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Monster Meals:

By Rancid,

Shade sat patiently at his table. He’d only been seated five minutes ago, and he was already having second thoughts about this particular tavern. His friend Crackrib had highly recommended this place, but it seemed iffy to him. He hadn’t seen any actual meals being carted around yet. The place was filled with orcs, ogres, goblins, trolls, bugbears, and even a smallish dragon that was curled up in a dark corner. The whole tavern was filled with monsters, most of them eating noisily. 
Shade was by no means normal, but he didn’t consider himself a monster. A lot of people would disagree with him, considering Shade’s nature. He was a shape-shifter, or at the least a half-breed. True shape shifters were monsters, little more than wild animals that usually took on the form of great black striped cats. 
Shade was human born, but his father had been a shape shifter. Shade usually took on the disguise of a rather tan human, but in his present company, he relaxed his disguise. He was a rather slim cat-like person. His body and face was covered by fine black fur, and pure white stripes, making him look like a polar negative of a Siberian tiger. He had triangular cat ears near the top of his head, green eyes, a pale pink nose, and very sharp teeth hidden in his slightly prominent muzzle. Three scars ran across his left eye. He wore a tattered outfit, consisting of a torn gray greatcoat, a red and white striped prison shirt (Prisoner #6079), faded blue slacks and massive black leather boots. His paws had long fingers, but also had razor-sharp retractable claws. His striped tail waved behind him lazily. All in all, he fit right in with the crowd, and most people were just ignoring him.
Including the waitress.
Shade reached out and grabbed a waitress. She was a pretty young elven miss, her dark skin suggesting her to be half-drow…probably the only thing that kept her alive this long. She smiles prettily, her glamour magic washing over Shade. He relaxed his grip and simply asked to order.
She smiled brightly and nodded. “Hey, I’m Ebony an’ I’ll be yer waitress fer this eve’nin’. What’s on yer mind, hun? Ooh my, yer kinda skinny, ain’tcha? I’ll get ya the special. Be back in two shakes, cutie.” She winked and walked off, leaving the stunned shape-shifter wondering what the special was.
Shade leaned back against the wall, putting his feet on the table. He wondered just what this place served. He hadn’t actually seen any food being prepared…but then orcs and ogres don’t usually cook their food. In fact, they usually had to catch it first. His pal Crackrib was an orc, but Shade knew he had good taste when it came to food. 
Before he could give this any more thought, the Ebony returned, leading four women and two men by leather leashes attached to thick collars around their necks. All of them were naked. She smiled again.
“Ok, hun, what are ya in the mood fer? We’ve got elf, halfling, goblin, human, dwarf, and orc. If you want, we’ve got the fish special in the back.”
Still caught totally off guard by the constant assault of glamour, Shade managed to blurt out, “Fish?”
“Mermaid, catch of the day, real deal for the sea-food lover.”
Shade started to feel dizzy, sitting up straight again. He rubbed his eyes to help clear his thoughts. “Waitaminute, waitaminute…ye serve people here?”
The bar went silent, and every other patron in the tavern turned to watch Shade. Many of them were still halfway through their meal…but Shade did his best not to look too closely at what they were eating. He turned back to his waitress, who seemed as shocked by his question as everyone else. He fumbled for something to say.
“Er…Crackrib sent me…”
The room relaxed, and the assorted creatures turned back to their meals and conversations. His waitress relaxed and smiles brightly.
“That explains it. He’s always recommending this place, but he leaves out the details most times. We get a lotta customers…and meals that way.” She gestured to the assorted creatures behind her. “See, we serve monsters here. As you may know, they have…select tastes, and only we can cater to ‘em. Oh but don’t worry, all of out ‘meals’ are here on a voluntary basis. We make ‘em sign a contract an’ everything, all perfectly legal. But I can see this probably isn’t yer thing. Shall I show you out?”

Shade felt embarrassed for the first time, without really realizing why. He cleared his throat, “No, no, tha’s awright, just startled me a bit. I’m used ta catchin’ me own meals.” He hoped she didn’t see through his flimsy lie.

Ebony just nodded with a smile, “Understandable. Well, what would you prefer? Male? Female? Species preference?” 

The females in the group giggled softly, the elf winking at Shade. The male dwarf and goblin tried to hide behind the females, obviously preferring female customers. Shade was amazed that each of the girls seemed almost anxious to be picked, the large orc female ‘accidentally brushing his cheek with her hip. 

Shade tried to concentrate, shaking his head in a daze. “Ur…female, please. I…uh…I’m new at this, so perhaps somethin’ smallish…Uh…the elf?” Shade still wasn’t very sure of all this.

The elven lass jumped excitedly, then plopped down it Shade’s lap. As she kissed him full on the lips, and Ebony winked, tugging the others away by their leashes.

“I’ll leave you two to it. Have fun, hun.”

Shade blinked? Glamour practically oozed from the young elven lass sitting in his lap. He pulled her away to try and clear his head. She looked only 16, but he knew that probably meant she was well into her 40’s. Elves lived a notoriously long time. She was pert and pale, with golden hair, thin features, and striking blue eyes. She pushes against his hands and kissed him again. 

“I’m Lily. I’ll be your meal for this evening. How would you like me prepared?”

Shade gasped for air as he pulled away from another full-lipped kiss. “Pr-prepared?”

Lily nodded “Would you prefer me cooked, or not? Would you like some dinner entertainment first, or skip right to the meal?”

“Entertainment? Like what?”

“Anything you want,” She smiled, “I’m yours. You can do whatever you like with me. I was kind of hoping you’d give me a proper send-off.”


Lily whispered in his ear, and her sweet voice filled his mind. He’s have better luck trying to stop a glacier than trying to disagree with this glamorous young elf. He nodded mutely, and she clapped her hands excitedly. She shifted in her seat, reaching down to unbutton Shade’s slacks. Slim fingers reaches into the fabric and pulled out his already throbbing shaft. She gasped softly as she pulled it free.

“I guess it’s true what they say about shape shifters. Looks a bit big for me…but then, if I can fit in your tummy, I bet you could fit that...” She blushed softly, “…in me.”

Shade tried to speak, but she straddled his hips, kissing him deeply. He nipped her probing tongue softly as she slid his cockhead past her tight pink lips. She eased herself down, pausing with sharp gasps and low moans. Shade started to shift his member t a more manageable size involuntarily, but slim fingers gripped his neck as Lily hissed softly.

“Don’t you dare,” She gasped. “This is my last time, and I want you to fill me completely.” 

With that Shade reached down, lightly gripping her hips and pushing her down steadily. Her internal muscles quivered and suckled hungrily. As her voice dissolved into soft whimpers and moans, Shade shook of the affect of Lily’s natural magic. It dawned on him that Lily was going to be eaten, even if she had to hypnotize him again and hop down his throat. He smiled grimly. The idea still seemed impossible, but just the thought of having her lovely body slip into his stomach made him shiver with anticipation. 

He hugged her close, nibbling softly at her neck and trail down along her shoulders. Her skin seemed to be super sensitive, and he sex clamped tighter around Shade thrusting shaft. He pumped his hips faster, leaning her back to lick her perky breasts with his semi-rough tongue. Lily closed her eyes, grinding her hip against him and whimpering with pleasure. Her whimper turned into a squeal of delight as his sharp teeth nipped playfully at her nipples.
“Mmm…getting ahead of yourself, aren’t you?” Lily giggled, looking back up at Shade. 
Shade chuckled, running his tongue over her sensitive pink nubs. Lily placed her hands on his shoulders, helping her to bounce freely in his lap. She giggled happily as the fluffy tip of his tail ran down her spine and flicked across her bottom. Lily rolled her neck slowly, moaning from the sensations. She reached one hand down to stroke at her clit, but Shade took her wrist, kissed her fingers playfully, and set her hand back on his shoulder. He reaches down to rub her clit, and Lily took a sharp breath as his odd padded fingertip touched her hot flesh. She bit her bottom lip hard, drawing blood.
Two seconds later, she threw back her head and screamed, her inner rings squeezing around Shade cock and milking him. With a cat-like mrrowl, he came inside her, filling Lily’s womb. The elven maiden trembled delicately and hugged Shade close, panting and lavishing his neck and face with kisses. Many of the other patrons were watching Shade and cheering him on now. Even Ebony seemed impressed.
Lily leaned up and kissed him full in the lips. “Mmmm…thank you. That by itself would have made all this worth it. Now, how would you like me prepared?”
Gulped, “Ur, look, Lily…I-I’m still new at this, so…”
Lily nodded, “Of course! A simple swallowing is usually easiest. Feet first or head first?”
Shade sighed and gave up. “Uh…Feet.” He wanted her to stay alive as long as possible. 
Lily giggles and kissed him again. Then she reluctantly slid free from his still dripping shaft and put it away with a good deal of tact. Shade noticed Ebony deliberately walk by to sneak a peek. Shade opened his mouth to say something witty, but two slim feet appeared in front of his face. He lowered them a bit, and saw Lily sitting on the table in a very seductive pose, showing off her private bits to their best advantage. She blushed again and wiggled her toes.
“I’m yours.” The lovely elf lowered her gaze, blushing a deep pink. 
Shade shook his head and smiled. This is what she wanted. The least he could do is give her a good time. He opened his mouth, slipping her toes into her mouth and suckling softly. She arched her back, moaning loudly as his tongue lapped against her soft skin. Much as he hated to admit it, she tasted wonderful! He slipped her feet deeper and felt her toes press against the back of his throat. He gave an involuntary swallow, trapping her toes in his gullet. His throat already felt stretched, but his very nature shifted his body so he accepted her body easily. 
He gulped harder, pulling her feet and ankles in. Lily watched expectantly as her calves slowly disappeared into Shade’s mouth. Shade was starting to get second thoughts, but when he pause, Lily shifted, forcing her legs up to her knees and poking her toes into his stomach. 

“Don’t get squeamish on me now. It feels sooo good! It’s like a warm full body massage….” She closed her eyes again, her smile alone casting enough glamour magic to cause the hungry shape-shifter to swallow again.

When her thighs entered his mouth, Shade was forced to stop, and no pushing would force his lovely meal deeper. He stroked Lily’s cheek reassuringly as his body adjusted itself again, stretching obscenely now. After a short moment, Lily literally slipped a few inches deeper, much to her delight. Her fingers gripped Shade’s shoulders again, and she pulled herself up so she was almost standing in his stomach. He grew worried, but she curled her feet up, allowing her to move down easily. She wiggled her hips seductively as Shade sucked them in.
Shade tried to gulp again, but Lily held herself there. More glamour flowed into him the instant he met her gaze, and his semi-rough tongue slid between her legs, lapping hungrily. She trembled again, and bit her lip again as she felt her sex stretched by his tongue. She suckled on his tongue slowly.
“You’ve done this before,” She giggled. 

Shade nodded lightly, and dipped his tongue inside again, looking for a special spot that all elves had. Lily simply rolled her hips slowly as she was licked, but suddenly arched her back with a startled cry as she came again. Shaking and out of breath, she watched Shade as he licked her clean once more.
“Oh poo…wish I’d known about that spot before.”
Shade chuckled, but paused again. Lily seemed to read his mind, and slipped her hands into his mouth. Not needing any more prompting, Shade gulped again, her hips squeezing into his throat while she pleasured herself furiously. 
She quivered as he ran his tongue across her back Her breasts presented another problem, but he gladly reached up to help squish her bosom together so he could swallow her again. Lily sighed happily as her nipples brushed his sharp teeth. Shade made a mental note to swallow someone face down next time so he could taste those delicious breast on the way do…
Next time?
Shade realized that he was enjoying this tremendously. The feel of her body sliding into him, the taste of her skin, the way she wiggled and eased herself deeper…. It was all too much, and he could feel himself bulging in his tight slacks. Shade knew that he would definitely come here again. It was just too bad Lily wouldn’t be there for his next visit.

Shade was starting to have doubts when Lily spoke again, derailing his train of thought.

“I just want you to know, that all this has been a dream come true.” Her dazzling eyes sparkled, on the verge of tears. “I’ve wanted this for so long…Don’t worry, I’m not scared. Being eaten is the most intimate thing too people can share, and I’m glad I shared this with such a sweet guy like you.”

Shade was shocked, and just strived to nod lightly. Now only her shoulders and head were out of his mouth, and he could feel the rest of her starting to curl up in his stomach. 

Lily just smiled brightly and kisses Shade’s nose.
Shade gulped one last time, and Lily slid into him. As soon as she completely entered him, she jerks and shook again as another orgasm hit her. He could feel her curl up and make herself comfortable in Shade’s enormously stretched stomach. Shade was forced to make himself a bit large just so he could move comfortably. He heard a few more cheers coming from the other patrons. Some orcs and a bugbear walked over, inviting Shade over for a drink and a game of ‘drunken darts’. Still hearing a faint giggle from his stomach, Shade took a rain check so he could get used to all this. He was still looking at the faint outline in his bulging gut when Ebony walked over and nibbled his ear.

“That was an impressive show back there.” She smiled, “Mayhaps we could go upstairs, an’ I’ll let ya nibble on me fer a bit. I get off in ten minutes.”

Shade smiled. He could get to like this place. 

“Check please!”