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Library Lyacanthropy

by Neceros (e-mail)

A large building, a sign, it says Central University Library.

Long rows of books shelves. Late at night the library has closed. Old brick
walls. Books and dust.

A woman walks along. Gale. She is a little shorter than medium height.
She is in her late thirties. Slim and perfect shape.
Though a pair of large glasses perch on her nose she is a very attractive
She has hair to her shoulders, it is brown blond shot through with a glimmer of
She is dressed in beige blouse with lace at the shoulder and neck. A pendant
swings about her neck. She also wears a long straight cross striped skirt with
a kick pleat in the front and flat black belt at her waist. The skirt ends at
mid calf she wears a pair of fashionable pull on high heeled boots.
She stops. Looks at the books. She nods she seems to be at the place she wants.

Flash! From another dimension werewolves appear in a shimmer down the corridor.

They are humanoid in appearance. More like the old kind of movie werewolf
except they wear no clothes. And they have external genitalia. Call them W1 and W2.

Gale climbs on a stool to reach books on a higher level of books.
She is unaware of the werewolves coming up behind her.

Gale on the top of the ladder becomes aware she is not alone. She looks down.
Horror and surprise register on her face.
W1 snarls and knocks the ladder over. Gale screams and falls. She hits the
floor with her head. She is knocked unconscious.

As she lays on her back W1 comes up behind her lifting her up by her shoulders
while W2 picks her up by her booted feet.
W1 carries Gale , arms under her armpits, his big hairy hands close on the
thin material of her blouse cupping her breasts. He squeezes them holding her
tight. He begins to back up as they carry her down the row of books towards a
room with an open door.

As they carry her, W2 hitches the woman up so he carries her with a hand around
each knee. He holds her in such a way that the hem of her skirt and slip began
to retreat up her legs. Since the skirt is moderately tight W2 takes pleasure
in a very slow retreat. Smooth material of the white slip. First narrow knees,
then the tops of gray tone hosiery, garter belt buckles in the top of her
stockings, tight elastic garter straps against smooth white inner thigh. A thin
white pair of panty briefs, not bikini style but high hippers, molding to her
mound of Venus, the crinkle of pubic hair. Finally the hem of skirt and slip
halt above her smooth flat stomach and the top of her garter belt.

W2 gets an erection. His big dick is human ,a big dark stalk. He hitches Gale
up even further so his big stiff dork and balls bounce on her panty covered
mound of Venus. He enjoys it.

They take Gale into a room with Book Bindery painted on the door and close the

W1 takes her to a narrow table in the room and places her face up on it.She
lays unconscious, her skirt and slip still bunched above her hips. They
spread-eagle her on the table. They scoot her forward so her head and shoulders
hang off the table. W1 uses some cord to loop around her boots which runs off
too the edge of the table and ties the loops to the legs.

Finding some thin cable in a corner they hitch this around her at the small of
back , looping it over an overhead pipe they pull her up bending upwards.
She is lifted part way off the table.
Muscles strain in her arms and legs.

She is posed with her hips arched up , legs stretched. The skirt and slip
drape down. Her head hangs down , her breasts up thrust.

W2 slowly unbuttons the silky blouse. A slip covers her bra. Using a sharp
black nail on a hairy hand he carefully splits her slip down between her
breasts. He pushes blouse and torn slip to either side but leaves them on her

Starting on the top of her flat stomach he digs her nails in making small
scratches. Dragging upward he watches as her unconscious faces registers pain.
Upward. Nails catch under her bra. Creamy mounds are raked. Rosy nipples come
into view. He pushes the bra up and off her breasts but leaves it rucked up
beneath her neck.
He twists her nipples, they get hard in the cool air.

W1 and W2 look around the room and gather up some objects they find.
A sealing iron. It is a rod with a handle on one end and a solid block of metal
shaped like a obelisk on the other end. An electrical cord runs to a rheostat
connection to the electricity. Some bindery sewing needles about 4 inches long.
A butane cigarette lighter.

W1 looks at the woman's face, she is still out. He pinches her face and she
comes around.

W2 holds her arms.
W1 takes the needles. He shows them to the woman. Her eyes widen in fear.
Between thumb and forefinger he squeezes a pert nipple, it stands hard in
excitement. He carefully places the point of the needle right on top of her
left nipple then slowly drives it right straight into her left nipple and
downward in the breast till it stops at her rib cage, leaving about an inch
sticking out. Gale's face is a mask of pain as he does the same on her right
breast. She screams as she looks at the needles sticking out of her nipples.

She recoils in horror. She able to blubber out.
"What is this, please don't."

W1,moves around the woman, places a big hairy hand on her flat belly feeling
the muscles tense. He reaches down to her upward-arched hips makes a claw with
his right hand and digs his sharp nails into her left inner thigh. Dragging
upward he traces upward and to the left and downward leaving long scratch marks
on inner thigh and across her groin parallel to the tight garter strap against
her thigh. But he is careful not to break the garter strap. He does this slowly
his nails catching in the tight leg-band of her panties.
Gale screams as the material tears.

W1 continues the scratches across her mound of Venus and light V-patch of pubic
hair scooping and tearing the thin material. She jerks as her pussy is exposed
and the sharp claw on his little finger scratches across the top of her
Virginia. He shreds bottom out of her panties. He pushes the remnant material up
to the top of her garter belt leaving it there in a wispy bandanna.

W1 inserts a big hairy finger into her pussy and gouges her from the inside
with his sharp nail. Gale screams.

W2 is excited by the woman's strained position and the horror on her face. His
big hair cock is brick hard. He rubs it on her soft cheeks.

While W2 holding her arms pushes her downward to arc her breasts more T1
flicks up a flame on the butane lighter. He shows the distressed woman the
lighter, she shakes her head. Reaching down he heats the ends of the needles
that have been driven into her breasts. Gale pitches her breasts in agony as
she tries to avoid the flame. But she cannot move her shoulders enough and
searing pain sizzles her breasts.

This gets W2 so excited he lets go of her arms, goes around, and gets onto the
table. Lifting the woman up he gets on his knees. He slowly forces his big cock
into her pussy. Gale is in too busy watching W1 torment her breasts to notice.
She bucks in her agony, light flashing off her glasses. With her arms free she
tries to protect herself beating on T1. T1 just holds her down by the neck with
big paw half choking her and continues to heat the needles.

W1 stops torturing her breasts before she passes out.

He looks at her. Her face is a mask of strain, sweat lines her brow from her

She notices she is being raped by W2 and starts whimpering "No, no", again. W2
just loves it.

W1 now takes the sealing iron and shows it to her. Her eyes behind the glasses
are wide with fear. With his strong left hand he squeezes her jaws till he can
force the pointed end of the iron into her mouth. Gale tries to turn her head
away. She makes moist gagging sounds as he forces the iron all the way to her
mouth. He makes sure it is not too far in , so she wont strangle. Making sure
she can see him he slowly rotates the knob on the rheostat. Gale's eyes are
wide with panic.

The iron takes a while to heat up. As it becomes hotter and hotter Gale forgets
about W2 big pumping dick buried in her. With every muscle in her neck and
face straining she tries to spit the hot iron out. W1 place his big left paw on
her sore right breast pushing her back on the table with his right keeps the
iron in her mouth. Pretty soon the iron is searing the roof of her mouth and
tongue. Her arms flail at him , her fists beating ineffectively on his thick
fur. She trashes her high heeled boots on the table twisting in agony, a thin
wisp of steam curls from around the iron out of her mouth.

W2 is so excited now he reaches his climax pulling out his big dork he
ejaculates. He just pumps and pumps his jiz in fountain onto her smooth belly..
W2 howls with animal pleasure.

W2 gets out from beneath the woman.

W1 pulls the iron out of her mouth, it makes a steamy sucking sound. W1 hands
the iron to W2. She looks at him in pain and horror , a thin film of sweat on
her face. He looks at her open mouth and puts a couple of hairy fingers in.
Running them to the back of her throat she begins to gag. Her eyes are wide in
terror behind her glasses.

W1 shows her his big cock. He steps over her straddling her. He sits on her his
hairy buttocks pen her upper chest to the table. With her head and shoulder off
the table its a painful position for her. He rests the base of his dick on her
nose his balls nestled on her chin. His cock has a acrid animal smell. A small
pearly bead of werewolf cum stands on the top of his dick. She makes croaking
gagging sounds of dismay.

W2 now moves the hot iron to Gale's exposed bottom. He spreads her pussy
slightly and touches the tip of the iron to her clitoris. She tenses and arcs
her back with the pain. He runs the iron down her inner left thigh leaving a
trace of a red welt down to the top of her hosiery. She twists her hips trying
to get away from the distress.

The pain in Gale's face just excites W1 more. Holding his big dick he forces it
between her teeth and into back of her injured mouth. Gale can only make a
hoarse squeal. He begins to fuck her in the mouth.

W2 now parts the tight cheeks of her ass. Finding her anus he slowly rams the
hot iron into her. It sizzles as he forces it deeper and deeper. He takes the
handle and twists it. Gale once again is a picture of tense muscle, sweat and
muffled screeches.

W1 keeps grinding his big prick down her mouth while W2 tortures Gale below.
She beats on his outside of his straddled thighs. She tries of bit his dick but
it like biting on a thick leather riding crop. It just excites W2 more. She is
strong and putting up a fight. Good W2 thinks, it will be more fun to kill her
this way.

This goes on for many minutes. Finally W1 hits his climax. He howls as he
begins to pump his hot cum down Gale's throat. She twists her head violently he
keeps a tight grip. Her slim hands beat against the bunched muscles of his

Gale tries at first to swallow the werewolf's jiz but its too much. Soon gobs
of pearly fluid leaks from around W1's hard dick down the sides of her mouth.
More cum. Cum streams down her temples and drips off her ears. She begins to
strangle on W1's big load. He just keeps his big dick stuffed down her mouth
and throat.

W1 now makes sure the woman will die. He reaches down and pinches her nostrils
together. Now she will strangle for sure.

Gale thrashes on the table. She is dying, strangling on W1's big dick and cum.

W2 keeps the hot iron up her ass as she drives the heels of her boots into the
table. She arches her body up. As death tremors rack her body she starts to
piss. An arch of urine springs into the air. Some falls on the iron and there
is steam.

Leaving the iron in Gale's body W2 stands back enjoying Gale's death throes.

W1 pulls out his big dork making a sucking sound.

Her bucking and twisting becomes more and more incoherent. W1's cum gurgles in
the back of her throat. Trying to get at least one breath her jiz coated
tongue protrudes from her mouth. She blows a cum bubble that pops just as she
The beautiful lady is still in death. Gale's lovely eyes stare in bugged out
fatality from behind her big glasses. Her head turns to the side as a wave of
W1's cum drools from her open mouth dripping on the floor.

W1 notices in death she is still clutching his big hairy outer thigh. He has to
break her death grip to get off her. She is half hanging off the table with one
arm hanging down the other stiff in the air , the slim hand curled in a death

This intrigues T2. He comes around to her head and squats down so he can sight
down her body. Her painful death still on her face , her arced tortured breasts
, the rucked up bra, the bunched up skirt and slip , loved legs and lingerie,
the boots, it all excites him again.

His big dork is hard again so he steps up to her and inserts his big dick into
her death curled hand. He hand is still warm. He pumps letting the dead woman
give him a hand job. Soon he is snorting with pleasure letting cum fly in the
air. It splashes into the woman's fine hair. Making a gooey patch and dripping
onto the floor.

In a flash the werewolves disappear.

They find her body in the morning hips arched in the air with the wire support, and booted feet tied spread-eagled to the table skirt and slip wrapped above her
waist. Legs and lingerie exposed. Half off the table her beautiful tortured
breasts pointed towards the ceiling.
She died with boots and glasses on.