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Cream-Filled Vixen

For Arachnovixen.

[End commercial break.] Voiceover: And know back to Jack and Tammy in the Morning on VBC.

[Pan from studio audience to stage. The hosts are a tomcat and a vixen. The tomcat has a reassuring smile and a slight bit of silver around the whiskers. The vixen is typically vixenish, with a silky ruff of fur and a lithe yet voluptuous form. With them is a large black dragon in an apron and a chef’s hat.] Tammy: Welcome back, everybody. Now as you know, we have famed draconic pastry chef Pierre Mordicon with us in the studio, and he’s working on a very tasty treat for us.

Pierre: That’s right. Today we’re making some very special eclairs. They’re a delightful dessert for any gathering, especially with the holidays coming up.

Jack: Before the commercial, Pierre showed us how to whip up the dough from scratch. Now we’ve dusted the counter with flour and have rolled out the dough. What’s next, Pierre?

Pierre: Well, now it’s time for the special ingredient.

Tammy: Yes, tell the audience, just what is so special about these eclairs?

Pierre: Most eclairs, as you know, are a cream-filled pastry, with chocolate on the outside. However, getting the cream and the dough just right is often a disaster for amateur cooks. And when cooking for larger species, such as dragons like myself, it’s very difficult to make desserts that maintain structural integrity. [Looking abashed.] My cakes are always collapsing. [Crowd laughs.] So I’ve created stuffed eclairs. 

Jack: Stuffed eclairs?

Pierre: That’s right. Instead of filling the éclair with cream, I simply fill a fur, typically a squirrel, then roll her up in the dough and cook. It saves time and it’s great fun for the hardworking chef.

Jack: Sounds delicious. Now I understand you need Tammy’s help for the next step?

Pierre: Yes, is that all right?

Tammy: What do you think audience? [Audience cheers.] Well, of course, I’d love to help. Though I’m awful in the kitchen. [Everyone chuckles.]

Pierre: Wonderful, that’s no problem. If you could just lie on the counter there, you’ll be providing everything I need.

Tammy: On the dough?

Pierre: That’s right. 

[The vixen complies, lying on the dough, wriggling slightly as she settles into the oozy mass.] Tammy: Ooh, it feels nice.

Pierre: Now Jack, if you could roll her up tightly. But make sure the legs are kept open for now.

Jack: Certainly. [The tomcat rolls Tammy in the dough, wrapping her torso and arms like a pig in a blanket. Then he packs the dough around her leg. Only her head and a small patch of fur between her legs remain uncovered.] Comfortable Tammy?

Tammy: Yes, it’s so snug! Like a big, gooey sleeping bag [Audience laughs.] But I don’t understand how I’m helping.

[The dragon ignores her.] Pierre: Now, the fur should be covered in dough completely from neck to toe. 

Jack: Is this good? Can you move?

Tammy: No, I’m totally cocooned.

Pierre: Excellent, now it’s time to stuff the fur. Are you ready, Tammy?

[Realization dawns on the vixen.] Tammy: Wait, you’re not going…to stuff…m-m-me…are you? [Panicking.] I thought the recipe called for squirrels!

Pierre: Yes, but she escaped backstage, so the producers said to improvise. I doubled the recipe, so you should do nicely.

Tammy: Wait, you can’t!!! Jack, help!!!

Pierre: The next step is to grease the pan. [He sprays Pam on a large brownie pan, then lays Tammy inside.] And then the fur. [He unwraps a stick of butter.] Jack, if you would hold her legs open? [Jack does, swiftly pulling them apart. Tammy is too trapped in dough to even clench her knees together.]

Tammy: No! No, please… [Pierre’s hands pull back the red furry bush and pries open the pink lips of her nether regions. The butter slips smoothly into the tight little hole.] Oooohhh!

Jack: Isn’t she a sport, folks? [Audience cheers wildly.]

Pierre: Next we add the cream filling. [He slips his apron to one side, and his gleaming shaft slips out of its sheath.] I’ve eaten a diet of nothing but milk, cupcakes, and baby kittenmorphs to keep my cream as sweet as possible. [He positions himself in front of his squirming ingredient.]

Tammy: [Eyeing the dragon’s prodigious member.] No, please, you can’t do this. Call my agent, call anybody! Please, it’s too big, I….EEEEEEEEEE! [Lubricated by the butter, the shaft slips deeply inside, wrenching her open.]

Pierre: Thrust with broad, repeated strokes. [Grinding his hips.] Stir occasionally. Don’t fight the fur; work with her.

Jack: Can we get the camera in closer? Look at the way he fills Tammy. Talk about stuffing! [Audience laughs.]

Tammy: Please let me go…OOOOOO! Oh God, you’re too far up inside. God you’re all they way up to me belly. Stop…stuffing me! Stop! Stuffing me…EEEE!

Jack: Now, how long should our audience members do this for?

Pierre: I recommend as long as you and the fur hold out. But since we’re on a time limit, I’ll just finish her off.

Tammy: No, I don’t want to be finished, I want to…I’m…I’m…I’m cumming!!!! I’m cumMING!!!! [Starts thrashing as best she can in her dough cocoon. Pierre climaxes as well, and prodigiously.]

Jack: Look at them go! [Pierre continues to pump into Tammy. We see the dough rise as she plumps up with dragon-cum. Eventually, he pulls his shaft out. She is oozing white cream. Jack sticks a finger between her legs, licks experimentally.] Tastes just like vanilla icing!

Pierre: Now, we cork the fur, with some extra dough, to keep the cream from escaping. [He swiftly plugs her dripping cunny. By this point, Tammy can only whimper.] And we have to make sure none escapes out the other end as well. [He begins to unroll some aluminum foil.] And soon we’ll be ready to cook and consume!

[Startled out of the afterglow torpor.] Tammy: No, I’m the show’s hostess, you can’t eat me. Please, you showed them how to make the eclairs; they’re all quite satisfied. You've been a wonderful guest. I won’t tell anyone you let me go. I… [Pierre presses down on her stomach and cream spurts out of her ears and mouth. Before she can swallow, he swiftly wraps her head in aluminum foil leaving only the nostrils and eyes exposed, so she can breathe slightly, and so we can see the her wide-eyed shock.]

Pierre: But, Tammy, I love Hostess treats! [Audience laughs.] Now, some prey, like Tammy, will struggle, others you won’t be able to keep out of the dough. Either way, it’s a treat.

Jack: She certainly is. And I’ve always said she looked good enough to eat. [Audience chuckles.] So what’s next? 

Pierre: Next we dip her in chocolate. [He uncovers another pan and dips the wriggling, gagged Tammy inside. Her struggles only serve to cover her up to the neck in brown goop.] And wrap the rest of her in foil. [Soon, she looks like a silver mummy. Yet despite the layer of dough and foil, her round bosom and hips, not too mention her cream-plumped tummy, still show.]

[Still weakly struggling.] Tammy: MMmmmmmmMMM!

Jack: And we cook for how long?

Pierre: Twenty minutes in the oven.

[Eyes wide in fear.] Tammy: MMMmmmmmMMMM!!!!

But we want to get started right away, so we’ll cook her dragon-style: en flambé.

Tammy: MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! [Pierre breathes a gout of fire over the silver-wrapped fox. Soon the smell baked bread pastry fills the studio. Tammy’s eyes glaze over, though she is still vaguely conscious. They unwrap al the foil except around her head, revealing her bread-and-chocolate covered form.]

Jack: That’s phenomenal. And there you have it, folks: Pierre’s stuffed eclairs! May I have a taste?

Pierre: Please, be my guest

[Jack bites into Tammy’s foot, as if she were a gingerbread girl. Cream spills out, and he gulps down his piece eagerly, licking his fingers.] Tammy, wake up, you’re delicious. [Tammy comes to, watching her legs begin to disappear as Jack and Pierre break off pieces and devour them.

[Weakly.] Tammy: Mf. Mf. Mf.

Jack: You were terrific, babe. Best co-host, I’ve ever had. See for yourself! [He breaks off a piece of Tammy’s cream filled thigh, unwraps her mouth just a sliver, and shoves the piece inside. The camera zooms in as she gags, then is forced to swallow. Her eyes bulge out in horror as she realizes she’s eaten herself–and that she does indeed taste delicious.]

Jack: Well that’s all the time we have for Jack and Tammy in the Morning…and for Tammy period. [Audience laughs.] Our guest has been Pierre Mordicon, Draco Chef Extraordinaire, and his Tammy-Stuffed Eclairs! Now, Pierre, will you help me finish our dessert? [Theme music plays. Audience cheers. As credits roll, we see Tammy’s legs are completely gone, leaving only a dough-wrapped torso and head. Pierre has hoisted the ever-squirming Tammy into his lap and begins to refill her with cream, while Jack begins to nibble away at a swollen, creamy breast. Tammy, inexplicably still fully conscious, struggles all the while. The screen blacks out, leaving the rest to your imagination…]

The End. Bon appetit!

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