she could get that big. Shirley says, "I know what! Sure! You could do it, and it would take care of all our problems!" "What! What is it?" Tammy was curious. "No. You could never pull it off." Shirley says. "Besides if Jake really, , , No. You wouldn't want to do it anyway." Tammy coaxes Shirley a bit to spill the beans. "Well, Ok! I just thought of a way to get rid of those little bunnies and give you the biggest belly you ever had. Jake would never know where his new little friends went and we would still have him to our selves. But you see, you have never eaten real live things before and I thought you hated the idea of it, so I knew you would never go for it." "Well, I da'no. It's true I've never eaten anything alive before, and I've thought about doing it from time to time but, I da'no. OH hell with it!" Tammy gets this big grin on her face. "At this point, I'll do anything to keep Jake's love, even if it means eating those furry little bunnies he's seeing." Says Tammy. Shirley's plan was starting to come together. 
Tammy seemed to think that Shirley was being more of a friend than her adversary and Tammy was so exited about doing this with Shirley she could not quite contain herself. "Oh I can't wait. How are we going to get them over here? How soon do you think we can do this? Oh I am just all a tizzy about it. Call them up or something Shirley!" Tammy was a drunken gay kitty that just couldn't wait to stuff her belly full of live furry rodents for the first time. 

"What happens if I can't eat them all? Will you help me?" Shirley pretends to get a sharp pain when she moves to answer Tammy and says, "Oh my! That really hurts. I am so full I don't think I could eat another bite. You will be able to do it Tammy, I have faith in you." Tammy leans over and begins to gently rub Shirley's huge round belly saying, "OK Shirley, I'll do it. I'll do it for the both of us!" Tammy was thinking, I am going to stuff my belly so full, bigger than Shirley's, so that Jake will chose me. 

Tammy is unknowingly rubbing her own belly and Shirley notices saying, "What are you thinking? You think you may not be able to eat all the little bunnies?" Knowing full well that this would incite Tammy, she continues, "I don't know if you will be able to fit them all in there. Remember two weeks ago when you starved yourself for a week before our Friday night feeding contest? You just couldn't eat as much as I did. I sure hope you don't try to chicken out and force me in to eating them because as you know, no matter how full I am when I set my mind to something I can always do it!"

" Call them up! Call them up and get them over here! I'll show you! I'll show you what I can really do!" Tammy blurted angrily. "I can get them into my lovely little belly." "Well then go into Jake's room and I'll call them up and tell them that Jake would like to talk to them. Then I'll lead them up there." 
Tammy bounces off looking back at Shirley smiling and just before disappearing around the corner Tammy winks at her. Just before Shirley calls the bunnies up she feels like she really has to go pee out some of the water she had ingested while eating all the fish. 


Shirley called Jake's new friends, the group of bunnies, one by one, telling them that she was calling for Jake and that he needed to do the tutoring at the house today as he had way too many things to do. All of the bunnies eagerly agreed to come over, which made Shirley feel a bit angry. She had them arriving about 5 minutes apart. "This plan would get rid her rival bunnies and cause Jake to be pissed off at Tammy, thereby ending the competition once and for all." She thought. 

The first bunny arrived in no time and was greeted by this monster Catmorph with huge tits and an even bigger belly, which was still making all kinds of noises. The bunny asked Shirley when she was due. Shirley put the bunny's mind at ease by letting her know that it could happen any day now.
Shirley saw why Jake was so enamored with the little bunnies if this one was like the rest. This one stood about 14 or 15 inches tall and was so fat she wondered how the little thing could walk. The bunny looked as if it was all belly, with a tiny head and tiny little feet attached. This will be just the thing for Tammy. In her state, she will snatch this thing up and swallow her whole. Shirley told the little bunny that she could wait for Jake in his room. 

The happy round fur ball hopped along with Shirley as she lead the bunny to Jake's room. Shirley opened the door, and booted the poor little thing in.

Scuffling noises are heard, a few squeaks, and then nothing. Shirley waits a second or two and then opens the door and looks in.
She can see Tammy resting on the bed rubbing a small bulge in her middle with both hands and grinning so big over at Shirley that Shirley knows Tammy feels great about her first kill. Tammy pats the almost lifeless swell in her belly and hiccups saying, "Did it think it was coming over for dinner?" Laughing about the event which just took place, Tammy looked full and happy. This caused Shirley to get a little wet so she went over to her competitor and began rubbing her belly. "Sure do feel full to me. Still think you can finish them all?" "Sure, I am so drunk now that I could eat an entire city full of bunnies." Tammy says as she falls back on the bed as Shirley continues to rub her soft full belly. 

Just then, the second bunny rings the bell. This bunny seems to be a bit fatter than the first but Shirley again leads the fat little thing to Jake's room, opens the door and kicks the bunny inside. More noises, a few muffled screeches and then silence. Shirley knows what is happening in the room, but doesn't even want to disturb Tammy. Shirley starts to go into the bedroom to see how things went and sees Tammy with a much fuller looking belly. Tammy is not looking so happy and is clutching her rounded stomach like she feels sick. Tammy moans, "Gee...these girls are fat!" and pats her large belly. 

With in the next 20 minuets, 4 more bunnies show up and 4 more are escorted to Jake's room. With each, many noises come from Jake's room but it always becomes very quiet thereafter.

 Shirley then knocks lightly on the door and asks, "Are you OK Tammy?" "Yes!" She says, "I just need to be alone, that's all!" Shirley knows! OH YES! She knows!

 Shirley goes in to see Tammy leaning against the wall holding her extremely full belly with one hand and her mouth with the other. "Looks like you're a little sick. Anything I can do?" Shirley scurries over to Tammy and pats her bulging belly. She can feel the little bunnies moving around inside and hits it a little harder. Tammy's eyes widen and she quickly grabs the lower front of her enormously filled belly. "Hey! Cut it out. It'll make me puke." "I don't think I can hold any more! I think my stomach is going to explode, and I mean right now!" Shirley kisses Tammy's belly and then rubs her huge orb and says, "I know you can finish them off." Just then the doorbell rings. "Ah, the next victim." 
The three final bunnies show up all at the same time, and are taken back by the huge Catmorph standing in front of them. Shirley, as before, calms them down and leads them off to Jake's room. 
When the door opens, all three are booted into the room and Shirley follows. Shirley has a hold of one of the fat bunny morphs and approaches Tammy. She has a wicked look on her face as she grows closer. Tammy looks a bit apprehensive as she sees Shirley holding the fat thing over her head.

Shirley stuffs the bunny into Tammy's mouth and pushes it deep into her throat. She quickly grabs another bunny and forces it into Tammy's throat. The third wasn't far away and was too forced deep into the belly of the extremely swollen cat morph. Tammy sat there while the new batch of bunnies moved around in their confined space, then soon everything was still. Tammy's belly was so big that she could not get up without falling over. 
Tammy, still a bit drunk, began to talk to her over filled belly in between the belches. "So, you think you would get my Jake, did you? Well I got news for ya. He's gon'a have to talk to my huge fat belly if he wants to have any kind of conversation with any of you. On the other hand he could join you in there, but then I wouldn't have him either, except inside me. No, he's just going to have to yell to you from out here." Shirley just sat next to Tammy slightly rubbing her massive belly. Before long the urge to pee hit Shirley and she gets up to go to the bathroom. 

It was fast approaching 3:00PM when the door flies open just as Shirley was leaving Jake's room. Jake looks up the staircase to see Shirley, standing in the hallway, with the biggest belly he had ever seen on her. He thinks, "What in the hell has been going on here?" Just as Jake makes it to the top of the stairs, Shirley opens the door to Jake's room, and there, sitting on the floor, is Tammy. Her belly was so large that it was hard to even see her face. 

"What in the Hell,,,," Jake stopped and just gazed upon Tammy's body. Her massive girth amazed him. Never had she been so large. Her huge tits were pushed over the sides of her mammoth bunny filled belly. Jake could feel him self becoming erect. Jake looks over at Shirley, then he looks back at Tammy, then back at Shirley, and finally back at Tammy. The two love kittens have gorged themselves way past anything he'd seen before. Jake wondered what they had eaten to fill themselves to this extent. Tammy's immense middle turned him on so much that he walked past Shirley in to his room. 
"I told her not to do it!" Shirley spouts. Tammy sat with her unbelievably stuffed belly reaching past her knees, enveloping her meaty thighs, and spilling out to the floor. Jake leans forward and places his hand on her tightly stretched skin and can feel the little, , , whatever they are, just barely moving around inside of her. "What did you eat?" He asks, although loving how big and round she has become. "Shirley, sit here next to Tammy. I will go get the lotion and rub both of your bellies for a while, then maybe you two will tell me what went on here." 
Jake never found out the whole truth, except about the fish. Neither Tammy nor Shirley would tell him about the bunnies in fear of loosing him, for ever. The three simply sat in Jake's room and fondled each other. Three happy critters, in a small village, on the outskirts of your mind. 
"Competition" is © its creator, Portly Robust.