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Some Good Hiding Spots:Chapter 2

By GryphRaptor
  Jaycee sighed in contentment as shi soared high in the air, loving the feel of the cool air flowing over hir fiery wings.  It had been awhile since shi’d last been to the area shi was currently flying through, and much had changed, what had been a small hamlet was now a fairly large town, complete with castle. As shi soared high above, shi noticed a large lamia slowly making its way heavily from the city. Shi marveled at how large the creature was, and altered hir course to follow, smiling to hirself at the thought of meeting such a being. As shi watched, shi realized that the lamia was female and looked as though she had eaten very well not too long ago. The massive 30-plus length of her lower body bulged greatly with the lamia’s meal. 

 As Jaycee followed, hir sharp eyesight took in more details of the lamia. The lamia’s lower body, which resembled the body of a large snake, was brightly colored with bands of green and yellow, which blended into each other along her whole length. Where the snake’s head would usually be, a softly fleshed human torso began, joining seamlessly with the reptilian lower portion. This creature was very well fed, her whole body looking well-fleshed, with soft curves everywhere. Jaycee found hirself admiring the large lamia, one of the largest shi’d seen in a long time. 

 Shi continued to follow along, soaring high above the fascinating creature, watching her as she traveled at a much faster pace then her massive bulk would have seemed able to. The steady flexing of her long lower body propelling her quickly along the ground.  Eventually the lamia headed off the paths and into the forest itself, winding slowly through the trees and brush, heading towards a small pond some distance off. Noting the lamia’s destination, Jaycee smiled and soared ahead of her, heading towards the pond hirself, figuring it would be a good place to meet and introduce hirself to the lamia. 

 Cessa sighed in contentment as she moved along, her over-stuffed belly felt wonderful as it flexed with her movements. Her guests still comfortably tucked away within her body’s embrace. She smiled, as she paused for a bit, turning to regard the large bulge Ketra and Cristi made within her, watching the swell shift slightly as her guests continued to enjoy each other’s company. The extra food she’d stuffed herself with helping to hide the outline of the foxtaur and human currently hiding out inside her belly. 

  After a quick rest, the lamia continued on, heading towards a pond she remembered from earlier in her journey. She chuckled to herself as she imagined the look on the council’s faces when they found their prisoners had escaped somehow. She knew the guards wouldn’t realize what had happened until it was too late, because she had taken care of the one guarding the prisoner’s cell, he’d left a bad aftertaste in her mouth, but his digesting body was helping to hide those he was guarding. As she slithered along, Cessa thought about what she was to do with her guests, she’d have to let them out eventually, though she disliked that thought, she loved the feel of them both tucked away inside her, their movements caressed her innards so wonderfully, and they filled her very nicely. She liked carrying them around inside her and she was reluctant to let them out. 

 "ah well…" she sighed to herself as she continued towards the pond, "I’ll wait till we get to the pond, and then let them out for a bit…" she thought "after all…I want to see how well that foxtaur can fill me in another spot…" she grinned at that thought, remembering how much Cristi had enjoyed feeling Ketra’s shaft filling her body as Cessa had swallowed them both down. 

 Cessa continued along, enjoying the warm summer day, the heat felt wonderful as the sun baked her body as she traveled, she was looking forward to getting to the pond and finding a spot to curl up and relax in for a bit. The weather had been horrible for the most part lately and she hadn’t had a good sun-basking in a long time….Eventually she reached the pond, and smiled thinking how good a swim might feel before she let her guests out. 

 As she moved towards the pond, movement off to the side caught her eye and she turned to see what was there, gasping in surprise at what she saw.  A phoenix was settled against a large rock not too far from her. The phoenix looked up and smiled, slowly getting to its feet and moving towards Cessa, "Greetings fair one, I’m Jaycee, I noticed you heading towards this pond and wondered if you might like some company…I’ve not seen one of your kind in a long time…" the phoenix’s voice had a musical quality to it as it slowly approached Cessa. 

  Cessa marveled at the creature before her, the rarest breed of creature she knew of, she’d only heard of phoenixes in stories and such, to have one right before her was quite a surprise. She gazed at the phoenix, admiring the lush yellows, reds and oranges of its plumage, the long fiery wings and tail sparkled in the sunlight, shimmering with each movement the phoenix made. "Um….oh…I’m Cessa, I’m sorry to say I’ve never had the pleasure to meet one of your kind before…" she stammered a bit, caught up in the phoenix’s beauty. Standing at about seven feet tall, the phoenix’s body, while not as slender as one would think, was still one that  many females would love to have. Long slender arms and legs, both ending in seemingly delicate claws, both hands and feet were able to manipulate objects equally well. A trim waist, and modest chest added to the phoenix’s beauty. As Cessa watched Jaycee, she found herself drawn into the phoenix’s eyes, the deepest emerald green she’d ever seen. 

 Jaycee chuckled softly as shi regarded the lamia, "I’d be surprised if you had, my kind tend to be a bit reclusive for the most part, with only a few like myself that explore the world, brining back stories and news to the rest…I have to admit, while I’ve seen others of your kind, I haven’t seen one quite as well fleshed as you are. Looks like you’ve been doing very well for yourself?" 

 Cessa nodded, "I’ve been doing fair…" as she slowly coiled her lowerbody up somewhat, "I have a fair gift with animals, so have been able to earn a good measure of coinage as I wander around…" 

 "That’s good…" Jaycee said as shi smiled and moving forwards, gently hugged the lamia, softly wrapping hir large wings around much of her body, chuckling softly at Cessa’s surprised gasp as warmth flowed into her. "mmmmm…I know your kind enjoys warmth moreso then other breeds…" 

 Cessa was quite startled by the phoenix’s openness but found herself relaxing within hir embrace, sighing in pleasure as the warmth from the phoenix’s wings flowed into her, "that does feel good….very relaxing…" she half sighed in pleasure, feeling some of the phoenix’s magic also flowing into her, helping her to relax. Jaycee smiled as shi held the lamia, softly beginning to caress her as shi used some of hir magic to help the lamia relax further, enjoying the softness of the well-fleshed lamia’s body as slowly they both settled down comfortably, Cessa’s lower body gently coiling around Jaycee’s in a light embrace. 

 "This feels so good…being cuddled like this inside and out…." Cessa said quietly, unaware of her slip until it was too late, looking at Jacyi with a startled look on her face, unsure of her new friend’s reaction to what she said implied…. 
 Jaycee grinned and shifted around a bit, softly stroking hir hands along Cessa’s body, finding the large bulge that the lamia’s guests made, "you think to scare me off by admitting you enjoy the feel of others inside you? I’m rather envious of your guests actually…" shi said as shi stroked the bulge, much to Cessa’s enjoyment, feeling Ketra and Krisi shifting about a bit in response, fast asleep within her belly. "I told you I’ve met with your kind before, I’ve even been inside one or two as well….a very delightful experience…though I’ve got something else in mind for you….if you’d allow me?" 

 Cessa didn’t get a chance to answer as Jaycee drew her into a deep kiss, hir beak pressing gently around Cessa’s mouth, the phoenix’s tongue softly exploring within the lamia’s mouth, hir hands lightly playing over Cessa’s upper body, fondling her ample breasts gently as shi shifted around a bit. Jaycee slowly began to rub hir body against Cessa’s own, churring softly in pleasure as hir warmth surrounded them both. As shi continued, Cessa reached down and began to lightly explore the phoenix’s belly and down along hir thighs, marveling at the soft lushness of hir rich plumage. 

 Groaning softly under the lamia’s hesitant caresses, Jaycee reached down and placed the lamia’s hand between hir legs, spreading them wide apart as shi lay back, hir sex growing very moist, the juices beginning to flow freely over Cessa’s hand. Slowly Cessa grew more bold with her caresses, and began to firmly rub the phoenix’s sex, pausing as she felt a strange firmness growing outwards from the wet folds. 

 The phoenix shuddered as hir cock began to slip from hir sheath, swelling outwards against Cessa’s caresses. Slowly shi withdrew from the kiss and lay back, exposing hirself fully to Cessa’s gaze, "liking what you see?" Cessa nodded and slowly leaned her head down, and began to slowly explore the phoenix’s body with her tongue, shivering at the explosion of flavor the phoenix’s body produced as her tongue circled slowly around the groaning herm’s dual sexes. 
 Jaycee smiled tenderly at the large lamia, and shifted about, stroking hir hands lightly over her body, enjoying the feel of Cessa’s tongue playing over hir warm flesh. Gently shi drew the lamia down to between hir legs, hir mound glistening somewhat before Cessa’s face, hir legs slowly spread apart, inviting Cessa to explore the brightly colored feathers surrounding hir sex. Murrring Cessa took the invitation and softly stroked the insides of the phoenix’s thighs, massaging the firm flesh gently as she curled her head down to lightly nibble upwards between Jaycee’s legs. 
 Her tongue slowly pushing into the phoenix’s body, Cessa, mmmed at the sweet nectar flowing from the avian’s body. Jaycee shuddered in pleasure, pressing into the lamia’s mouth, wanting more filling hir hungry femsex, hir cock fully aroused and laying heavily atop hir belly. Reaching down shi softly began to stroke hirself as Cessa pleasured hir. Groaning softly Jaycee looked at the lamia, feeling an emptiness within hir belly, as slowly shi pulled Cessa’s head up along hir body, and into a kiss, wrapping hir wings around the massive lamia. "I can’t help myself Cessa…will you use that tail of yours to fill me? I need something large filling me…" as shi rubbed hirself against Cessa, hir body quivering in need. 

 Cessa found herself in an almost daze, and flexing her body somewhat, curled her tail up and began to press it up against Jaycee’s sex, feeling the phoenix’s body gripping eagerly around her blunt tail, warm juices flowing out to coat her tailtip as Jaycee reached down and pulled a good six inches of the lamia’s tail onto hir body, crying out in pleasure, "oh…yes….." hir cock dripping a bit of pre into the lush feathers covering her belly as Cessa shifted, wanting something inside her own sex. Slowly the avian’s cock slipped into the lamia’s moist sex, swelling further as Cessa took its full length into her, gasping at how hot the cock felt inside her. 
 Pressing themselves against each other, the lamia and the phoenix moaned in pleasure, bodies shivering as they pushed deeply into the other’s softness. Jaycee gasped as shi felt Cessa’s tail going deeper and deeper into hir body, hir sex stretching tightly around the smoothly scaled tail, juices flowing freely as the lamia writhed beneath hir. Hir shaft filling Cessa’s own sex, pre flooding into her womb, slowly filling her with the warm liquid. 

 As they continued to pleasure each other, Jaycee could feel slight movements deep within Cessa’s body, shi ran hir hands over the large bulge, feeling Cessa’s guests held within. Cessa moaned, pushing her belly up into the phoenix’s caresses, loving the sensations coming from the wonderful new friend. Jaycee’s shaft continued to throb within the lamia’s body, while her tail slid through the tight ring of muscle guarding Jaycee’s womb. Jaycee’s belly beginning to swell as shi thrust hirself over and into Cessa, crying out at how good it felt. 
 Soon enough Jaycee cried out in pleasure, hir body climaxing powerfully, internal muscles gripping the thick tail filling hir sex as hir cock spasmed within Cessa’s depths, thick seed flooding into the lamia’s belly, filling her with the heavy cum. Cessa’s cry joined with Jaycee’s as her own cliamx was triggered by the explosion of heat into her. The lamia’s body being sucked strongly into Jaycee’s hungry sex, the phoenix’s body quivering in pleasure as shi was filled more and more by the Cessa’s lower body. Each of the phoenix’s thrusts driving another good half foot or so of Cessa into hir depths, hir belly swelling rapidly as shi enveloped the lamia. 
 Cessa lay there, running her hands over her upper torso, massaging her breasts as she felt Jaycee thrusting eagerly up and down over her tail, strangely a good portion of her body seemed to be enveloped within a wonderful heat. Her body continuing to tremble as she was filled with the warmth of the phoenix’s climax. She could hear Jaycee’s own moans of pleasure as shi continued to hump hard over her tail, hir cock still buried deep within Cessa’s sex. 

 Slowly, a second orgasm built within Cessa’s body, another heavy load of phoenix cum exploding into her depths as Jaycee cried out again, hir bucking increasing in strength with the second climax. Looking up at her lover, Cessa’s eyes widened, a massive feathered bulge lay atop her, she could feel the bulge of Ketra and Cristi slowly being squeezed into the delicious warmth of Jaycee’s body, somehow she found herself wanting to be held completely within the phoenix’s depths, her body trembling at the sensations. She could feel her own guests thrusting against each other, their bodies increasing her pleasure as she felt Jaycee’s cunny eventually envelope her entire lower body. Her sex pressing tightly up against Jaycee’s own, their juices mingling as they flowed freely over Cessa’s humanoid upper torso. 

 Jaycee trilled in ecstasy as shi collapsed backwards, hir hands sliding over the massive bulge of hir wonderfully full womb, shi could feel the motions of Cessa’s own guests inside the lamia’s body, mating with each other as the lamia’s body coiled up within hir depths. As they lay there, Cessa smiled and reaching forward, gripped Jaycee’s thickly swollen shaft with one hand, beginning to stroke hir off even as the phoenix’s body continued to pull her slowly deeper. Her waist slowly slipping between the rippling lips of Jaycee’s sex, her free hand stroking and caressing the soft flesh enveloping her, shuddering in pleasure as more and more of her body was deeply massaged by Jaycee’s internal muscles. 

 Gasping, Jaycee clutched at hir massively distended belly, trying to buck against the lamia’s caresses of hir cock and slit, hir pre flooding down, mixing with the thick juices flowing from between hir legs, coating the remaining portions of Cessa’s chest, head and arms. Another flood of the phoenix’s seed shot into the air as shi climaxed once more, hir femsex slowly sliding over Cessa’s ample breasts, squeezing them into the wet warmth of hir body. Releasing Jaycee’s dual sexes, she slide her arms up along her body into Jaycee, shivering as she watched the moist flesh slipping over her breasts finally, before becoming a snug collar around her neck. Softly she began to lick what her tongue could reach of Jaycee’s cunny, smiling as she closed her eyes in pleasure, feeling her head gently being enveloped, moaning as slowly the hot warmth of the phoenix’s body slipped completely around her, surrounding her fully now. 

 Jaycee laid there, moaning softly in complete contentment, one final climax ripping through hir body as the lamia was pulled fully into hir eager womb, stretching hir belly enormously. Smiling shi passed out, hir body trembling from the sensations of being so full and being pleasured so wonderfully. 

 Slowly Jaycee returned to consciousness, blinking in the soft haze of complete contentment, wondering briefly why shi felt so good. Smiling to hirself shi remembered the lamia, and how much pleasure they’d brought to each other, a slight motion within hir womb made hir realize shi hadn’t imagined taking Cessa completely into hir womb. Amazed at how right it felt, shi softly stroked hir massive belly, smiling tenderly at the vague outline beneath hir feathered belly. Shi gasped as shi felt Cessa shift a bit more, lightly pleasuring hir with the movements within hir depths. Eventually shi managed to get to hir feet, groaning a bit as the weight of the lamia settled between hir hipbones, slowly the magic that was hir essence enabled hir to move freely, even with the massive weight of the lamia now held within hir womb. 

 Within Jaycee, Cessa smiled as she lay there, coiled up within the delicious embrace of the phoenix’s womb. Her entire body being caressed and held tenderly, soft flesh rubbing against every portion of hir massive form, soft moans of pleasure escaping her as she lay there, wondering how long Jaycee would keep her held inside hir belly, and not really wanting to be let out for a good long time. 
 As Jaycee continued to massage hir belly, shi watched as the bulge began to shrink somewhat, slowly hir belly began to flatten out, even though there was no real change in Cessa’s size. Shi grinned as hir body hid Cessa within hir, no one would ever realize where the lamia had disappeared to. Stretching, shi ran hir hands over hir now slightly swollen belly, hearing Cessa’s soft moans of pleasure vibrating through hir depths. Mmmming shi slowly spread hir wings and took to the air after picking up the lamia’s pack, grinning as shi was looking forward to introducing hir new lover to the rest of hir family. 

  Story Copyright (C) By: GryphRaptor
 1998 - All rights reserved.

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