Of Dragons and Humans:

By Shadow;

  Willam and Terry walked through the woods, hand in hand, gazing around in wonder, sidestepping giant mushrooms that looked straight out of Alice in Wonderland, and gazing up at the impossibly tall trees. They had met during the initial training before they had taken the Step through the gate from the old mundane world into the Fantasy Realm. Both had been wealthy, but had given almost all their fortune up to take the Step through the Gateway to the land of fantasy and adventure discovered by scientists only a few years ago, the land that was so slightly sensed by so many through history, the land that brought the stories and legends of all the mythical beasts through history. A world overlapping, yet separate, until a few scientist, experimenting with temporal displacement, opened a gateway between.

   Terry and William were with the most recent group to come through the gate, and quickly growing tired of their instructor's lectures on the flora and fauna of their new home, they had decided to make a little excursion of their own. William figured that it would be a while before two people were missed out of the hundred in their group. The couple had not yet had a chance to be alone since they had met.

   Up ahead through the trees, light shown bright through the shade of the forest. Laughing, the couple ran through the wall of trees and out into a wide circular clearing. In the center was a large pool, a small river running out of one side. A spring. They ran to the edge and dipped water out with their hands. It has the clean taste of fresh spring water and was slightly chilly to the touch. Looking down, it was perfectly clear, and very deep. As water pushed up through the bottom of the pool, yellow flashes blinked up at them. "I think the bottom is covered in gold", William exclaimed. Laughing, he stripped off his clothes and dove into the pool. Terry paused, then she too shed her clothes and dove in after him. 

   The water was cold again their skin, but they soon adjusted. Looking under the water, Terry saw William trying to reach the bottom of the pool, but the depth had been deceptive, it was a long way down. She let her eyes drift over his muscled body as he struggled to dive deeper. He had worked out a lot, and while he didn't have the bulk of a body builder, he had the smooth leanness of a man in shape. He was soft now, and his balls were pressed tight against his body from the cold of the water, but she knew from her occasional gropes during their classes that both were formidable. The thought of him taking her made her shiver. He was starting up again, only having reached a quarter of the way to the bottom. The water was crystal clear, and Terry could see that he was looking at her as he rose towards the surface, and she could see the slight stiffening between his legs. She pretended not to notice, but she kicked a little wider as she treaded water, making sure he got a good view as she poked her head above the water to snatch a breath. She squealed in surprise as she felt something push her legs apart, and looking down, saw William push his head between her legs and felt his warm tongue exploring. Then he swan up and his head broke water as he pulled her tight against him. They both swam towards the shore.

   They climbed out of the pool and lay down in the soft grass beside it. William looked down her body. She was very fit, but not in the athletic way, the smooth curves of her body seemed almost to be chiseled in perfection. He pulled her firm breasts against him as she slid her hand down his side to wrap her fingers around his hard penis. Suddenly, he pushed her over on her back, rolling over on top of her, his hard penis pressing against her sex. He moved his hip slightly back and forth, grinding the head of his penis against her clit. Terry caught her breath and arched her back, lifting her hips up to him. William let the head of his penis slide down, and in one smooth motion, buried it inside her. Her gasp turned into a long, slow moan as he began to move within her, his tongue sliding over her neck and up to her mouth. Suddenly, something hot and wet slipped between their bellies, and William cried out as he was lifted up off of Terry, sliding out. Terry screamed as she saw the long, supple neck and huge wings of the silver dragon towering up from the pool. The dragon's long, prehensile tongue was wrapped around William's middle, holding him suspended in the air, struggling. Terry was frozen in place, unable to move, still lying on her back with her legs open. "Well, what is this?", a voice boomed inside her skull, "It seems dinner has come to me for a change!" His long tongue slowly retracted, and kicking and screaming, William was dragged into the dragon's open mouth. Terry could hear muffled cries from within the dragon's mouth as he lowered his head and the tongue moved towards her. She got to her feet and tried to run, but the huge mouth closed over the top of her body, lifting her up as his tongue curled up between her struggling legs, dragging her into the dragon's hot, wet mouth. 

   She struggled helplessly inside the dragon's mouth, she saw William pressed against the other side of the dragon's mouth, struggling as well, but there was nowhere to go. Looking up, she saw the black pit of his throat. "My apologies for interrupting your mating", the voice sounded again in her head, "the least I can do is to finish it for you.." A deep chuckle rumbled up out of that deep gullet, shaking her. The huge tongue moved under William, moving him to the center of the dragon's mouth, he tried to struggle, but his legs were draped over the side of the dragon's tongue and he had no purchase. The dragon's tongue pressed him against the top of his mouth and he felt it begin to move under him, back and forth, sliding between his legs. He could not stop himself from getting hard, and a gasp escaped him as the pointed tip slip over his balls and up between his cheeks, then he cried out as it found his anus, and wet and slick with the dragon's saliva, pushed into him. He tried to struggle, but the tip moved in rhythm to the long, smooth strokes of the rest of the tongue under him. The dragon lowered his tongue from the top of his mouth as the man began to pump against it, no longer caring where he was or what was happening, lost in the growing pleasure centered in his loins. Terry watch as William raised up on his hands, lifting his upper body up, his hips sliding his long penis against the dragon's tongue until she saw him tense, his cheeks squeezing around the tip of the dragon's tongue. A long burst of white semen spill over the dragon's tongue as William cried out. Immediately, the dragon tilted his head back farther and William's struggling body slid down this tongue. Terry screamed as the huge gullet closed over his head and shoulders, cutting off his mixed cries of pleasure and fear as he was pulled into the dragon's pulsing throat. His convulsing body slipped smoothly into the dragon's throat, as his hips were engulfed, Terry saw another thick stream of semen pulse from his penis as it was engulfed, he had come again. His kicking legs disappeared into the dragon's throat with a loud slurp, and he began the long slide down to the dragon's waiting belly. His body undulated in the dragon's pulsing throat as he slid down the hot, wet tube, the feel of the slick wall almost unberable on his cock as he continued to pump his seed into the dragon's throat. With a final pulse, he was thrown into the hot pit of the dragon's stomach. He tried to scream in agony and terror as the slick walls squeezed and tumbled his helpless body, covering him in burning juices as the dragon began to quickly digest him alive. He convulsed in agony and terror as he was slowly drawn deeper into the dragon's body, the strong walls of the dragon's stomach crushing him slowly as his body began to disolve away.

   A long, deep sigh slid from the dragon's throat as his tongue slipped under Terry, moving her to the center of his mouth. She kicked and screamed, but was at the mercy of his huge tongue as it began to explore between her legs. "I enjoy a meal that puts up a fight, your mate's struggles are only now fading within my belly, let us hurry that you may join him!" The dragon's tongue pressed into her, filling her. She could feel it moving inside as the dragon explored. She tried to move, tried to close her legs, but the tongue only slipped deeper, pulsing, she felt the growing pleasure in her loins, and knew she couldn't hold off long. Slowly the tip withdrew and explored her anus, slipping in easily with it's coating of her juice and the dragon's saliva. It slipped out, and she felt the dragon's head tipping down instead of back, and she felt a shuddering jar as the dragon climbed out of the pool and lay down on the grass. His huge tongue forced her over on her back and as she looked down, the huge jaws parted. Looking down between her spread legs, she could see the dragon's haunches through the open gap, he was lying on his back. She saw the incredibly huge penis jutting up as he slipped his mouth over it. The huge trunk of his penis pressed against her, almost twice as big around as she was. She struggled under it, the weight almost crushing her against the dragon's tongue as he began moving it against her. He's pleasureing him self on me, she thought. She struggled, her legs and arms bowed around the huge penis as slid against her body. The dragon's tongue again found her vagina and began pumping in rhythm to his thrusts. She felt the dragon's penis grow hotter and harder against her, even as she felt her own pleasure rising. Suddenly, almost without warning, the wave of pleasure broke over her and she screamed in pleasure, tightening around the dragon's tongue. The dragon was not far behind, with a huge groan, he spilled into his mouth. Terry was awash in the dragon's cum, it filled his mouth, thick, white, and salty. She struggled to get her head above it as the dragon's penis pulsed against her, holding her against the dragon's tongue. With a final spurt, the dragon's penis withdrew. She pushed her head up and gasped for air, but suddenly the dragon's head tilted back and, slick with the dragon's cum, she screamed as she was washed to the back of his mouth, then felt the dextrous tip of the dragon's tongue slip around her ankle, holding her suspended as she watch the dragon cum disapear into that huge gullet in one gulp. "And now, little female, I am afraid it is time to finish my meal, it has been most pleasurable, and now comes the most enjoyable." Terry gasped and struggled as she saw the huge gullet widening under her. Staring down into the pink rimmed pit of his throat. She kicked and struggled, then screamed as the dragon released her. She slid down his slick tongue and her scream was cut off as his huge throat closed over her head and shoulders, pulsing around her body as it dragged her down, she struggled desperately as it slipped over her full breasts, and down her belly to engulf her hips, pressing her kicking legs tightly together as the last of her fighting body was sucked into his throat. She felt the silky slick walls of his long throat sliding down her body, tightly squeezing her rhythmically as she tried to struggle. With one last squeeze, she was thrust into his hot belly, tumbled over and over, she fought desperately for some escape as the hot walls of the dragon's belly squeezed around her helpless body, tumbling her around, coating her in his burning digestive juices. She tried to scream in agony and terror.

   The dragon watched the struggling lump that was the woman slide down his throat and disappear into his body, then closed his eyes in pleasure as he felt the frantic twitching within his belly. He lowered his head and again took his huge penis into his mouth again, jacking himself off to the terrified struggles in his belly. Suddenly, the pleasure washed over him again and he pulsed his hot semen into his mouth, his body tensing. Deep within his belly, Terry managed one final, agonizing, terrified scream as the muscles of the dragon's belly clenched as he orgasmed, crushing her tiny, fragile body into a bloody pulp. Her legs gave a few more convulsive kicks as she was drawn down to the bottom of his stomach, her now lifeless body quickly disolving away, absorbed into the dragon.

   An interesting creature, the dragon thought to himself, licking his lips to get the last traces of cum, I shall have to find more of them! 
   (c) Shadow