>Memories of Her
Memories of Her

Story is (C) Raioni. All characters within are (C) Raioni. 

Chapter 1

I got out of my car, and turned on the alarm. Looking over at the large house blue house, it was out in the middle of nowhere, no neighbors to call in complaints of loud music, heavy drinking along with the drunks that came out afterwards. The party was already started, there were a few of the guys I knew from Quantum Physics out front, holding a beer in each of their paws, laughing and talking about the theoretical chance that they might get laid tonight. I smirked and waved to them, they raised their beercans in greeting and returned to their conversation of the hot chicks they saw inside. I had never been one for parties, too much study time wasted. I opened the door and was greeted by one of my friends, Mike, a racoon, and my sister's boyfriend.

"Hey Dez! I didn't think you'd show!" Mike threw his arm around me and walked me toward the keg.

"Truthfully, I didn't think I would either, but I was bored, and I needed a break from writing my thesis, Is my sister here tonight?" I replied, glancing about at all the dancing furries that were bouncing about to some song sung in German.

"Yeah! She showed up two hours ago, and helped me prepare, she's around here somewhere. Anyways, grab a beer and mingle, you need it man, you're gonna graduate here in a few weeks, I'd say that you deserve to party!" Mike gave me a slap on the back and wandered off to join in the dancing.

I nodded to him as he left and grabbed a beer out of the cooler, opened it up and took a sip, wincing at the bitter taste as it went down. Shaking my head rather quickly, I chuckled, it wasn't a familiar feeling, I don't tend to drink all that much. I set my beer down and went looking for Khandra, my sister. She was younger than me, about 5 years, she just started college and was trying to get into the swing of things, trying to fit in. She was a sweet girl, for a tigress anyways, and rather good looking in my own opinion. I rounded the corner and saw her walking up the stairs with Mike, I yelled their name but they didn't hear me. I followed, out of curiosity, I had never been to Mike and Khandra's house before, and I decided I'd get a feel for the place as well as find out what the two were up to. I got upstairs when I saw the door close upstairs, it was dark up there, but fortunately, tiger eyes adjust very quickly to the absense of light. Padding quietly to the door, as not to disturb them, I opened it very gently and poked my head in for a look. My eyes went wide but I dared not jump, Khandra stood with her shirt off massaging her own breasts, I saw a bulge under her skirt with David's head dissapearing under it, a soft slurping sound could be heard. I was ready to burst into the room and kick Mike's furry hide, but then I realized, Khandra was a big girl, she knew what she was doing. I also figured it was a little jealousy, I had always had a like for my sister, that went far past the reaches of sibling love. I could remember the first time we had a relation like that...

Walking out of my room from studying for a large math exam, I headed down the hall towards the restroom to take a shower. The water was already running and I swore, peeking in through the keyhole, I saw Khandra getting undressed, I blinked and blushed. She was only 14, and I 19, I had never seen a naked woman before, but I was fascinated by the curves of her body, the fact that it was my sister, made it all that more interesting. I felt a stiffening sensation down in my loins, I suppressed it and continued to watch, she crawled into the shower/bath she loved to take and began to soap herself up, the soapy water glistening off her fur. I quietly brought my sweatpants down around my sheath and sack as I watched, gently teasing my manhood out of it's sheath. I continued to watch, I saw her fumble for something outside of the tub, within the towels, she pulled a long canine-shaped dildo out of the towels and slipped it inside of her, letting out a soft moan of pleasure. I thanked the gods that my parents weren't home so they would not be able to witness me playing with myself while I watched my sister masturbate. She cupped a soapy hand over her breast and began to pinch and tease her nipple, the other hand slipping the dildo in and out of her sex. I imagined that it was me going into her, my stiff tigercock penetrating her womanhood. My member was out of it's sheath and I was jacking off, listening to her moans of pleasure and and ecstacy, I was so into the moment that I failed to notice that the door was not closed properly and I layed my head against it, the door opened and I fell in, getting up, still gripping my cock, she looked at me in a haze of ecstacy and I panicked, running back to my room and shutting the door, ashamed of myself, yet so full of lust for my sister, and so arroused that I had to finish myself off, I layed down upon my bed and started to finish what I started, imagining my sister sitting on top of me, riding my stiff cock. A few minutes later, my sister walked into my room quietly. I was so close to climax that I didn't even notice her sit by my bed and watch me. She saw my sack tighten up and my breath getting sharp, and with almost perfect timing, she latched her muzzlelips over my cock and swallowed my entire load. I layed back and suddenly realized I wasn't in the room alone, getting up and looking at my sister in shock, cum dribbling from her lips.

"Sis, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..." I stuttered.

"Dez, " she said calmly, and almost, seductively, "it's okay. I don't mind if you look at me naked, or even play with yourself while you do. I've been watching you jack off in the tub for a long time now."

"You have?" I blinked in shock. She only nodded and crawled onto the bed, next to me, slipping her lithe paw around my quickly shrinking member, trying to excite it again, whispering in my ear, "I think you're cute Dez, downright sexy even... May I be your bed mate tonight?"

I stuttered again, but nodded, she giggled with joy. She spun around and crawled on top of me, she stuck her pink, dripping wet pussylips infront of my snout, teasing me with her aroma of heat. I inhaled deeply and my eyes rolled back into my head from the tantalizing smell. Shivering as she took my cock into her muzzle, I returned the favor, and used my paws to open up her lips. I began to lick her juicy fluids away from her flesh, but only more leaked out. I knew how the female body worked, and heard from my friends on what to do in this situation, so I tried some of the things they suggested, finding her clit rubbed my tongue all over it, my snout digging up into her sex. She squirmed and moaned, pushing herself further onto my snout, sucking my cock harder, teasing my balls with her paws. I shivered in pleasure, bringing a paw down to massage her clit, I stuck my snout deep into her and started lashing my tongue inside of her. The smell was overwhelming, It was all I could do to keep myself from orgasming within her mouth once more. She writhed on top of me, and moaned loudly, a wave of fluids washed over me and drenched my snout and fur, I couldn't hold myself in anymore and let loose of my own fluids within her mouth. I heard her suck and swallow, lapping up my fluids like they were liquid candy, I in return did the same, licking her clean and licking my muzzle clean, she turned around and cuddled up to me in bed, kissing me softly, and pushing some of my own seed into my mouth with her tongue, I blinked then swallowed, it did taste a little sweet. She smiled and purred softly, I purred as well.

"I love you Dez," she whispered.

"I love you too, Khandra," I whispered back.

We quickly fell asleep in each other's arms.

The memories had left me stiff, and wanting to be with my sister again, I slipped into the room quietly and shut the door behind me. Padding behind my sister and nibbling her neck, she jumped a little but smiled, I slipped my arms around her and began massaging her breasts, Mike's slurps keeping her entertained for the moment, I decided just to tease and tantalize. She leaned back against me, and I held her up, her breath becoming quite ragged and sharp, it wasn't far before Mike would get the same treatment I did all those years ago. She let loose a roar of passion and came all over David's muzzle, he slipped out from under her and licked her way up her body, he backed up for a moment to kiss her and she ducked out of the way. David kissed me instead, I blinked and grinned inside, mimicking my sisters purrs of passion, I grabbed Mike up and pressed my hard-on into him, kissing him deeply. Mike's eyes went wide as he backed up from me and blinks. Khandra giggled.

"You asshole! What are you doing here?!" he shouted.

"Same reason you are," I answered calmly.

He gave a questioning look to Khandra and she nodded, walking over to me and nibbling my neck, then walking over to David and kneeling infront of him, kissing his erection, "Dez was my first. We still play around on occassion, but don't let it get you down, it's a sibling thing, I love you as a mate David."

Mike nodded and looked at me with a strange glance. Khandra got back up and looked at us both, "Well, no sense on letting both of you sit there with enormous hard-ons."

She walked over to the bed and got up on all fours, motioning for me to get behind her and Mike to get infront of her, I complied, as did he. She started sucking off Mike and raised her tail for me, wiggling her rump to compell me to mount her, which it did, I slipped myself into her and started to ease myself in and out. Mike looked over at me and winked, I winked back, not really understanding what it was for, but I figured I'd find out before the night was over. The warm feel of her vagina against the side of my tigerhood was good, a feeling I hadn't felt since last Christmas when I went home from break, I started to thrust my way into her, she was dripping wet, wanting to be fucked. Mike was thrusting into her on the other side as well, her mouth full of his slick black racoon member. I rested my paws on her hips and began to claw at her, a feeling she loved, the pain mingled with the pleasure and created something entirely new. I kept thrusting myself in and out of her, Mike did the same. He was the first to orgasm, pulling back and letting it spray all over Khandra's face, David got off the bed and came around behind me, slipping his fingers up under my tail to massage my tailhole. That pleasure was enough to get me off, I orgasmed within my sister, still thrusting myself into her as I did. She orgasmed as well, her hot sticky fluids washing over my member as I slid out. she rolled over and smiled at Mike, who was now nibbling at my neck, I purred, Khandra sat up and hugged us both, the thoughts rushed through my head of what could happen next.

To Be Continued...