Impounded: Taco

by Fixate

... because without the human factor, there wouldn't problems like 
puppymills, spaying and neutering, pounds, strays, and the need to kill 
"bad" pets, and yet they still have a better life than the other animals we 
use for our health and comfort.

        "Hey, look.  A dobby pup", a boy stated, pointing at a roaming female 
Chihuahua inside one of the pound's large holding cells.
        "*Huff* Taco?  A Doberman?  Oh Gawd.  Now, there is one naive little 
human", an adult pappy commented tersely from the far corner of the pound 
cell, her body mostly hidden behind a doll-faced mound of golden fur.
        "No, that's a Chihuahua.  She's an adult smooth-coat.  Arrived here just a 
couple days ago from a happy home.  You won't have to worry about 
housebreaking, shots, or anything.  That variety also requires minimal 
grooming as well as food.  Yes.  That's an excellent choice.  Chihuahuas are 
very low maintenance", the pound keeper commented as he glanced momentarily 
at the Pomeranian in the far corner with a just as quick, mischievous smile.
        "He is talking about us again, Caramel", Pepper, the prissy pappy bitch 
hissed to her chibi-like companion, who just tittered and flicked a tongue 
at the wide sweep of fur of Pepper's left ear.
        Though she couldn't speak it coherently with her canine muzzle and voice 
box, Pepper knew human English, as well as most dialects of the canine 
variety, quite fluently.  She was also known to converse long distance to 
coyotes and foxes and, though not "show perfect" physically, could perform 
every human trick commanded of her.  Unfortunately by fate, she'd been 
bought and raised by a family that she hadn't found very interesting, and 
they had thought her too nosey and domineering.  Unable to appease her, 
Pepper's old masters had decided to sell her to the pound instead.  Carmel's 
master had been very surprised to find a friendship develop between the two 
        "That one's a Chihuahua", the boy challenged, pointing at the puffy mane 
and tailed, Jam, "That one looks like a dobby."
        "Okay.  He is more ignorant and stubborn than naive.  He will be a lousy 
master" Pepper mused bitterly.  The reddish-brown and off-white 
butterfly-dog nuzzled the warm doughy bulk beside her and hissed again, 
"Your master does not like you, Caramel.  Oh yes.  His tone is gentle and he 
is lenient on you, but he grows jaded in caring for you.  He only likes you 
because you keep things calm in here.  He only feeds you like he does to 
make you easier to control and to make examples out of those of us that do 
not obey him.  Your master is worse than any other human in existence."
        "So you've said before, Pepper, so you've said before.  Still I say, 
ignorance is bliss", the fire-furred pom sighed dreamily as she slipped her 
right fore and hind legs over the pappy's back and coxed her under the thick 
fluffy blanket of her side.  Then, smiling happily at Taco, she yipped, 
"Taco darling.  Looks like a major case of mistaken identity in your favor.  
The boy thinks you're a pocket-sized dobby.  Why don't you use that to your 
        "A dobby?" Taco grinned menacingly with a sideways glance at the human 
family.  Her interest peaked; the pocket-dog started stepping towards the 
cell's front as she yapped, "So, you think I'm a dobby, do you?"
        "Oh my God!  Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen?  She does look 
like an itty bitty Dobby", a girl cooed, poking a finger at the Napoleonic 
        "Dear Gawd.  It is spreading like a disease.  They will take her into their 
family and end up getting her put to sleep for encouraging her to bite 
someone", Pepper growled, wrapping her long moppish tail over Caramel's wide 
        At those words, Taco, as well as quite a few of the other dogs within 
earshot looked at the small family with a bit of scorn and wariness.  
Caramel was unmoved though.  Her stomach gurgled as she mewed, "Don't listen 
to Pepper, Taco.  Play along.  Show them that they can't underestimate you.  
That you're not the kind of bitch that cowers in the face of danger.  You're 
worse than a dobby.  You're a psycho Chihuahua."
        "Hell yeah!  That's what I am!  I'm a psycho Chihuahua!  Get it right, 
humans!  I'm a bad-ass psycho Chihuahua!" Taco yipped back at the young 
humans, standing her ground proudly and then play growling.
        "Ooo.  Even sounds like a tiny dobby. *Heh heh* Oh, aren't you a fierce 
little thing." the boy coxed, playing psych with his finger around her jaws.
        "Yes.  They are a disaster just waiting to happen", Pepper growled as 
Caramel's deep stomach burbled.  "You cannot deny it, Caramel.  They want 
her, but they are going to be the death of her.  Things will be fine in the 
beginning, but eventually she is going to be eaten alive by their actions."
        Carmel and Pepper looked at each other, then at Taco, and a sly grin flowed 
onto Pepper's face.  With a defeated roll of the eyes and a long-winded 
sigh, followed by a showy swish of her little head, Carmel finally got up, 
and waddled over to Taco.  Like a chibi collie, Carmel was supposed to be 
just a big show of fur.  A white-tailed golden fireball, with the face of an 
immortal puppy, but there was a lot more dog under that fur than the status 
quo would allow and it only seemed to be becoming more so as time went on.  
Where necessary for illusion, she had actually been groom into a smooth-coat 
herself by her master the pound keeper.  Of all the dogs in the pound, 
Caramel was the only one that could get out whenever she wanted to, but she 
liked to spend her time with the new additions.
        "So, you're going home.  Congratulations", Carmel mrrred, narrowing her 
sparkly oval eyes contentedly.  When the sun hit them, her eyes were like 
beautifully polished golden-brown stones glowing with angelic laughter.  
When shadowed in the confines of the holding cells, her eyes were like onyx 
pearls reflecting any light available into sparkly dots of hope and 
understanding.  "I, hope they treat you well."
        "*Thanks.  Hope you're next, Carmel.  Thanks for everything", Taco giggled, 
scritching the side of the pom's broad belly
        The nights were cold in the pound and Taco, like most of the toys in the 
cell, had been inside all her life or had been pampered outside.  In a show 
of affection, Carmel had let Taco as well as Pepper sleep under her.  This 
annoyed Pepper as did when Carmel offered Taco some of her food.  Pepper's, 
not Carmel's.  Despite her corpulent size, none of the pooches in the cell 
ever saw her eat any of the dog food or kibble set in the cell.
        With a sweet smile and mrrring, Carmel fluff-wiggled, plopped down on her 
cushiony belly, and rolled onto her back.  With a low gurgle, her belly 
billowed down and out over her tiny legs and her almost nonexistent neck, 
and Taco started to scritch this magnificently soft, fiery pillow of fur.  
Pepper quickly stepped in on the other side, growled at the distracted 
pocket-dog, and Taco just growled back and then started nuzzling her head 
into the doughy mass before her.
        "Now, now, Pepper.  Taco's leaving soon and all she wants to do is show her 
last good-byes for making her stay comfortable", Carmel mrrred as Taco 
clambered on top of her and started rubbed bodies.
        "*Humph* Well, the sooner she is gone, the better everyone will be.  Just 
get it over with already, you two", Pepper growled as she turned around and 
swaggered away, her tail prissily high in the air.
        "*Heh* Someone's definitely jealous", Taco yipped as she dragged herself 
closer to and then rubbed nosed with Carmel.
        "Well, she's got a right to be", Carmel mrrred as she rocked her girth and 
then rolled over.
        Taco opted to squeeze the chibi's belly instead of jumping off and merfed 
as the gelatinous weight flowed across and over her.  Pinned down, she 
wiggled to no avail underneath her butterball companion, and then finally 
relaxed and basked in the warmed of her very thick blanket.
        "Comfy?" Carmel asked as she squeeze and patted down her belly around 
Taco's petite body with her tiny forepaws.
        "*Mmmmhmmm*", Taco merfed sleepily as she wiggled herself a little bit more 
under the butter-soft girth.
        "Good.  Then stay put, Taco.  I've got something better in store", Carmel 
mrrred as she rocked her feet back up under herself and waddled backwards 
until her forelegs were slightly behind the pocket-dog's splayed hind legs.  
"They think you're a dobby.  What are you going to do if they try to mate 
you with a real one", Carmel asked as she nuzzled and sniffed the 
pocket-dog's crotch.
        "Ooo.  I hope they do.  Oh, Gawd.  That would be a fantasy come true", Taco 
moaned, closing her eyes tighter as she felt Carmel's tongue licking her 
        "Really?" Carmel asked as she secured Taco's legs with her paws and then 
flicked her tongue, with a bit of effort, into the Taco's tight muff.
        "Oh Gawd, yeah", Taco cooed, and heard snickering above and behind her.  
She partially opened her eyes and found Pepper standing over her head.
        "Oh, no.  I really do not think you know what you are talking about", 
Pepper said with a menacing grin as she remained shadowing over Taco's head.
        "Oh, Taco darling, you're going to have to be much wider than that.  Relax. 
  Let me in", Caramel cooed between heavy-petting licks, seemingly oblivious 
to the butterfly-dog's presents.
        Caramel's voice, more now than ever, was pure velvet, and her tongue was 
acting as a very experienced and persuasive muscle, making her insides hot, 
tingly, and wet by example.  Despite, or taunting Pepper's browbeating gaze, 
Taco closed her eyes again and moaned with pleasure as she fully relaxed her 
body again.  To say the least, she was greatly disappointed when the portly 
pom stopped and took the pocket-dog's crotch out of her maw.  With a 
whimper, Taco looked down at the chibi fireball of a dog with pleading 
yiffiness just in time to see a golden forepaw turn sideways and get shoved 
up her momentary relaxed muff.  Both toys yelped as Taco clenched down on 
Caramel's paw, and then the pom grinned hungrily and tried to shove more of 
her foreleg in as the Chihuahua moaned, caterwauled, yiffed, yowled, and 
bicycled the air with all four legs.
        "You want to know what my fantasy is?" Pepper asked menacingly, nose to 
nose with Taco with a toothy grin on her face.
        Taco was looking in Pepper's direction, but was too overwhelmed with the 
sensations running through her body to register anything she was seeing or 
hearing.  Next thing she knew, Pepper's maw was around hers, and then, with 
a couple pops of Pepper's jaw, her entire head was in the pappy's throat.  
Even as her spastic breathing was being sucked heartily down the 
butterfly-dog's salivating gullet, she her entire world was the fire and 
juiciness in her pulsating tunnel.  It wasn't until the penetration between 
her loins stopped and her air supply started running short that Taco started 
panicking and thrashing about.  She tried to wiggle out, or turn over, but a 
formidable weight was again on top of her body and pressing down on her 
forelegs, and now against her thrashing body, it was causing pain instead of 
pleasure.  Finally, shortly after Taco lost the energy to continue fighting 
and before she started feeling dizzy and ready to faint, Carmel finally 
rolled off of her, nipped the scruff of her neck, and yanked her out of 
Pepper's mouth.
        As Taco tried to catch her breath, Pepper hissed, "Now, you bony kibble.  
We can do this the easy way, or the hard way.  Stay quiet and this could 
actually be fun for you.  Bark, and everyone here will be ripping you apart 
and eating you."
        "What?  Carmel.  You're not going to let her eat me, are you?" Taco gasped, 
though a part of her knew that Carmel had been in on this from the start.
        "What, and miss out on a great meal.  No, Taco.  She's not going to eat 
you.  I am", Carmel said distantly as she rolled over and scritched her soft 
cushy tummy as best she could.  Worked up and heated, she wobbled her body 
around in a slow circle on her thick back fat like a jiggly fur-covered 
water balloon until she was facing away from Pepper and Taco, and cooed as 
her thick hind legs kicked the around her musky muff, "Your delicious body 
will be a sensuous dessert to my pallet."
        "B-but.  But I thought we were friends", Taco whimpered as she tried to 
roll to her feet, but was pounced and pinned down by Pepper, who was 
sniffing the air hungrily, trying to get a whiff of the pom's musky scent.
        "We are.  Be a happy meal.  Please.  The last thing I want to do is make 
you give me indigestion", Carmel said as she wiggled back around, looked 
over at the Chihuahua lovingly with her twinkling hazel eyes, and pawing the 
air playfully.  "Ever been slipped into a Christmas stocking?"
        "Um, no", Taco answered cautiously, swinging her gaze between Pepper and 
        "Oh then this is going to be a new experience altogether.  Stick your feet 
in my mouth, start wiggling as Pepper pushes you in, and then take a deep 
breath when your muzzle is inside mine", Carmel instructed sensually as she 
rolled back onto her feet again and started waddling towards the two 
        "Won't you choke?" Taco quizzed as Pepper eased up the hold on her and then 
hopped back around to behind her head.
        "Run, and I will tear your throat out", Pepper hissed.
        "Oh, that's half the fun, Taco darling.  Your body's going to be to my 
throat what my paw was to that tight, little muff of yours.  As much as I'd 
love to stick you up my muff, I'm not that flexible, so swallowing you whole 
will be just as furotic.  Oh yes, Taco.  I want to choke on your taunt body. 
  I want to scritch and knead your velvety fur with my spazzing throat 
muscles.  Skirting the edge of death is so..." Carmel started as she flopped 
down on her belly, wrapped her paws around Taco's legs, and guided them into 
her tiny maw.  "Relax, Taco.  Once you're inside me, you'll think you're in 
canine heaven."
        "B-but.  But I WILL end up in canine heaven.  Oh please, Carmel, please.  I 
believe you, but please.  I don't want to die yet.  Please don't do this", 
Taco whimpered as she looked between her legs at Carmel's pallet, throat, 
and tongue.
        She knew that behind her field of vision past the tiny muzzle were those 
bright eyes, which, along with the pom's angelic voice, could calm the 
harshest storm.  Taco easily pulled her legs out of Carmel's throat and 
embrace, and then the pom closed her mouth with a patient sigh and fixed a 
sympathetic gaze on the uncertain pocket-dog.  As they locked eyes with each 
other, Taco felt her will melt away and the fat pom smiled even more warmly. 
  Behind Taco, Pepper growled tersely, and Taco figured that if she really 
had only two options on her death, then she'd rather end it in the warm 
enveloped embrace of the pom's stomach.  Even if Pepper had offered the same 
soft-vore proposal to her, Carmel's belly looked like it could accommodate 
her quite comfortably, though the pom would probably be rendered immobile 
from the new girth.
        "Okay Caramel", Taco finally sighed defeatedly.
        "Ready, Carmel?  One... two... three... ready or not, here she comes", 
Pepper mrrred as Caramel took a deep breath and Taco slipped her feet down 
the pom's throat.
        Pepper planted her forepaws on Taco's shoulders and used her entire body to 
shove the pocket-dog down Carmel's throat.  When Taco's body got too big for 
her normal maw space, Pepper pushed harder and Caramel's jaw dislocated with 
a couple quick audible pops.  Once she'd rolled over onto her side, 
Caramel's tongue whipped and prodded over Taco's underbelly and Taco 
transfixed her gaze on the bulges her body was making on the pom's throat, 
and when she wiggled her toes, now belly.  Bulk included, Taco was at most a 
quarter of Caramel's size, but once her entire body was inside the pom's 
belly, she now knew Caramel would be able to walk.  Carmel was kneading her 
doughy golden-furred belly with all four paws, and as she slipped in more 
and more, Taco stroked the wall's of Carmel's drippingly gooey acidic belly 
with her hind paws as she stroked and scritched the wild flame of neck fur 
around her.
        "What the... Oh my God!" a human voice burst out, destroying the moment.
        Panicking, Taco thrust her forelegs out of Carmel's throat and started 
kicking, barking, and clawing at Pepper, which in turn made Carmel extremely 
uncomfortable, and shortly after Pepper was knocked sideways, Carmel 
convulsed and upchucked Taco as well as the undigested portion of her last 
meal.  The family wasn't exactly sure of what they'd seen, or how to take 
it, but by the time the cell door was open, Carmel was on her side, 
whimpering and retching, and Pepper was at Taco's throat.  Taco recovered 
quickly and was proving a formidable adversary, which the family encouraged 
with woops and hollers.  Emptied and roughed up, Carmel tried to slink away, 
but found herself scooped up and held in midair by her armpits, her hefty 
weight threatened to slide her through her master's firm grip and plop her 
uncomfortably on the ground.  She felt like a whale out of water and if it 
wouldn't have put her in deeper trouble than she was already in, she would 
have loved to relieve herself to lighten herself even that bit.
        "Master.  Please.  Please, put me down", Carmel whimpered as she bicycled 
her hind legs in a vain attempt to get a more stable grip on the human 
before her.
        "Really, Priscilla.  When are you going to ever learn to control your 
appetite?  Double, triple, quadruple servings I can understand.  You're the 
most beautiful creature I've ever met, and the bigger you get, the more 
beautiful you become.  But eating other dogs is a no-no", the husky man 
scolded with just a hint of canine-readable mirth in his voice.
        Carmel couldn't understand every word her master was telling her, but she 
knew she was being punished for getting caught by the other humans for her 
vore activity.  Her master didn't really mind that she was cannibalistic.  
It had been quite a while since she'd last eaten store-bought dog food, and 
so, to be truthful, she knew he took great pleasure in watching her put 
fellow animals "to sleep".  Toy dogs and kittens, Carmel could swallow 
whole, and her master loved to be there to see it, but larger dogs and such 
required her master's participation with a meat cleaver and a chopping 
board, and the meal itself would be rationed out to her in private for as 
long as it took so as to protect the integrity of the visiting dogs.  It was 
actually rare that she had to eat regular dog food or act out vore that her 
master hadn't pre-approved of.  If there weren't any local pets that had to 
disappear, her master was well known enough in his outside humanitarian acts 
to get other pets transferred from elsewhere.  Those that showed to be 
misunderstood and eager for a second chance were put into her pound cell.  
All the other cells were for those waiting to be put into her belly.  The 
past couple weeks had been slow, the supply had been running low as her 
hunger had increased, and her stomach and Pepper had enticed her to be bad.  
Now she had nothing in her stomach, a bad taste in her mouth, and an 
agonizing amount of weight tugging on her spine.
        If she survived her punishment, Carmel hoped her next meal would be an 
equally heated male.
        "I'm sorry, master!  I'm very, very sorry!  Please!  Please put me down!" 
Carmel moaned, pleadingly looking up into her master's eyes.
        With a sigh and a helpless shake of the head, her master laid her chubby 
body against his chest, and crossed his arms underneath and around her.  Her 
blubbery rolls of fat slowly molded around her upper legs and against his 
chest, and bloated a small pillow for her tiny muzzle to settle on.  All she 
could look at was the ceiling and a glimpse of his hair, so she closed her 
eyes and rocked/rubbed her furry pillow of a body against his.
        Passing a nasty glance at Pepper, Taco's new family picked their new pet 
up; happy to see she was more than capable of defending herself.  Once the 
cell was closed again and everyone was back in the front pet supplies area, 
the husband finally asked while looking with mixed feelings at Carmel, "Um.  
Did I see that right?  Was that... dog, actually swallowing our Chihuahua, 
        He didn't sound outraged and Carmel, not sensing any wrath, responded to 
the signs of a message directed at her with a sweet, innocent smile, so her 
master rubbed her back fat and responded with, "Well, some dogs drink out of 
toilet, or make a mess in the house, or chew up the furniture.  She's.  
Special.  Well, no harm done, right?  I'll throw in a free bottle of shampoo 
and a grooming mitt for your troubles."
        Other than some uneasy glances, Taco's new family showed no major 
negativity against what Carmel had done, and they let Taco nuzzle and lick 
Carmel as she rested in her fleece doggy bed.  Also in good tidings, 
Carmel's master threw in a free doggy bed for Taco, too.
        "Bye, Taco.  I bet you're relieved that Pepper was wrong about your new 
masters.  I'm sorry that I almost killed you.  I hope you'll forgive me and 
not let it vex you while you're with them", Carmel sighed as the gnawing 
pains in her stomach competed fiercely with the comforting strokes of her 
        "Oh yes, of course, Carmel.  Of course.  You didn't hurt me.  I'm sorry I 
hurt you.  I'm very sorry I made you throw up", Taco whimpered as the son 
picked her up off the pom and started carrying her towards the door.
        "Take good care of then, Taco.  Guard them well", Carmel concluded as she 
watched the pocket-dog get boxed up.
        "Thank you.  I will.  Thanks for everything.  It did get interesting at the 
end.  Thank you", Taco yipped back with a twisted smile.
        "*Heh* Well, don't go jumping down some dog's throat just because you made 
it out of mine", Carmel added in and then moaned from the acid reflux.
        Once the family was gone, the master lightly nestled a towel over her body 
and said as he scritched between her ears, "Well, you're in luck, Priscilla. 
  You don't have to starve.  There's a guy selling free kittens nearby, but, 
because you've been a bad girl, I'm only bringing back one."
        To make it up to her master, Carmel promised herself she'd make the most of 
ingesting that one kitten.