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Cristi struggled as she was lead through the dark hallways, Her captors had been rough, but not as bad as they could have been. The guards had stripped her down, hosed her off, then given her a short shift to wear, her only clothing now. She’d cursed them the whole time after her capture. Abruptly she was stopped and thrust into a cell, quickly turning she tried to get back through the door before it closed, but only slammed into the solid oak as it shut tight. Groaning she fell backwards, her head ringing. 
 "Well…that was helpful…" Cristi heard from behind her, turning she watched as a large form slowly strode towards her from the other side of the cell, "Thanks…It was worth a shot…" she replied as her eyes finally accustomed themselves to the dark cell, she found herself looking up at her cell-mate. "Oh…" was all she could say as Cristi found herself next to a foxtaur, a very large foxtaur. Glancing down, she noticed that it was most definitely a male. Glad that the dimness of the cell hid  her blush she stammered a greeting, "so…why’d they capture you?" she asked of her new cell-mate. 
 "I was in the wrong spot at the wrong time…Apparently the guards thought I was responsible for swiping a few trinkets" he shrugged, "course I didn’t have any of the items on me, but they decided to throw me in here anyway…." Sighing he sat back, "anyway, I’m Ketras" he said as he extended a paw towards her, "and you are?" 
 "Cristi" she replied, and took the offered paw, a bit surprised at how soft his paw-pads were. "I’m here because they caught me trespassing on some private land, never mind that there are no signs or anything denoting who owned the land…one minute I’m walking along, the next a group of thugs rides up and declares I’m under arrest…" as she talks she looks over the foxtaur a bit more, admiring the soft fur coating his body, "any idea how long they’ll keep us here?" 
 "Not really, probably they’ll just leave us here until we’re good and old…I’ve heard of it happening before…" Ketras replied as he padded back over to a small pile of straw and settled himself, his lush tail coiling around his hind-legs as he beckoned Cristi to join him, "Might as well make yourself comfortable…not much to do while we wait…" 
 "So, did you steal whatever it was they claimed you did?" Cristi asked as she walked over, and hesitantly sat down near him, startled as he abruptly reached over and pulled her against his warm side, stiffening for a moment before making herself a bit more comfortable, now leaning against his lower body. He smiled at her as she looked up at him, "thought you might prefer a slightly more comfortable place to lean other then the wall…" chuckling softly as he settled himself a bit as well, an amused look on his canine muzzle, "anyway…of course I did, and I would’ve gotten away if I hadn’t taken a wrong turn… ah well…" he sighed. 
 "But you said they didn’t find anything on you?" 
 "Course not, unfortunately I’ve developed a slight reputation for being a thief in these parts" he replied. 
 "And I’m sure that you’ve done nothing to build up that reputation huh?" Cristi said, one eyebrow arched as she found herself liking this strange creature. 
 "Heh…well…I might’ve polished the rep just a little…" he chuckled as he lightly ran a hand through her black hair, grinning as abruptly he produced a comb from somewhere and began to run it through her hair. She was startled because it was a very expensive looking comb, "hey…where’d that come from…" 
 "Oh, this? It’s one of the items I’m supposed to have lifted…" he grinned at her, "you think I’d let my spoils get taken back after I went through all that trouble to get them? 
 "But…" Cristi started 
 "Let’s just say I have a good hiding place to keep my loot that no one would think of…" chuckling as he continues to work the comb through her hair, "you have such nice hair…it’s a shame that it’s in such poor condition…" 
 Cristi blushed a bit more, "well…I have been wandering for quite a while…and I usually have it tied up in a braid…" sighing softly at his ministrations, Cristi slowly began to relax, finding that she was much more tired then she thought, Cristi slowly drifted off into sleep, leaning against the foxtaur’s warm body 
 Smiling as he regarded the human, Ketras, picked her hair out of the comb and swallowed it back down, feeling it slip down his throat and into his fore-belly, grinning at the thought of all the loot he was still carrying around, and no one the wiser. Gently he stroked Cristi’s hair, admiring the feel of it within his paw, it was a shame he wasn’t able to pick the lock of this place, course then he never would’ve met such a nice cell-mate, "ah well…" he thought to himself, as he regarded the door to the cell. He’d already tried to pick the lock several times, but the infernal thing seemed impossible to pick…probably mage locked… 
 Shrugging slightly, he curled himself around the human, enjoying the feel of her against his  body, his long tail curled softly around her shoulders and chest, as he slipped into a light nap himself. Entertaining pleasant thoughts of what might happen between him and the human. 
Slowly, Cristi woke up, enjoying the soft warmth that surrounded her, strange she thought as she seemed to remember being thrown into a cell…surely her captives wouldn’t have thrown her in a cell that was so comfortable…Opening her eyes, she found herself laying against the foxtaur’s belly, his body curled around her, and gently she stroked him, remembering everything from before, "hmmm…well…it’s not all bad here…" she thought as her hands lightly slide through the warm foxtaur fur, admiring how soft it was. She also couldn’t help but glance between his hind-legs, getting a better look at his sheath, smiling at the thought of how large he was, and briefly wondering what it would be like to have him in her…Putting that thought to the side she settled herself back against his body, sighing as she lay there, "How are we going to get out of this…" she muttered to herself 
 "I don’t know…but I’m sure something will come up…" Ketras replied softly 
 "Oh…so you are awake…" Cristi said, starting a bit at his unexpected reply 
 "Well, the guards did come in earlier with our food rations, the rations aren’t all that bad…just tough…and there’s also some fresh water…." He said, motioning to several small pails next to the door 
 "Ah…Thanks…Shall we eat?" as Cristi got up and walked over to the pails, "at least it’s not moldy bread…"she muttered as she carried the pails over 
 Ketras nodded, "they actually serve decent food here…much better then the other jails and dungeons I’ve been in…." at Cristi’s look he grinned, "What…you thought this was my first time? I’ve got a reputation to uphold…" murring in amusement at the human as he began in on his portion of the food 
 Sighing at her cell-mate, Cristi, also began to eat her portion, it wasn’t actually all that bad….The cell itself was relatively clean, and she didn’t see any rats running around, which was definitely a plus…Settling back against Ketras’ side, she looked once more at her cell-mate, "so…any ideas on how to get out?" 
 He shrugged, "Well…I’ve got a couple, but not sure how well they’ll work….I’ve had no luck trying to pick that thrice-damned lock…" he sighed softly as he gently began to stroke her, apparently unaware of what he was doing… 
 Cristi smiled, "Care to share the ideas?" as she leaned back against his strokes, finding them surprisingly calming on her. "Or at least tell me more about yourself? You’re the first foxtaur I’ve come across, the first non-human actually…." 
 "Well…. I wander around a lot, get into trouble occasionally, that’s about it really…" 
 "And you tend to steal things, correct?" 
 "Everyone needs a hobby…mine just happens to be larceny…" he chuckles as he says that. 
 The two of them continued to chat for a bit, before their cell door opened, a nasty looking thug walked in and looked at them both, "well…I see you two have been getting to know each other….too bad your relationship won’t be lasting for much longer…you’re both to be killed tomorrow morning…" he grinned nastily at the shocked look on their faces. "The ruling council around here needs to make an example to keep the population in check, and your cell came up to supply the example…" Abruptly he turned and left, leaving the two shocked prisoners to their own devices until the morning… 
 Looking at each other Cristi and Ketras, sat there stunned, "We need to get out of here…" Cristi whispered softly, nodding in total agreement Ketras slowly got up and coughed up his lock-picks, and attempted to pick the door to their cell once more, working away steadily at it. Cursing as his efforts seemed to do nothing to unlock the door, Cristi watched, unable to do much as she didn’t have the skills to help. 
 Cursing loudly and fluently, Ketras flung his picks against the cell wall, "damn…" his shoulders slumped as he padded back over to Cristi, "it’s no use…I can’t pick that lock…they must’ve had a mage place a spell or something on it…" sighing softly he flopped down onto the straw that served as their bed. 
 They tried to think of various ways to escape but none felt as if they would succeed, it was very frustrating for them both and they lay there, gently stroking each other, offering comfort to each other as they waited….Somewhere around midnight, they heard a soft noise outside the door, then the muffled jiggling of keys as if someone were trying to quietly open their cell door, staying quiet they waited to see what would happen, a strangely sibilant voice began to curse softly as the owner struggled with the door and lock. "Do you two wish to survive the morning?" the voice asked 
 Looking at each other, Cristi said, "Of course we do, you think we want to be used as examples for crimes we didn’t commit?" 
 A soft hissing laugh came from behind the door, "Ah…but you’ve both committed crimes, just not the one’s you’ll be dying for…" Finally the lock clicked as it unlocked, "You’ll both have to trust me to know what I’m doing, otherwise I’m not going to help you two escape…" As the door opened their mysterious helper walked into the room, or rather slithered, a large lamia slowly worked herself through the door and into their cell, "what? Never seen a Lamia before? My kind aren’t all THAT rare…" she slowly coiled her large, scaled lower body around itself as she drew her full thirty feet or so of body into the room,  chuckling at the look on Cristi’s and Ketra’s faces, "now…if I could get you to remove the remainders of your clothing human, I’ll get you both secreted away and we can get out of here…" 
 Cristi just looked at the lamia, a bit envious of her amply fleshed form, the human upper torso blending smoothly into the lamia’s long lower body, "Why are you helping us? And why do you want me to remove my clothes?" 
 "Let’s just say I’ve got a debt to settle with the ruling council in these parts, and as for your clothing…I can’t swallow you and your large friend there if you’re still wearing your clothing…fur I can handle, but clothing never agrees with me, and I can’t get you both out of here if I’m sick from swallowing your clothes as well as you human…" the lamia chuckles at the looks on the captives faces as she told them what she planned to do to get them out of the place, "when it turns out that neither of you are around, you’re both the only prisoners that have been caught recently by the way.. the council is going to be very embarrassed.." she grinned, "oh…and my name’s Cessa just in case you’re wondering…" 
 Cristi blinked, "you’re going to eat us both? But that’s the same as what’ll happen to us in the morning!" she cried out 
 Ketra coughed softly, "um…not necessarily…" he said as he looked at the lamia, "some of the non-human races have more then one stomach….mine included…some within those species have the ability to store stuff within this second stomach, I use mine to store loot I’ve lifted…I’ve never met anyone that used it to store others within themselves though…" he looked a bit uneasy as he said this… 
 The lamia grinned and licked her lips, "very true, course that means you’ll both have to trust that I can store you within me, and that you won’t end up being digested, but what to you have to lose?" slowly she slithered a bit closer to Cristi and Ketra, "I think you my fine foxtaur friend, should be first, that way you can stretch my innards and prepare the way for your human friend…Perhaps I should start with that luscious tail and those nice hind-legs of yours to begin with…" 
 Ketra shivered a bit and looked over at Cristi, "Well….she does have a point…and I’d much prefer to not be killed in public…though being swallowed alive…" he shivered a bit more as he looked at the lamia, "How will you get out of here if your belly’s swollen around us both?" 
 "Oh, I’ll manage…you two wouldn’t be the largest meal I’ve ever had, once I enjoyed a dragon, he was quite surprised I was able to take him completely, he was delicious too…" smiling Cessa licked her lips again as she recalled how it had felt with the dragon tucked away within her belly, "mmmm…dragon’s are definitely worth the discomfort of stretching to accommodate within yourself if you’re able to take one…Anyway, are you two going to allow me to eat you both, or shall I leave you to this town’s tender mercies?" 
 Cristi shivered as she slowly pulled the small amount of clothing she wore off and looked at the lamia, "get it over with…I want out of here…" Ketra nodded and slowly laid himself down on his side, "Whenever you’re ready Cessa" he nervously played with a bit of straw as the lamia slide over and begin to coil around him and Cristi, "mmmm…I’m so glad you’re both going to accept my offer, I can’t wait to have you two inside me…." Smiling widely as she leaned down and stroked Ketra’s tail and hindquarters, hissing softly as she positioned herself, her jaws slowly opening as she guided the foxtaur’s feet into her mouth, suckling lightly around them as she began. Her hands slowly helping to guide Ketra into her waiting body, her tongue flicking over his hind-paws as she sucked his tail in. The foxtaur stiffened as he watched the lamia slowly beginning to take him into herself, his eyes widening as her jaws slowly slipped upwards around his legs and tail, finding the experience to be surprisingly pleasant, shivering as his sheath began to swell slightly. The lamia’s hands reaching forward to fondle his full ballsac, and slowly rub against the soft warmth of his sheath, coaxing him to arousal as Cristi watches, blushing furiously at the sight of Ketra’s large shaft slipping into full view, one of her hands slipping down to lightly rub against her groin. 
 Cessa smiled around the Ketra’s hind-legs, working herself upwards until her jaws were stretched firmly around his rump, continuing to stroke his now aroused shaft as she paused, mmming softly around him, her long tongue coiling around his sac, massaging it as she watched the human’s reaction. Cristi couldn’t seem to keep her eyes from what was going on, shivering as she hesitantly reached down to feel Ketra’s shaft, hearing him whine softly as she found herself beginning to stroke him, finding that she wanted to have that massive cock slipping into her. "Cristi….Please…" Ketra moaned softly as she gently caressed him, slowly she shifted her position, carefully easing her legs between his hind-legs, watching as the lamia’s jaws stretched a bit wider, her throat bulging and rippling a bit around his legs and tail. Slowly she began to work herself downwards, not quite believing what she was doing. Soon enough she could feel Ketra’s cocktip pressing against her groin, her feet now pressed between his own within Cessa’s warm throat, finding the strange warmth to be quite pleasant. Gently the lamia swallowed, pulling Cristi slowly deeper, helping to guide the human down over the foxtaur’s shaft, murring as she stroked them both, thinking of how much she was going to enjoy holding these two within her if they continued along the course they had started… 
 Ketra groaned in pleasure as his cock was slowly taken into Cristi’s body, his large shaft stretching her tightly around him as he began to buck into her. The feel of Cessa’s throat rippling around his legs and tail, pressing them against Cristi’s own within her throat stimulated him further. He could hear Cristi moans as she worked his entire cock into herself, surprising him as she managed the feet, her now moist slit rubbing against his cockbase, and against the still soft knot at the base. They both gasped as Cessa’s tongue began to tease them, playing over the area where their bodies joined within her mouth, swallowing them both a bit deeper, pressing Cristi’s belly firmly against Ketra’s. Her hands stroking them both as they began to make love as she began to swallow them both down, her throat rippling and stretching around them. 
 Cristi could feel Ketra’s large cock buried deep within her, startled that she could hold the entire length, groaning as she felt him thrusting deeper into her, his knot slowly pressing against her sex, seeking entrance to lock them together as she could also feel Cessa’s mouth slipping farther up around them both. She moaned in pleasure, squirming against the foxtaur’s belly as he mated with her. 
 Slowly, Cessa, worked her way upwards around the large meal, groaning as her jaws and throat stretched wider around foxtaur and human, finding herself growing quite aroused as she continued to swallow them both down, shivering as she coiled herself around them both, carefully easing them deeper down her throat, feeling Cristi stiffen as Ketra’s knot was worked into her body, quickly swelling within her tight embrace, locking him inside her. Her cry of pleasure muffled into the foxtaur’s warm fur. His hands coming down to gently stroke her head as he continued to buck against her within the tight confines of the lamia’s throat, groaning himself at the sensation. 
 Reaching out, Ketra grasped Cessa’s tail, and slowly brought it up to his muzzle, beginning to slowly lick along its smooth scaly surface, searching slowly for the lamia’s slit, his hands slowly stroking her as he could feel Cessa stiffening in pleasure as his tongue found her quite moist sex. Her jaws slipping slowly around his lowerbelly, approaching his forelegs, most of Cristi’s body now held within her throat, their feet rubbing against the tight ring of muscle guarding the lamia’s stomach, as her throat muscles deeply massaged the two lovers, pulling them steadily deeper into her eager body. 
 Cessa moaned as she felt the foxtaur slowly opening her sex up and, gently work his tongue around within, pleasuring her as she continued to swallow him and Cristi down, eventually her lower jaw slipped over Cristi’s head, pressing her firmly into the foxtaur’s underbelly as she and Ketra climaxed hard, Cessa could feel the human squirming widely as her belly was filled with Ketra’s rich seed, his shaft pulsing strongly within her tight embrace. The lamia’s body bulging as he and Cristi continued to mate as she swallowed them down, groaning in pleasure as her own climax neared. Ketra’s talented tongue delving deep within her body, sliding all around within her moist passages. Her own juices flowing freely into his mouth as her belly began to stretch to accommodate her two guests. Her hands gently guiding the foxtaur’s forelegs into her mouth, her jaws slipping upwards to encompass his waist like a snug belt, her throat muscles continuing to deeply massage him and Cristi within her as they slipped deeper, swelling her waiting belly larger and larger. Her guests continuing to make love as they steadily disappeared down her throat. 
 Gently, the lamia ran one hand over Ketra’s upper torso, still outside her mouth, her other hand slipping down to caress the massive bulge he and Cristi made within her body, their motions visible as a rippling within her throat and belly. Quivering in pleasure as the foxtaur continued to eat her out, she slowly worked her way upwards over his upper body, her insides continuing to deeply massage those she now held within her as she approached his broad chest. She guided his arms down into the warmth of her throat, her jaws slipping upwards over his shoulders, her lips slipping shut around his neck like a snug collar as she paused once more. Her now swollen belly bulging somewhat strangely as Ketra continued to mate with Cristi, now fully within the lamia’s belly, his muzzle buried within Cessa’s slit as she stroked her swollen body. Ketra could just hear Cristi’s moans of pleasure deep within the lamia’s belly and sighed softly, climaxing once again within the human, his knot holding him tightly within her wonderful body as Cessa’s own body enveloped him completely, her lips slipping down around his muzzle as her tongue began to pleasure her own sex as his own was slowly withdrawn. The lamia’s body quivering in pleasure as she climaxed hard, pulling the foxtaur down her throat and into her now expansive belly, groaning as she continued to lap up her own juices as her throat and upper body slowly returned to their normal sizes, human and foxtaur tucked away within her belly, mating inside the moist warmth. 
 Sighing softly, Cessa shifted around, smiling at her bulging belly, loving the feel of her guests enjoying themselves within her, relaxing in the warm afterglow of her climax. Her hands tenderly stroking the bulge her guests made within herself. Shifting about heavily, Cessa gave her belly a final gentle pat, before slowly slithering out the door, turning and locking it behind her, grinning to herself at the thought of how embarrassed the town council was going to be once they found out they lost their prisoners. 
 Inside Cessa’s belly, Ketra continued to thrust into Cristi’s tight body, both of them moaning in pleasure as the lamia’s innards deeply massaged them both all over, enhancing the pleasures of their lovemaking. Her movements also caressing them as Cessa slithered off, carrying them within her body. Eventually their lovemaking and the warm moistness of the lamia’s innards began to take their toll and the lovers slowly grew tired and laying against each other, slowly slipped into sleep, no longer caring if the lamia had been telling the truth or not… 
 Cessa smiled as her two love-birds finally drifted off, a bit surprised at their stamina, chuckling softly she continued out of the dungeon, her now massive belly swaying heavily with each movement she made. She’d forgotten how horny she usually got with still living guests within her belly. Not that she minded…As she thought about it, her grin grew wider, perhaps these two would care to travel with her, she knew the foxtaur’s reputation as a thief, the human was an unknown, but she was very tasty, and went down quite nicely, so she wouldn’t mind at all if Cristi came along in her journey’s as well…Slowly Cessa reached the door she was looking for, and grinned as she eased her now massive bulk through it. Entering into the back rooms of the kitchens, when she’d heard of what the town council had planned she’d come up with the idea of freeing the prisoners, it had been pure luck that she’d managed to find out about how the kitchens and the dungeon were connected. After that, it was quite simple to spread a few bribes around and find herself left along in one of the back storage rooms, filled with a wide variety of foodstuffs. 
 To be on the safe side, Cessa began to gobble up large amounts of the food around her, enjoying stuffing herself further, all this food going to her digestion stomach, though she did swallow enough for her two guests, placing it within the stomach they were held within. Eventually she finished her large meal, draining a couple kegs of mead and gulping down a small cask of water, cask and all for Cristi and Ketra to share once they woke up. 
Once she was done, Cessa, slowly slithered out of the room, unlocking the door to the kitchens and slowly made her way out, getting a few stares for her now massive gut, "mmmm…that was the best meal I’ve had in a long time…my thanks…" she told the cooks and helpers as she left, leaving another small bag of coins to pay for the meal, "I’ll definitely recommend this place to others of my kind…" she smiled at the look on a few of the cook’s faces, they seemed rather pleased with her announcement, "probably calculating just how much one of us can eat, and how much overpricing they can get away with…" She thought to herself as she left the kitchens and made her way slowly out of the city, purchasing a few items on her way out after collecting her travel pack, cloak and staff from where she’d left them just outside the kitchen. Drawing more looks from the townspeople as she moved heavily through the streets. 
 Once she’d left the town and slipped into the woods, she sped up a bit, wanting to get quite far away from the town before morning, as she traveled she sang softly to herself, smiling as she felt her guests slowly wake up within her. Hearing their muffled surprise at a meal waiting for them, and that they were still alive within her belly. Pausing to stroke the large bulge they made within her she said, "what sort of host would I be if I didn’t supply food and drink to my guests…just because I ate you both, doesn’t mean I should be a bad host…" chuckling softly as she resumed her travels, "Once I’m sure it’s safe, I’ll let you both back out, though I’ve grown rather used to having you inside me, and I’ll miss the feel of begin so full and of the pleasant sensations your movements provide me." Grinning wickedly she adds, "especially  your love making….MMMMM…now I could definitely get used to having you two continuing to do that inside me…" chuckling as she heard their muffled replies, knowing that they were both a bit embarrassed. "Perhaps you’ll share you new lover with me Cristi? I’m envious of you…held within a nice warm belly with a lovely and well equipped partner to lay with…" Cessa laughed as she could almost feel the heat radiating from Cristi’s blushes. Slowly making her way through the forest as she listened in to her guests softly talking to each other within her, smiling as she heard them getting to know one another better.