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Snake Sacrifice

by Neceros (e-mail)

Jez, Sonia thought, this place looks like something out of the 17th century.  The woman  approached the big building with puzzlement. She checked her notebook, hmm, “seems to be the right address”.

Before her was a long stone paved path, she walked through a huge rusted iron gateway, the old gate was open. She could hardly see the top of the building through the light fog, but looked like those blocky castles seen in eastern Europe. There was a massive wooden door. She hesitantly clacked the iron door knocker. It took a while but the door finally cracked open with a creak.

There stood a dwarf dressed in dirty tunic and leather pants. She could not see his face because he was wearing what looked like an executioners mask.

He looked very muscular. “Che!, Sonia suppressed a laugh,”what is this a movie?” “Am I at the right address, you did call me and ask for this appointment?”

He only had one good eye, the other looked like a scarred birds egg. With a slavic lisp he motioned her in,” the mistress has been expecting you.” Sonia looks around the big stone hall way, “she is?” She is escorted into a huge stone hall, above her is the ceiling four stories away, a great stone stairway curls off to the above galleries. Sparse massive furniture arranged around a huge chandelier lit the hall.

A woman of medium height dressed in black approaches. She has dark hair swept up in a rounded peak on her head. She wears a long black gown and long gloves.  In a contralto with an unearthly tone she says, “Hello my name is Madam Tortu”, the accent sounds eastern European. Sonia suppresses a smile at the goofy theatrical name.

“Wont you sit down my dear.” Sonia takes a seat on a rough high backed bench.

Madam Tortu takes a seat in a wooden chair across from her, “some tea my dear.”

“I don’t have much time, but I guess so.”

“Frog.” madam motioned to the dwarf.

Frog? Thats his name, thought Sonia, she suppressed a smile.

“Your blue eyes are very beautiful my dear, and your fashionable eye glasses set them off nicely. I love these 20th century accessories.”

“That’s nice of you Madam, but can we get down to business. Your agent said on the phone you were looking for a ballerina?”

“In due time my dear.” Tortu looked her up and down. “ I do so admire dancers, they have such athletic bodies.”

“Well,.....”, Sonia was getting tired of this woman’s patter.

“Lets see your name is Sonia, how long have you been dancing?”

“For 20 years , Madam.”

“O thats what I love about the ballet, I keeps one in such good shape, ..  you are in your late thirties but there is hardly wrinkle or sag, its all sinew and hard muscle such a nice trim figure.”

Sonia didn’t know if she liked the compliment in these strange circumstances.

“Look, our tea.”

The dwarf arrives with the tea and a tall young woman who seemed to be dressed in the short tunic of an ancient Greek, but with her left breast exposed. She carries a short Greek sword.

“This is Antiope,” madam motioned to the muscular woman, “ an ancient Amazon, she is in my service.”

And this is loony toons thought Sonia.

“Halloween a little early this year?”

Tortu just smiled at Sonia.

The Amazon served the tea and then set down close to Sonia, it made her uncomfortable. Sonia noticed that Madam made some kind of signal to the dwarf, he left the room.

“We were just talking about what good shape Sonia is in”, Madam said, the Amazon said “yes.”

“You have such well turned ankles my dear, I am sure you have pretty legs.”

“Look can we get on with my business now.”

Tortu seemed to just ignore her, looking her up and down.

“You know , “ said Sonia, “I am wondering what century we are in?”

She tried to make a little joke. “Or are you rehearsing for a costume party?”

“O my dear, I think we are back in the 17th by now.” Tortu smiled at a puzzled Sonia.

“ You see my dear we go cross-time to get trophies, and this year, so to speak, we are collecting from the 20th. Now I wonder if you would mind standing up, I want to see you put some weight on those high heels.”

“What! Look I am going to leave now.”

As she stood up, Madam Tortu said “yes, very nice calves”.

Tortu looked Sonia up and down. Sonia was conservatively dressed in a long

full skirt, a white sweater . She wore white open toe high heels a small pendant against

the white of her blouse. Small white pearl earrings. She wore her hair long and in the gloomy light of the big hall it glowed reddish blond.

Sonia started to turn to leave but Antipote’s strong hand closed on hers and she felt the cold sharp iron of the Amazon’s sword at her throat. Antipote held her while Frog pulled her hands behind her back and bound them with leather thongs.

“All in good time my dear”, Tortu said is she moved close and stroked Sonia’s reddish blond hair.

Frog looked at Tortu smiling.

“Look “, Sonia said ,” what is going on, you people are going to get into trouble.”

Tortu just laughed, “ time to see part of Baslisk’s 20th century collection”, she said cheerfully.  “We are, off.”

Sonia’s amusement had faded, she felt a cold tinge of fear now.

They walked across the big hall to two huge brass doors set in the wall which creaked open with Frog’s efforts.

Frog and Tortu proceeded first while Antipote keep one strong hand on Sonia’s arm and the sword at her throat.

On either side of a long isle sonia huge circular glass tanks about 12 feet tall.

They stopped in front of the first tank. “More light here Frog”. Frog scurried , threw a knife switch on an ancient electric light system.

Sonia gasped.

What she saw chilled her blood. About in the middle of one tank floated a beautiful woman. She had coal black hair. She seemed to be wearing a police hat , her short uniform coat and blouse were torn open her pert breasts exposed.  Her hands were handcuffed behind her back. Below she was bare, no panties only a dark garter belt and grey toned hosiery, and black high heeled pumps. She had there seemed to be something like a short arrow through her neck, her dark eyes wide open in final fright the tip of her tongue slightly protruding through her lips.

“Its so nice to have a law officer in our collection”, Tortu said. “And its a magic water she floats in my dear, she will be preserved in her beauty forever, nice.”

“Lets move on Frog.”

In the next tank was a tennis player. A long slim blond floated dead in the tank her beautiful blue eyes staring in finality. He head tilted to the side in a crazy angle as if her neck were broken. She wore a sun visor, a sweat band on her wrist and tennis shoes and socks. A thin turtle neck sweater the wet material clinging to her breasts only emphasized her proud nipples. Below her panties were gone her short skirt floating about her waist so she was exposed from her tennis shoes to belly button. A dazed look of strained death gazed back at Sonia.

“Very athletic “, said Madam Tortu.

They moved past tanks with many dead ladies. Here a woman in long gloves and what was left of a formal dress.

A Nurse , white skirt and slip drifting above comely legs, and on and on. Wide dead eyes staring in horror. She looked elegant in her lacy bra. Her brief panties pushed halfway to her knees. A large syringe protruded from her right breast the needle driven straight down into her nipple. Her brow was furrowed in strain above her lifeless staring eyes..

“It was a slow acting put powerful poison my dear, she really suffered in the end.” Said Tortu.

There were more in the tanks.

All left in a state of erotic death.

“ Its more than you think , Sonia”, Tortu said. These are offerings to Basilisk the god who watches over us and gives eternal life and power.

Sonia shivered , there was a horrible reality settling on her.

“Yes these are offerings to Basilisk”, Tortu waved at the large array of crystalline tanks, most filled but some empty, “ though they are dead he likes to preserve them as his trophies.”

They come to the end of the passageway and another large set of doors.  Frog opens the doors. Inside is a large circular room. In the center is a large circular fountain and in its center is a huge bronze snake , double coiled and rising up, an icon to Basilisk.

“Well now ... we will have to see if Basilisk approves. You are after all a little older than the offerings we usually get.”

Sonia wished Tortu would stop talking about sacrifices.

“Step up on the rim of the fountain please , my dear.”

Antipode had to encourage Sonia to step up with the point of her sword.

Sonia did and stood there with a look of apprehension on her face.

“Now we shall see what Basilisk thinks. What ever happens my dear just relax and go with the flow.”

Sonia could feel a gentle breeze on her feet. The air seemed to be coming from straight below her even though she could see no vents on the floor or rim of the fountain. She noticed the cold air was beginning to pick up in speed it began to whip the hem of the skirt. She thought of stepping down but a look from Antipode kept her rigidly in place.

From Tortu’s vantage she watched as Sonia stood in the up-wafting supernatural wind. The air blew hard enough to finally lift Sonia’s skirt and pleated white slip to her shapely knees.

Sonia was distressed and shivering as the fast moving air snapped the skirt and slip up and up. At first she tried somehow to catch the hem of skirt and slip but it was impossible with hands bound behind her back. She finally just stood rigid surrendering to the inevitable. The garment inescapably creeped upwards.

Her white sweater billowed, her long hair swirled. It took a while for the gusts

of air to work the skirt and slip upwards.

Finally the skirt and slip caught in a bundle above her waist so she was exposed from white high heels to the top of her high hipped tight thin white panties. The tops of her tightly gartered stockings, an expanse of bare thighs.  Garter straps disappearing underneath a pair of white panties so they moulded to her mound of venus, a hint of a delta of reddish pubic hair. She had slim perfect legs, narrow knees and beautiful play of a dancer’s sinew from calf to inner thigh. Except for the look of distress on her face she a beautiful image of leggy cheesecake.

“O, my dear I love the skimpy panties.” Tortu applauded.

There was a long hiss , the eyes of the snake statue glowed red.

“Wonderful”, said Tortu, the Snake God approves. You will be a good gift to him.

The wind collapsed, Sonia was modestly covered again.

Tortu motioned for Sonia to step down.

Tortu stepped behind Sonia and cupped a breast through her blouse. “Nice not to large or small, just right and firm.”

Tortu looked at the woman.

“It looks like Basilisk likes the leg show today”, Tortu said.

Sonia jerked away , but was stopped by Antipodes sword, the point at her throat.

Tortu stepped behind Sonia. She lifted skirt and slip. She slipped her hand inside the panties to a tangle of pubic hair. Sonia jerked and gasped loudly.  Tortu pushed the panties down an inch, and then slid her hand around her ass and pushed down again, evening the height of front and back. Tortu worked with deliberate slowness and casualness, savoring the woman’s trembling body. Tortu was almost sorry when the panties were pushed below the cheeks of Sonia’s ass.  Tortu did not take them off the woman, but left they there halfway between Sonia’s thighs and knees.

Tortu reached around the woman her slim hand cupped Sonia’s pussy. Sonia’s breath was a sharp intake.

Tortu whispered in the woman’s ear.

“I love the silky garter belt,” Tortu paused and smiled, “I am sorry hon, but you will have to die, I am afraid it will be painful.” Sonia jerked back, her eyes wide with fear.

Tortu advanced the brief panties back up Sonia’s hips snapping them back in place and covering her pussy again, she stood back looking a Sonia.

“Step back my dear.” Tortu motioned to the woman, off in the gloom Frog activated a switch.

With a great grinding sound the fountain rotated to the side.  A large dark deep pit came into view. From above a harsh white light came on and illuminated the hole.

Sonia looked down.

The pit was only about 20 feet deep. In the bright light Sonia could see a dark shape moving about.

She looked at Tortu,” please don’t do this.” Tortu just smiled.

Tortu signaled Frog again, there was a noise of a hand winch operating. From above a loop of cable settled down.

“Tortu moved the loose loop along the floor, lifted Sonia’s left foot so the lady stood over the wire. He fixed and clamped the cable around her ankle above her right foot.

Tortu motioned to Frog.

The winch started again. Soon Sonia was hopping on her left foot as the cable ascended. Soon the angle was so much she fell on her back to the stone floor.  Slowly she began to invert her high heeled foot going up.

Tortu and company watched as once again Sonia was exposed as skirt and slip slid slowly down her legs. Soon she hung upside the down the skirt and slip gathered above her belly button and the top of her garter belt.  A delta of redish pubic hair visible in the bright light through the translucent tight panties.

As she hung by one foot the position put stress on her legs so that smooth muscle was under tension.

Sonia pleaded again, “ please, I don’t do this I don’t want to die.”

“A delicious plea sweetheart, I just love it, “ said Tortu.

After her head cleared the floor Frog activated another control and the lady swung head down over the pit. Sonia was now whimpering and pleading incoherently.

Slowly they began to lower Sonia, she twisted on the end of the cable.

Tortu looked at the suspended lady.”You know I didn’t take her glasses off, O well she wont need them soon.”

Sonia could see the snake clearly. It was about 20 feet long , not really big around but she could see steely muscle rippling under black shinning scales.  The head was large and full of needle sharp teeth.

Her descent stopped only with her face only a foot away from the bottom of the pit. Her light long reddish hair just touching the slimy rock floor.  Sonia looked at the snake in horror. She arched her body at the waist trying to lift herself away from the snake, but with one leg free and her arms bound behind her back it was hard to do.

The big snake Sonia up and slowly began to entwine Sonia’s body.  As he ascended and encircled her waist she could feel the coolness of his scales brushing across the skin of her smooth flat stomach. She gagged on his putrid smell as part of his body grazed her cheek.

He seemed to hesitate, sniffing at her body. With an extremely delicate maneuver the big head of the snake slithered underneath the waistband of the thin panties. Then he continued upward carrying the thin material with him. He helixed about her right leg, his long forked tongue rasped against the expanse of her bare inner thigh above her stocking tops flicking at the silver garter belt buckle. Upward further coiling about her up-stretched right leg.  Her upward retreating panties caught her left leg till the snake got to the top of her right leg and then her left high heeled foot popped through the leg band and her left leg was free in the air. The snake backed up a bit so he came out the panties but he left this curl of thin fabric about her right leg.

He began to invert slithering back down her right leg the bulk of his lower body gliding upward.

His big head stopped at juncture between her legs. He stopped and sniffed her muff of pubic hair which glistened with sweat now. His forked tongue found its was into her pussy and she gasped at the raspy feel. He seemed to enjoy exploring the inside of her organ with his long tongue. He brushed her clitoris with it but Sonia was getting much pleasure out it.

His head started downward again tunneling underneath rucked up skirt and slip and finally  her sweater. Sonia was shivering in fear now as she felt him brush along her rib cage. Finally the big head came out. Sonia could feel snake muscle begin to flex, he seemed to expand on her chest.

The sweater material inflated outward.

The material parted baring bra and the creamy tops of her breasts.

The snake opened his mouth and almost daintily fastened needle teeth into the top of the lacy bra between her breasts. Pulling back he drew the material down slowly. First a fine pink aureoles then a hard reddish nipples rolled into view. He finally released the material leaving the bra underneath Sonia’s exposed breasts. The material boosted her bosom from beneath.

Sonia now got the feeling something was about to happen.

The snake arranged itself into a tight coil about her waist to under her breasts his long tail he left entwined about her right leg.

He opened his mouth and slowly engulfed her left breast.  Sonia tensed as she expected him to bite her. She could feel the needle-like teeth on her breast. But he was slow and deliberate with the pressure he applied , he seemed to savor the growing tense fear in her body his forked tongue played with her stiff nipple.

Soon Sonia felt his leisurely puncturing of her breast and she squealed with the pain.

Then she noticed something else. The snake had began to constrict about her chest, also very slowly. She felt the pressure build as his muscles rippled.  But he did not crush her for now he began to bend her.

The snake was taking pleasure in Sonia’s growing agony. He worked with calculated slowness so to feel her agonies.

Sonia payed less attention to her punctured left breast as she began to bend in an arc under the tension of the snake’s contraction. Her rib cage seemed to close in on her. The constriction caused her screams be become chocked rasps.

She fought for life trying to resist the snake’s relentless slow tension.

He began to double her body in half. Sonia twisted and turned on the end of the rope, sweat running down her face, her eyes behind her fashionable glasses bulging in misery.

It took many minutes but finally there a sound like straw breaking as Sonia’s spine snapped.

The snake savored the woman’s death throes.

Sonia jerked in spasms on the end the rope dying a most painful and macabre death. Her free right breast pitching and her free left leg twitching.  Sonia’s brief panties , around her right calf, waved like a white flag of surrender.

Blood speckled foam drooled from mouth. Her blue eyes became transfixed in fatality behind her glasses.

So Sonia died. The snake seemed satisfied and dropped from the dead woman’s body.

They extracted the nearly nude body of the lifeless woman.

Tortu looked at Sonia hanging by her high heeled right foot in the harsh bright light. The face wore a look of frozen terror, beautiful dead eyes rolled up behind her glasses. She drooled a little blood and saliva. A thin ring of puncture wounds encircled the mound of her left breast. She still wore all her clothes except now all in disarray. Skirt and slip above garter belt, triangle of pubic hair, exposed twat and thin panties a thin bandana about right calf.  Tatered white sweater hanging down. The pushed down bra underneath her pert breasts.

Tortu took a nipple between her thumb and fore finger.

“Ah, nice and hard in death,” she smiled at her companions.

“You know I have seem ‘em die with their boots on , but I have never seen one die with their glasses on. A first for us.” She looked at Frog and laughed.

“Well your last dance dear,” Tortu said, “ a dance of death.”

“Take her away.”

From the big brass snake there was an electric blue flash , the eyes glowed bright red again slowly fading.

“ Our god Basilisk is pleased,” Tortu laughed with relief.

Frog took the dead woman down. Dumped her body unceremoniously, dragged her face down by one foot to the hall of tanks.

Frog carefully placed Sonia in an empty tank. The lady only sank about halfway.

From a table nearby Tortu produced three goblets and a decanter of wine.

The three of the drank a toast to the departed dead lady. 

Sonia floated face down into the fluid her back arched to the top the tank. Long hair wafting around her head. Her eyes rolled up in death, staring through useless glasses. Her tongue protruding through her teeth. Her torn sweater and skirt made a small soft drifting cape about her. Her breasts thrust out of the torn bra which encircled her chest, nipples hard in the cold fluid. She still had her hands tied behind her back. Below her stunning legs were apart with the toes of her shoes pointed downward as if she was ‘sur la pointe’.  Her garter belt and hosiery and bare inner thigh glistening in the harsh light.  She hovered in bright diffused light the strain and horror of her last moments still frozen on her face.