>The Baeral Milkmaid
The Baeral Milkmaid

by Hedonism
(of 'Hedonisms ophidan haunt')

Warning : This story contains scenes of nonconsensual sex between humans and creatures, submission, lactophilia, oviposition, unbirthing and merging. Yes I did enjoy putting together that sizeable list of kinks :) 

* * * * * * * * * *

The inhabitants of Baeral had thought they were too distant from the species wars to be affected by it. Their port town lay on an outcrop of stony ground, a virtual island that meant they were surrounded on three sides by sea. But the species war still came to them, on wings of scale and feather, and left a very different settlement behind when it moved on.

The door to Wendy's little house opened, rousing her from her sleep. Wendy looked up and around, and gasped. She must have overslept, as she should have been dressed by the time the lizard man guard came to summon her outside.

There hadn't been much of a fight, Wendy recalled. Baeral had no major spellcasters, but those few students and minor transmuters that did live here gave a great account of themselves. It's said that Merex, the leader of the marauders was a romantic, and sabotaged his own battle plans so the poor humans could have the chance to gain victories to tell their children. Nobody died on either side, but then there were never any casualties in the species wars. All the same, Baeral lost two thirds of it's human population. And the marauders gained the same number of animal soldiers and citizens.

It was too late to get out of her nightie, but she did whip off her panties as soon as she could. Current laws specified that humans were not allowed underwear. She had to fight for these off another human.

She stuffed the lacy fabric under her mattress as a nine foot tall lizard man strode into the room. He stood up straight like a human, though his animal legs were digitigrade. His supple white hide was enhanced by elaborate ritual scars and tattoos that animated with every twitch of his muscles. It was the Sentinel Commander, head of Sylve's guards.

"Tren? Ummm, you'll give me some time to get on some proper clothes? Please?"

The lizard man flicked out his slender, long tongue.

"Normally, I wouldn't. But would you believe you've plenty of time? You're not to be sold for an hour yet."

He bent down, closed his claws around her arms, and gently pushed her back onto the mattress.

"Ahh, w, why did you wake me up so early?" asked Wendy, starting to flinch. She had her suspicions why.

"It's grown so cold out there..." And his flesh was indeed chilly - those claws, pulling her arms to her sides, his chest as it lay on hers, his legs as they snaked around Wendy's own and pulled them open, hitching her skirt up to her belly...

* * * * * * * * * *

A herd of sleepy eyed women stood in the courtyard awkwardly, and they had full dresses on. After Wendy's ordeal, she still didn't have enough time to get changed! She watched the reptile guards group the girls into a line, and a dragon female went along the rank. This monster stood as tall as a horse, though her normal size was well over forty feet long. Her currently bipedal stance was like that of a raptor, a creature she strongly resembled. As well as the more bestial shape, her beautiful draconic wings and tougher, green scaly hide also differentiated her from the lizard men that guarded her. The creature's drooping breasts were large and pendulous, a lot like those belonging to every human here. Before she was transformed into a dragon, she shared their occupation. Now she supervised it.

The dragon, Sylve, slipped his fingers under the dresses of the assembled humans, frisked their crotches and breasts. She smiled to each girl in turn - first Shara, who blushed crimson despite having been through this process any number of times before. Then Gloria the nosey woman from next door, whose breasts were developing well with the daily duties they carried out. 

Wendy turned her eyes down as the monster stepped up to her. Wearing a nightie in broad daylight was pretty suggestive, and that made her more vulnerable than normal to a horny monster's attentions. Adding to this was the fact that the thin fabric didn't hide her long, erect teets and exceptionally full and hanging breasts. Wendy had been a cow, the official term for her job title, for the full six months or so that Merex had been in charge. And it showed.

The dragon chuckled and stroked Wendy's hair, then tucked a slender, practiced claw into her cleavage. She felt the scaly claws curl around her nipples and tweak them, and she blushed intensely as she felt the trained teets respond and the front of her nightie get wet. Then the claw ran against her slit, and suddenly delved into it. As Wendy stiffened the reptile nodded, pulling away a wet paw.

"Wendy," said the creature softly, "Your cunny is dripping with cum. You know I can't let you be milked if you've been mated overnight."

"But Sylve... I was raped! By one of the guards that are supposed to be protecting us from all that!"

She hadn't expected the dragonness to dip so deep into her. The cum had dried inside, plugging her vagina closed, and she washed away all that lay outside. Normally this would escape the casual groping attention Sylve gave her cows.

The dragon nodded and patted the human's head gently.

"I can't risk your milk tasting odd. Sorry, I can't sell you."

Wendy stepped back, dejected. The dragon had been friends with her for years, both as fellow milkmaid before the invasion and cow afterwards. She had hoped for maybe a little consideration.

Sylve lifted her claw up to Wendy's mouth, and the human dutifully licked it clean. She winced as her tongue tugged away the stringy lizard cum, tried not to savour the pheromone-dosed taste. But to her embarrassment, she licked the dragon's claw utterly clean over nearly a minute, eager to get at all the semen. She regretted washing her vagina before swallowing some of the spooge off it first.

Sylve swished his tail, slapped one of the girls on her rump and led them away to the market. She waved for Wendy to come along as well. Suddenly happy, she bounded along after them.

Now if she could just find somewhere private along the way to lick herself clean...

* * * * * * * * * *

Wendy was gloomy. Today she wouldn't be going up for sale, and that meant she couldn't get a cut of the profits. Human milk was only valuable enough to make a profit when it was untainted by sexual intercourse. Sex, particularly with other species, is known for making the female's milk into an aphrodisiac, and therefore people didn't like the idea of their babies drinking a sex potion. Except dragons, for a reason Wendy didn't know and wasn't eager to discover...

So far she had been able to keep herself relatively pure, and her milk was popular amongst much of the population. She was proud of her value, and of remaining untainted by her reptilian conquourers. If the value of her milk went down due to being humped too much, she would eventually have to get kicked out of Sylve's farm and become a lowly prostitute, losing more of her humanity and pride every day until... Well... she didn't dwell on that.

More importantly, she would have to work away from Sylve. Wendy wanted to be with the dragoness so badly, and she didn't know why. It was getting so the reptile talked to her in her dreams, asked her to tag along, and she never felt so happy when she was doing so.

* * * * * * * * * *

There was great demand for Sylve's cows; the auctioning went flawlessly and Wendy was glad when it was all over and she could stop looking like a spare part.

Out of the menagerie that made up the market crowd strutted a proud looking rooster harpy. He was a tall, strong creature, a blend of cockerel and human with dappled, chestnut feathers, sharp, yellow talons with white bone spurs. His deep red wattle and comb waggled slightly as he walked, and his long sweeping tail of blacker feathers flailed the air behind him. Wendy closed her legs tightly as he approached, and he smiled at this reaction, the corners of flesh where his beak met his face turning upwards.

"Sylve! You saved this beautiful girl from the market? Saved her for me?"

His smile widened further. The time she was sold to Wedrel, Wendy had to wear a chastity belt. He bullied his harem of ten hens with abandon, grabbed their feathers and raped them ferociously while they clustered around Sylve's breasts to reclaim calcium for their constant egg laying. While he didn't injure his females, he denied them clothes and possessions, kept them with him all the time, made them wear bangles that described them as his. They loved him with an utter devotion that embarrassed Wendy because it reminded her of the beautiful obsession she had with her own mistress.

"Sorry, Wedrel, her milk isn't to our high standards. She was raped by one of the guards."

Wendy blushed and hung her head downwards. She stroked her thighs gently.

"Sorry I let you down, Sylve."

The talons of Wendy's owner rested atop her head and she felt blissful.

Wedrel leaned forwards and reached out with his talonlike hands. He pulled the human towards him and slid her against his feathery, fuzzy chest. She squealed and held her arms out to her dragoness.

"Then it wouldn't matter if we took her... complete? For a hundred eggs, maybe a few feathers?"

Wendy pulled herself away from the cockerel and ran back to dragon, pushing herself against the rugged hide. Sylve chuckled as the human got between her owner's scaly legs. Wedrel looked slightly jealous.

"Please don't, Sylve!" whimpered the human. " I want to be pure enough to stay with you!"

"Sorry, Wedrel. That's a splendid offer, but, not Wendy. Shara's been frisky lately, maybe she would like a change of career?"

Wendy looked up at Sylve with horror. The dragoness offered to trade a pure human instead of her, already tarnished?

Sylve grinned and squeezed her thighs around Wendy reassuringly. Wedrel squarked sadly, and stroked a strong feathery hand over the human as she stood trapped between the dragoness' legs. Then he departed with his clucking entourage. Sylve shrugged and strutted away.

"Stay close to me, human," said Sylve. In reply she felt the human's lips kiss the end of her tail.

"Good girl, she smiled, and continued walking without turning around. Wendy followed obediently until two ragged feathered chicken harpies snuck up to her, sung her to sleep with their voice magic and crept away with her.

* * * * * * * * * *

Sylve walked from stall to stall at the market, buying and bartering, trading herbs, bread, milk, loan of her cows, and the always tempting yet very expensive possibility for sexual coupling with one of the pure humans, or even permanent ownership of one for the owner to corrupt.

From an impenetrably dark space between stalls, Wedrel squatted down, lifted Wendy into the air and waited for a chicken harpy female to tear away her nightie. Then he waited with delicious glee until Wendy's guardian was looking nearly at them and let her come down and around his fleshy penis. She flinched and squirmed, but his harpies held her tightly. They had silenced the girl's vocal chords with song, but she could still whisper out desperate groans as the cockerel bounced her up and down on his crotch, to the squish-squish sound of flesh slipping into wet flesh.

The chickens flustered and pushed against each other as they pecked and suckled upon her soft, huge breasts. As Wendy wept openly, her teets dripped white creamy milk into the greedy gullets of two birds. They drank furiously before two others pushed them away and took over. Still more femmes devotedly ran their fingers around their master's shaft and balls, and tickled Wendy's cunny. The girl's eyes widened and she whispered out frantic cries for help for her mistress.

Whenever Sylve sauntered to the stalls closest to the rape, Wendy held out her hands desperately to the dragon, and Wedrel humped her faster. Their victim longed for that warm, consuming scaly creature to embrace her, keep her safe for ever. While the mating was rapturous, and she couldn't deny the wanton thrill of breaking the no-screwing law, she wanted so much to be back between the dragon's legs and safe from these monsters.

"Where's Wendy gone?" asked Sylve to one of her guards. With that, Wedrel cawwed quietly and humped the girl even quicker.

"I, ahhh, could, take you back, to my henhouse and, awwwhhhkkk, keep you forever!" he squarked to his captive as he fucked her.

This pleased and horrified Wendy. Now she knew the thrill of being kept by this perverse rooster that his harem felt. But, no, she needed Sylve!

"Ihhh, leave youuu, changed, human! Myy, cum'll leave, a taint that, awwwwk, can't, be cleaned away!"

As the guard replied, shaking his head, Wedrel climaxed in her, thrilled with what he had gotten away with. The sensation of being filled with bird cum and getting drunk alive set Wendy teetering over the edge. They clutched each other, mouths wide in a silent mutual crowing, and shivered as they transferred fluids. Most of the hen harpies pecked at Wendy's sex for the spouting goo. Finally, he lifted Wendy off his softening penis, and firmly wiped his crotch over her body to clean himself. Wendy, feeling the liquids seep free of her cunny, just stood shocked enough to let him.

Wedrel let loose a screeching cockcrow and dashed away with his chortling harem. Sylve spun around as she heard the noise, and walked towards the hiding spot. A wet, naked Wendy leapt out at her and wept as she pressed herself into the dragon's thighs.

* * * * * * * * * *

The farm was like a kingdom of it's own, with Queen Sylve ruling over the fenced in kingdom and it's cow subjects and Sentinel soldiers. The farmhouse, situated in the center of the land, was certainly opulent and large enough to be a palace.

Like her guards, Sylve's servants were also nonhuman. Most were very dominant creatures, used to bossing around humans. They didn't take to also lizard men, looked with open lust at Wendy, and quite well hidden, respectful lust at the powerful dragoness mistress.

"Please don't do anything bad to Wedrel, miss," said Wendy, cradled in Sylve's lap. The dragoness muttered, but smiled as she stroked the naked, semen tainted human's back. Wendy looked up pleadingly, and shuffled a little. The dragon was incredibly comfy, but she felt oddly ill at ease.

"I expect to find at least a hundred eggs delivered to me tomorrow, or I'll eat him."

It wasn't a joke. For one thing, Sylve could get a good deal on all those feathers.

"please don't hurt him over me!"

Sylve coiled and uncoile her tail.

"Then, you must be prepared to take the responsibility of the mating on your own shoulders. From now on, Wendy, it was _you_ who started the mating."

The humans looked up into that cross reptilian face and swallowed hard. "Yes, Miss. It was me. I tempted him too much."

"Yes? Then you acted like a whore, girl," she condemned dramatically. "Getting on top of him like that, fucking the poor thing with all his wives around him? Oh, how you've fallen!"

Wendy shifted uneasily on the dragon's underbelly. The blame was now hers. She was a naughty human. It felt good to be accused, even if it meant Sylve's disapproval.

"Can you forgive me? Ahhh, without eating me?"

Sarah sighed and nodded while Wendy opened her legs wide. This seemed to feel better.

"Of course. If it's your nature t act like a horny little animal, there's nothing I can say."

Wendy snuggled Sarah's lean belly. She looked up at the creature's pondrous breasts and wished she would be allowed to nurse on them to show her gratitude, her love for the dragon. Meanwhile, there was a heavy feeling in her stomach, a unique pressure between her legs and in her abdomen.

"Yes, misstress..." Wendy was very formal when she wanted her friend not to let hunger get the better of her. "Ummm... Mistress? I feel a little, lumpy..."

Sylve looked down with concern and rubbed Wendy's tummy. It started to swell, sticking out noticably from the human's trim body, then hung down almost painfully.

"Oh dear... Very unprofitable. But should be interesting to watch. Open your legs wider, Wendy."

The human obediently did so. She looked between her legs at the black thatch of pubic hair, sticky with semen. Which lightened, grew fluffy, and spread gently to consume much of her thighs and cover her crotch and. The dense, light brown hairs suddenly split apart and developed into feathers. Wendy shrieked while Sylve chuckled.

"Remember, human. This is all your fault. You shouldn't have let him mate with you."

" Oooooohhh... I don't feel so... mmph..."

Wendy felt something travel down inside her reluctantly. Her belly and groinal muscles were forced apart around it... them... and angrily contracted as they slipped downwards.

Wendy pressed down on her stomach, and the effort bled little droplets of milk from her fruitful teets. The feathery growth had stopped at her belly, but the skin on her legs started to harden, grow horny and yellowish. Her feet stretched out and the toes grew on and on. The transformations didn't stop until her legs were halfway into the form of bird talons.

To a flash of intense, stretching pain, Wendy felt her vagina open up. A mixture of semen and embreyotic liquids streamed out, then stopped as her fluffy vagina was blocked.

Wendy relaxed a little as she realised what was happening. The sight of her friend grinning down as she layed was also a curiously pleasant thing to see. She panted, shifting her feet back and forth, then squarked loudly, cunny stretching wide open as the first pearly, lightly speckled eggshell appeared, glistening with lubricant. Wendy could feel every pore on it's slightly rough exterior as it peeped out. She tried pushing harder, but it didn't budge.

"MmmmaaaaAAAAhhhhhhh! Hurtsss!"

Sylve stroked gently against Wendy's vent, soothing it as much as she could.

"This is a permanent transformation, Wendy. Your milk will never be pure human again. Neither will you. You've been changed forever by what you've done." 

Wendy made a whimpering sound and groaned, louder and louder until the reluctant shape pushed out as far as it's widest point, and with a final heave, it passed that and slipped gently free of her cunny. The once-human stared blankly into space and panted, grateful for her temporary respite. Her vagina felt slack now, and only reluctantly closed up from birthing an orb the size of a fist. 

"What can I do? Sylve... I don't want to leave you, but I've lost my purity. What can I do?"

Sylve picked up the egg in a claw, opened her mouth around it and swallowed it whole. Wendy got an uneasy shiver as she watched the dragoness' throat swell around the orb, and convulse it down, like a reverse laying. Maybe she felt slightly jealous of it. 

The dragoness blew gently over the human's cunny. Wendy squealed and struggled anew as a second egg crept down slowly until it gradually peeped out of her inflamed vagina.

"You'd do anything?"


"Then you will You would lay for us, and you will walk with the guards, let them fuck you, let them do anything they want to you."

Wendy whined, convulsed and nodded. Wrong as it was, this sounded right and proper for the sort of creature she had become. And she could stay with Sylve no matter what sort of perverse creature she had become. The dragoness licked her lips and grasped the tip of the egg, then pulled it. The harpy in her lap screamed, "What are youuu... ooohhfff..."

It plopped free of her vagina, and the dragon cradled it, before licking the orb clean and swallowing it whole.

Sylve called out for the guards. Four males scarmbled in with impressive speed.

"Tren? Take Wendy to your barracks, and make her at home."

Wendy looked up at the reptile that started her on the slippery slope to prostitution, and whimpered. He smiled with unconcealed delight, and ordered the others to take her away.

"Don't worry about allocating her a bed," he said. "She can sleep in all of them."

When Wendy and her new bodyguards had left, Sylve kissed him Tren on his snout.

"You played your part perfectly, and I'm sure you enjoyed your role. Please tell Wedrel that he can have Shara, as we arranged. Wendy will soon be perfect."

* * * * * * * * * *

Tren left the dragoness' company and closed the door behind him. Up the corridor and saw his two sentries and Wendy, and chuckled. The monsters had forced her onto her hands and knees. One pushed his loins against her face, teasing open his genital slit, the other was getting into a crouch over her. The girl looked very afraid.

"No, not yet! Give her the chance to run free."

His cohorts looked angrily at him, but Tren snarled. They co-operated. Wendy got to her feet and ran, wailing.

"Give her ten seconds," Tren continued. Then he ran after her in five. Yelping with surprise, the sentinels followed swiftly.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was two days later. Sylve flew her way to the watchtower spire and looked out upon the houses and fields of her mini kingdom, surrounded by a perimeter fence that helped the guards keep lustful rustlers away from her increasingly priceless pure human cows. The warm light rain made her scaly muscles shine with wetness. A lithe female figure, beginning her new duties as whore for her soldiers ran and sobbed as scores of bigger, very masculine reptilian shapes crept and crawled and chased and leapt at her.

Wendy darted to the left and avoided the playful sweep of a raptor-like lizardman, then bounced against an even larger monster, Tren.

The corruption brought by the monster's semen on Wendy's body was beautifully visible. Her rain-splattered skin was now light green. Her belly was heavily swollen with eggs, though her limbs remained attractively slim. Little circles of red snakebite-like marks pockmarked her smooth body, particularly around her neck, nipples and cunt from guards that had taken to marking her with every triumphant rut.

She tried to pull away as Tren stepped forwards, but he grabbed her arm. She stopped and looked into his bold reptilian face, then slowly leaned over and got to her hands and knees by her own volition.

"That's a good girl, Wendy. Do you miss how things were, when we could only guard you, when all we could do was only imagine putting ourselves in you?"

Wendy hung her head and looked back at her body. The raptor-like guard, justifiably excited, crept behind her and gripped her buttocks, the sharp tips of his nails pressing into the girl's flesh.

Wendy's breasts had grown still more with her defilement, and the soft green orbs were ridiculously long, actually dragging along the floor from her position on her hands and knees. When she was stood up they extended all the way to her thighs. Her nipples, laying along the ground were two inches long and firm like props, leaking traces of white liquid into the wet grass. She had kept her birdlike talons and cunny feathers from Wedrel, but now a cute little stubby lizard-like tail grew from her butt and extended down to her knees.

The little male raptor pushed her tail out of the way as he lifted her buttocks upwards, before pulling it against his twitching, scaly thighs. Her back settled against his muscled chest, her rump settled on his groin.

Wendy opened her legs widely, and her vagina peeped forth between her feathers. Her warm crevice, the slack, inviting slit reached deep into wet darkness. Her labia now hung out to nearly three inches long, stretched out by overuse, egg-laying and rut-transformation. Both her labia and her feathers were covered with a crusted grey substance that could only be dried semen. A thick liquid oozed out, dislodged by either her reluctant pleasure or her heaving internal muscles. She smelled strongly but not unpleasantly of animal sex.

The smaller male snarled in a way that made Wendy shiver. The obscene red tip of his penis peeped out from between the girl's yellow thighs. She tried to pull herself up into the air as the rod rose and gently touched her fluffy crotch. The little raptor pulled backwards and suddenly slid the length into her pouting, soaked vagina.

Tren's bigger male's vivid red penis slowly slid free of his thick genital slit, and caressed the frightened girl's face. He had enlarged it with magic, and now it was over two foot long, mounted on a thick scaly sheath that rolled back to just behind his bold red gonads. He adjusted himself a little and Wendy, being humped forwards by the enthusiastic smaller dino, touched it again and again with her mouth, then weakly accepted it's admittance. Tren eased it in, and it slipped past her tonsils and down towards her stomach.The skin on her throat stretched around the shaft as it sank into her, until he pulled it back out, then made her swallow it again.

Wendy managed to stay on her hands and knees, despite roughly being pushed back and forth. The smaller raptor man gripped her back, then sides, yipped cutely as he pushed his loins against her cunt. Tren's penis slipped into her mouth cleanly, and she swallowed the length without gagging and releasing no liquid, much unlike her by now drooling vagina. Her bulging, heavily swollen belly ran forwards and backwards along with her breasts.

The raptors snapped and growled at each other as their climaxes built. Excited by the lean masculine shapes and the rape of her beloved human, Sylve rubbed her crotch with her palms until it shivered and the scales pulled apart to reveal softer vaginal flesh. Watched by all, she delved her snakelike tongue deeply into her genitalalia and pleased herself.

The little males' legs shiverred under him, and his tail wriggled. The bigger lizard man took Wendy firmly, his long tail held high in the air. His thrusts punted her firmly against the raptor until he barked shrilly and came, twitching wads of semen into the drooling cunt.

Sylve frantically groomed herself as she watched the little raptor pull himself free and lightly puncture the woman's thighs with his claws. These punctures would never fully heal, just like the older injuries. But when the welts were rubbed, the poor creature would be excited just as much as if they were playing with her more intimate flesh. Finally, the bigger male came, his penis pumping it's rich contents straight into her stomach. Wendy slurped against his length as she felt her stomach inflate slowly, until at last he pulled himself free. Then she was given a little time to rest before the chase resumed with fresh reptiles stalking her.

The dragon licked herself to orgasm during the third consecutive mating. Her guards clearly enjoyed running her to the ground rather than simply grabbing and taking her. They lovingly swept their reptilian bodies over her panting shape and pushed themselves gleefully deep. When she was humped, Wendy's wails and screeches became staggered, interrupted by grunts of pleasure until she was helplessly ridden to climax. When the creatures took her two at a time, her screams were cut out altogether as, on her hands and knees, she took a monster's penis deep into her mouth, swallowing it with each leisurely push

Sylve smiled blissfully at Wendy as the little human looked up at her with pleading eyes. She swept down during the latest chase and landed between the cringing female and her guards. She warned them away with a single glance, but for several seconds it looked as though the crazed monsters would disobey. They flared their noses, skulked forwards, looked balefully at her. Even the nervous creatures that had started off as humans had lost all inhibitions and looked out with twitching claws and obvious arousal.

Sylve licked her teeth, delighted at their lust-maddened stares at the two females before them. Then she looked down at the quaking girl clinging to her legs, glanced up again and blew a stream of flame out. The infernal cloud spread out nearly twenty foot before evaporating. It was a warning the monsters took very seriously, and they crept away. The dragoness grinned, impressed with her employees.

Sylve sat down next to Wendy. She bit her lip gently as the creature reached her paws around the lowly creature's head and pulled Wendy against her scaly teets.

"I still give a little milk, human. Enough for you."

Though exhausted and ashamed, Wendy smiled at this honour. She rubbed her mouth against the teets, and swallowed the last vestiges of semen in her mouth. She tentatively tugged on the scaly nipples with her fingers, and giggled slightly as a greenish white liquid dripped free onto her tummy. The dragoness was a proud creature who only ever milked herself

"But I'm just a whore... Why are you letting me drink from you?"

"Shush, little creature. Just drink."

Sylve shifted and pushed a nipple into the human's mouth. Wendy bit down a little on the nipple and started to fastened on indulgently. The dragon gasped with bliss as splashes of milk were harvested, slid down Wendy's greedy throat.

"Good girl... I see you're settling well into your new job."

Wendy sighed and nodded. Her cheeks dimpled as she suckled dragon milk.

"Wendy... I... set this all up. Both Tren and Wedrel raped you at my request."

Wendy looked up at her and slipped free of the teet. Her eyes widened, and she started to sob. But she didn't pull away.

"Why, Sylve?"

The dragon scratched Wendy's belly, then lifted up one of the whore's heavy, full teets. She slipped it into her mouth and drew away her milk. Wendy whimpered a little as Sylve sucked very hard, and her sharp teeth remained nearly closed on the tip. Her dragon, her friend was responsible for her desecration! 

"So... are you angry at me now I've told you that? Now I've corrupted you?"

Wendy drew the dragon's other teat into her mouth. She sucked hard at the flow of thick greenish milk.

"Did... doing it make you happy? Was I entertaining?"

Sylve nodded and licked the perspiration off her boob. Wendy smiled around the dragon's tit.

"Then I'm glad you did it to me. I'm glad you had them fuck me, and taint me. If it made you happy."

"You've made me even more happy, little human."

The dragon pulled Wendy's hands between her powerful hind legs and stroked them over her still visible scaly vagina. Wendy touched the dragon's cunny with her fingertips, then stroked between the thick folds of skin. Due to Sylve's towering size her genitals were the length of Wendy's hand.

"You always look so glad when you hide between my legs, Wendy. It's where you feel safe. But I know where you really want to be..."

Wendy nodded. She pushed her hands into the soaked, pouting dragon cunt until they were as deep as her wrists. Sylve bucked and Wendy closed her eyes blissfully, delighted she was making her friend happy. The space inside her vagina was plentiful, a cavern that stretched deeply inside her.

"Go hide, Wendy. Hide where you feel safe..."

The human delved her hands in deeper, up to her elbows. Sylve's sex drooled warm, welcoming liquids onto the rest of her arms. Past the flaps of labia were even more thick wrinkles, and thick veins. The passage showed no sign of stopping or getting tight.

Wendy suckled firmly, playing with the firm teet as it wept milk for her.

"Oh Sylve... I wish I really could hide up there..."

"You can, little whore... Just keep going in..." She stroked Wendy gently, watched the near-human's feathery little vagina water with wantonness. The once-human slipped her arms in and touched a firm barrier. With a little push, it shivered open and her hands broke out into the monster's spacious womb. Sylve convulsed and lay back, hauling the near-human to the floor and on top of her tail. Wendy was by now up to her shoulders.

"You're such a productive, _fertile_ whore, Wendy. I want you to be with me forever."

"But... how will I breathe in there?"

Sylve smiled and pulled the girl away from her teet, then gently positioned her head into the wide cunny gap between her arms. Wendy lay there and stopped breathing as the liquids and slick flesh pressed against her face. She decided to wait until she needed to breathe again, until she just had to duck out of this wonderful experience.

And she kept on waiting. Sylve ran her hands over the delver's back, slid down between her rump cheeks and hooked some of the stringy semen that contaminated her cunny. Wendy let out a giggled muffle that pulled all the remaining air out of her. And found she still didn't need to breathe in.

Sylve grasped Wendy's buttocks and pushed the human in deeper still. Her shoulders slid in, creating a sinful sensation in the dragon that was strong enough to straighten her legs and tighten her claws until they ripped up chunks of grassy mud.

"Right, aaaahhhhfrom, the start, you, were to be inssside, me, Wedny... Have you, heard, the term Ssss,uma? My Suma? My... ssslave...?"

Wendy racked her brains, trying to remember the familiar phrase. At the same time she groped around the warm cavern that she was tucked in. Sylve wriggled and convulsed every time she moved her lubrication soaked body. She thrust herself in deeper, taking the top of her breasts into the protective dragon's sex.

"Ahhhhyessss! My, slave offf, flesh... Pleasse, hide, in meee... All of you..."

The dragon's Suma... An utter slave of the dragon, and it's mate, and a part of the dragon itself. More important to the dragon than literally anything.

Wendy thrust herself in harder, eliciting screams of pleasure from the monster, laboriously sucking her swollen belly in, mixing the sweat of effort with slick cum. Eventually she sank in as deeply as her waist. Her tits still dangled out of the tight, warm hatch, and her whole body was wet with dragon juices 

She stopped her frantic hiding attempt as she felt her tightly pressed belly cramp. The pressure plucked an egg from her womb and she opened her legs wide to let the slippery orb go down and slip free of her slack cunny. She could by now lay eggs casually and often did. She felt Sylve cup her hands under her vagina and catch the egg.

Wendy gasped with relief, and pushed on. Her head squeezed against the dragoness' cervix, then coaxed it wide enough to get through. She rubbed her hands around the cavernous womb, got a grip on the sides somehow and hauled her shoulders and chest. Feeling the need to pant, she took the placental juices into her lungs and breathed it out again hard. Despite the liquid's heaviness, this seemed to suffice.

Sylve climaxed at the squirming sensations, and Wendy felt the liquids being generated from pores all around her body, then mucle contractions gush the liquids down her legs and out of the fleshy tube.

While Sylve convulsed she watched the once-human's cum-covered vagina slip into her, followed by the thighs, tail and the ends of her tits. The dragon wriggled and writhed, her senses maddened by the feeling of the fidgeting body lodged in her.

Wendy's head brushed the top of the womb. She was almost completely inside the dragon, only her legs showing from the knees down. She was about to lift herself completely into the womb when she smiled and changed her mind.

Sylve felt the humanoid wriggle and ripple inside her. This time there was no reason behind it, no efforts to hide any deeper. But the pleasure was massive, running from the lip of the dragon's vagina to the tight embrace of her cervix.

She realised that Wendy was pleasuring her, on purpose It was the first consensual effort to please her mate the whore had ever made. This delighted Sylve even more.

Looking down at the legs sticking obscenely out of her vagina she got slowly to her feet, twitching with pleasure.

"Wendyyyy... You're, sssafe nowww..."

* * * * * * * * * *

Sylve walked through the farm and the markets with Wendy's feet still sticking out of her cunny. It was worth the embarrassment - a lot of strange, perverse things had happened to Baeral, but some things could still be considered outrageous.

It took a day for Wendy's body to fully be absorbed into the dragon's own, and for the feet to dissapear into her crack. Sylve slumped onto her bed, looked down at herself and awoke Wendy.

The Suma found her eyes were already open. She looked down at... herself? She looked like Sylve... like her mistress... except her body had four very plump breasts, and scaly labia hung from her vagina. She was a dragon!

"Of course you're a dragon, Suma," said a voice directly in her mind.

"Sylve? Where are you?"

She realised her snout wasn't moving when she was talking. She tried wagging her tail, and it wagged. She flapped her folded wings, and felt them press against her back and the bed.

"You're looking at me. As you are looking at you."

Wendy figured it out.

"You're in me?"

"No, you're in me. Your body is still inside mine. Only now we've become one creature."

Sylve took over their body, got up and swung her legs off her bed. Wendy watched passively as the dragon squeezed her breasts, each one in turn, then fondled her crotch until her vagina peeped open.

"We'll stay like this for a while, Wendy."

She winced and Wendy felt her tummy shift. The dragon walked forwards a few more steps, then squatted and lifted her tail. Her cunny opened wider still and drooled, then they both felt a heavy, wide egg slip through their cervix and down through their birthing passageways. Finally it emerged with a soft thump on the floor. It was a beautiful white dragon's egg.

Sylve snickered and rubbed her belly.

"That felt good! Do you see how well we've merged? I lay as often as you did, and I give the same yield of milk as you did. And, Wendy?"

"Y, yes?"

"I feel the same submissive thrill you get when you are forced on by a monster. The feeling of helplessness, the need to be protected against the monsters even as you want them to fuck you. Well, I'll still protect you."

She shouted for Tren, who marched in. He was already aroused, and panted as he looked on at the beautiful dragon, her slit wet and milky from her laying.

"Is your Suma ready?" he asked, stalking forwards slowly. Wendy tried to back away, but her body didn't respond.

"No, she's not, Tren."

"Good... So it is her that I'm mating, not you?"

Sylve laughed and nodded as she lay back on the bed and opened her legs wide. Wendy tried to scream and pull away but her body only reacted to what Sylve was doing. She could only change the dragon's facial expressions.

"Of course. I would not let an employee mate me. But this is now Wendy's cunt. Wendy's womb. You're doing it all to her. You're doing it to a lowly prostitute."

Wendy was utterly, utterly helpless, trapped in a body that opened it's legs and submitted itself eagerly to the monsters. They were both to experience the sensations. To Sylve it would be consensual sex but to her it would be rape. The insidious dragon knew how much this turned her on!

"Yes, Suma. I also know what you think..." she said in reply to the question her Suma had not voiced. Tren got atop the dragon, sighed with leisurely contentment, adjusted his position and sank his head into the luxuriously soft multiple breasts.

"Did you tell the entire staff that they are to continue working until it's nearly their turn?" asked Sylve to Tren.

He nodded. "Strange that no-one called off sick today."

Wendy started an ordeal that would continue for a whole day, started the duties that would go on for the rest of her perverse, contented life.

By Hedonism