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Voretopia Chapter 1
by: HungryDragon

In the future a great war has eliminated the original countries. The world 
is now one big country named Voretopia. This world is not only made up of 
humans. The world now has Vampires, Werewolves,
Giants( & Giantesses), dragons, aliens, humans, ogres, and more. I hope for 
this to become a seriesÖ

Kevin and Janell had been friends for almost their whole lives. They met a 
long time ago, when Kevin was five. He had witnessed his parents murder and had been running from the murderer when Janell saved him. They became best  friends. It was weird though. After all, she was a Giantess.

They were now grown up. Janell was about 65-70 feet tall. She had the 
perfect body and brown eyes. Her blonde hair was long and tied into a 
ponytail. She wore a large cloth shirt that went up to the top of her belly 
and a pair of cloth shorts. She had one hand in her thin hips as they 
walked. Kevin was about 6 and a half feet tall. He wore a red shirt and Jean 
shorts. He had brown eyes and dark brown hair in a buzz cut.

Kevin and Janell walked through the desert. The sand was rough on their bare  feet. The sand was scorching and the constant wind storms were very 
dangerous. The two friends were heading to Janellís house for the first time 
ever. Kevin was very excited for Janell had never brought Kevin to the Giant 
Village before. After all, humans were a main delicacy there. Sheíd also 
probably be laughed at and have her reputation destroyed, not many giants 
were friends with humans. It was the thirtieth  day of their journey, and 
they had run out of rations twenty days ago. Well, Janell had, Kevin had a 
sack of candy bars. Those things were too tiny to ever make it into Janellís 
stomach. The desert sun parched their lips as they walked. "Janell are we 
almost there?"
"Just two more days"
"My legs are killing me."

Janell picked Kevin up and put him on her shoulder softly. He enjoyed being 
up high, it made him feel tall. Kevin tried to spit but his mouth was too 
dry. Kevinís eyes widened as Janellís stomach rumbled, the ground below her 

"Kevin Iím starving.. I need food."

Giantesses did need food, a lot of it. They required at they very least 
one-hundred pounds of food per week. The next stomach rumble came and Kevin 
screamed as he slipped off Janellís shoulder and right into her shirt. Kevin 
squirmed in her cleavage. Janell smirked and blushed, then quickly pulled 
Kevin out. Kevin was also blushing. Kevin was very shy about touching 
Janell, he had often wished she was his size. Janell set Kevin down on the 
ground softly and they continued walking. The hunger only got worse as 
another hour passed. A thought crossed Janellís mind. She looked down at 

ĎI can only go so many days without food. Iíd be so relieved if I ate him. 
After all Giantsí main delicacies ARE humans. But can I really eat my life 
long friend?í

She pushed the thought out of her head and they continued to walk on. Janell 
tried not to think about food. Her stomach rumbled again.

"How ya holding up Janell?"

"Not good KevinÖ"

"My brother was in a situation like this once, He swallowed his best friend, 
A gerbil and survived. Kinda gross, eh?"

The comment only brought more thought to Janellís mind about swallowing 
Kevin. He looked so delicious. She had a tough decision to make. Kevin 
merrily hummed as they walked. His happiness just upset her, he was happy 
and full of chocolate while she starved. Her mind and heart fought over what 
to do. Hours passed as they walked, Janellís mind the whole time 
concentrating on food. Her stomach rumbled one last time and she made up her 

"Hey Janell see any food yet?"

"Why, yes I do."


"Let me show you."

Janell bent over and picked up Kevin by his left foot. She then proceeded to 
remove his clothes. She licked her lips.

"Janell what are you doing?!"

Janell rose him up high and tilted her head back and faced the sky. She 
opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue. Janellís stomach rumbled 
loudly again.

"Janell donít!"

Kevin slipped out of his shoe and fell onto her tongue. Janell brought her 
tongue back into her hungrily awaiting mouth. Kevin pleaded but she shut her 
mouth and pocketed her friendís shoe. Janell let out an ĎMmmmí and filled 
her mouth with saliva. She swished Kevin around in her mouth slowly, tasting 
him. Just as she thought, he was delicious. He happen to be better then any 
human she had ever eaten. She heard Kevinís muffled screams of protest 
inside her mouth, but they only enticed her to eat him.

Kevin gagged as he was swished around the mouth. To Janell he was about the 
size of a gum ball to a human. Kevin gasped as the tongue rubbed him against 
the top of her mouth. He then slipped underneath the tongue. The skin was 
soft and slimy. The tongue gently rested on top of him. The mouth vibrated 
as Janell giggled. The tongue flipped him up and caught him. Janell giggled 
again and Kevin screamed. The tongue held him over Janellís throat. Kevinís 
mind raced. This was it, he was going to be swallowed by his friend. To his 
surprise he was held there for what seemed like forever, but it was only a 
minute. The tongue dragged Kevin to the front of the mouth and his head was 
pushed out. Janell grabbed him and pulled her saliva covered morsel out.

"Thank god."

"Iím still going to eat you, Kevin. I just like to play with my food."

"You donít want to do this!"

"Of course I do."

Janell licked her lips and licked Kevin slowly. She then slowly popped him 
into her mouth again. She swished him around again and ĎMmmmedí. Kevin tried 
to pry the mouth open in vain. He screamed in protest. The giant tongue 
tossed him into the back of the mouth. He was halfway down the throat. 
Janell giggled again and swallowed hard. Kevin felt himself fall into the 
tube and was pushed down it. Janell could see the lump in her throat that 
was Kevin move. Kevin screamed as he continued down the throat and went 
through a small hole that expanded for him. He fell into Janellís large 
belly and landed on some soft pink flesh.

Janell licked her lips and patted her belly. She belched.
"That was delicious! He was the best human ever! Iíd eat him again if I 

Kevin frowned, he could hear her words. They were amplified even, and they 
hurt his ears. Kevin got up and began to punch the insides of the stomach. 
Janell giggled as she saw the small bulges of his fists from her belly. She 
loved the feeling of her food still alive in her. She patted her belly again 
and they rubbed it.

"Donít worry Kevin. Giants have slow digestion. Youíll be alive inside me 
for at least a few days."

Kevin frowned and sat down on some flesh. ĎThis sucksí he thought.

Janell licked her lips and carried on. She had food now, she could make it 
to her home. Surprisingly to her she felt no guilt of eating her friend. She 
continued on in the desert, happier then ever before.

Kevin could feel Janellís movements. He felt her laughter, her whispers, her 
walking. He watched the stomach walls move in and out with her breathing. He 
hated it when she giggled and patted her stomach every time he punched the 

After two days Janell reached her home. She smiled as she got into her 
house. She could feel Kevin inside her. She drank some water from the tap 
that Kevin felt fall on him. She then went to her room and went to sleep, 
thinking of her friend and how good it felt to have him inside her.

She awoke the next day and yawned, Kevinís movements were not as much. It wouldnít be long. She jumped to give Kevin a good scare. Kevin bounced 
around in her stomach. She rubbed her stomach one last time. Digestive acid 
began to pour into her stomach. Kevinís last thought was ĎWhy did she betray