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 Perrin's Fate
Voretopia Chapter 2

by: HungryDragon

The next story in Voretopia. This one takes place a week after Kevin's 

In Voretopia there was a city near where New York once was. It was a 
populated city named Gulopa. This was the most prosperous city and one of 
the few still run by humans. Humans were slowly slipping down the ladder of 
dominance in nature, giving way to giants, dragons, and more. One day a 
powerful dragon came to the city. He was a large dragon. He was black, with 
an azure underbelly. He had three fingers on his agile arms. His powerful 
feet had three toes with sharp claws.  His eyes were an ocean blue and on 
his back was an azure sail, like a dinosaur. From nose to tail tip he was 17 
feet long. He was also 6 feet wide. The dragon was too powerful, and as much 
as Gulopa tried, it couldnít win. Out of a million civilians only a handful 
of refugees remained. The town was reduced to rubble.

One of the refugeeís, their best soldier, was named Perrin Pancha. She had a 
great body,  firm and well shaped. The perfect figure. She stood about 6 
feet tall, with a black mop-top style hair. Around her hair was an orange 
bandanna. She wore a red T-shirt and blue Jean overalls. She wore black 
finger-less gloves. Her brown eyes could be caring and warming to friends, 
yet piercing cold to her enemies. She carried around a broad sword. Any man 
would have loved to have her. And one did, her husband went by the name 
Curtis Morter. He was a bulky man with a brown crew cut. He wore a white 
muscle shirt and Jeans.  He bore a scar over his left eye.

One day Curtis had left to get food like usual. Perrin was fine with this 
and trained with her sword. 6:00 PM came and went, and he hadnít come back 
at his normal time. Perrin started waiting for him, no show. The next few 
days, he still didnít come. Finally she decided to go look for him. She drew 
her sword and walked away towards the nearby forest.
"I have to keep a close eye for the dragon, he may come for some villagers 
for dinner."
A young man, named Mark, ran to Perrin while holding a dagger. She halted 
for him and sighed.
"You cannot go outside alone, you will perish. Let me help you."
"You help Me? I donít need help."

She started off, but Mark followed. She bunched a fist and growled.
"Arg I said No."
"Please miss."
"Hmph. Fine. But if you slow me down at all I will personally kill you."
"AckÖ OkÖ."

Perrin brushed some of her hair back and continued on through the forest. 
Mark had to struggle to keep up with her. They walked through the forest for 
hours, when Mark suddenly grabbed her shoulder.
"Ssssh We are being watched."

Perrin drew her sword. She looked to her left and right. Suddenly from 
behind her a small four foot dragon jumped out on two legs, carrying a 

"Thatís the stalker? HA"

Suddenly the bushes all rustled around them, and about twenty of these mini 
dragons popped out and surrounded them. Mark drew his dagger. Perrin and 
Mark charged at the monsters, Perrin quickly decapitated two. Mark rammed 
his dagger into oneís chest and shot a fireball from his palms at another. 
The battle didnít last long. Perrin killed most of them easily with her 
sword. She sighed, sweat streaming down her face. She started to walk but 
tripped on a rock.
One remaining dragon leapt up behind Perrin. She had no time to counter. She 
screamed. Suddenly Mark leapt into the way, pushing Perrin into a river. 
Perrin surfaced and was swept downstream, gasping as she saw the dragon 
stabbing Mark numerous times.

Perrin had been walking for a whole week now. She finally reached a mountain 
range. This is where the food was. She looked around, no sign of Curtis. 
Suddenly she stepped on something. She looked down and screamed! It was 
Curtisís boot, with the foot still in it! A shape came up behind Perrin and 
slapped her sword away. Perrin went to grab it but it slipped and fell into 
a nearby lava pool. Perrin turned in fear. Behind her, standing on two legs, 
was the dragon. The dragon licked its lips with its long dark purple forked 

"Perrin. Glad to see you join me."
"What did you do with Curtis?"
"I did nothing. Although my wife did satisfy her hunger."
"You beast!"

The dragon swooped sideways and grabbed Perrin by the waist. He was very 
agile. The dragon licked its lips and held up its other arm. With its claws 
it slashed away at Perrinís clothes until she was nude. The dragon licked 
Perrinís back slowly.

"Unlike my wife I havenít eaten. I think I will swallow you whole."
"Go to hell."
"Been there done that. Any last words."
"You will pay."
"Sure. Take your last look at the world Perrin."

The dragon opened its mouth wide and slowly slid Perrin into its mouth head 
first. It gently shut its mouth around her chest, so gently its dagger teeth 
didnít pierce the skin. It wrapped its tongue around her head for a minute, 
teasing its victim. Perrin began to kick wildly. The dragonís tongue began 
to pull her into its mouth further.

Perrin screamed as she slid into its mouth. She cried when the mouth shut 
around her chest. This couldnít be happening! The tongue wrapped around her 
head and she batted at it, gagging on the saliva. She began to scream and 
kick as she was pulled deeper into the mouth.

The dragon was delighted at its preyís muffled screams. The tongue continued 
to pull the kicking girl into her fate. The dragon lifted its head high to 
aide its tongue. The girl continued to thrash and kick. The dragonís throat 
bulged with the girls shoulders. Saliva ran down the dragonís lower jaw. The 
throat bulged more as she was pulled in. The dragon wrapped its tongue 
around her lower waist. All that remained out of the maw was her lower 
torso. Perrinís hands grabbed the flesh on the sides of the dragonís mouth.

Perrin thrashed harder in a desperate and futile motion to escape. She 
screamed as she was coated in saliva. She felt the dragon raise its head. 
Perrin began to become more hysterical as her head and shoulders entered the 
throat of the dragon. Her arms were pinned to her side. In a desperate move 
her saliva covered hands grabbed the sides of the dragonís mouth. She 
continued to kick and scream. She shivered at the feel of the dragonís 
tongue wrapping around her waist.

The dragon throat muscles pulled on Perrin. Her hands slipped from the 
dragonís mouth sides. The dragon made a slight nod with its head. Its throat 
was now bulged more with her shape. The dragon opened its mouth a bit wider 
and used its tongue. It wouldnít be long now.

Pan was hysterical now, out of control. She viciously thrashed and kicked. 
He hands slipped from the mouth sides. The dragon nodded its head she 
slipped in more. The throat muscles massaged her and continued to push her 
farther in. Perrin couldnít believe her, the strongest warrior, was getting

The dragon ran its tongue along Perrinís legs in a tease.  It nodded its 
head again, The legs slipped in all the way except for the feet, which were 
in the back of the mouth sticking out the sides.

Perrin could no longer kick. Only her feet felt the air. Panís feet wiggled 
as she tried to kick. She wiggled side to side, but it did her no good at 
all. She knew all was hopeless, her fate was sealed, she was almost to her 
final destiny.

The dragon used its tongue to push Perrinís feet into the back of its mouth. 
The huge maw closed. The muffled screams could still faintly be heard and 
his throat wiggled with her movements. The dragonís throat was now a perfect 
bulge of her body. The dragon tossed its head back and swallowed hard. In a 
loud gulp Perrin slipped down the throat. The dragon could see the bulge she 
made slip down its throat and disappear above the rib cage. Instantly its 
belly became swollen.

Perrin felt the wet tongue wrap around her feet and push them into the 
mouth. She  felt the dragon close its mouth and the cool air get cut off. 
She felt only the dragonís moist hot breath. The throat muscles relaxed 
around her and the was tossed back. She heard a gulp noise from all around 
her and the throat muscles pushed her down the throat. She screamed as she 
slipped through an opening into the beastís stomach. The stomach, completely 
empty, instantly contracted around her. She couldnít move. The walls were a 
pink-ish color and dripping with slime. The walls moved with the breathing. 
Perrin knew in a day or two sheíd be digested.

The dragon laid on its back and rubbed his distended belly. He could feel 
her still thrashing, and he could still faintly hear her desperate screams 
and cries. He smirked an evil toothy grin. He belched and licked his lips. 
When he touched his belly he felt it wiggle.
ĎWhat a delicious meal. Now that their hero is gone, my wife, son, and I may 
go to the city and eat the rest of the rebels. Iíll have to wait a few days 
though. That girl was so filling itíll take at least 3 days to digest her 

The endÖ.
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