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This story is a work of fiction.  It contains adult situations and a lot of smut you shouldn't be reading if you're under the age of 18. Go watch some cartoons or something.  All of the fictional characters in this story are made up of letters of the roman alphabet, all 26 of which (including various punctuation) are much older than 18. I really enjoy feedback, so if you enjoy this, fire off a missive or two to 
    Linus Blackburn.

Kendri's Tail

by Linus Blackburn

"So tonight you'll tell me about mommy?" asked the child, holding the golden retriever plush as she always did, looking up to the tall form of her father as he lit the candles on her birthday cake with a long kitchen match.

  "Tonight, I promise, angel." Abe answered, gazing down at the radiant form of his daughter as he lit the last of the ten candles, playfully mussing her long golden hair.  "Close your eyes and make a wish.

  Sea green eyes closed, as the child blew, extinguishing the flames in one breath.

  "You did it, honey!" Abe exclaimed as he removed the candles from the cake, cutting the first slice for his little girl.

  It was later that night, as the child lay back in her bed, surrounded by plush animals and nestled warmly to Spot, the golden retriever.  "So... What happened to mommy?" Kendri repeated, lying back against the pillows, her eyes meeting her father's.

  "I told you I'd tell you the truth tonight, sweetie, and that's what I'm going to do.  "It began on the night of your birth, Kendri, ten years ago."


  The wind whipped through the trees as the adherents surrounded the bound young woman as she pulled at her bonds, tied spread-eagle on the altar of stone.  She was bound with straps of leather, and a soft piece of cloth muffled her faint cries.  Her flawless olive skin glistened with musky oils doled liberally over her body, which gleamed in the flickering torchlight. The excess sweetness dribbled from her heels and long, dark oil-matted hair as she struggled against her bonds, staining the granite slab she lay upon.

  Abe slowly approached the altar, the woman.  He stood between her spread legs for a long moment as a slender, pale redheaded girl slipped to her knees before him, taking his penis into her mouth and nursing on him, letting him grow erect within her mouth.  The girl released him from her mouth and then pressed her heavy breasts about his throbbing, sodden hardness, keeping him warm, keeping him hard, keeping that shaft enveloped in warm, yielding, female flesh.

  "Brothers and sisters." Abe spoke, gazing out to the nude forms on the outskirts of the clearing, entire families nestled close; parents and their children looking on.  "Our clan was almost extinct, almost completely assimilated into humankind."  He slipped a pair of fingers into the sex of the bound woman before him, fingers pressing deep into tight, secret heat, drawing a gasp of surprise and a muffled whine from the captive.  "Xiomaro Sangre lies before me.  The Sangres are - or were - hunters." he explained, drawing forth fingers dripping with female musk and scented oil.  "Their kind exterminated ours, leaving we few behind.  Over the years, their calling passed into iniquity as their bloodline, too, was thinned, their calling forgotten."  He reached to massage the sole of  Xiomaro's right foot, smiling slyly as her green eyes burned in hatred.  "She ran her family business in Brazil, a chemical company that raped the very Earth her kind drew strength from - and with !
that bond broken, she is reduced to this."

  Abe reached to paint the belly of the redhead before him with Xiomaro's musk, her head lowering as she accepted the blessing.  "Let our foe's bloodline be tainted tonight.  Let our blood, our kind grow strong again."

  The redheaded female before him slowly, almost reluctantly, let his malehood slip from where it lay nestled between her breasts.  She fluidly slipped to his left, and kissed his shaft as she guided it forward, thick maleness slowly penetrating, parting tight netherlips, vanishing into the heat of the sex of his ancestral enemy.

  Abe paused for a long moment, as ceremony dictated, feeling the tightness of Xiomaro's pussy bearing down on his shaft.  He slipped atop her, toned muscle gliding, lubricated by the warm oil over the woman's curves, then quickly fell into a fast rhythm as he took his pleasure with the woman.  Abe was not gentle in his rape - he squeezed at handfuls of breastflesh as his hips slapped Xiomaro's, his long red hair flowing behind him as his nails dragged over the oil-sodden woman's shapely sides, his own muscled form glistening in the torchlight as the everpresent oil covered his body.

  His redheaded companion slipped silently back to her family, embracing her mother and father and little brother.  She leaned to kiss her father as never before, tongue slipping against his as his hands moved to her breasts. The little boy curled close to his mother,  held warmly in her arms as he nursed from her warm breast as he did as a babe. His mother's gentle touch enveloped his tiny shaft and undescended balls, lovingly coaxing the six year old to his first erection.  All about them, the clearing was filled with a display of forbidden lust; Two young boys held their mother, as their slender shafts rode her warm, tight pussy in unison, a father embracing his baby girl tight to himself, delighting in her squeals as a gentle finger rubbed her miniature clit.  Fathers nursed on the tiny shafts of their sons, mothers arched their backs as their slickened pussies slipped against their daughters' hairless folds; all taboo had been forgotten in that moment.

  Abe's head threw back, and he howled, body trembling all over as he embraced his captive.  His thick malehood throbbed inside her, the first few thick jets of seed pulsing forth, filling her.  Time seemed to slow as he squeezed the woman to him, his howl continuing  as thick blood red fur erupted from the naked flesh of his skin, muscle tone improving tenfold as he embraced his captive.  His issue became thinner, hotter, spilling copiously within her in a quantity no human could ever produce, twin bulbs swelling forth at the base of his now-tapered cock to lock him to Xiomaro.  A waiting ova deep within the woman's body was met by the flood of canid semen; her woman's eyes, clenched shut since the beginning of her ordeal flew open, their brilliant greenness changed to eyes of gold.

  Xiomaro's back arched violently as legs grew muscular, enwrapping that what was a man, now a manwolf, bestial and naked, his massive prick buried within her insanely stretched pussy.  She screamed into her gag as her hair spilled from her head, years of growth happening in seconds, short blondeness becoming a long, gray mane, the same thick grayness bursting from her skin.  Her screams of agony became howls of ecstasy as the Hunter became the Beast, gag tearing away as her face pressed out into a lupine muzzle. Xiomaro's tongue licked feverishly at Abe's as the oil burned from their bodies in a nimbus of energy, purifying them in an unconsuming fire.

  The orgy of young and old intensified as humanity was forsaken, the families uniting as flesh shifted, becoming a pack of werewolves, the old blood manifesting as the multitude of malehoods throbbed as one, brothers inseminating mothers, fathers filling their daughters with the product of their animalistic lust.   Dozens of heads turned to the altar as Abe slowly pulled his spent shaft from his vessel, as his tongue  laved gently over the black lips of the woman made his mate.  His paws caressed her belly, leathered palms massaging the soft flesh beneath the thick pelt.  Xiomaro's belly  slowly swelled and hardened under the massage, her furred breasts swelling heavy, beads of milk welling at her nipples as months of gestation passed in mere minutes.

  The she-wolf screamed as her body spasmed with labor, her male lowering his paws to her sex as her birthwaters spilled over them, a tiny new life escaping from the confines of her body in mere minutes. Abe held aloft a human babe, slickened with birth blood and with her cord still binding her to her mother.  Dozens of howls rose as one to the moon, praising their goddess Luna at the sight of the child.


  Abe smiled and leaned down to kiss Kendri's cheek as she met her father's eyes, a shiver trembling through her body.  Motes of gold shone in her eyes as she reached for her father, Spot all but forgotten.

  Kendri held close to her father as he opened her pajama top, sighing softly as his hands slipped over her chest, her belly; his thumbs slipping into the elastic of her bottoms and pulling them down.  The child arched her back as she needfully pulled her father's shirt up, and Abe obligingly removed it as he lay back, tugging down his jeans as his daughter straddled his waist as best she could.

  "It's so warm..." murmured Kendri, hugging her father to herself as her ears pointed, shifting atop her head, her blackening, emerging claws slipping over her father's muscular chest.  She moaned in pleasure as soft, leathered pads slid forth from both the palms of her hands and the soles of her feet, her toes curling as she arched to him, baby fat melting away and replaced by a firm, muscled gymnast's body.  Her bushy tail slid forth, whipping through the air in delirious pleasure.  Golden eyes fixed to her father's as her growing mane billowed behind her, soft and long and greyfurred like that of her mother.

  "Finally awake, little Kendri." Abe murmured with a smile as he gave his little girl's rear a gentle squeeze.  She responded by wrapping a leathered palm about his shaft, squeezing it, caressing it with an ancestral knowledge, feeling it grow thick and hard and guiding it to her soft, still-furless sex.

  "Tomorrow, little girl, we hunt." whispered Abe as his eyes closed, sinking into the delicious sweetness of his own kind mixed with those of his former enemy, sweet, young tight pussyflesh accommodating him in spite of his size.  The tiny contradiction of wolf and wolf hunter made flesh rose and fell on daddy's fat prick as the first soft howl rose from her throat, praising goddess Luna in exultation - it would be soon when she would have a pack of her own kind to run with.