by Incognitus

The night was stirring with motion.  Dark, ominous bands of creatures prowled the streets in small parties.  Their forms ranged from the hideous to the terrifying.  On one street corner, a dinosaur and three pirates stood, waiting for the light to change.  Walking on the sidewalk opposite, a zombie and a ghoul each held a bag of loot and went through it.  A car drove slowly behind them, keeping watch over the monsters lest they get into trouble.
Many of the houses they walked past were lit up, some with pleasant folks keeping an eye out for the little monsters, and some with the excitement of teenagers at play.

Suddenly there was the sound of music and laughter as a door to one of the houses opened up.

From inside, a scream erupted.

"Get the fuck out of this house!  Right now, all of you!' There was motion, shown as shadows in the light from within the house, as the crowd of people inside made their way to the door.

"Jeremy!" the screaming continued.  There were some snickers from the exiting kids.  "God dammit, how many times? How many times have i told you!"

"But mom!" the voice was smaller, quavering, "It's halloween!"

"I don't give a damn what time of the year it is!  I will not have this shit going on!"

A group of kids got out, laughing to themselves.

"Dude, jeremy's gonna get smacked tonight!" one said.

"What a dork," said another.  Others were talking in low groaning, irritated voices, their fun interrupted.

The yelling continued kids poured out of the door in pairs and in groups.  Many walked out with beer cans or cigarettes, and a few with more sinister drugs.  Smoke seemed to hang over them like a companion cloud.

"All of you, out now!  Get off our property!" The voice stopped for a second; there was the sound of footsteps and a silhouetted figure could be seen through the lit curtains, walking across the room like a shadow puppet.
"Hey you!  In the corner!"

There was some indiscernible noise, confused whispers.

"Yes, you two!  Get out now or I'll call the cops!"

A moment later, two girls shakily stumbled out of the door, giggling and falling over each other as they descended the steps.

  They were dressed in regular clothes they might wear any time of the year, except for their costumes: each had two furry ears poking from their hair and a long, dangling tail attached just above their rears, and their faces bore painted on whiskers.  As they made their way towards the street, one of the girls, a brunette, bent over, her tight pants hiding not a single sexy curve of her ass, and smacked it.  "Kiss it, old man!" she yelled.

The man's face turned red with anger, and the sound of the door slamming shut seemed to echo up and down the street.  The other girl, a blonde, burst out laughing.

As the two moved off of the lawn, the sound of muffled shouting could be heard coming from the house.

"Assholes," the blonde muttered.

"Tell me about it."

They made their way to the street and started walking aimlessly over the sidewalk.  Quickly, they merged into the darkness of Halloween and it's population of ghouls and goblins.


The two girls were taller than most of the creatures roaming the streets that night.  Both were high school seniors, and both were18 years old.  They were at the prime of their lives while still maintaining a naivetette about the world around them.

The taller girl's name was Michelle.  She was the more outgoing, fun loving prankster of the duo.  Entering early womanhood, she was gifted with a sexy, developed body which she displayed to full effect in t-shirt and denim shorts.  Her face was pretty, gleeful brown eyes and a near perfect nose, a happy face framed by her long brow hair.

Christie was a little shorter than Michelle.  Like Michelle, she was also very well matured, although she had a more girlish figure; narrower hips smaller breasts.  She was reminiscent of a fairy.  Her breasts, although smaller than michelleÕs, had a more refined, developed look to them.  She took pride in them, wearing a light, soft shirt that prominently displayed their beauty.  Christie had more of an innocence to her look and actions.  She was sweet, and nice most of the time, rarely becoming angered and yet rarely going overboard like her friend.  Tonight, though, the alcohol was starting to have it's affects on her, and she was opening up.  Being around Michelle did not help either.

At the moment, they were ready for some action.  The party had lasted long enough to get quite drunk, but not long enough to have a chance at getting laid.  So they made their way through the streets of the suburbs, with the faint hope that they might be picked up.  Staggering over the sidewalk, obviously drunk, the best they could do however was draw the eyes of more than a few wary parents.

 Drunk and frustrated, they began to talk nonsense to each other.  Michelle stopped for a moment, and with a rather ungraceful flop of her arms, feigned a dramatic soliloquy.

"Ohh me!  Where fore is that hot guy to come and screw a young kitty like I?"
Christie burst out laughing and tried to gain control of herself.  "Michelle, you silly kitty!"  she said between chuckles.

"Meeeowwwwee!" Michelle cried.

"grrrrrrrr," Christie replied with a slurred purr.

"Oh, what to do what to do what to do... do you know what to do?"

"What to do?"

"ThatÕs what i asked."  Michelle said with a mock accent, and then snorted in laughter at her badly done imitation.

"Ohhh, oh meow, us poor little kittys and not a guy around!"

"Whatever shall we do?  Not even a single ghoul here."

"Nor a dinosaur."

"Nor a lion."

They cried in unison, "To gobble us sexy kittens down!"

"What to do... what to do?"

"No chance to become do do."

"Nasty nasty nasty, you whacked kitten."

"Ahh, but we both are, both we are whacked..."

"And without a date!"

"No one to be inside of us,"

"And no one to be inside of!"

"Ahh, but for a predator to come to our aid."

"Your sounding like you'd rather be eaten then be eaten out, silly," Michelle said to her friend, smiling.

"Ahh, but sometimes, that's how it is..." Christie responded in insight, quiet for a moment.  Both girls had been friends for years, and in course had discovered a strange coincidence.  They were both aroused by the thought of being eaten.  At first unsure of the others reaction to this, and then finding that they shared the same deep, naughty secret, the two had grown closer than ever, sharing their dark, naughty secret.  They loved to explore their fantasies together, usually at sleepovers.  Michelle would bring an old fairy tale book with them, and they would read it together through the night.  For them, however, the endings were always different.  Instead of the usual "and they lived happily ever after," the girls' created lucid, highly erotic scenes.  Sometimes the Princess would consummate a marriage with the prince.  And sometimes, the knight would fail, leaving the poor maiden to become dinner for the victorious dragon...

 "Oh, what to do, what to do..." Michelle wondered out loud.

They continued to move forward, making their way aimlessly through the maze of streets.

As they moved on, the track houses and busy streets gave way to less used, deteriorating roads and a motley of different houses spread near them at random intervals.  And the harsh, artificial glare of streetlights gave way to the full moon's ghostly white glow.


As I flew over the vast stretches of human civilization this night, I noticed that something was amiss.  Multitudes of people roamed the narrow streets, and the wheeled boxes that the humans traveled in moved slower than usual.  And, most importantly, the lights were twice as bright, threatening my cloak of darkness.

I was safe, of course.  My inky black scales hid rendered me all but invisible in the night sky.  At best one might see me as I passed over the moon, and even then for only a split second.  In the sky, I was free to move through the clouds and high winds undetected.

But down on the ground, it was a different matter.  Perhaps on another night it would have been OK, with minimal lighting and plenty of dark places between their living spaces.  I could easily sneak up to a sleeping maiden in her bedroom, quickly grab her, and sail off back into the sky.  But tonight every nook and cranny seemed to be filled with light.

I circled over the city scape a few times, extending my long, sleek wings to gain maximum lift with minimal effort.  But my search was in vain, and I headed off a ways to a small patch of woodland.  I was very hungry tonight; maybe I would be lucky and catch someone wandering around there, vulnerable and with no where to hide.


Michelle and Christie now found themselves walking along a dirt road.  The last house they had passed was an old barn, decaying in the moonlight.  The two girls knew this place well though; it was the reserve park and a popular hangout spot.  It was also a popular refuge for all sorts of illegal activity.  This was the place that spawned pregnant cheerleaders, delinquents, and drug addicts that roamed the High school looking for a cig.

It was deserted tonight though; No doubt the kids had found plenty of Halloween parties to enjoy some 'fun'.

The girls made their way past the empty Fish and Game shack and into the park area.  It was a small clearing, similar to a normal city park except for the great trees of the forest that surrounded it's edges.  It was surprisingly well kept for a place so far away from the suburbs.  The grass was cut, the sidewalks maintained, and the lights unbroken.  Their soft, calming light was just bright enough to illuminate the sidewalks, leaving the surrounding grass in the shadows of the night.


I soared over the woodlands.  Dropping down to get a better look, I dove towards the ground, my wings whistling as they cut through the air, and then leveled out at the treetops, the The green tops of the oaks and pines whizzing passed me in a blur.  Shortly, I was surprised to find a break in the forest, quickly passing over it.  I tilted upwards to stop myself, hung in the air a moment, and then flew back, slower this time so that I could survey it.

It was definitely artificial.  The grass was flat and cut, there were narrow lengths of pavement running through it, and tiny structures of lights dotted the clearing.  The lights, though, were soft, and seemed only to illuminate the rocky paths; they would be of no threat to my stealth.

A small motion caught my eye, and I looked to it's cause, my sensitive eyes focusing in.  Just my luck!  Two young women were making their way to center of the park.  Their walk was odd; they seemed almost to stumble, and many times one would reach to the other to void falling.  At first confused, I soon recognized the problem.  Ever since my first observations of humans, I had noted with some confusement that they willfully gave themselves a light poison.  The result was a loss of awareness and inhibition.  To a dragon such as myself, such an act would have been certain death; and at the least, shameful humiliation.  But then again, I never considered humans as very logical creatures.

And I did not really mind this behavior anyhow.  After all, it made the process of capturing them that much easier.

I circled a few times.  When i had found a suitable spot, far enough from the humans to remain unnoticed, I landed with the quietest noise I could and hunched low in the darkness.


"Hey you... we're in the park, right?" Michelle asked.

Christie looked around.  "Yup, you're right silly kitty.  In the park."

"Oh.. good..."  she turned to her friend and a dark smile crossed over her face.  "You know... I done some serious cat screechinÕ here, if ya catch my drift."

Christie giggled, and then the same dark smile crept over her face.  "You mean... like this?"  She broke away from Michelle and looked to the sky.  Then she closed her eyes and opened her mouth, "Meooowww... meo meo MEO MEOWWW OWW OWW OWWWWW" The orgasmic intonation flowed from ChristieÕs mouth like a siren.

"Yeah, owwowoowowowowow.. meeeowwww!" Michelle screeched, joining in, and with a last sigh, both screamed.


And erupted into laughter.

When they had recuperated, they slipped back into 'kitty noises' again.  They managed to walk off the path, heading towards a rise of the grass.  The breath of air that blew down on them went by unnoticed, as did the quiet sounds of something in the darkness, something huge moving about, being drowned out by their noise.


I landed and now made my way to a safe hiding spot.  The two humans had started making a god-awful noise suddenly.  I detected in it some type of eroticism, as if they were reaching climax over and over.  I wondered what could have caused this... perhaps the poison?  As the sound continued, it began to rise and fall.  One of the girls fell to the ground clumsily, and the other followed.

I began to study them closer.  Besides their moods, there was something else that had been bothering me, and I now saw.  They both seemed to have ears, like a cat or a dog!  Their face markings were different too.  One of the girls turned over onto her belly.

My eyes fell to her rump, and I smiled happily at the delicious curves of it.  Her bottom was very nice, better than most, succulent and yet firm and livascious.  I noticed, too, that she sprouted a tail, just above her plump cheeks.

Were these some kind of altered humans? I wondered.  Another species?  They looked unusually tasty too, their bodies not sickly thin like a few I'd eaten recently; no, these creatures had luscious, full grown bodies.  It would be a treat to probe their sweet flesh, and feel them sliding down my gullet.
But first, of course, I had to catch them.


Michelle took a deep breath and then exhaled up into the dark sky.  The moisture of her breath condensed and expanded like smoke in the cold air, and then disappeared.  Her eyes twinkled, reflecting brilliance of the starry sky above her.

Michelle and Christie had spent their energy, and now lazed about, each in her own world.  Michelle gazed into the sky, connecting the dots.  Christie had diverted her attention to the grass in front of her, and she rolled it around with her fingers.

Michelle looked down for a moment as Christie made another meowing noise, still remembering their earlier ÔconversationÕ.  Her eyes traveled to her friends soft, beautiful butt.  She stared, observing the way the jean shorts cupped ChristieÕs ass in a pleasant way, and her attention kept diverting to that secret spot between her thighs, covered teasingly by the denim material.  Michelle liked what she saw.

Not that she was a lesbian.  She liked guys as much as most of the other girls around her.  She loved the thought of sex, a guys penis penetrating her body, invading and controlling her.  She liked to feel the strength pushing her and supporting her at the same time.

But, at the same time, she admired the beauty of a female body.  She liked to stare at her own body for hours.  She shared in a guys lust and enjoyment of her body.  Her attraction to Christie was not a sexual one, nor was it a personal one.  Quite simply, Christie looked delicious.  For Michelle, seeing Christie sliding between some monsterÕs lips would have been an ultimate joy.

Michelle turned her head skyward again. She was surprised to find that the stars had disappeared!  Some object seemed to be obscuring them.  She tried to focus on it, but in her intoxicated state she found it hard to do.  When she finally was able to see clearly, she gasped.  A large, reptile like head was staring down at her, eyes aglow and fangs lit by the moonlight.

Michelle closed her eyes, hoping that the apparition would go away.  When she opened her eyes again, though, it was still there, looming over her.

Well... thought Michelle,  what the hell,.  After all, she had always wanted to see a dragon.

She smiled up at the dragon.  To her surprise, he smiled back, his scaly lips spreading to reveal two rows of white gleaming teeth.

"Well,Ó she said to herself, ÒÔello mr. dragon."

Christie, still deeply involved in the mysteries of the grass lawn,  heard her friend and stopped.  She began to strain her head towards Michelle.

"Michelle?Ó she asked as she moved, in an innocent, happy voice, ÒWho are you talking to kitty ca-"

She stopped mid-sentence.  Her eyes almost bugged out and her jaw dropped at the site of what appeared to be a dragon, itÕs head suspended ominously above Michelle.  "What the...  Is that... A dragon?"

"Yes, silly,Ó Michelle replied in a singsong voice, ÒWhat else could it be?"
The dragon was still standing there, looking down at Michelle.  It's eyes moved over her body, and then looked at Christie.  Christie gasped, not comfortable with the large monsterÕs focus on her.

"But.. Michelle! Dragons don't exist." She said, despite the the contradictory scene before her.

"Oh, but they do... look,Ó Michelle said, pointing up to the dragon with a grin, ÒHereÕs one now, ready to gobble us up!  What luck."

"Heh.. uh, no Michelle... this cant be happening."  Christie got to her feet, shakily, and warily keeping her eyes on the dragon.

"Well then, smarty, if it isn't a dragon..." Michelle was quiet for a moment, pondering her own question.  "Maybe... maybe itÕs just some mean boy playing tricks on us."

"But how..."

"Well..." michelle looked up at the dragon.  ÒOh, of course... it's just a suit."

"A suit?"

"That what I said, kitty cat.  Isn't that right mr. Dragon?  See, heÕs shaking his head...  Just a costume.. ThatÕs all.  But oh, what a wonderful costume!"


As I now looked down on these two lovely's, my head began to twitch in excitement.  They were even better up close!  All curves.  The one laying down had nice large mammaries too... they would be tough to swallow but well worth the effort.  The other, one which now stood up, was also fairly well endowed; to have her alone would be a wonderful treat.

So far, they had not attempted to flee, although the one standing looked about ready too.  Still, their behavior was not what I would have expected from any other humans.  I considered the possibility that perhaps they realized the futility of running, but I dismissed it quickly.  If they were even remotely related to humans, they would not be so smart.

Something was different about these.  Close to them, I could also smell a difference.  Both had a heavy scent of the poison.  Perhaps that was what kept them here.  But, there was something else too, a musky scent.  It was the smell of excitement, sweet and heavy in quality but dispersed in the open air.

So, perhaps they only stood there because they wanted it?  Was this maybe some species of food animal?  They had the bodies for it, that was clearly evident to me.  And their abnormal behavior would have fit in with the idea.
If this were true, it looked the night would be a good one for me.
With the hunger in me starting to become noticeable, I decided that the time had come to start things off.


Christie continued to stand in disbelief.  This was no shit, no joke; there was a real, live dragon staring at her hungrily.  She could even feel it's breath on her, a great wind of a breathe.  She highly doubted her friends hypothesis.  If that was a suit, her dog was the queen of england.  And Michelle was just laying there, looking at it without a care in the world.

The dragonÕs head swung down towards Christie, and it sniffed the air around her.

"Uh... I donÕt think thatÕs a costume, Michelle..." Christie said, in a serious tone.

"Course it is Christie," Michelle replied.

"Um.. I dunno Michelle... It doesn't seem like it.  I think we should leave... Right now."

"And miss our chance of a lifetime?" Michelle replied coyly, a mischievous grin spreading across her pretty face.

"C'mon Michelle, I'm not joking."

The dragon moved forward again, and Christie moved back.  Closer to a nearby light, she could now see more of him.  He was very tall, like the size of the T rex she had seen at a museum.  The scales were inky black, barely visible except for their shine.  And his belly was a strange dark red.  The dragon's overall body had a sleek look to it; it wasn't lumpy like a regular lizard, but almost slick, like a dolphin.  Every line seemed to flow, and every curve was smooth and graceful.  The overall effect made him look more like something out of science fiction than a fantasy story.

"Michelle..." Christie cried out, unsure of what to do.  The dragon seemed to be taking an more intimate interest in her.  Part of her was very scared, urging her to flee.  The unreality of the situation kept her where she was, though, as did her curiosity.  She had always wondered what a dragon looked like.  And a deeper, darker part of her was almost urging her to stay, the possibilities dancing through her mind...

The great head now lowered in front of Christie.  It's eyes were level, and they stared at her, probing into her mind.  Christie became transfixed.  They were strange, almost cold but at the same time intellectual, as if deep in thought.

Then, all at once, the eyes turned to what was without a doubt the look of hunger.

"Oh shit," she said to herself, and started backing away.  She had to get away, now or never.

She scarcely made  a step back before the head snapped forward and over her in a single fluid motion.  Christie looked up and froze, like a deer before headlights, as she faced the open jaws, the pink insides of the mouth painfully visible to her.  The jaws descended around her and immediately shut.  She cried out in anticipation of the piercing fangs, but soon found that the dragon was actually holding her gently, his teeth gripping but not penetrating.

 The dragon lifted his head, with ChristieÕs arms and legs dangling out.  Her arms swung about wildly, at once trying to find something to grip, her hands sliding over the dragonÕs scaled jaw.  Her feet kicked back and forth futilely but with determination.

"Michelle!" She cried from inside the jaws, "Michelle, help me!  It's eating me."

"I know, this is so great!" Michelle yelled back.  "jeez Christie, enjoy it!  God, I'm so turned on!"

"Michelle!" But Despite her situation, and in part because of it, Christie was beginning to feel a familiar sensation warming in her crotch.


The creature now struggled in my mouth, and I loved it.  Her body was warm and felt nice between my jaws, and her struggling was enjoyable, to say the least.  I reared my head up, but she continued to kick, although to a lesser extent.  I could now smell as well as taste a sense of arousal coming from her too.

I held my head high, and for a brief moment turned my head aside to see if the other one still remained.  Remarkably, she was still laying on the grass, looking at me.  She was roving her hands over her body too, one moving and squeezing her large breasts, one at a time, and the other buried between her legs, stroking.  Her eyes seemed to be wild with lust.

Now ready to begin, I started to move my tongue over the creature in my mouth, coating her in saliva.  I found that she was wearing material, like most humans, and I started to move my tongue about her, trying to discard these.  I was only partially successful in doing so; while I was able to remove the material around her chest, and expose her delicious orbs of flesh to my probing tongue, I was less successful with the thicker material around her waist.  The best I could do was slither the tip of my tongue between the tight material and her soft, wonderful flesh.

I began to tilt my head back; or rather, to yank back, moving her body deeper into my mouth.  The tone of her calls were changing.  She stopped yelling out and was now making soft cooing noises, although they were building into a crescendo and seemed to reach a peak every time I yanked back.

Her arms were now inside of my mouth completely.  They repeatedly tried to grab hold of my tongue, perhaps to stop me, but failed.  Her legs were also almost gone, with only the last section and the foot left outside, still wiggling but with subdued motions.  I internally laughed at the way her feet seemed to twirl about, toes spreading wide.  With another yank, they slipped into my mouth.

Now that I had completely engulfed her, I began to tilt my head up, slowly, and unravel my tongue from her.  My tongue slithered away, but I lingered at spots and dragged slowly over others, enjoying a last taste.  Then I inclined my head straight back, and swallowed.


Christie screamed in the mouth as she found her saliva coated body sliding backwards.  She looked ahead of her and saw the opening to the throat widen, preparing to accept her.  Here I go, she thought with an overflow of fear, curiosity, and pure excitement.

The thick hind part of the tongue moved under her and began to push, squeezing her downwards.  Head first, Christie slipped into the throat.


From outside, ChristieÕs form was clearly visible as a bulge in the dragonÕs neck.  It stretched his scales as it slowly moved down, gulp by gulp.

"Yay! Christie!" yelled Michelle in the exhilaration of watching her friend being eaten.  By now, her shirt and bra were laying to her side on the grass, and her jeans were unzipped.  Her hands were busy between her thighs, and her hot, heavy breath fogged in the night air.

The bulge continued to squirm, moving the skin of the neck in odd ways.  Michelle watched her friends descent towards the dragon attentively.  As the bulge neared what Michelle knew would be the stomach, MichelleÕs passion rose.  Her friend was about to be trapped in a dragonÕs stomach!  The sensationÕs brought MichelleÕs passions to levels she had never known before.  As the bulge moved into the DragonÕs body and disappeared, Michelle realized with morbid pleasure that her friend was about to move into his stomach.  Her passion swept over her, and she screamed out loud as the orgasm overtook her.

Bright lights flashed inside of her eyelids, and the pleasure seemed to be exploding from within her.  All at once, Michelle let out one last sharp gasp, and then blacked out.


I gulped one last time, and then groaned in satisfaction as I felt the creature spill into my stomach.  Her delicious body gave me a warm, full feeling, and I stopped for a moment to feel her struggles from within me.

I stood there for what seemed like an eternity, lost in a daze as she settled in, still kicking at my stomach and moving it around in strange, but oddly enjoyable ways.

Satisfied, I came back to the present situation.  I looked down below me, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the other girl was still there.  I bent my head lower for a closer inspection, and found that she was unconscious.  I could see and hear her breathing, her large breasts moving up and down slowly but consistently.

Had she fallen sleep?  I wondered.  Or maybe the poison had overtaken her.
Or... Perhaps something else.  I could smell her pleasure permeating the air, a heavy, sweet scent.

Slowly, I lowered my head  and nudged her.  She made a small noise but did not move otherwise.  Confident that I was not in danger, I began to explore her body in closer detail.  Her skin was nice and smooth.  When I poked it, it was soft but firm with youth.  Her breasts, now exposed to the air, looked tantalizing; if I was the rip and tear type, I would have gladly taken each one between my fangs and enjoyed their soft, delectable flesh, one by one.  But tonight, I wanted her whole soft, mouth-watering body.

Moving down her body, her scent seemed to become stronger.  I followed it to between her thighs, and discovered that she was dripping with honey.  Without abandon I began to make broad strokes with my tongue, trying desperately to seep up as much goodness as I could.  I delved all over her material, and then around her wet hands, taking them in my mouth briefly.  Then I began to lick at her flesh, at her soft inner thighs and her smooth crotch.  With zeal, I found her wonderful slit, covered in honey, and licked her all over there, all the while purring in a great pleasure.


Michelle had slowly began to regain consciousness to a strange but erotic sensation.  Something wet and fleshy was moving over her crotch.  Barely awake, and drunk besides, she simply smiled and allowed it, enjoying the feeling of itÕs unpredictable movements over her hot skin.

Then, suddenly, it penetrated her.  Her eyes shot open surprise, and she inhaled sharply.  When her moment of shock passed, she looked down to find the dragon eating her out.

"What the hell-" She said, and then paused, suddenly remembering the image of christie slipping down his neck as a bulge.  Her head yanked back and she let out another deep gasp as pleasure trickled through her.

She looked down again.  She twitched with the tongue's intrusion, and gasped whenever it moved at a faster pace.  Not bad, she thought.  He must have some experience.

"Hehemm" she cleared her throat, trying to get the dragons attention.  He had not seemed to notice her before, engaged so passionately in  his cunnilingus.  The dragon's eyes swiveled up to look at Michelle, and his tongue stopped it's motions.

"uh.. hi there," she said.  The dragon didn't respond, instead onlygiving her the same cold stare.  It's tongue began to withdraw.

"Hey, why are you going out?"  Michelle tried to thrust back with her hips, but the tongue receded out of her with a wet sound.  Before it disappeared, the dragon gave a long, wet slurp around his lips.

"Ohh...Ó she said, smiling innocently, ÒHehe.. sooo, mr. dragon, time for some eats?Ó


The girl was awake.  Lost in her sweetness, I hadn't noticed her until she had started talking to me (although I couldnÕt understand her; humans had ceased to speak in the old language, instead using quick verbal patterns that at best dimly mirrored it.  Though, once, I had met a very charming young lady, apparently in some form of academy, and spoken with her briefly before devouring her.  The experience had been an interesting one...).  This girl showed no sign of attempting to flee.  Just as I had grown to expect.

For now, I was unsure of what to do.  I was so used to them running, but she merely stayed on the ground, looking at me and making soft, friendly noises.
I waited for her to make her move.


Michelle grew unhappy with the dragon.

"Well, what're ya waiting for, stupid?  You gonna eat me up or just stand there?"  She met the same alien stare.  He seemed to be waiting, observing her.

"What, do you need something more?  So like a man," she muttered to herself and then stood.  His head moved back a little to give her room, but stayed close.

Michelle stood up, a bit wobbly from her drunkenness.  She struggled to stay up but found her balance soon enough.

"well, here I am!"  She looked at him defiantly; eat me!  Michelle held up a large breast, as if offering it.

"Come on, have me.  Look at this, dontcha want some? Huh?"

Michelle began to walk forward towards him, breast in hand.  Suddenly she found herself falling.  She hit the soft ground hard and muttered, Òshit!Ó

She had tripped on her pants, still around her knees after she had pushed them down earlier.

She looked down.  "Oh, so you want me au' natural, do you?... you didn't seem to mind the jeans on Christie...Ó

ÒOh.." she gasped, and then quivered in a sudden thrill.  She could still see Christie suspended in the jaws, her jean laden ass sticking from between the dragons lips, right before he had pulled her in.  She let herself shiver in reverie, and then decided to show the dragon a real treat.

Michelle slipped off her jeans skillfully - she had had plenty of practice in her years - and began to turn herself around, facing away from the dragon.  Why not give him a show?


She was now turned from me.  I could have snapped her up then, but this strange behavior intrigued me.  I wanted to see what would happen next.
Just standing there, she was gorgeous.  Her body was smooth and curvy.  I could see the swell of her breasts, and her plump bottom was fully exposed to me.

Then she began to bend over!  By Deus, it was marvelous; her bottom thrust towards me, her slit exposed and open, wet with her juices and my own saliva.  She wiggled her bottom at me, almost suggestively.  Her savory rump jiggled tantalizingly, hinting at the soft delicious layer of fat under the skin that would make it a wonderful delicacy.

She stood up straight, turned to me, and began to run her hands over her body.  It was as if she was presenting her body to me.

I did not understand her actions; she acted as if she were a sacrifice, but that tradition had, unfortunately, died out long ago in human society.  No one was forcing her to give herself to me.  Perhaps, then, this was another aspect of her species, to go along with her ears and tail, and her unbelievably good body.  But she seemed to have too many human character traits to be that different.

Then, it struck me, something that spurred my curiosity and spread a strange feeling of pleasure through my body.  Perhaps she WANTED to be eaten?  It seemed impossible... I had never seen someone act this way when they could escape.  Sure, I was used to using pleasure pleasure to seduce a girl into willingly giving herself to me.  And she WAS intoxicated... but no, I had eaten many girls in that condition before.  They had certainly fled when given a chance of escape; only, their actions were inept, and they were easy to grab.  This wonderful creature had been given many such chances (futile ones, yes, but she would not know that); yet she stayed put, looking at me with bright, ecstatic eyes.

Well, then, if she wanted to be eaten, I was more than happy to grant her wish.


Michelle stood, looking at the dragon.  He seemed to be thinking, making small motions with his head.  His eyes shined, as if deep, mysterious thoughts sped behind them.

The dragon took a step forward, and his head began to rise.  Closer to his stomach now, she noted the way that it still squirmed with Christie inside. SheÕd be having company soon, Michelle thought with glee.

She looked up.  The dragonÕs head was poised over her, vertically.  He started to move down, and his jaws opened wide.  Michelle shuddered pleasurably at the sight of his wide open mouth.  She could see every fleshy pink detail of it, including the small tunnel in the back.  It was the throat, she realized, eyes lighting up in anticipation.

His jaws moved over and around her, and she gasped as the she suddenly felt the tongue on her bare skin.  It moved over her breasts, coddling them and moving them in odd ways.  The dragonÕs mouth continued to move down around her, trapping all of her body in his mouth although she still stood.  She could feel the tongue moving lower too, over her stomach and towards her small trimmed patch of hair.  It snaked it's way between her thighs, and then up between her buttocks.  MichelleÕs heart began to beat faster from the intense feeling of the tongueÕs warm wetness on her exposed pussy and ass.  The tongue curled around her waist, and then suddenly began to pull her up.  The load on her feet lessened and then disappeared altogether, and as she was pulled up, they dangled freely, leaving the ground for the last time.   As she was pulled up into the maw, she was crammed more and more towards the tongue.  Her breathing was becoming faster and faster, and her face was flushed as she began to move towards a second climax.


I pulled the girl into my mouth.  Her body was all over my tongue, and her taste was superb.  With the tip of my tongue, I probed her rump and smiled at itÕs delicious taste and texture fleshy and succulent, yet toned and wonderfully curved.  I pulled her all the way into my mouth, and I closed my jaws and tilted my head back to a level angle.  I held her there for a second, allowing my saliva to coat her nude body and enjoying both the taste and texture of her skin.

As I let her stay there for the moment, enjoying her, I became aware that she was moving.  She seemed to be thrusting against my tongue, pressing her sweet softness against my taste buds.  Inside of my mouth she began to sit up.  I opened my mouth to allow her more freedom to move, and began to unravel my tongue from her.  I would not need it to keep her in my mouth, and I doubted she wanted out anyhow.

She straddled my tongue and began to move her hips back and forth, rubbing herself up and down it's surface lengthwise.  She was making more noise too, once again building to a crescendo.  I decided to let her have a little fun before I swallowed her, and play along with her myself.  As she thrust against me, I moved my tongue up and back, probing her back and roving over her body.  Once in a while her tail would get in the way, although it never once moved.  Maybe, I wondered, it was for aesthetic purposes only?  But I could only guess at the purpose behind the design of these creatures- and hope that I could find some more in the future.

The girls climax approached, and I began to move my tongue about her faster.  I licked over her body to her front, running between her breasts, probing their softness and enjoying their sweet taste as they shook with the girls sexual pleasure.  When she stopped, I entwined my tongue about her, like a serpent, and held her there.  Her body seemed to contract.  Her legs squeezed around my tongue, and her hands grasped at it, almost painfully.  She screamed out, hollowly, from within her fleshy confinement, and I tasted the sweet release of her honey.  I purred as the fluid was pounded into my tongue by her writhing, bouncing body.

As she began to come down I took the time to position her.  Surprisingly, she moved with me, as if she somehow knew exactly what to do.


Michelle sighed a deep, calm breath.  She closed her eyes and relaxed as the tongue moved her around like a doll, while complying with it by positioning herself to aid the tongue; she had, after all, fantasized about this sort of thing many, many times.

Still numb from her second orgasm, she enjoyed the feeling.  The dragon had complete control over her, and she was free of all responsibilities.  So she went with the flow, letting the tongue do all the work while she concentrated on the here and now.

For a small while, she lapsed into a deep state of calm as she was pushed around.  The world began to drift away, replaced by the wet sensation of flesh on her skin, and the gentle pushes of the tongue.  She closed her eyes.
Soon, though, she started to feel tinges of excitement begin to flow through her core once again.  She was becoming more and more aware of what was about to happen to her.  Opening her eyes, she could catch glimpses of the throat as it opened and closed with the rest of the dragonÕs mouth.  Eventually the tongue moved her about to the correct position, and she smiled.  Her feet pointed to the throat; she had always wanted to go down feet first.
Then the tongue began to loosen it's hold on her, and she began to slip over itÕs wet surface.


I was satisfied with enjoying the girlsÕ tastes, and was eager for her to join her companion.  I withdrew my tongue from her sweet, warm body, slowly dragging it over her breasts and lingering on her pretty face before leaving her for the last time.  Without anything to stop her wet, smooth body, I felt her begin to slide down the back of my tongue and towards my throat.

I tilted my head upwards, and smiled as I felt her feet begin to enter the tight confines of my throat.  I lapsed into a state of concentration and began to steadily swallow, working her inch by inch into my gullet.


As the throat began to contract strongly around her legs, Michelle shivered.  Every ripple on her legs was amplified by bursts of light in her mind.

"Yes.. swallow me!" she shouted ecstatically, as her thighs began to enter the throat.

When the her hips and ass began to slip into the throat, her progress slowed.  The throat flesh was tight against her, and when she looked down she could see it stretched about her wide hips.  Several strong gulps pulled at her body, almost to the point of pain, and then with a sweet, drawn out slide, her hips passed into the dragonÕs throat and she resumed her journey.


I stopped for a moment, recuperating.  Her hips had been a tough squeeze, and I could feel my throat burning dully.

I started to swallow once again.  With my throat gripping her widest part, every gulp took her down quicker and more efficiently.  I could feel more and more of her in my throat, stretching my neck with her lovely form, and it felt strangely satisfying.

Once again I came to another blockage: her large breasts.  I swallowed harder, but her movement decreased with every gulp until she had stopped completely.


Michelle squirmed.  Her breasts began to bend upwards, but would not squeeze through.  She would have tried to help by squeezing them, but her hands were already in the straining throat.  For now, all she could do was wait; It was up to the dragon to work things out.

She gasped as his head began to move around in the air with is gulps, moving forward sharply.  Each time he did this it strained her, and she cried out.  On the third time, she happened to look up.  She could see the starry sky, lit with thousands of stars.  It was the same view she seen as she had gazed up into the sky, in what had seemed like aeons ago.  But now, instead of suddenly looking into the dragons mouth, she was looking out of it.

Her breasts began to slip in on that thrust of his head.  There was a short jolt of movement, and then both breasts began to slide in.  First her right breast slowly squeezed through.  Then her left followed, into the pulsing, stretching confinement of the throat.

Without anything to get in the way of the dragonÕs powerful swallow, MichelleÕs head disappeared.  Half a second her long brown strands of hair disappeared, like strands of spaghetti, into the closed entrance.


Success!  The girl was now in my throat.  Her body was a tight, filling lump, stretching my neck scales tight.  I savored the feeling and began to swallow.  It was tougher to swallow her than it had been to swallow her friend, but the feeling was well worth it.  I could feel her every movement, every squirm or shiver she gave, as she was squeezed downwards.  I gave one last, mighty swallow, and felt my stomach fill out with another meal.


With a wet, almost almost sickening splorch, Michelle was squeezed into the stomach. She fell on something soft and slimy, and it gave a squeak, startling Michelle.

"M-michelle... is that you?"  It was a soft, familiar voice.


"Yes.. it is you, ainÕt it?" The voice was quiet, not the drunk Christie of earlier, but not the frightened Christie of the moment before she was swallowed.  It sounded looser, without her usual sense of shyness.

"Yeah.. well, I couldn't leave you all by yourself," Michelle replied as she began to untangle herself from Christie and tried to straighten out.  The stomach, although cramped, was still open enough for Michelle to lean against an opposite wall, although she at once disliked it.  ChristieÕs body had felt nice comfortable against herÕs, and michelle felt alone now, separated from the one person who shared her fantasy come true.

Gradually, her eyes became accustomed to the darkness.  A faint red glow dimly lit the stomach, allowing Michelle to see.  Christie sat across from her, looking at her with an unidentifiable expression.  A small pool of liquid was at the bottom of the stomach, as well as a pair of pants; probably ChristieÕs.  The stomach walls looked slimy, and moved in sync with a dull drumming sound.  Other sounds also became apparent to Michelle, mostly organic noises of the dragon shifting around.  His breath came at slow intervals.  She could hear ChristieÕs breath too, and deep within her, her rapid heartbeat.

The silence grew on Michelle, the rhythmic, uninteresting sounds and the dull redness, as well as her pent up sexual energy, beginning to drive her crazy.  Christie hadnÕt said anything, but just looked.  Her eyes were distanced, like she was in a trance; Perhaps she was in her own world right now.


Christie looked up, focusing on Michelle.

"We.. We've been eaten..." her friend said, slowly.

"Yes... we have..."

Michelle noticed that Christie was still wearing her cat ears.  She suddenly became aware of her own, and she reached up to find them, sticky and wet, but still attached.

"Your still in costume...." Michelle said, trying for conversation.

"You too." Christie replied, smiling in her own sudden realization.

Michelle laughed.  It seemed strange that the costume articles were still there.  Ears and tails... what had the dragon thought?

"Are you in complete costume?"

"Well, my.. err our dragon took away most of my clothes, but the basics are still here."

"Our dragon?  More like we're his kittens." Michelle said, smiling herself, her teeth showing.

ÒWhatta night for a coupla kittens...Ó

The stomach chose that moment to begin moving.

"What's going on?" Christie asked as the walls began to shift her around.  "...Michelle?"

"It's happening... this is it."


"C'mon, you should know what, being the delicious kitten you are."

"Just as you are." Christie said, playing along.

"Just as we are, Christie."

The stomachÕs movements became harsher, moving against their bodies and changing their positions.  Christie tried to resist, but Michelle let it have it's way with her.  She did not mind that it was pushing her closer to Christie.

Soon, both girls were right up to each other.  The stomach was becoming tighter, and pushing both girls into each other.  Their wet, warm bodies made contact, breast to breast, stomach to stomach, pussy to pussy.  Michelle eased her leg between ChristieÕs to allow a better fit.

"Oh my God, it's gonna digest us."

"Yes, it is," Michelle replied, and then giggled, looking into her friends eyes.  She wrapped her arms around Christie, holding her tight.  "C'mon Christie.  Stop fighting it."

"But... but Michelle..."

"Doesn't this turn you on Christie?  I know it does, for me... and for you.  It must."

"Yes bu-"

"No buts!   Just relax." Michelle looked into ChristieÕs eyes, and smiled as she felt her arms wrapping behind her back.  She could see a gleam of excitement in ChristieÕs eyes.  The same gleam she had seen so many times late at night, curled up under a blanket reading stories.

"This is it, we've been eaten.  The dragon got us, now he's gonna use us, like meat.  Just a couple of kitten snacks." Michelle held Christie tighter, and began to move her hands down towards her ass.

Christie smiled brightly, and began to reciprocate, moving her thighs against MichelleÕs leg.  Both girls began to grope at each other, rubbing their bodies together as the stomach pulsed around them.

Soon, the acid began to seep out of the stomach walls.  It moved about both girlÕs bodies, aided by the stomachÕs churning and the girlÕs movements themselves.

"It stings," Christie said , softly.  Her breathing was increasing.

"Ignore it, it's just the process."


Michelle moved her face close to Christie's.  Her eyes were wide and beaming, and she looked at Christie as if to comfort her.  Michelle opened her mouth slowly, moving closer still to her long time friend, and Christie did likewise.  Their lips met, and both began to explore the otherÕs mouth.  It took the pain away from both girls as they explored each other, bonding in more than one way in the stomach.  The acid began to burn.  The two girls began to climb to orgasm.


I could feel the creatures inside of me moving about.  Their squirming was pleasant to me as I lay on the soft grass, and my stomach, slightly swollen with their bodies, moved about.

I had allowed some time just to relax and feel them inside of me, enjoying the feeling of their bodies in me, of containing two living beings in my stomach, completely under my power.  But hunger had crept up, and now I lay back, watching the lazy moon hung so high up with the stars as my stomach went about it's routine of turning them into girl soup.

Their movement inside of my stomach began to increase in severity, faster and faster together, and I could hear their noises from within.  Tthey no longer talked; their sounds were natural, almost animal like, and they grew crescendo, rising higher and higher, moving into a unison of screaming delight.  Then, suddenly, their pitches cracked over, and I could feel both suddenly convulse inside of me.  As their screams died down, their movement lessened, and finally became still.


Michelle sighed, her mind becoming smaller and more distanced.  She could feel herself melting away, but the pain had been reduced to a faraway buzz.  The last sensations she had was of a gentle pleasure, filling her entire being, her fantasy having been explored to the full.


Christie could feel herself now, part of a warm liquid world.  The dragonÕs life, his movements and heartbeat and sounds, filled her mind, as well as a final, last feeling of MichelleÕs body against her.  With a final gasp, she passed out into a blissful void.


My stomach was now still.  I stood up and stretched, and then belched loudly.  I could already feel the girlÕs nutrients filling my starved body.  The moon was still in the sky, but one by one the stars were disappearing and the Eastern skies were becoming lighter.  Dawn approached.

With a beat of my wings I was in the air, and by the time the blackness started to fade into soft blue and pink, I was far away from any humans.
The two girls had been a good meal, and I felt sated.

The End