>One Night in FUR-MART

One Night in FUR-MART 

By : Jess

Before you stands what is thought to be the last of a race of Hippotaurs. Her taur body is that of a huge hippo. Her upper body resembles Hyacinth Hippo from Disney's Fantasia. Her entire body is coloured likewise. She wears a dark satin cloak that drapes from her upper shoulders down over her taur body. It fails completely to hide her bloated belly that is mere inches from the floor, and her six nipples that are spaced in rows of three along its round sides. Her light brown skin is soft and supple, allowing for much expansion from within. 

Our story takes place one late night after all the shoppers had gone home in one of the many food isles of the local Fur- Mart. 

Vikki was working back late one night packing shelves with her vixen friend Jasmine. They had just finished stocking the cans of preserved peaches when it all got to be too much for Vikki. She slumped down to her knees, resting on her belly. The cool floor tiles made her eep, but she was too tired to be bothered getting back up. Jasmine slumped down also, sitting with her back against a pyramid of cans.

"I'm bushed," complained Vikki, "maybe gettin' this job wasn't so great after all." Jaz waggled her finger reproachingly, "Now, now, it's not all that bad. After all, there are certain fringe benefits." She reached back to the shelf that held the Tweekies. Vikki smiled as her friend cheekily tore open the multi pack's wrapping. She grinned and called, "I'll go ya halves."

Vikki opened her mouth and Jasmine tossed six of the twelve pack into it one at a time. Pausing only long enough between throws for her friend to gulp down each one in turn. Jaz watched with an strange excitement as the small lumps slipped down Vikki's throat. To this end she decided to forego her allocation and kept lobbing the treats into her friend's mouth till the packed was empty. She looked at the empty packet trays and then over to Vik who was licking smears of mock cream from her smiling lips. "So," she asked, "What's next?" Jasmine looked a little concerned, "One pack of Twinkies no ones gunna miss but if we go through too much they'll find out!" "Sod 'em," teased Vikki, "we both hate this crummy job anyway." Jasmine's mouth curled into an impish grin as she reached for another twelve pack.

She started to throw these to Vikki two at a time. Her friend had her eyes closed, gulping them down whole, hardly thinking about it at all just enjoying the feeding. When Jasmine was about to throw the eleventh and twelfth across, for a joke she reached behind her and tossed two of the small cans of fruit to the back of her friends throat instead. She hadn't really expected her to swallow them at all, but as she watched the more defined bulges slip down Vikki's throat she thought that she may have made something of a mistake. Vikki screwed up her eyes as the tins were pushed into her stomach. She opened her eyes and looked at Jasmine, "what the heck was that?!!" Jaz looked guilty and pointed at the pyramid of cans behind her, "I didn't think you'd actually swallow them down, honestly. Are you okay?" "Oh yeah, I'm fine. I've swallowed much worse than that before and got little more than a tummy ache." Jasmine looked much relived and Vikki rose from the floor. They both giggled as they heard the cans clunk dully against each other inside the Hippotaur's belly. Vikki gave it a little pat, "there, there old thing. Let's see if we can't find something a little better for you to work on shall we." As if in answer, her stomach let out a deep rumble, "I need something to drink."

The two girls walked quickly over to the drinks fringe. Vikki sat her hind legs down and let Jasmine pull out two crates of flavored milk and one of orange juice. Jasmine told her friend to tilt her head back and be ready. She did just that and Jasmine began to pour from the two gallon plastic bottles practically straight down Vikki's throat. She could hear the cool liquid gurgle as it slid down into her friend's belly which had already developed a quiet sloshing as the taur moved, even slightly. After the third crate was polished off Vikki closed her mouth and let out a long, unladylike belch. She stood up and wiggled her tummy from side to side making the drinks inside her splash about . "Well that was a nice start," she said, "but I want something I'm really going to feel going down."

Jasmine climbed up on Vikki's taur back and they both set off to the other side of the store where the fresh and frozen meats were racked or sitting in freezers. Once there, Jasmine slid down and pranced over to the preserved isle that joined the freezer bins. Vikki stood nearby ready for action. Jaz used her short claws to tear open a long salami. She divided it into fist sized sections and tossed them to Vikki who far too skillfully snapped them out of the air. "Done that before have we?" Jasmine mocked. "Sure have, I've got skill coming out of my ar..." "That I don't want to see," Jasmine exclaimed, putting her paws up in feigned terror, "but lets put you to the test for real shall we?" "Like what?" Vikki inquired, "some sort of game?" Jasmine unfurled the ribbon that held her work apron on and handed it to Vikki saying, "you put that on and I'll feed you and you have to guess what I'm shoveling in!" Vikki looked a little trepidation, "no tins this time?" "No tins, promise," Jasmine tried to put on her best guilty face. Vikki smiled and tied the ribbon around her head and across her eyes. Jasmine pulled a face and was satisfied when her friend didn't respond.

Jasmine picked up a handful of silverside ham and placed it on Vikki's tongue. The Hippotaur slurped down the shaved meat and identified it straight away. "C'mon," she called, "do try to make it a bit more worth my while." Jasmine trotted back over to the selections of meat and lifted out one whole stainless steel tray that was about the size of three shoe boxes. She slowly walked it over to her friend who had her mouth open wide. She up ended the tray and let its contents tumble into Vikki's maw. The taur felt her mouth fill up and she turned the meats over with her tongue. She swallowed the lot in two large gulps, that Jaz watched the progress of with great interest. "Mmm," Vikki crooned, "sliced leg ham." Jessica repeated the procedure with a similar tray of sliced chicken, and that too found it's self inside her friend's tummy. It was identified just as quickly. This was no good. She was getting it all right, this called for a change of plans. She quickly ran over to the fresh fruit and veg isle and chose the biggest lettuce she could lay her paws on, then returned to the meats section. She selected the largest pot roast she could find and rapped it up in the outer leaves of the lettuce. She did this with five others, just for good measure. She went back over to Vikki's wide open mouth and all but dropped the large, heavy lump of meat down the Hippotaur's throat. Vikki coughed then swallowed hard sending the roast careering down into her stomach which bounced down as the meat landed weightily inside her.

"So what was it huh?" Jasmine called. Vikki tried to remember what the lump tasted like as it hit the back of her tongue before it disappeared from view. She had no idea at all as to what it had been. Jasmine reached down and gave a series of sharp pokes to the shallow lump that the roast was now making in Vikki's belly. "C'mon you, I thought you'd be good at this. You've certainly had a lot of practice." Vikki humphed and put he hands on her foreleg's hips. "Well we'll just have to try again till we I get it right, won't we." Wearing the broadest smile, Jasmine went back over to the remaining four lettuce covered roasts and moved them closer to Vikki, who was waiting with her mouth open, ready.

Jasmine repeated the same actions as with the first. She dropped the heavy roast to the back of her friend's throat. Vikki snapped her mouth shut and flexed the back of her tongue sending the leafed roast sliding down into her stomach to join its counterpart. Vikki coughed again and complained that Jasmine wasn't playing fair. "Look Jaz, there's no way I'm gunna guess what it is with you all but throwing them into me. Give me chance here!" "Oh all right," conceded Jasmine, "Open up and I'll put them on the front of your tongue. Buuuuuut, as you're getting such a help out you have to do two at once." Vikki sighed, but as if to answer, opened her mouth wide and rolled her tongue back and forth. Jasmine hefted the bigger two of the three remaining leaf covered roasts and placed them on the Hippotaur's soft warm tongue. Vikki snapped her mouth shut while the vixen's hands were still inside. Jasmine pulled her now wet paws out with a start and blink, blinked at her friend, who was loving Jaz's shock and was smiling from ear to ear. Jasmine smirked and flicked some saliva off one of her claws at Vikki, who being blindfolded caught it squarely in the nose and flinched.

Vikki rolled the roasts around in her mouth until she dislodged some of the lettuce leaves from the meat inside. She smiled and correctly told the vixen what they were. "Okay, okay smarty, you've still got to get them down," said Jasmine. She lowered herself to her knees and gently rubbed the soft, elasticy underside of the taur's broad throat. Vikki had swallows much larger things in the past, but there was usually a fair bit of preparation beforehand. She scrunched her eyes tight beneath the blindfold and used her tongue to push the huge, round blocks of meat to the back of her mouth and then down over the dark precipice that lead to her waiting stomach with an audible gulp. Jasmine sighed as her hands were pushed out and around the combined moving bulge until they disappeared into her friend's chest that rose slightly with their decent. Jaz quickly crouched down with her head between Vikki's' forelegs. She smiled as she watched the curve of he friend's hanging belly extend.

"All right squirt, you'll need to better than that. Lettuce leaves indeed," Vikki taunted, "and I thought you were supposed to be good at this? This has been a walk over so far." Not that the Hippotaur could see, but Jasmine pulled down her eyelid and poked out her tongue.

Vikki resumed the position, with her mouth wide open. Jasmine thought for a second then dashed off to the cool room. From here she pulled the biggest frozen turkey she could find. It was huge, almost the size of a curled up adult wolf. She quietly slide the frozen bird out of the cool room and over to where Vikki was still waiting, somewhat impatiently. Jasmine then ducked behind the meats counter again and extracted the tray that held a wide selection of smoked, roasted, fried and cooked in general meats that had been made into patties. She put this down loudly on the floor next to the turkey. Vikki's ears pricked up, and she opened wide.

Jasmine called, "ready?" and Vikki nodded her assent. Jasmine tossed three similar patties into her friend's mouth, which snapped shut, followed by a series of three short gulps. Vikki smiled and taunted, "smoked pork, come on, you have to make it harder than that!" Jasmine frowned and scooped up four grilled lamb patties. She mashed the together in her paws and lobbed them to the back of the taur's throat. Once again Vikki sealed her lips and after a moments contemplation sent one large lump on its way to her waiting stomach. After a politely muffled belch she identified the meat correctly but couldn't help adding, " I though you were going to make this a challenge?"

Jasmine poked out her tongue again and picked up the entire tray of patties, then brought the rim right up to the edge of Vikki's mouth. She up ended the tray sending eighteen mixed meat patties tumbling into her friend's mouth. Vikki lowered her tongue to make room for them all then closed her mouth as best she could. Jasmine stood back, hands on hips smiling broadly, confident this would stump even the Hippotaur's taste buds. Vikki used her tongue to move the patties around in her mouth, taking care not to let a single one fall from her lips. Jasmine watched as Vikki frowned in thought, before tilting her head back and sending the patties sliding down her throat in ones and twos. She lowered her head again and smiled at where she though Jasmine was standing. After a brief pause the Hippotaur smirked and rattled off exactly what each meat was and in what ratio it had been to the other meats in the selection. Jasmine was miffed, in a nice way. "Right," she said, "now you've asked for it!" Vikki laughed, "Oooooh I'm really scared now!" She tilted her head back and opened her maw wide.

Jasmine wrinkled her noes then bent down and grasped the huge slippery turkey and hefted it to her chest height. "ready for the next," she called to her friend. Vikki nodded. Jasmine staggered across the floor over to Vikki and lifted the huge frozen bird above her head. "you should be able to work this one out, have a look!"

Already suspicious from the cool air that tingled her tongue, Vikki pulled up the blindfold only to see the most vast turkey she had seen in her whole life, and frozen none the less, teetering at the opening of her wide mouth. She was so surprised that she went to snap her lips closed. She did so with such force that as her bottom jaw came into contact with the turkey it freed it from Jasmine's grasp and sent it falling. The frozen turkey plunged to the back of Vikki's throat and due to its weight and slipperiness, forced its way down her throat to mush down into the warm, waiting stomach. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Jasmine blurted, "I didn't mean to really let it go, I just wanted to freak you a bit for being a smarty!" "'sokay," Vikki consoled her friend. That was at least till she realised that it wasn't. The heavy turkey had initially splashed down into warm the food already in her stomach. Its weight was enough to stretch her belly from the inside so that it rested comfortably on the cool floor. This was fine until shortly after she had swallowed it the bird descended through the mush in her belly and settled at the bottom of her stomach. Vikki noticeably shivered and felt very cold as a chill extending from the base of her belly around its wide curve. It felt like someone had wrapped her hanging tummy in ice. She told Jasmine through chattering teeth what was wrong and the vixen knelt down and placed her paw on the taur's belly where it met the floor and pushed it underneath. She could already feel the chill coming right through to the soft outside. 

"Heat," cried Jasmine, " we've got to get some heat into you!" Vikki nodded while she rubbed as much of the side of her belly as she could reach in the vain hope of warming herself. Jasmine ran to the far end of the meats counter to where the roast chicken rotisserie was located. She patted the metal sides and was glad to find it was still warm. She opened the back and smiled that the day staff hadn't finished, as usual, emptying out the roast chickens from the afternoon's cooking. She slipped her paws into the oven mittens and pulled the first of three roasting spits from its slot. Jasmine carried the spit back to where Vikki was shivering and handed her the stainless steal spit with its four roasted chickens.

"Get these inside you," she called, before darting back to loose the other spits from their housings. Vikki unfolded her shivering arms and plucked the first two chickens from the spit's spikes. They were so warm that for a moment she just held them for a moment, then thought again and placed them in her mouth intent on sending them where they could do the most good. They were almost too hot but knowing the alternative she sent the first couple down to her belly in two strong gulps, the next two follow in kind. By this time Jasmine had returned with the next two spits, only having four chickens between them. Vikki pulled the solitary chicken from the first spit and gobbled it down while Jasmine removed the others from their spikes on the spit she still held. 

Vikki gulped down the remaining birds making her rounding tummy stretch further still. Vikki stood for a minute, resting on the bulk of her belly feeling the roasted foul settle inside her. They were warming her to some degree but not down deep inside where the turkey had settled. She lay down on to her left side and called, "Jaz, help me roll over on to my back." Jasmine realised what Vikki was trying to do achieve and pushed her paws under the Hippotaur's belly. On three she lifted and Vikki rolled and together they managed to get her onto her back. Her stomach sloshed loudly as all she had within was redistributed. Vikki rolled the top half of her belly, which was all she could reach, from side to side, while Jasmine stood between her hind legs and used her paws to mirror her friend's movements. Soon they had a steady swaying going and it was easy to hear all the food inside squelching and gurgling about. Jasmine could feel some of the larger things her friend had swallowed moving under her paws as they pressed against the inside of the huge tummy she was rocking. 

Jasmine closed her eyes and sighed. Her paws stopped moving to create the rolling motion they had been working for and began massaging the soft light brown belly. She hadn't realised till now just how much she enjoyed filling her friend's tummy and her paws stroked back and forth with a mind of their own. She was lost in the moment when she touched something marble sized and hard that was surrounded by softer patch of skin. She snapped out of her daze and looked at where her paw was. She quickly pulled it back to her chest when she realised that her paw had strayed onto Vikki's lower left nipple. Jasmine flushed red under her fur then check herself. Hang on, her nipple was hard as a rock. She looked back up and over Vikki's belly to her upside down head, fully expecting to see her looking at her in shock or just laughing at her momentary confusion. Instead her friend had her head lying right back against the floor and she was breathing deeply. She had stopped pushing her belly and her upper arms lay limp by her sides. After a moment or two Vikki realised that Jasmine had stopped massaging her tummy and sheepishly raised her head to meet the vixen's eyes. Jasmine just smiled back at her knowingly, "c'mon you, lets get you back up on your feet. How's the cold?"

Vikki rolled back onto her side and with Jasmine's help she righted herself back onto her four feet. "It worked just fine. Mixing it all about warmed me up wonderfully. No pun intended." "Great," called Jasmine as she disappeared down a nearby isle, "c'mon you, follow me down here."

Vikki heard a number of bangs and crashes from the direction her friend had taken. She sighed and started to drag herself to the end of the isle. When she got there she saw that Jasmine had pulled on a few of the shelf columns and toppled their contents onto the floor. She'd started to pile it all up into a mound of mixed eats. When she was satisfied she propped herself on top and called to the taur again. Vikki tried to lift herself up as high as she could to reduce the amount of belly she had to drag along the lino floor. It didn't help much. She got to within four meters of Jasmine's food pile when she had to stop and duck a flying chocolate bar. "What was that for Jaz?" "You were supposed to catch and eat it silly." Jasmine called with mock exasperation. Vikki could have kicked herself for asking such a stupid question. " All right," she called," batter up!"

Then nimble fingered vixen stripped bar after bar from the pile she was sitting on and tossed them into Vikki's mouth. Once there was enough to make swallowing worth while, she did just that. This went on at a fevered rate, Jasmine tearing wrappers off bars and blocks with her claws and throwing them to Vikki. She lost count of how many she had loosed to her friend and how many times Vikki's mouth had closed to send another load sliding over each other down to her stomach. It was only now that she realised that she had stopped stripping the wrappers off. She looked over at Vikki as she swallowed the last load. She thought, what the heck, if it doesn't bother her, it doesn't bother me. She looked around her and saw that the pile of food was getting smaller by the moment, so she threw the last of the chocolate and just grabbed for what ever she could lay her paws on. Packets of sugar, flour and lollies disappeared from view to end up in Vikki's swelling belly. Jasmine threw instant noodles, chocolate cookies and bags of potato chips that burst as the air was pushed from them when they were swallowed. 

Vikki's belly was bulging all over with odd shapes from the huge mess of foods inside her. She was in heaven and Jasmine was right along with her. Vikki gulped her way through an entire shelf of packeted cake mixes, packets and all. Jasmine just kept throwing armfuls of the small boxes into the feeding frenzy that her friend had become. She was just reaching for the last box on the shelf when the label caught her eye. She read the description aloud, "Packet o' Cookin' Yeast" The words hit Vikki's ears and she snapped her mouth shut. She whispered, "how many packets did you throw to me?" Jasmine tried to remember, "sixteen, maybe eighteen, I wasn't counting. The shelf was full and not there's only this one left. Umm.... you do know what yeast does don't you? Especially combined with milk and flour." Vikki nodded and looked down under her right arm at the wide curve of her bulging taur belly, " I wish I didn't."

Jasmine jumped over to Vikki and knelt down beside her packed taur belly. She put a hand on the underside curve and asked, "how do you feel?" "Stuffed" The vixen gave her friend's belly an all too hard slap, "you know what I mean, can you feel anything going on in here?" Vikki shifted left and right, rolling her stomach on the floor, "well, I couldn't feel anything odd a moment ago, but right near where your paw slapped me there's sort of a, I dunnu, a bubbly, foamy sensation." Jasmine thought she was having her leg pulled, but just to be sure she rested her ear on the section of Vikki's belly where her paw had been. Sure enough, she could hear a sort of muffled fizzing noise, like when you add bi-carbonated soda to vinegar. "She thought, If I can hear it out here, there must be some serious action going on inside. "Um, I think we should consider getting some of those packets out of you before you digest your way through any more of the cardboard packaging." "Or before you slap me again," Vikki stated with a smile, "I'll have to go outside and throw them up in the garden or something." "You could, but what if you stomach contracting just breaks more or all of the packets inside you, what happens then?" Jasmine asked rhetorically. Vikki thought for a moment, "maybe you could slip your arm down my throat and push your hand into my stomach and see if you could pull out the packets one at a time?" Jasmine got up and stood in front of her friend and put her shoulder at the base of the taur's jaw and let the other end of her arm lie along the front of Vikki's body. It was all too clear that there was no way that her paw was going to be able to reach all the way down into Vikki's taur stomach.

Jasmine realised that Vikki had been looking at her for a second or two longer than one would usually stare at a friend and she asked, "what is it, what, have I turned green or something?" "No," said Vikki carefully, obviously metering what she was about to say, "we know you can't reach down to my stomach with you paw...," "Go on," Jaz prompted, already she had a fairly clear idea as to what was coming, and she was thrilled. She loved to feed Vikki anyway and this would just be the ultimate fantasy. Vikki stumbled on, "well, you could, if you wanted to that is, let me swallow you right down into my belly for a few moments and then you could collect up as many of the Packet o' Cookin' Yeasts as you can an bring them back out here, along with you of course." Jasmine couldn't contain herself, she jumped up and hugged Vikki around her neck and cried, " I though you'd never ask, tonight or ever." "Okay, okay, that's great," Vikki coughed, " but you're choking me." "Not yet I'm not, that'll be later," rebutted Jasmine, before letting go of her friend and running out of sight down another isle.

Vikki called after her but she got no response. The fizzing, tickling feeling in her belly was starting to spread out from the initial area, but she wasn't too worried as she wasn't feeling any more bloated than when she had stopped eating. She was still pondering this when Jasmine skidded to a stop in front of her carrying a pocket torch. Vikki raised one eyebrow. Jaz picked up the question "Well I'm gunna need something so I can see my way about in you dark innards. Unless of course that is you've put in a chandelier since you've been working here?" "Ha, ha, very funny, now get yourself up onto those boxes you shook off the top shelf and lets see if we can get this all happening. Jasmine stripped of what was left of her apron then stopped suddenly very self conscious. "Oh c'mon," rallied Vikki, "I walk around all but nekid all the time and you don't see me getting too bothered to you?" "Yeah, but that's different, you're a taur. Furs are used to seeing your lot with very little on, I dunno why, it's just something were brought up to take for granted." "True, but there's nothing to be embarrassed about. Anyway, I'm not going to swallow that tacky apron, it just won't colour match with anything else I've swallowed tonight." Vikki laughed. Jasmine felt much better and began to climb up onto the largest of the toppled boxes with her back facing her friend. Vikki just couldn't help ribbing her. "You know," she said, "you might want to consider cutting down on those snacks between meals, you're starting to get a but chunky in the caboose." Jasmine gave a look of mock daggers over her shoulder then completed her climb to the top of the box, "Okay little miss slim, NOT, drag you're sorry self closer so I can get in."

Vikki smiled, but that soon vanished when she started to pull her huge belly across the floor. She pushed hard with her hind legs and pulled with her front and began to move slowly forward. The skin of her taur back tightened with the load it was dragging beneath and her tummy slid heavily across the floor, making loud sloshing and gurgling noises as it did until eventually she stopped in front of the box Jasmine was waiting on top of.

Vikki's head was now at Jasmine's chest height and she opened her mouth to about half way. Jasmine, in a burst of over zealousness leapt forward sliding her paws along Vik's tongue to the back of her throat. Vikki snapped her mouth closed and Jasmine's neck stopped against her top lip, halting her advance. Using her paws, Jasmine push-crawled herself back along Vikki's tongue till she was free standing once again, her arms dripping with saliva. "What's up, I thought you wanted to do this?" "I do," calmed Vikki, "but if I take you in, so to speak, like you are now I'm going to be coughing up fur balls the size of a Volkswagen for the next week to come. Here try this, rub it into your fur." She reached up on to a nearby shelf and pulled down three bottles of vegetable oil. Jasmine screwed up her face, "eeeeww, that's gunna take hours in the hot tub to get out, but if that's what its going to take then on it goes. Here, give me a hand to do my back. 

Vikki passed two of the plastic bottles to Jasmine and kept one to use herself. She twisted the top off and tipped half the bottle from the base of the vixen's neck, making her arch her back from the unexpected cold. Vikki stopped the flow of oil at the top of Jasmine's tail and began to smooth it through the soft fur up from her lower back then across her shoulder blades. Jasmine warmed to the massage but kept on applying the oil to her front. Finishing her friend's back, Vikki poured a large puddle of oil into her left hand then propped the bottle back on the shelf. With her right hand she gently pulled Jasmine's tail straight and then stroked the oil in her left through it. Jasmine had finished her legs, front and back and was just finishing her forearms when Vikki gave her an oily goosing from behind. Jasmine jumped and almost slipped off the box. She flicked her butt and caught Vikki in the side of her face with her wet tail. "Touché," Vik chuckled, "right, if you're all done it's down the hatch with you lassie."

Jasmine commented that she had just witnessed the worst put-on Scottish accent she had heard in her entire life, while turning around to face the Hippotaur's now open mouth, taking care not to slip right off onto the floor. Vikki nodded to indicate that she was ready for the vixen to enter her. Jasmine held onto the shelf next to the box and lifted her left leg up so that she could place her heel in the middle of Vikki's tongue. She slid her foot to the back of Vikki's mouth so that it passed her pallet to the larger void beyond. Using the shelf as support she lifted her other foot off the box and Vikki cupped her behind for support and lifted her waist to the height her chest had been. Jasmine slipped her still free foot along side the other and pointed her toes as best she could. Hanging on to Vikki's two upper teeth she turned herself over so that she was now lying on her stomach against the warm wet tongue, "okay, I'm ready."

Vikki steadied herself, using the heavy contents in her belly as a base to rest on. She tilted her head right up so that it was almost in a straight line with her throat. Jasmine felt the velvet throat around her feet start to pull her in. Powerful undulating muscles caressed her and pulled hard on her in regular waves. She was controlling her decent with her arms, using Vikki's teeth as support. Jasmine's legs were already deep down inside her friend's upper body and her feet were poking into her taur half. Once she felt her rump squeeze over the back of the large tongue and Vikki's throat muscles grip her around her slender waist she new there was no going back even if she wanted to. Not that she did, at all. She craned her neck to peer over the rim of Vikki's up turned mouth so she could see the Hippotaur's throat. Just as she suspected it was clear to see where she was inside Vikki's throat from the long bulges that disappeared into her friend's chest. She gave her thighs a wriggle to watch the lumps that were her move. She felt the throat contract around her and heard Vikki try to grunt what Jasmine took to be disapproval. Jasmine stopped wriggling and went limp, too limp. She lost her grip on Vikki's round, wet teeth.

Her full weight was pushed down into Vikki's throat which through years of large swallowing relaxed by instinct to allow the meal to pass with out hurting her neck. It was over in seconds. Vikki's eyes snapped wide open in realisation then closed tightly as she was forced to swallow strongly to avoid choking. Jasmine disappeared from sight, anyone watching at that moment would have just seeing a pair of oily paws clutching at the air, then they two were gone. Jasmine slithered down Vikki's throat like a raw oyster, propelled by the taur's firm swallow. Jasmine slipped down into Vikki's stomach's contents, like a diver into warm marshmallow.

Vikki coughed a few times then let out a long deep belch. She massaged her throat at the base of her neck then looked around at her belly. She new it felt fuller, but hadn't really thought she'd fill out her belly so much. Vikki could still feel Jasmine and the contents of her stomach, which were now one and the same thing sloshing about inside. But after a moment or two the bulging on her belly's surface settled down and all inside was still. Too still.

She stood for twenty seconds or so, just listening to her pulse in her ears. The rhythmic beating quickened as a horrible thought entered her mind. "What if something's gone wrong in there!?" She lent back and rubbed a hand across the broad curve of her taur belly in the spot she last felt movement. There was none there now. She pushed hard on the general area making her wince. Almost in answer to her thoughts there came a fierce pushing then pounding from the inside of her stomach. "Ouch," cried Vikki, then thinking more clearly, "what's wrong. Call out so I can do what you need!" There was no response from inside her except that the movement from within was now a frenzied hammering. Vikki was staring to get worried, not only for her friend but for herself. Jasmine could, if she wasn't thinking straight, do her some serious internal damage, especially if she really lost it and unsheathed her short, yet sharp claws. The beatings were getting less frequent, but more forceful, the last of which was the hardest yet and knocked the air from her lungs. "AIR!" Vikki cried, "Any air inside my stomach must have escaped in that huge burp when I first gobbled her down!" Vikki filled her large mouth with air and gulped repeatedly. Soon she felt an air bubble pocket separate the top of her stomach's lining from it's contents. She continued swallowing air till she heard Jasmine's muffled voice from inside, "Cough, cough, well it's about time you worked it out, I thought that was the end for sure and you were going to get a free lunch!" Vikki heaved a huge sigh of relief that could be felt from inside. She couldn't keep the joy from her voice, "Oh thank God you're all right in there, I thought, I thought, I didn't know what to think. Anyway, here, you forgot this and your going to need it. She reached up to the shelf that Jasmine had used to support herself while on the box and picked up the pocket torch that the vixen had left there. She opened her mouth and tossed it to the back of her throat before sending the hard object down to her tummy. "Heads up, incoming torch." She smiled as she heard a faint 'erk' from inside, as she imagined the torch bopping her friend on the head. 

During the recent joy and the realisation that her friend was all right, and that she wasn't going to be torn apart from the inside, something had started to happen deep inside or her. She could feel Jasmine clearly enough as she moved about, probably searching for the torch still, but there was something else. That was it! That fizzing feeling she felt before Jasmine got inside her, it had spread. It was now all over the inside of the lower half of her tummy. She heard a dull click from inside and then Jasmine say out loud, "uh oh!"

"What! What is it, c'mon you, tell me what's going on in there, spill your guts!" Vikki called to the curve of her tummy. "Um... It's not me who might end up spilling my guts in a few minutes. You know when I splashed down in here, rather harder than expected," she asked, but didn't wait for a reply before going on, "I think that during my uncontrolled entrance I tore open most of these softened packets of yeast. Actually, I think I tore through heaps of the cardboard packets, cake mixes, flour, it's all sort of mixing up in here with the milk and orange juice. "So it's just mixing is it?" she heard Vikki call from above. "Well, er.. it's not just mixing, it's kinda, bubbling into a thick gassy foamy stuff. It's everywhere, and it's getting thicker by the second!!" Vikki could easily detect the tone of worry, bordering on the line of panic in her friend's voice. She had to think to prevent this from all going very wrong. Then it hit her, it already was going wrong. She felt her stomach expand in all directions at once. Just perceivably to begin with, but increasing by the second. "Vikki!! This foamy stuff's turning into a sort of multi coloured dough. It's everywhere, it's blocking out the torch. It's swelling up in here."

Vikki knew she was right, she didn't have to be able to feel her stomach to know that the expanding yeast packed dough was swelling up at an exponential rate. She knew her tummy could hold vast amounts and could stretch to accommodate, but she still worried that she might not be able to hold all this. Especially since she hadn't had time to prepare herself for it. "Try to stay on top of it in there and keep your head in the air pocket." Despite herself, this felt really good. It was what she had always wished to do with Jasmine but was afraid to ask. She knew she was getting very wet gown at her tail end and was very glad they were alone in the store. A groan escaped Vikki's lips as the dough surged inside her. As her stomach swelled from within, her footing became unsteady as she began to be lifted off her feet. Her legs were pushed further and further out to the side to the point where she was doing little more than rocking back and forth on the lower curve of her belly from foot to foot. She moaned in a mixture of pleasure and discomfort and began swishing her tail back and forth her vulva. As the mass inside her increased she could no longer sustain this balancing act and her left front foot slipped out from under her and she fell. Well more to the point she rolled. With a loud squelching sound and a cry from Jaz she rolled over onto her left side, toppling the entire cereal isle sending framework and boxes flying everywhere.

Without her body weight holding back the dough's advance, her tummy surged forward and she moaned as the discomfort from within doubled and began bordering on the line of pain. She began to find herself getting quite light headed from the mixture of stimulus. She could still differentiate between the dough and her friend inside her and could feel Jasmine still trying to crawl about in there, pushing her way through the thickening dough. Vikki panted, "are you still okay in there Jaz?" "Oh sure," Jasmine retorted from somewhere near the top curve of her belly's bulge, "just fine if you consider being near suffocated in the depths of a Hippotaur's black stomach as being fine." Vikki didn't hear the last few words, she lost in the moment and was getting ever more dizzy as her stomach expanded. She groaned and clutched at as much of her belly and she could reach. Her head lolled from side to side as if she were drunk or drugged. A shiver went through her as something cold and metal pressed against her belly's outer edge. Then she realised that nothing was pushing her, she was pushing something. With a squeal of tortured metal under great strain the far isle was pushed over, to spill it's contents and crash to the floor.

Inside Vikki's stretching belly Jasmine was having a very tough time keeping her head above the swelling dough. She was constantly having to claw her way to the surface or risk being smothered. She did notice one thing though, the dough was starting to get thicker. Not exactly hardening, but becoming thicker nevertheless. It was getting harder and harder to move her legs and she was having to force the dough aside rather than swim in it. Vikki could hold back no longer she came long and hard causing her body to shudder, then go limp. With out the blocking effects of her arousal she could tolerate the increasing pain no longer and with a moan that was little more than breathed she gave in to the release of unconsciousness. 

The doughy mass inside Vikki hardened to such a degree that Jasmine could no longer move through it. She hung, suspended inside her friend with only one arm at her disposal but most importantly, her head was in the air pocket. She considered her options. She knew that Vikki's stomach would eventually break down and digest all the dough, along with everything else she had swallowed, and she wanted to be well and truly out side of her when that happened. But more pressing was the fact that long before that was going to happen, she was going to run out of air. She called out to Vikki a number of times and when she got no response she become worried. Had this all been too much for her. She relaxed when she realised that she could still hear her friend's deep heart beat from all around her. It had become almost like background noise and till now she hadn't given it a second thought. "Oh well," she said out loud to herself, "looks like I'm getting out of this one by myself." With her free paw she tore from the constricting dough that was pressing against her chest a large chunk and stuffed it into her mouth. "Hmm, not too bad, considering everything that went into making it."

Hours passed.

The first thing Vikki sensed when she started to come around was the blinding store lights. Her vision was blurry so she closed her eyes again. Then her sense of touch kicked back in and she felt ill. Bloated and ill. She though, "oooh, this'll take a while to get over." Her hands moved slowly over the lower curve of her tummy; she started to cough. For some reason she had an extremely sore throat, as if she'd swallowed something that would almost have been at its limit to handle. Her head was still spinning, and she thanked God that she had this nice soft pillow under her head to keep it off the hard floor. 

Her mind snapped into gear, "where the heck did this pillow come from?!!" Then something else dawned on her. She wasn't alone. She could hear what sounded like daily shopping and furs talking as they usually did during normal shopping hours. A nasty though crept into her mind. She slowly opened her eyes and stole a glance around. The store was open and there were furs shopping all about her. She tried to move but gave up after the first attempt finding it impossible with her belly so huge. Then she noticed that she was dressed. Well, that is, as dressed as taurs ever are. There was a table in front of her that seemed to have samples set out on it, and a display of some packeted product that she just couldn't read the label of. A portable red rope fence, that the store often used to keep the general public from touching displays was set up at a few feet distance around her. She also saw that someone had cleared up all the mess she'd made and set up the isles again. Then she remembered. Jasmine!!!

She was about to call out for help when she saw a familiar set of ears working their way through the crowd. She gave a great sign of relief that turned to a gasp of surprise when jasmine emerged fully from the crowd. She was wearing her apron but the tie-up sash was at it's very limit. It was easy to see that under her work apron she now had an enormous belly, that looked like she was pregnant with a foal. She carefully stepped over the rope barrier and came over to Vikki's head. She whispered, "sssh, keep it quite or you'll get us sacked for sure." Vikki started, "but wha." But was cut off. "SShhhh, look, I'll explain everything. She sat down with her legs spread wide and her new tummy resting on the floor. She rubbed her right paw across its upper curve just below her breasts. "Okay, so you blacked out and were absolutely no help at all. I had to get back out here or else so I did the only thing I could do. I ate myself a passage through the dough back to your throat and pushed my way back up to freedom. Vikki looked down at her friends belly. "No wonder my throat's killing me, how the heck did you get all that out." "It's all pretty squashy once it's chewed up," she gave her stomach a poke to demonstrate, "and besides, I didn't have much choice did I." "Anyway," Jaz went on, "Jill and Pam were the first in at work this morning and they helped me to put things right. There was no way we could move you or wake you up for that matter, so we improvised. The store is promoting a line of slimming tablets and so we just dressed you up in the banner that was meant for the front of the store and set up the display around you.

Vikki raised her head just enough to read what was written on the cloth banner that was partly covering her tummy. It read, "Do you want to look like this forever? NO! Then try Slimline." She smiled and groaned, "Oh just super." "Now, now," reproached Jasmine, "it did save our jobs. Mr. Burton liked the display idea so much that he agreed to keep us both on, we've got to pay back all the foot you gobbled but other than that, it's business as normal. Vikki smiled and whispered, "till next time."

The End