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Delivery Girl:

By Rancid,

Delivery Girl

by Rancid:


"Where is the food?"

Chuck paced the kitchen, the huge badger rubbing his brow as he grumbled. He was never the most patient guy in the world, and hunger always made him even more irritable.

Brody laughed. "Calm down, the party isn't until this afternoon. There's plenty of time to cook it, that's why I ordered yesterday." Brody was a golden retriever in much better shape than his stocky roommate. And with much better temperament. But he put up with Chuck with good humor.

Chuck paused and scooped up the menu on the counter. "What's this place you ordered from anyway? Billy Bob's Spit Pit? I haven't herd of this place before. How did you hear about it?"

"This guy at work told me about it when I told him about the Bar-B-Q. He told me about it. Said the service was fantastic." He takes the menu, looking for the tag-line near the bottom and showed it to Chuck. "See, 'Full-Service Delivery'. That should make things a lot easier. I don't know anything about spitting a pig, do you?"

Chuck sighs and rubs the back of his head. "...No. I just wish the pig would get here already."

The doorbell rang a minute later, and Chuck grumbled as he stomped over to the door. He swung it open and startled the delivery girl. Chuck bit back his angry remark as he looked down at her. She was a plump little thing, about a foot shorter than him, with smooth pink skin. All she worse was a blue jumpsuit with matching cap with The Spit Pit's logo on it. She has a long spit slung over her shoulder.

She tipped her hat and stared at Chuck with the most brilliant blue eyes. "Hi. I'm here for your delivery."

Chuck was momentarily silenced, so Bordy pushed his way past him. "Ignore my eloquent friend here. Come on in and we can set up."

The sow smiled and walking in. "Thanks. I'm Rosemary. Nice to meet you." She set the spit down and took off her hat. She was shaved bald, but it didn't detract from her pretty features.

Chuck continued to stare out at the Spit Pit truck outside. He looked back and pointed angrily. "So, what, do we have to get the food off the truck? That's not very self-service."

Rosemary smiled and unzipped the front of her jumpsuit. "Not at all. The food is right here." She pulls her arms out of the sleeves and shrugs out of the top, her full plump breasts jiggling."

Brody panicked and grabbed a dishtowel, covering her up. "Whoa whoa! What's all this about?"

Rosemary looks confused. "You ordered a pig for your party. So here I am."

Brody was speechless now. Chuck grabbed the menu and read silently. "Dude, didn't you read this thing? It's a Vore restaurant. No wonder they were so expensive. You just bought a person!"

Brody grabbed the menu and read it. "This has to be some kind of mistake!"

Chuck sighed and rubbed his brow again. "This is ridiculous. The party is tonight. We'll have to look for a new Bar-B-Q joint that delivers. Dammit, Brody! Just...get a refund or something."

Rosemary tilts her head. "Uhm, excuse me, can't get a refund. I'm under contract. If I go back they'll just butcher me for meat. That's not how I wanted to go. This is sort of a fantasy of mine. Two strong guys buying me and using me right before they spit me and roast me alive..."

Brody looks confused. "Wait, WANT to be eaten."

Rosemary nods, "Sure, all the girls who work there do." She wiggled out of her jumpsuit, stepping out of the heavy fabric. She was completely naked now, round and plump. Her belly had a nice swell to it, and her plump pussy lips were shaved and glistened slightly with arousal.

Chuck looked thoughtful, "What was that about Using you?" He watched the pig, and despite himself he was becoming turned on by all this.

Rosemary walked closer and smiled up at Chuck. "The menu does say 'full-service'." She cupped the growing bulge in his pants. "I belong to you now. You can do anything you want with me."

Brody looks skeptical. "I don't know...This seems wrong somehow."

Chuck holds up a hand, "Now hold on." He looked over Rosemary with hungry eyes. "See, sounds to me like Rosemary here knows exactly what you want. Just because you're too stupid to read a contract is no reason to make her suffer."

Brody looked at him like he was crazy. "Dude, 'Make her suffer'? You're talking about killing and eating her."

Chuck shrugs. "And if you send her back they'll strip her for parts. Look, if she's gonna die anyway, we may as well make her last moment...memorable." He unzipped his fly and Rosemary pulled his semi-erect cock out of his jeans and into her mouth before the pants even hit the floor. Chuck moaned. "See? She's totally into it! Who are we to deny her her last wish?"

Brody watched the show and felt himself getting hard despite the strangeness of the situation.

Chuck moaned as Rosemary licked along his thick cock, pressing it in between her tits and rubbing them along the length until he was fully hard. "Oooh! Big boy! I wish I'd met someone like you before I got the job at Billy Bob's" She kisses the head and slowly engulfed him. Breathing through her nose she got almost the entire length down her through before and had to pull out, coughing. She blushed, looking embarrassed. "I'm sorry, I-I've never done this before...I was really hoping I could satisfy you before I..."

Chuck smiles and leaned in to kiss her, holding her face in his large paws. "Hey, hey, none of that. This is your day, okay?" He gave her plush butt a playful slap. "Turn around and I'll make you feel good."

Rosemary smiled and kissed Chuck before she turned around, leaning against the kitchen counter, pushing her butt out and looking over her shoulder.

Chuck smiled and walked behind her, rubbing his cock along the cleft of her ass, dipping the tip inside her pussy.  When she moaned, he smiled and plunged in deep. She gasped and gripped the counter tighter as Chuck got a grip on her hips and started to plunge in deep. Rosemary moaned loudly as the thick prick penetrated her, pushing her hips back to meet his. Chuck chuckled softly as his balls slapped against the back of her thighs. He swatted her ass with his heavy paw, causing her to yelp in surprised, inner muscled clamping down around him.

Brody walked closer, trying to cover his now raging hard-on with the dish towel. "Hey! Careful with her!"

Chuck rolled his eyes, "Come on man, I'm just tenderizing the meat." He laughs again and slapped her other cheek, grunting with satisfaction as she clamped down around him again, cumming forcefully.

Rosemary cried out. "YES! Ohgawwd...Use me! I'm meat!" She couldn't speak any more, knees shaking and threatening to give under her. With a few more solid thrusts she felt Chuck cum inside her, felt the warm semen fill her, sending her over the edge again, squealing like the pig she was.

Chuck nods and pulled out, and Rosemary immediately turned and keeled shakily, greedily cleaning up his cock with her tongue. Chuck smiles as she licked him and smiled. "That was awesome. Say, Rosemary, why don't you show Brody how much you love this shit? I can see he's trying to hide that boner."

Rosemary looked over after she finished cleaning up Chuck and crawled over on her hands and knees. Brody found himself backed up against the fridge as she cornered him and unzipped his fly.

"Whoa, hey, wait a minuoooh..." The words died in his throat as his cock entered the sow's. Brody wasn't as big as his roommate, and managed to deep throat the dog without any problems. She tickled the underside of shaft with her tongue and bobbed her head along the shaft, stroking it with her other hand. Brody watched as she reached back with one hand to play with herself, pussy making wet noises as she dipped her fingers inside her pussy. Backed up like he was, it didn't take long before Brody blew his wad in her mouth. Choking, Rosemary did her best to swallow it down, but much of it escaped past her lips.

Swallowing the last bit, she leaned back and giggled, cum rolling down her chin. "Think I'm getting better."

Brody panted and looks down, then up to Chuck. "Okay, I'm in. How do we do this?"

Rosemary sat back, "I can instruct you on the spitting proce-"

Chuck interrupted her. "Slow down, cowboy, we've got some time before the party. Let's give her one last thrill before we do the deed." The badgers took off his shirt and used a damp paper towel to clean Rosemary's face.

Brody didn't need any more convincing. He pulled off his own shirt and pants in record time. "What did you have in mind?"

Chuck thinks. "I always wanted to try this, so, what the hell?" He looks at Rosemary. "You ever do..uh...anal?"

Rosemary. "No need to be embarrassed, you own me. I'm meat. And all of Billy Bob's longpigs are shaved, cleaned, and given a full internal cleaning. Full enema. You could eat out of my asshole, sir."

Chuck looked at Brody quickly. "Dibs. Okay." He took rosemary's hand and helped her to her feet. He looked around and finally found a bottle of olive oil. "Let's grease this piggy!" He poured the oil into his hand and lathered up his cock. Washing his hand he lifted her up easily, the burly badger having no problem with the heavy meatgirl. He positioned her under his cock and pressed the tip of his shaft against her anal star. As she grunted and squealed softly, Chuck lowered her slowly, her asshole resisting at first, and then relaxing enough to let the huge member stretch her and fill her to the brim.

Rosemary panted and grunted, feeling her muscles clench and finally get used to the cock inside her. "Oh god...yes! Spit me! Spit me, you fucker!" She ground her tender ass on the cock, imagining the fate that soon awaited her. She came already, her pussy juices squirting and dribbling down her legs, her toes curling and unable to reach the floor.

Chuck grins. "She is so ready. Come on Brody, she needs you, man!"

Brody watched the display hungrily and leaned down to lap up her spilling juices. She tasted divine. Unable to help himself any longer, he lifted her legs up to brush her breasts and plunged deep inside her cunt. Her muscled still twitched with her orgasm, and he started to fuck her hard, grunting. He licked her breasts and sucked on one deliciously plump nipple as it bounced in front of his face.

Chuck smiled and started to move a bit slower at first, the tight flesh around him squeezing tight. He could feet Brody's cock moving frantically beyond the wall of flesh separating her ass from her pussy. He Held her tight and was startled as Rosemary turned her head to kiss him passionately, all lust and urgency. "Spit...meee...." Chuck grinned and thrust harder, kissing Rosemary as he pistoned into her.

The boys continued to screw Rosemary, making her into a ham manwich. Brody all fury and energy, Chuck slow but massive. Rosemary was in ecstasy, sobbing with emotion as she came hard again, her muscles clenching tight around the twin cocks. She shudders heavily, more cream running down Brody's cock and her ass. First Brody came, trusting deep inside her slick pussy, then Chuck rumbled and spent his seed deep inside her ass. The pig smiled and a single tear trailed down her cheek, fulfillment filling her heart. This was where she was meant to be.

The boys come down first, Brody pulling out, a bit embarrassed by having his penis so close to his Roommate's. Chuck stayed inside of the sobbing pig a moment longer, enjoying the warmth around him. The badger sighs with satisfaction and finally slides out of her abused asshole.

Rosemary, blushing, dries her eyes with a choking sob. She looks up at Brody and Chuck with adoring eyes. "Thank was beautiful. Exactly how I imagined it. I'm ready to go now, if...if you don't want to keep me..."

Chuck looked serious." Are you sure this is what you want?"

Rosemary sniffed and nodded. "More than anything."

Chuck looked at Brody and the roommate nodded. Brody smiled and grabbed the hose from the sink. "Lets get you cleaned up then." Chuck lifted her on the sink and with Rosemary's support, the roommates cleaned the cum and sweat from her body, and even sprayed up inside her pussy to clean her out, which backfired when she came again in the sink. Finally, she was dried and clean.

Rosemary sighed. "It's time, I guess. Let me show you how to prepare me." She bent down to her discarded clothes and pulled out some cord, typically used for cooking purposes. She handed it to Brody and turned away from him, crossing her wrists behind her. "Tie me up good and tight in case I try to struggle." Brody looks shocked at that and she sighed softly. "Don't chicken out on me now Brody, we're almost done." With a resigned sigh, Brody tied her tight, causing her to rub her thighs together, arousal pooling below again. She looked at Chuck and smiled, "Lift me up on the table, please."

Chuck watched all this with stoic quiet. He walked over and lifted her, laying her down as instructed. She tucked her legs up to her chest and smiled. Taking the cue, Chuck bound her legs, keeping her calves and thighs together.

"That will keep me from flopping around, and I should cook much more evenly. I wouldn't want to burn, I want to taste delicious for you boys. Did you have any marinade or anything?"

Brody grabbed a jar. "We just got some Bar-B-Q seems a little inadequate now..."

Rosemary shook her head. "It's perfect. Be sure to keep layering on coats while I cook so I don't burn. Paint me up and I'll be ready to cook."

The boys nodded and grabbing brushes and jars, started to coat all of her exposed flesh in the sauce. Chuck grew fully hard again as she laughed  and squirmed. Even Brody popped a stiffy when Rosemary came after they applied sauce to her pussy and ass. Fully lathered up, Rosemary looked at the boys teary eyed.

"Come here and lift me up boys." Chuck lifted her and Rosemary smiled. "You've made me very happy. Come kiss me. " She leaned in, and kissed Brody, then Chuck. Another tear tricked down her cheek. "I love you boys, and remember, I'll always be a part of you now." She sniffled and chuck brushed her tear away, sucking the sauce and tear off his thumb. Now, one of you will have to hold me for this last part. Lay me face down, knees on the table and face off the edge. You'll need my spine to be straight. Remember, you only have one shot to get this right, I want to be alive when you put me over the fire."

Brody shook his head. "I'll hold her. I don't think I could..."

Chuck nods. "Yeah...yeah, I'll get it." He lifted her into position and Brody held her in place. Greasing the spit up when Rosemary instructed him to, the badger walked behind her and placed the sharp tip of the spit just inside her pussy.

The sow jerks slightly. "Oooh! Cold! Well, it's been great. Bon Appetite!"

Chuck and nods. He aligned the spit and pushed, straight and true. It slide through the pig like a hot knife through the tenderest meat. Brody gave a small sigh as the tip of the spit, dark with blood clicked past Rosemary's teeth and slid out of her mouth. Chuck spit her clean through and adjusted it so the smaller anal spike slid comfortably into her pucker, keeping her from slipping around on the spit. Expression grave, the badger nodded to his roomie.

"Start the fire."

Brody nodded and rushed off to start the fire in the pit they'd already set up in the back yard in preparation of the party. Alone with Rosemary, Chuck jumped as he heart a lustful moan. He looked down and saw the sow writhing on the spit, grinding her pussy and ass along the steel bar skewering her. Chuck shook his head slowly and dipped is fingers into the Bar-B-Q sauce and slid them over her basted pussy lips, causing her to jerk with pleasure.

Chuck sighed and leaned in and whispering, "I wish we'd met before you gotten a job at the Spit Pit, too." He kissed the side of her lips and licked the sauce from his muzzle.

Rosemary looked at him with half-lidded eyes willed with lust, and maybe something more. She winked at him.

Startled, Chuck jumped when Brody spoke up behind him.

"Fire's prepped and ready to roast."

Chuck nodded and picked Rosemary up by the spit. With extreme care he carried her to the backyard and set the spit into the metal brackets on the side of the pit. He attached the motorized spit turning belt onto the pole and started it up, watching as she started to turn slowly and evenly. The flames started to lick higher and he could feel the heat even from where he stood.

Rosemary jerked as the first kiss of heat started to touch her body. She closed her eyes and writhed harder, bucking on the spit with happy grunting noises. Her fingers wiggled and stroked the air, wishing she could finger herself as she roasted. Her only thoughts were 'Oh god I'm cooking! I'm food!'. She squealed around the spit and her body bucked as she came again, her fluids squirting around the pole and hissing as they hit the fire.

Brody was impressed. "Fuck! She's really going to town there!" Still naked, her stood by the fire, stroking his rock hard cock. Watching her squirm, listening to her grunting sounds of pleasure...but when he smelled her flesh start to cook, seasoned by the sauce, Brody gasps and came hard, spunk arcing and landing on the small of her back as it rotated toward him. His legs gave out under him and the golden retriever panted heavily as he recovered from the unexpected orgasm.

Chuck snorted cynically. "She's not the only one. And you didn't even want to do this."

Rosemary's eyes started to flutter closed, her movements slowing. And as her boys watched, she became nothing more than meat.  

Chuck sighed. "Make she keeps turning and keep the fire stoked. I'll be back to coat her with some more sauce, but I'm gonna go wash up and make sure everything is all set for the party."

Brody looked up, frowning at the grim expression on his friend's face. He say the pain behind his eyes and nodded, looking back to their roast. "I'll take good care of her, bro."

Chuck patted his shoulder as he turned towards the house. "I know you will."




"Thanks for inviting me, Brody."

Brody smiled at the overweight wolf, his plate filled with half a breast, still steaming and cooked to perfection. "It was the least I could do, Ed. Thanks for letting me know about this place. The service was awesome and the food is the best I've ever had. How'd you know about it?"

Ed snorted, "You kidding? My brother owns the joint. I eat there all the time. I helped him get the permits for the place. he's planning on opening a chain. Hey, next time let him know I sent you, he'll get you a discount."

The party was in full swing, and Chuck was his usual grim self. He was working on his second helping of pork, trying some of the rump roast now. There were lots of women he invited here for the sole purpose of getting into their pants, all seemed empty to him now. He took another juicy bite and sighed.

"Excuse me? I'm here to pick up the truck, uniform and spit."

Chuck felt his lip curl and turned angrily. "Now listen you-" He paused and had to look down at the delivery girl, losing his train of thought. Shimmering belong hair fell across her shoulders and down her back.

The delivery girl held up a contract. "Right here, Mr. Burrows, it says that after completion of your meal, Billy Bob's Spit Pit will retrieve all items needed for the part, including the uniform and spit."

Chuck's mood was already black, and reading the contract Brody so lazily breezed through, brought him over the edge. He crumpled it in one meaty hand and threw it down, walking to the kitchen. He retrieved the spit and uniform from the table, pausing to gaze longingly at the empty uniform in his hands. He sniffed it and sighed longingly. He noticed the delivery girl in his peripheral vision and turned, shoving the uniform at her and handing the spit over.

"There!" He snarled, "And you can shove it where the sun don't shine!"

The delivery girl took off her hat and whipped her hair back. Chuck heard himself gasp as he found himself reflected in her blue eyes.

Rosemary smile slyly. "It's a date."