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Jasonís Problem

 by Yurex

It was, up to that point, the most emotional moment of his entire life. Jason Monroe-Talbot, the leader of the worldwide rebellion led by his group, the Organization for World Liberation, stood before the sleeping form of his most powerful ally, The dragon-like Freerah Braega. She and the technology her feline partner Damoar had brought to Earth was responsible for the successes they had so far enjoyed against the corporate-military regime that had directly and indirectly enslaved all of mankind since the early part of the century. However, the circumstances surrounding her most recent foray against them could mean the end of all his hopes of ending the war with as few casualties as possible. 

Freerahís actions, while understandable, had violated the oath she had sworn to Jason when she had agreed to help him in his war. She had so far been able to save the majority of the military personnel from the targets that she had attacked. The first of which was the base at the Russian port of Vladivostok. She had literally flattened the entire facility to the ground, yet after it was over all of its personnel, including the pilots of the MIGs that had attacked her, were found alive and uninjured in the untouched underground shelters. She repeated this performance during every attack in which she was involved, keeping the casualties to a minimum, but this last one had ended in disaster.

In a desperate move to destroy her the United States Air Force lured her into a trap by getting her to chase a prototype of their most advanced hypersonic fighter into a sparsely populated area where reinforcements were waiting. Once there all six of the waiting jets fired their missiles at her. Normally she could have just shrug off such an attack being immune to all of Earthís weaponry, but this time the missiles were armed with anti-matter warheads, the one form of matter and energy to which she was vulnerable. Before that moment both Jason and Freerah had thought that no nation would have been foolish enough to detonate such devastating weapons inside the atmosphere. 

The six fighters and the prototype observer had barely enough time to get beyond the blast radius when their weapons detonated. Only their advanced design and shielding prevented their pilots from being terminally irradiated, but after the last explosion had cleared they all wished they had died in those blasts, because Freerah had survived. Now wounded she pursued the retreating planes in a rage that few had ever seen and lived to tell. 

Instead of destroying them out right she damaged each fighter just enough to cause the pilots to have to have to eject. Then before their chutes could deploy she caught them in her opened mouth and swallowed them whole. She repeated this grisly procedure until only the prototype remained. 

Its pilot, having witnessed and recorded what she had done to his comrades, immediately pushed his craft to the limits of its capabilities in an attempt to escape her. He tried every maneuver he knew, but she matched each one, getting steadily closer with each turn. In a last act of desperation he launched all of his remaining guided ordinance and dove for the clouds below. Having not bothered to mask her energy signature the missiles easily locked onto her and detonated against her personal defense shield temporarily blinding her. 

By the time Freerahís vision had cleared enough for her to continue the pursuit the fighter had already descended into the cloud layer below. Just as she dove after it she sensed an explosion beneath the clouds. Slowing her descent she cautiously entered that same dense layer of clouds. What she discovered when she broke through and searched the ground were the fiery remains of the fighter: it had crashed into the side of a mountain. 

Roaring in frustration at not being able to personally make the kill she flew off and launched a series of devastating attacks on several nearby military bases. She was so blinded by rage that she had failed to notice the sealed cockpit of the fighter falling slowly to the ground by its parachute several kilometers behind her. 

Jason believed that was the reason why she had not communicated with him or anyone else since she had returned to his flagship, the Phenomena. She must have found out from the reports filed by his spies (he kept few secrets from her) that the pilot had survived and that the military would use him to expose to the world what she had done in an attempt to turn popular opinion against them.

When she had finish venting her anger and had signaled him that she was returning to the ship, which was also the ship on which she had arrived, Jason, fearing for the safety of his crew, had the main landing bay cleared of all personnel. He was the only one on the flight deck waiting for her when she broke through the selective force field at its entrance. 

As she walked toward him he could see in her face that she was still filled with anger and he prepared himself for the worst and closed his eyes when she got close to him. He was startled when he felt her smooth tongue slowly slide against his left cheek; she had held her breath as she knelt down from her near ten-meter height in order to catch him off guard.

"Iím sorry", were the only words she spoke to him when she stood up. He opened his eyes to see her holding a wound on her right side. 

Wanting to help her he offered to have the medical crew look at her injury. She answered him by growling and baring her teeth at him. This caused him to back away leaving her a clear path to the room he was now standing in three days later. He also remembered the last thing he saw her do as she walked away from him that day. She had licked her lips as if to savor his taste.

"She wouldnít do that to us", spoke a voice from within as this memory came back to him, "Thereís too much at stake now for her to act only on her base instincts."

"I hope youíre right friend", was his silent response to his unseen partner.

Only moments earlier, when he had arrived at the door to Freerahís chambers, his second in command Renard Dubois, seeing the worried look on his face and asked, "Jason is there something wrong?" He had been with OWL from the very beginning and was one of the few to accept his offer of advanced technical aid when he had attempted to join. He was also one of the few who knew his most closely held secrets.

Jason dismissed the guards that had accompanied them and when they were beyond earshot he finally voiced his fears, "I donít know what state of mind sheíll be in when I enter her room so take this." He removed a small electronic device similar to a turn of the century remote control from his pants pocket and placed the object in Renardís hands. "Use this only if my life signs disappear from the sensor grid. If they donít return to the ship in one hour." 

He stared down at the makeshift remote detonation device, then looked directly at his leader and comrade, "You canít be serious. This would mean the end of everything we have fought and died for!"

Jason struggled to keep his voice down; he had earlier learned the hard way that the door was not completely sound proof. "Donít you think I know that?" His voice almost cracked when continued, "I have to think about the survival of mankind and not my own. After what she did our enemies and their puppets will almost certainly surrender if we follow up her last series of attacks with our new heavy fighters", he turned to look at the twelve-meter high doors before him, "With or without her help this war must end now." 

Renard now believed he knew Jasonís plan, "So that is why you ordered the entire crew back to our asteroid base." Jason nodded yes. "You think there is enough anti-matter in the core to do this?"

"Over a hundred times more than what those fools used." Renardís eyes widened in disbelief. Seeing his astonishment Jason explained, "I knew it was the only thing she couldnít handle in large quantities so I held back a small reserve after our demonstration bombardment last year just in case she ever went out of control." He turned back to the door to Freerahís chambers and sighed. "This far out earth wonít feel the effects from the explosion. Just get the remaining crew as far away from this ship as possible." 

Without any further protest Renard held out his hand. Jason turned back to him, took it in his and they shook for what could be the last time for either of them.

"Good luck Jason."

"Thank you. Now go." 

After making sure Renard had made it back to the transport tube that ran the full length of the five-kilometer long ship Jason keyed in his personal code. The doors opened and he entered the vast room. 

Now he stood there and took his time to look his allyís form over. He started at her Python-like head with its eyes placed higher than the snakeís against a much larger brain case from which two "power" horns jutted out and curved forward from between her eyes and her deer-like ears. Ending in barreled extensions these horns were the most powerful weapons she had displayed so far: emitting beams that could destroy, rearrange matter to her liking or transport it over large distances. This explained how she was able to save the Russian personnel from her first attack and most of the military personnel from subsequent raids while destroying their equipment. 

He then looked upon her light blue hair that matched her light blue on sky blue body coloration and followed it down from the top of her head to her graceful, not too long neck. There he focused on the fold of skin, one for each side of her neck. Their surface contained one red eyespot that would glow whenever they unfurled as she used her power horns or fire breath. They had always reminded him of a King Cobraís hood. 

Looking down past her shoulders he observed that her torso was basically humanoid with two good-sized mammalian breasts. Two muscular arms extended from her shoulders, each ending in hands with four clawed fingers and an opposable thumb. Moving lower he came to her two powerful legs, which terminated in large digitgrade feet with four large, clawed toes each. 

From her lower back sprouted her prehensile tail. At almost one half of her total body length it was stronger than the best steel cable ever produced on earth. It ended in three red backward-curving blades and a matching crystalline appearing tip. He had seen how sharp they were when she used them to slice through her attackers with little effort. He had yet to see what she could do with the tip.

On her back were two large wings emerging from just below her shoulders. They were fairly large, but her ability to fly actually came from whatever force emanated from their light yellow undersides. She had told him that they provided her with a form of propulsion similar to the shipís own gravity drive allowing her to attain anything from supersonic to faster than light speeds.

From his now silent partner he had learned that she was a living weapon of unimaginable power and capabilities and the second most deadly predator in the galaxy. He also had found out her true reason for being in the Sol system. It almost caused him to turn and leave when she finally opened her right eye to look at him.

"Itís all over Jason." She closed her eye and a tear ran down her cheek, "Iíve ruined it all for you." 

He could tell she was extremely depressed by the low tone of her voice so he reached over and scratched behind her right ear. She had always enjoyed that, but this time she remained sad. 

"Free, you did what any living being would have done after being attacked like that."

She reared up almost causing him to fall backward. He saw anger in her face but he could also tell that she was trying to keep her teeth from showing. 

"How can you say that after the way I lost control and violated my promise to you by killing those pilots and all those others the way I did?" 

"Freeí", began Jason sternly, "We are at war with a desperate enemy. Granted I wanted to spare my Ďnativeí country that kind of devastation, but theyíve been at the root of most of the worldís problems ever since they eliminated their major military competitors at the turn of the century." He went silent for a moment, taking his eyes from her. "Ever since they declared marshal law and began the purges they have became more and more arrogant and ruthless. Despite their taking my family from me I have done my damnedest to keep my personal feelings at bay so as not to make this campaign look like Iím carrying out some kind of personal vendetta."

Being reminded of the loss of his family caused Freerah to lose her anger at him but she continued to frown. 

"You should by now that I feel for you Jason, but the problem here is that not only did that last pilot escape me, but the fighter he was flying was of Soriss design." 

That name, Soriss, reminded him again of why she had come to earth in the first place. Her and Damoarís mission was to determine if there were any Soriss influences on earth. If there were none they would have handed the ship and all its technology to the UN to be used to fight off the inevitable invasion attempt. However, if the Soriss had influenced earthís culture in any significant way or if Earth had become allied with them she was to wipe the entire human race from the surface of the planet.

"Are you sure of this Freeí? There are enough black projects that parallel technologies could have evolved."

Her face took on a grim aspect, "Yes, Iím sure. It was too fast and maneuverable and it was using a form of their propulsion system. Iím sorry, but I must carry out my mission. The Soriss cannot be allowed to use your planet or its resources in their war of conquest." She stood and began to move toward the doors.

Only by quickly putting his body in front of one of her large feet did he get her to stop, "Please Freeí, you canít do this. Iíve fought too hard and long just to have you destroy everything now."

She paused as if deciding whether or not to step on him and eliminate this impediment to her mission. She sighed and pulled her foot back and set it down before him.

"I will let you, your followers and their families live, but the rest of the human race has been too contaminated by the Soriss to be allowed to exist. Thatís the best I can do." She closed her eyes forcing out her remaining tears. Then she growled, "Now please step aside." 

Knowing that he could not physically stop her he did as she asked, but as she passed him he tried one last plea to stop her, "Please Freeí. Is there is nothing I can say, or do, that could change your mind?"

She stopped and turned to face him. The predatory grin he saw on her face caused a chill to go down his spine. 

"There are two or three things I can think of." She closed her eyes and concentrated. A blue glow began to surround her entire body. Jason could actually feel the energy she was giving off. Then what happened next very few had seen; her body quadrupled in size bringing her head within a few meters of the fifty-meter high ceiling. Jason knew this was her battle form; the one she used to attack the Russian base and so many other targets; the same size that allowed her to consume the pilots whole. He did not try to escape when she bent down and reached for him.

Gently taking hold of his body she lifted him up until his face was level with hers. He could tell from her expression that she was upset about something other than what she had done.

"Why did you lie to me when you told me that my friend and partner Damoar was dead?"

His eyes widened in surprise, "Who told you he was still alive?" 

"Did you think you could hide something like that from someone of my abilities?" Now baring her teeth at him she snarled, "Now tell me why."

The voice that answered her was not Jasonís. "I had to see how you would react to the human to which Iím now bonded." The form in her hand then shifted until it had the appearance of a black leopard but with the size and mass of a Bengal tiger, "If you had tried to kill him when he released you from your hibernation chamber I would have shifted to my present form." He tried to smile. "I had no idea you would have been so affectionate toward him after he let you out. Did you really have to srtrip him and lick his entire body until he, I mean we climaxed?" 

Her frown slowly changed to a smile. "You were foolish to think I wouldnít have seen through your deception and you always used to like that when I did it to you." She loosened her grip and looked his body over. "Why did you do this?"

"I got careless and was captured. I managed to escape and was severely wounded during the attempt. Luckily or unluckily Jason escaped a raid by the very same agency not too far away from where I was being held, but he was also fatally wounded. By some miracle we ran into one another and I took him aboard one of the automated return ships when it arrived for me. On the way back its autodoc determined that neither of us would survive without major surgery so I instituted the emergency resurrection program."

"And it merged your two bodies into one whole one and added the cybernetic changeling enhancements that I had created?" He nodded yes to her question, "I thought as much." Bringing the hybrid being close to her eyes she asked, "Did you get his consent for this?"

"Of-of course Freeí", he shifted back to Jasonís form, his uniform now ruined by the change, "I informed him of the operation when he regained consciousness and he agreed to it if I helped him get the ones responsible for killing his family."

"And did you?" 

It was now Jasonís voice that now spoke to her, "Yes we did. We also have control over each otherís forms on a voluntary basis. There are no dominance games between us and we seem to be able to keep most of our deepest secrets from each other." Damoarís voice returned with an apologetic tone. "I believed that if you had thought I was dead and I had trusted a human enough to reveal the secrets of this ship to him you wouldíve trusted him and not destroy his people."

She frowned, "I thought you knew me better than that Damoar. I wouldnít have done that without sufficient evidence. That is until now." She sighed, "Despite what I have done, I havenít developed a taste for humans", her toothy grin returned, "except for one."

The Jason-Damoar hybridís eyes widened in fear as she licked her lips, "But you canít destroy one of us without killing the other." 

"I know, but I donít like it when my so-called allies lie to me." 

As she began to open her mouth he assumed that he would soon suffer the same fate as the hapless pilots. Knowing there was no escape he looked away from her and closed his eyes.

"Go ahead Feih. If your going to destroy the earth I donít want to be around to see it, but at least let Damoar live."

Instead of being dumped into her mouth as he expected he felt her tongue slide against his left cheek; her voice was gentle and soothing, "I care a lot about you Jason." He looked back at her face in amazement. "From the moment you released me you treated me as an equal. You never once tried to coerce or threaten me with the only weapon on board that could destroy me." Jasonís mouth hung open in surprise. "Yes I know about the anti proton rifle Damoarís people secured away on this ship. His superiors obviously had far less trust in me than either of you seem to have."

She smiled at the hybrid being in her now opened hand. "But what really told me how much you cared about me was when you tried to help me when I came back on board, despite my breaking my promise never to consume humans. Iím sorry for growling at you when you offered me medical aid. I was still very upset at the time, but as you can see", with her other hand she pointed to where she was wounded and Jason saw no sign of injury, "my own healing techniques were more than sufficient." 

She then laughed making sure her breath did not knock him from her hand. "Iíve even come to suspect that you actually wanted our relationship to become more than just allies. Am I right?"

Jason fidgeted nervously. She could see with her enhanced vision that he was blushing underneath his dark complexion. 

Her smile broadened, "Is that Jasonís reaction I see or is it Damoarís?"

"Itís both of us Freeí. I always knew that he cared for you and so do I."

"I already knew about him. He also treated me with respect from the moment my intended mate left me." She went silent for a short time before continuing. "Iíve come to a decision, but first Iíll have to chose between the two of you before I do it."

Damoar relayed a message to Jason and he looked up at her in astonishment, "You can actually do that to me?"

"Yes", she answered with a grin. "With enough stored energy I can change one of you into another of my kind and take you as a mate. There are so few of my people left that we sometimes have to resort to this method to help us reproduce and only females can do this, but it will take a few years before Iíll have enough stored energy to do it. Before that time I will want to make sure I am choosing the right one to become my soul mate, so I will start testing you two right now."

Using two of her fingers from her other hand she lifted him above her head and opened her mouth to its widest showing him for the first time all of her very sharp teeth. 

Jason screamed out in fear, "What the hell are you doing Freeí?"

She ignored him and released his body dropping him into her waiting maw.

At that moment, one hundred thousand kilometers away, Renard smiled to himself when he noticed that Jasonís life signs had disappeared from the shipís sensor grid.

"Itís over"; he told the pilot as he entered the triggering sequence into the Phenomenaís remote control, "Letís get the hell out of here." 

With the two of them gone he could easily assume the leadership of OWL and wipe out all the remaining military opposition on earth. He would succeed where Napoleon, Alexander and Hitler had all ultimately failed. 

"Thatís too bad", commented his pilot, "I always thought she liked him." She started to initiate the shuttleís FTL drive, but a new reading on her sensors alerted her to a change of status back on OWLís flagship. "Sir are you sure Jasonís dead? My sensors show that he is alive and that there is another life form back there besides he and Freerah."

"What are you talking about? Get us out of here beforeÖ" he stopped when he saw the same readings for himself on his control panel. Not only were there three life readings now but the shipís core had not increased in energy. Something had gone wrong, but what? 

"Take us back lieutenant."

"But sir, what if the readings are false or she goes crazy again?"

"I have to make sure heís all right. Thereíre extra shuttles on board so you can leave me behind. Iíll use one of them to make my escape if I need to. Now letís get back there before she does kill him."

"Yes sir." She turned the shuttle around and headed back to the hangar bay praying to that Freerah did not suddenly appear and attack them. 

The Jason/Damoar hybrid landed on Freerahís extended tongue and slid down toward the back of her throat. Jason screamed again as she closed her mouth. In desperation he tried to grab onto something to stop his rearward slide.

"Donít touch her teeth. Sheís highly venomous!"

"Why should I care about that now?" Despite his question Jason followed Damoarís advice. Then willing his body into its full cat form he extended his claws to dig into the slippery tongue beneath him.


Realizing that the booming voice was not his partnerís but Freerahís and feeling an intense heat building up at his feet he sheathed his claws. As the heat subsided she expertly turned his body over with her tongue and pressed it against the roof of her mouth. Then she began to rub the front of his nearly naked body against the lightly ribbed surface of the roof of her mouth, destroying what was left of his uniform. For some reason unknown to him he quickly became aroused by her actions.

"Has she done this to you before?" angrily asked Jason of Damoar. 

The first response he got was a mental equivalent of purring. The second one sounded as if the cat was in ecstasy. "I know what she is doing. Just relax and enjoy it."

"Enjoy it? Are you crazy? Sheís going to eat us!"

He received no further response from the cat as he too started to succumb to Freerahís ministrations, but just as he was fully aroused, the rear of her tongue relaxed and he quickly slid down into her throat. Startled he almost tried to use his claws again, but thought better of it and gave into her desire to have him.

Slowly, her powerful throat muscles pushed him down to what he believed would be his end. As his oxygen started to run out he mentally asked "Why is she doing this to us if she claims to care for us so?"

The response he got was from Freerah, "Because I love you guys."

Before he could fathom her reply the contractions around him increased his rate of descent until he felt her esophageal sphincter at his feet. By this time the pressure on his body had all but pushed the last of his air from his lungs and he started to black out. It was at this point that he was thrust through the ring of muscle into what felt like open air. Then he felt a searing pain on the surface of and throughout his body. He could not believe that her stomach acids were working on him so soon, but as suddenly as it had begun the pain was gone.

He opened his eyes and found that he was in his full human form free falling through a vast dimly lit chamber, almost as big as Freerahís private room. Next to him he saw Damoar still in the panther form they had so often used: somehow Freerah had separated them from one another. He also noticed that they were still aroused.

After a short fall they came to a slow and soft landing on the floor of the chamber, itís surface yielding slightly to their weight, as if it were paddled. After standing up Jason heard a low feline growl to his left. Turning toward it he saw that Damoar was crouching in a position from which to spring at him, teeth and claws exposed.

Surprised at this display of aggression directed toward him he asked, "Damoar, whatís wrong?" 

The catís answer came in the form of a roar as he leaped at him mouth agape, but two blue beams of light struck him down in mid-leap and pushed him into a deep red and apparently moist wall. Jason turned to locate their origin and to his added amazement saw a much smaller version of Freerah looking at him; she was now only a little taller than one-third of her normal height of nine meters. Her opened hood closed and she smiled at him. 

"Iím sorry about that, but Sorissta males do tend to get a bit jealous."

Remembering that Damoar had never revealed to him his peopleís name he stared back at the cat and discovered that he was not dead, but restrained by what looked like tentacles emerging from the wall of the chamber. When, with a gesture from Freerah the, light increased to comfortable levels he noticed familiar folds in the walls and ceiling of the room. 

With some hesitation he asked, "So this is actually your stomach?"

She only smiled at him.

"But how?"

"I have complete control over my internal environment including the ability to replicate my form within it, otherwise you two would be nothing but a puddle of nutrients by now." She turned from Jason and walked over to her other prisoner. When she stopped and began to stare at him he began to cower. "He didnít tell you about this ability of mine or that his people were the result of the same type of experiments performed in that old movie ĎIsland of the Apesí or ĎPlanet of doctor Mí?"

"Theyíre all cats?"

She nodded yes. "The Sorris, who look almost human except for their teeth and eyes, created them as cannon fodder for their wars, but they rebelled and set out on their own. Now they are fighting their former masters."

"How could you do this to me Freerah?" Damoarís question came out almost sounded like a whimper. "After all the time we have worked together how can you dump me for this human?"

Freerah moved closer to him and brought her face down to his. "You did comfort me after Argent left, and I will always be thankful for the kindness you showed me during that time." She then licked his muzzle and grabbed his strong erection and slowly began to pump him. The expression of anger was quickly replaced by a look of bliss on his uniquely expressive face but it turned to one of disappointment when she released him and stood up. "But I never formally mated you so you have no claim on me."

She then turned back to Jason and approached him. "Did you enjoy your trip?"

He nervously smiled at her, "Well, it would make an interesting park ride."

She stopped in front of him and brought her face level to his and pointed to an opening at the far end of the chamber and smiled, "Not many would survive the rest of the journey." 

She then placed one hand around his body and drew him close, placed her lips to his and gave him a passionate kiss while cupping his groin in her other hand. They both heard Damoar growl.

When she pulled away he tried to ask her why she had waited so long, but she had anticipated his question, "My normal size was just too big to safely do what I have planned for you two and itís very difficult to maintain this smaller size out there. With any extreme exertion I couldíve lost my concentration and accidentally crush you. As to your being able to still breathe in here I will quote one of your old twentieth century movies, ĎI am god hereí". She turned her head and angrily stared at her former partner, "So donít either of you piss me off if you wish to live."

Damoar quickly grew quiet at this warning.

Jason reached up and started to caress her neck. She turned back to him and smiled. "I donít think you have to worry about me doing that, but donít hurt Damoar. My first love may have been dragons but I like cats too." The bound alienís eyes opened wide at hearing this. Then a kissing sound was heard coming from his direction as Freerah kissed him a second time. "You know what I mean you stupid cat", he laughed.

Damoar also grinned. "Weíll see about that when I get loose."

She broke their kiss and turned toward the other male and dropped to all fours. She then raised her tail high and looked back at Jason expectantly. Then he heard a distant rumbling. 

"Well?" He looked at her surprised that she was offering the one thing he had been longing for since she had given him that tongue bath. "Donít take too much time to decide. I canít hold off my stomach acids forever, or did you forget that I havenít eaten in over threeÖ" she did not get a chance to finish as Jason had already taken her up on her invitation and had begun to gently caress her genital opening. Giving off a sigh of pleasure she swung her snout down to Damoarís groin and took his erection into her mouth and started to work her tongue along his entire shaft as his restraints released him. He immediately began to purr. 

Jasonís actions on her other end were rewarded with the flow of Freerahís liquid love. The moment the smell of it entered his nose his own erection started to painfully throb. He immediately stood, grabbed her tail for support and plunged himself into her. Feeling this she smiled around Damoarís rod and intensified her efforts on him. They were soon moving as if they were one organism; with each thrust from the human she sucked down on the felineís penis causing him to yowl with delight. 

Within moments he erupted into her hungry mouth. Almost simultaneously Jason felt her clamp down on him when he is at his deepest in her. This was all he could stand and he came into her depths with more force than he ever thought humanly possible. She lifted her face from Damoarís groin and roared out her own climax. 

When he stopped moving she wrapped her tail around Jasonís body and turned her head toward him.

Smiling she asked, "Was it all what youíd hope itíd be?"

Jason returned her smile and slowly resumed his thrusts into her body, his erection having not subsided in the least. "That and much more Freeí."

Renard could not believe his eyes. The readings on the core showed a complete absence of anti matter and that the ship was running solely on its auxiliary fusion plants. Had Jason lied to him, or did Freerah somehow suspect them and somehow removed it from the ship? 

Cursing he headed for the armory and then to a secret weapons locker. There he found the one weapon that could kill the Dorzeli. But like the weapons used on her three days ago it would only work if he caught her off guard. Lifting up the anti-proton rifle with its single charge he headed for her room.

A few minutes later he arrived and found her door partially open. The sounds he heard coming from within caused him to cautiously as he entered the room. Once inside he was startled to find the Dorzeli on all fours, unclothed and at her full battle size moving as if she is being mated from the rear. This was confirmed for him by the moaning sounds that she was making as she moved her body back and forth while waving her tail high in the air, exposing herself to him. Ignoring what he considered an obscenity he continued his search to see if Jason or his alien partner were anywhere to be seen.

When he discovered the tattered remains of Jasonís uniform on the floor he started to believe that she had indeed devoured OWLís leader, but when he could see no traces of blood on them he became confused. 

Scanning the entire room with his hand held biosensor he noticed that Jasonís readings increased in strength whenever he pointed it at Freerah. Thinking something was wrong with the instrument he momentarily removed his hand from the rifleís trigger in order to adjust its resolution. When the sounds from the dragon had suddenly ceased he stopped and looked up just in time to see her open mouth descend toward him.

Renard landed on the surface of the chamber naked and semiconscious. He was still trying to recover from the shock of what had just happened to him, when he heard the same sounds that he had heard when he first entered Freerahís chambers. When he sat up and looked in the direction of those sounds he was startled to find Damoarís full Sorissta form thrusting at Freerahís rear. He was further astonished to see that she was much smaller than her normal size and that alien cat had increased in size to match her. 

"Magnificent arenít they?"

Surprised by the familiar voice he turned and found Jason sitting on a bench-like protrusion against a near wall wearing a new OWL uniform. 

Ignoring the sounds of the mating couple he asked his commander, "Are we dead?"

"No. We are in some type of simulated reality inside of Freerahís body." A roar from the two lovers signaling their mutual climaxes interrupted him. The two humans turned to see Damoar slumped over on Freerahís body with an expression of contentment on his face. She turned and licked his muzzle in thanks. After returning her kiss he backed away from her and looked directly at Renard. Smiling, he used a single claw to beckon the human to approach.

Jason laughed, "You might not know it but Freerah likes you too, otherwise she would have killed you as soon as she saw you with that A-P rifle." Renard looked to her and she nodded in agreement.

"B-but didnít she just eat me?"

Before Jason could answer him a pair of strong black arms were wrapped around him. He looked up and saw that the alien feline had shrunk down to his normal size: a still considerable two point three meters. Lifting the smaller human of his feet Damoar proceeded to carry him over to Freerahís rear. 

After dropping him to the floor the alien feline gave him a bit of advice, "Be good and sheíll let you live." He laughed and backed away. 

"Donít frighten Renard like that", scolded Freerah. Then looking directly at OWLís second in command she told him, "Donít mind that cat. Iíd never hurt you unless you betrayed me."

His hands began to tremble as fear started to take hold of him. Freerah frowned and turned her entire body around to face him. 

"Is there something youíre not telling us Renard?"

Knowing that he was trapped he fell to his knees and pleaded for mercy, "All I did was give out your flight plan. I didnít know theyíd have weapons that could hurt you. Youíve got to believe me!"

"You Bastard!" He turned to see that Jason and Damoar had recombined into their hybrid form and was slowly advancing on him with unsheathed claws. "You told them about her one vulnerability so they could set up that trap!"

A growl from Freerah stopped him in his tracks. Then she stared intensely at Renard. "Heís mine." 

Jason took full control and assumed his human form. He was tempted to spit at manís feet, but remembering where he was held off any offensive reaction toward the traitor. 

"I had suspected you ever since I was shot down over Botswana and had to trek across half of the mother continent in cat form for a full month while being pursued by the enemy. I knew someone in this organization had to have given away my flight plan, but I never could pin it on any one person, until now." He stopped and thought for a moment. "At least that experience was educational."

Renardís eyes widened in astonishment. "T-those cheetahs youíre keeping as pets?"

Jason gave him a sly smile and answered the traitor in Damoarís voice, "Like I said it was educational." 

Freerah raised and eyebrow in his direction. Seeing her eyeing him his scowl quickly returned. "You knew from the records on board this ship that Freeí would go off the way she did if she was provoked enough, so you set her up for that ambush. Then you expected that after that rampage both she and I would have been discredited in the eyes of our allies on earth despite the help we have given them, or that she would have killed me thinking that I was the one that set her up. Once I was out of the way you would have detonated the core of this ship thus eliminating her too. What you didnít realize is that antimatter had to come in direct contact with her in order to kill her. Otherwise she would have died in that first blast back on earth."

Freerah began to growl loudly causing Renard to start to back away from them both, toward the opening at the far end of the room.

"But what you didnít count on was my strong belief that she wouldnít harm Damoar or myself. That is why I gave you the remote control for this ship and made you believe that the core was still energized. By triggering it you alerted both of us to your treachery. All we had to do is wait for you to show up to try to finish us off." Jason smiled, "And by the way that was me who snapped you up not Freerah." 

Renardís legs almost buckled when he heard this.

Enjoying his reaction to this news Jason smiled, "She left me in control of her real body while she was busy with Damoar." Jason turned to Freerah and bowed. "I thank you for allowing me to sample your power, even if it was for a few minutes." 

Without taking her eyes from her prey she answered, "Youíre welcome."

A loud rumbling sound was heard all around them and Renard frantically searched for its source. Looking up at Freerah he saw that she had pulled back her lips to expose all of her teeth.

He looked at Jason and tried one last time to get him to stop her imminent attack, "Please Jason stop her. I didnít reveal anything about you, Damoar or the location of our base. Youíve got to believe me." 

"Iím sorry Renard, but we came to a secret agreement a long time ago that I would let her have any traitors that I didnít get to first and Iím in no position to stop her even if I wanted too."

Freerah turned her head toward Jason and fired her power beams at him. His entire body glowed for an instant then he disappeared. Turning back to her prey she opened her mouth wide, but moved no closer to him. He tried to protect himself from the fire that he expected to come forth, but was surprised when she only sprayed him with a clear liquid. He almost felt a sense of relief until he felt his flesh beginning to boil. He screamed in agony and was rewarded with a new spray of digestive enzymes into his open mouth. With in seconds the humanís body had been reduced to a pool of thick liquid that was slowly oozing its way toward the entrance to her small intestine.

Bending over Jason picked up the antiproton rifle Renard had dropped and examined it. Hearing a noise to his rear he turned to see that Freerah had returned to her normal size and was looking at the weapon in his hands, a frown was on her face.

"I knew that you didnít approve of what I did to those pilots, or what I just did to Renard, but I never thought it would ever come to this." 

Jason stood there looking at the motionless Dorzeli. Then he glanced down at the rifle in his hands. Coming to a decision he activated its control panel.

She closed her eyes and for the first time since he had released her he heard fear in her voice. "If you feel that Iíve become too dangerous to be trusted I wonít do anything to stop you. I will only say that I do love both of you." 

When she heard the clattering of a metallic object on the floor she opened her eyes and saw the weaponís pre-charge chamber lying at Jasonís feet. She was further surprised when he tried to smash it with his boot. Realizing what he was trying to do she moved forward.

Jason was becoming frustrated with the deviceís nearly indestructible construction. Even bringing the combined mass of himself and Damoar down on it was totally ineffective.

"Excuse me." He looked up from the target of his attacks and jumped backward just as Freerahís foot came down on it with a thundering crash. She lifted it to reveal the unit crushed into an unusable state.

"Thanks Freeí."

"Youíre welcome." She leaned down so that their faces were almost level with one another, still wearing an expression of concern on hers. "You know that was the last chance you had of getting rid of me and possibly saving your world."

"I know, but I trust you not to destroy it." He leaned forward and kissed her on her blunt snout. "And I also love you too. I could never bring myself to kill you."

Hearing in his voice that he was still unsure about her intentions she smiled and gave him a reassuring lick on his left cheek. "I would do that now only upon your command." She sat up and smiled while rubbing her swollen belly. "Especially if you keep sending morsels like Renard my way."

He eyed her suspiciously. "I thought you didnít have a taste for humans?"

"I donít, but a girl has to go off her diet sometimes."

She laughed and Jason nervously laughed with her as he backed away. "I have to recall the crew. Iíll see you later."

"And where do you think youíre going?"

He tried to turn and run but her long tongue had already wrapped itself around his waist. Just as she started to pull him toward her open mouth she heard a high pitched whine from his direction. Stopping him just short of her long canines she looked down and saw in his upheld right hand a small cylinder with a blinking red light. She recognized it as the rifleís magnetic bottle containing the charge of antimatter. A smile slowly came to her face.

"I knew you were too smart to leave yourself without any means of defense against me."

Before he could figure out how she was able to talk while her tongue was wrapped around him the searing pain he had felt after she had swallowed him earlier returned. Then he felt a pulling sensation from within his body and the pain vanished he fell to the floor. When he looked up he saw Damoarís legs and tail dangling from her overstuffed mouth. He also saw that the resemblance of her head to a snakeís was more than a coincidence as her lower jaw had dislocated and separated into two halves in order to accommodate her newest meal.

When he got over the shock of what he was seeing he reactivated the safety on the magnetic bottle turning its warning light to green and began to plead with her to stop, "Please Freeí. Heís my friend and Iíll die in three days without him and his enhancements." 

She looked directly at him while happily continuing to swallow her former partner, "I know you still care for him despite his attempted attack on you." She managed a smile as only the catís tail tip now protruded from her mouth as the swelling in her throat that represented Damoarís body was slowly drawn down her throat. "From what Iíve seen and read you two made a great team so Iíll return him to you as soon as heís finished doing a little job I have planned for him."

Seeing him become sad she winked at him, "We wonít be having sex without you Jason, trust me. Now go call the rest of the crew back. Iíll promise to behave unless there are more traitors among them."

Resigned to the temporary loss of his friend and savior Jason turned and walked toward the door. "And hurry back. Iíll want to show you some of my other special abilities before they arrive." 

Bolstered by this he hurried out the door just as Damoarís body settled into her stomach.

Renard stood in almost total darkness as he wondered why Freerah had resurrected him after her acid assault, or if that event had even occurred. The answer came to him when he heard a low feline growl in front of him.

"I, like Freerah, had promised Jason I would never consume human flesh, but that was primarily because we were bonded together and it would have been an act of cannibalism for him, something both our civilizations abhor." 

Renard saw the catís green eyes appear in front of him as it approached on all fours. His earlier fears returned when he saw that they were looking down at him from over a half a meter above his head.

"Yes, weíve tasted human blood when weíve had to kill our enemies in close combat, but he was able to rationalize away that much as being unavoidable, but now that I am free of him I intend to satisfy my curiosity."

Renard stared transfixed as he saw Damoarís true form as he opened his mouth and brought it down around his body. By the time he started to struggle it was already too late; Damoar had him firmly entrapped in his closed mouth. After thoroughly tasting him the alien feline sent the traitor down to his waiting stomach with one mighty swallow. 

Several minutes later the Sorrista was in his natural tawny striped form as he rested on his back while rubbing his full belly with one of his paws when Freerah addressed him, "So how was he?"

"Not what I really expected. At least the humans will never have to be worried about my people. What about you?"

"I could get used to them, but if Iím going to take one or more of them as a mate Iíll have to avoid eating them."

After an awkward moment of silence Damoar spoke, "So you are going to chose him over me?"

"Iím sorry Daí but you know humans are the only species in the galaxy that have the genetic capability of helping me repopulate my race and that of my lesser powered cousins. At the very least that ability will ensure their safety when they meet them in the future."

"So that is the real reason you chose to help my people against our former masters?" The tone of disappointment in his voice was unmistakable.

"That and the fact that I do really like you too. Thatís why, when the time comes and I finally convert Jason, I will insist that I be allowed to occasionally be with you, if you donít mind?"

He drowsily smiled, "I wonít mind."

"Good. Now rest. Iíll release you as soon as you fully digest your meal. We canít afford to let him know what weíve done. Iím afraid Iíve already freaked him out enough as it is."

"Thatís true", agreed the cat as he allowed the warmth of his surroundings to lull him to sleep.

Outside, Freerah gently caressed her bulging stomach as she waited for Jason to return. She had decided to have him join Damoar to ensure that he still trusted him. If he doesnít, well, there were billions of other humans to choose from.

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