>The Witch


The Witch:

by Scorpian
   It had been several years since she was tricked and defeated and almost killed by a couple of kids. She had lost almost all of her powers when they tricked her into the oven and she felt her powers drain with the flames. She had used her last strength to get the hatch open and manage to get out. Ever since then she had started to rebuild her strength and was forced to avoid the people in the area until she was ready. She had gathered her stuff from the old house she had and despite her defeat she had managed to find some magic items intact. Her crystal for instance that she used to track people with, so she had managed to keep an eye if anyone was coming near by. As the years passed she felt her strength slowly growing back to her. The years had been kind to her when it came to food and drink. There was a small spring that she could get water from and there was plenty of animals around that she could hunt and eat. Then one day as she was looking into the crystal to see if there was anyone near by she saw two young people picking mushrooms. When she looked closer she could see that they looked like two teen-age girls, but when she looked closer she could see that one of them was clearly a boy. The girl had light red curly hair and she had a slightly plump body and she wore a blue summer dress that ended just above her knees and on her feet she had red sneakers. In her hand she held the basket where they had gathered some mushrooms in. The boy had a pair of red shorts on and a black T-shirt and he had sneakers too, but his was brown instead. He handed the girl a mushroom and they continued there was away from her house.

   "Hmm, the girl look delicious i just have to have her for dinner. The boy i can save for later" the witch mumbled to herself and started to think of something to get them to her house. "Hmm, perhaps some magic will do the trick" she continued and she gathered her powers and concentrated on the teen-agers in the crystal and a slight blue light came from her fingers as the spell started to work. She then looked at them again and grinned as she saw them turning and started to walk towards her house as they thought they would find more mushrooms in that direction.

   Tim, as the boys name was turned to his sister and pointed towards a small hill ahead "letís go there, i think we can find some next to that hill" he said to his sister Jenny

   "Yeah, sure" Jenny mumbled and followed her brother.

   The forest became a bit thicker as they arrived to the hill and surly enough they where lotís of mushrooms around the hill. They started to gather the mushrooms until there basket where filled and as they where about to head back they looked around.

   "Donít tell me we are lost" Jenny said

   "Of course we are not lost, itís this way" Tim said and pointed. Although he wasnít sure, he thought the way looked familiar and they walked in that direction. After having walked for about 30 minutes and not seen the main road Jenny looked at Tim and said "I thought you knew the way, i knew it. We are lost"

   "Hey donít worry we just have to find out where north are" he said and started to look around and see if he could find any signs on where north where.

   "Or we could just ask the woman over there" Jenny said and started to walk. Tim turned around and surly enough he saw a small cottage down by a small spring and walked after his sister.

   "I donít know how i could have missed that" Tim said.

   "Because you are a boy and as we all know women are much better to finding things" Jenny mumbled

   "Yeah, yeah" he mumbled back.

   The witch had been watching them and she had pretended to walk out to get some water in order too great them. As Jenny came down to the court yard she saw a woman that looked like she was about 40-45 year old and she had a baggy shirt on and a black skirt on that went down to her knees. She looked very large and she had a bucked of water in her right hand.

   "Hello there, itís not everyday i get to see anyone out here" the witch said to Jenny and Tim as they got closer to her.

   "Yeah, we usually arenít this deep in the forest, but someone here got us lost" Jenny said and looked at Tim. Time blushed but he didnít say anything. The witch chuckled and said "Donít worry, i know the way out. But since you are here, why not come in for some milk and cookies". Tim was about to protest but Jenny happily agreed as she was a bit hungry too. They all got into the small house and the witch offered them a seat at the table while she brought out a large pot of mild and a large jar of cookies. She gave them each a glass and poured some milk them some milk.

   "Help yourself to some cookies there" the witch said and sat down in a large chair with a sigh.

   Jenny and Tim tasted on the cookies and as they where some of the best cookies they have had they where soon munching happily on them while they sipped on the ice-cold milk. They made some small talk to the woman as they ate the cookies and soon they where both stuffed and the jar was almost empty.

   "Oh, i am so sorry i didnít know that we ate that much" Jenny apologized as she saw the almost empty jar.

   "Oh donít worry about it i have more in the cupboard there" the witch said and pointed to a wooded cupboard in the corner.

   "Oh gosh, i feel so tired" Jenny mumbled as she felt herself getting very tired and she saw that Tim had already gone to sleep in his chair. He had slipped down a little bit and was sleeping quietly in the chair. She could hear the woman giggle at her as it got more difficult to stay awake. She felt her eyelids getting so heavy and soon she couldnít stay away anymore so she put her arms on the table and rested her head on them.

   "Oh gosh, iím sorry. I donít know why i got so tired, i just have to rest a little bit" Jenny mumbled

   "Oh, are you tired little girl. Donít worry about it. You just go ahead and sleep for awhile. Iíll take good care of you" the witch chuckled softly as she heard the girl starting to snore softly on the table.

   "Excellent, they are both asleep. I may have lost my magic, but i can still make sleeping potions and blend them into cookies" she said and she reached and started to pick up the sleeping boy. Because she have had to live without magic she had been forced to do everything by hand and she had gotten very strong over the years. She easily picked up the boy and swung him over her shoulder, with his head down on her back. She carried the boy to a small hatch she had in one of the rooms, it led down to a small cellar she had beneath the house. She gently lowered the boy down into the cellar and then closed the hatch and put a large wooden pin over to lock the hatch so that the boy couldnít get out. She then started to whistle as she decided to have her dinner a bit early today and her stomach started to growl loudly as she thought of how wonderful the girl would feel in her large stomach. She smiled to herself and patted her stomach. She got into the kitchen where the girl where still sound asleep and she put one hand around her shoulder and the other under her legs and hefted the sleeping girl up into her arms to feel how much she weigh.

   "Oh wonderful, you where a plump one too sweetheart" she mumbled softly to Jenny and walked into her bedroom with the sleeping girl and lay her down in her bed and decided to wait for her to wait for her to wake up. She pulled out a large rocking chair and sat down in it. The chair creaked under her weight as she sat down to watch and waited for the sleeping Jenny to wake up.

   After a few hours the witch you hear small mumbling sounds coming from Jenny so she slowly got up and walked up to the bed and gently stroke Jennyís hair. Jenny mumbled again softly and because the witch hadnít eaten a whole person in long time she decided that she didnít want to risk tare her shirt open and she thought it was best to take it off. Jenny blinked a few times when the witch took her shirt off and she gasped lightly as she saw the enormous stomach the witch had. It had small wrinkles on in and i hang down a little like a sac.

   "What happened" Jenny mumbled.

   "You feel asleep my dear"

   "Oh i..iím still so tired"

   "Itís ok dear...iím going to put you somewhere you can sleep for as long as you like" the witch whispered to Jenny. Jenny blinked a few times "Huh, what do you mean by that" Jenny said and she tried to fix her eyes on the witchís face, but she still felt a bit dizzy.

   "Well, that thing i gave you was a sleeping potion"

   "It was a what?"

   "A sleeping potion, iím a witch you know and now iím going to do what we witches like the most"

   "Oh, whatís that"

   "To eat plump little girls like you" said the witch and chuckled "come here" she continued and grabbed Jenny under her arms and lifted Jenny up so that she was standing on her knees on the bed. Jenny groaned and tried to fight the witch as she lifted her up but her arms felt so weak and her head felt so heavy. She placed her hands on top of the big stomach to try and push herself away. But when she was about to push herself away she couldnít help but to stare at the witchís mouth as her plump lips started to part. It was as if she was hypnotized, the mouth opened wide in front of her and she gasped loudly as she saw the dark passage that was the throat. Then she began to move forward and she felt the back of her head touch the upper lip and her nose was touching the lower one as the witch moved her head into her mouth. Jenny felt the humid and the stench of her breath, it was the most terrible breath she had ever smelled and she groaned in discomfort. She tried to push against the stomach but her hands only sank in a little bit in the enormous belly and she heard the witch chuckle softly at her attempts. The witch pulled on Jennyís body and it was a slight soft squishing sound as Jennyís head slowly opened the throat below her. Jenny was groaning and pleading softly in the dark throat as she was shifted from side to side a little. Then she felt the very soft lips slowly crawled down on her back and front. There was a slight pause as the witch nibbled her way over Jennyís soft breast and Jenny could feel a small drop of saliva moving down on her back. Jenny's feet moved around on the bed as if they where searching for something to help her prevent the inevitable that was happening.

   "No, no, please i beg you, no" Jenny pleaded tiredly and it almost sounded like a soft groaning inside the throat. The witch put her hands on Jennyís plump stomach and pressed on it a little and she felt the girlís plumpness as she took a steady grip and swallowed for the first time. She almost moaned for herself as she felt her throat muscles grip the head and it pulled it down and she relaxed the throat and allowed it to expand as the shoulders pushed the throat out some more. She swallowed again and as she swallowed she heard a small groaning sound again from Jenny as she moved further down. She also felt the hands on her stomach shift and moved and placing themselves on her upper arms. Her mouth felt so wonderfully full as she gulped again and felt the plump stomach just outside her mouth, she drooled a bit in anticipation. The girlís head made her ribs creak a little bit as she was using some muscles that hadnít been used in years.

   Jenny on the inside felt something strange around her as the whole world around her griped on her and was pulling on her. The walls felt very slimy, but really warm and soft as she slipped further down. She moved her hands and placed them on the witchís arms and again tried to pull. Then she could clearly feel the muscles on the arms as the witch calmly held her in place. The walls rippled again and she was once more moving downwards. Her breasts where pressed down on the tongue as her head and shoulders where pulled down into the throat. The horrible smell from the breath just got stronger and stronger the further down she went. She heard a slight creaking sound around her as the tunnel expanded to accommodate her.

   "Oh no, my god this canít be happening. Iím being eaten alive by some fat witch" Jenny mumbled to herself.

   The witch gathered her strength a little bit and as she pulled with her hands, she tried to open her mouth a big more and swallowed as hard as she could. She felt the plump stomach slide slowly in between her plump lips and as she felt the girl moving a bit more down she swallowed again. She heard some faint groaning sounds coming from her torso now as the girl had passed her throat. Her lips slid very nicely down around the stomach and the back and as they reached the girls hips she paused for a while to gather her strength.

   Jenny groaned loudly in protest as the big witch swallowed around her again and she felt the slimy throat move all around her again. Suddenly she felt something soft on the top of her head and as the walls contracted hard around her she started to slide in between the soft opening with a loud groaning sound. She was now at the heart of the foul stench and she figured it was the big stomach she had been staring at before. Then as her head hang down from the stomach opening everything seem to stop and she started to breath very heavy as the air was very thin inside. Her dizzy head became even dizzier and she now discovered that her legs had left the bed and was lying limp just outside on the soft stomach. She twisted and moved them a little bit, but she was to exhausted to do anything else.

   "Oh gosh, there is nothing i can do to fight this enormous woman. She is way to strong for me and she is almost finished with me" Jenny thought as she tried to catch her breath.

   After the witch had taken a few minutes of rest she decided it was time to finish this lovely girl and rest for a bit. So she placed her hands on the rump and pushed on it as she swallowed. It was s soft, squishy sound as the plump stomach was pressed together very tight and the throat griped and pulled it down slowly. Jennyís legs where lifted from there resting place on the stomach and started to point straight out as the butt was slowly pushed into the mouth. The witch now tilted her head back and then the gravity was pulling on Jenny. The witch only needed to make small swallows as the rest of Jennyís body was pulling on the legs. She could hear Jenny groaning in despair inside and the witch moaned as her big stomach was starting to fill up for the first time in many years. The dress that Jenny had on fell down over the witchís face and she giggled a little as it covered her face. Now there was only the feet that was visible outside the mouth and she felt that Jenny had stopped moving. With her head still tilted back she started to make loud gulps and the feet twitched as they too slowly slipped in and the witchís plump lips followed their shape as the feet disappeared between them. With a final swallow she felt the shape of the feet as they quickly slipped down her throat to join the girl inside her. She looked down and saw her stomach had a nice round shape and she almost looked like she was pregnant. She turned around and slowly sat down on her bed and placed her hands on the big bulge that Jenny made inside her.

   "Oh my god, she was absolutely delicious. Oh and she feels so wonderful in my stomach there" the witch said with a smile and she felt very weak movement inside her as Jenny used up her last strength to fight the witchís enormous stomach muscles.

   "Oh settle down little girl, it wonít be long now. Oh goshÖ.please excuse me" she giggled and released a loud burp and sat on the bed with her back against the wall. She felt the girl giving off a final twitch and then she got still inside her "good girl" she mumbled and caressed her stomach and released a soft burp.

   There was some faint sounds coming from the hatch and she smiled and mumbled to herself "Oh, i guess your brother is awake, huh. Donít worry, he will be joining you tomorrow, when i have a big breakfast"