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What do Vampire Cows Eat?
by Rochndil 

The cold night wind rattled through the sagging boards of the old barn, bearing scents from the hills, and pushing the tattered scraps of hay across the chill ground. 

Dozing fitfully in the chill air, "Bessie" tried again to remember her mother. Every night she did this, just before falling asleep; she could almost hear her calling... 

A quiet sound immediately brought her to wide-eyed wakefulness. There were many dangers in the night, and no few of them came on two legs. 

She shivered, and tried to peer through the gloom. Hearing other stirrings, she knew that he was awake too. The distinct sound of a footstep came from the rear door, not a good sign. That was downwind too, so she could not find the scent, even though her nostrils were flared wide. 

Closer and closer the steps came, in an odd rhythm, as if the two-leg was going lame. At last, a darker shadow slipped through the wide gap in the door, where it had all but fallen from its track. On the hard packed dirt of the barn floor, the steps became almost silent, and she prepared for the worst. 

Thought the thought still made her sick, she hoped it would be quick this time. She lowed softly, and tried to get her tail to relax. 

Suddenly, a strange, spicy smell came to her, something totally new! Whoever this was, she had never smelled her, yes, it was definitely female, before. A stranger! She slowly considered whether to raise the alarm, or wait and see, but with her mind all muzzy from sleep, the decision was taken from her when the stranger suddenly appeared at her very nose! 

Snorting in her startlement, she nearly obscured the stranger in a cloud of her breath, but the other seemed to take no mind. Cautiously, she sniffed at the newcomer, trying to identify the odor, but it was alien to her. 

Leaning carefully on the rickety gate of her stall, the stranger spoke, not just in the meaningless sounds of the two-legs, but _spoke_! "I know you can understand me, old one, just as I know your name is Marian. You may call me Evenstar." 

Backing slowly into the far corner of her stall, Marian stared with frightened eyes at the One Who Spoke, who knew her name...who, or what, was she, and what did she want..? Finally, she asked that very question, quietly, and with fear, "What do you want with me?" 

Sagging now on the flimsy gate, the strange-smelling woman replied, "I need something from you, yes, or shortly I shall die. But, unlike many other things, this I cannot take from you without your consent." 

"What could not be taken from me, everything, all my life, has been taken from me, my mother, my children, all. What have I left that you could want?" 

"You still have your life, and I ask no more of that than you can bear to part with." 

"My life? Aye, you may have that, and welcome. It is of little use to me, and a burden I would happily lay down. Come, stranger, and take it, for it serves me naught." 

Clumsily opening the gate, Evenstar carefully walked, or rather limped, into the filthy stall, her twisted leg dragging. "Shh, and thank you my friend. Your sacrifice may mean little to you, but it means everything to me. I will not hurt you any more than I can help." 

"Get on with it woman, I am cold and weary." 

Gently stroking at the scars that laced Marian's hide, the stranger laid her face in the hollow of her scrawny throat, and in a sudden moment of blinding pain, she was bitten! Worse than the bulls, worse than the fire-thread about the paddock, this pain went on and on, and she could feel herself fading away... 

Suddenly, Evenstar pulled away, staring at her with fathomless black eyes, a tiny thread of blood dripping down her chin. Slowly, she spoke. "Pain, so much pain, and suffering, and...courage. You are braver than could I have known?" 

Though now standing straight, the stranger was obviously shaken, and continued. "I had meant to take something from you, cousin, but I will also give you a gift. Use it well." 

So speaking, while Marian stared at her, confused and light-headed, the woman bit her twice more, once on her sagging belly, and last on her long-dry udder. She then did the most mystifying thing that Marian had ever seen. She somehow peeled her fur back, exposing the pale skin of her breast. Taking Marian's head, she lifted her furry lips to her breast, and said only, "drink." 

Marian, more than a little dumbfounded, did as she was told, and suckled awkwardly at the tiny round udder. A taste of something wild, that reminded her of the scent Evenstar bore like a second skin, flowed over her palate, and then the stranger, yet strange no more, spoke for the last time. "Welcome to the clan, sister Marian. May the moon light your way." 

With those words, the mystifying stranger bowed to her, and quickly slipped away, wrapping her fur up as she went. Totally confused, and more than a little weak, Marian slumped to the floor, to regain her strength, and sort out her thoughts. 


The following morning, she climbed wearily to her feet, still a bit weak, but ravenously hungry. After nosing about in the straw for a moment or two, she belatedly realized that the gate to her stall was still open, and simply walked out. After poking about in the barn for a few minutes, she spied sweet green grass beyond the great front door. 

Investigating more closely, she found that if she pushed very hard, the door moved aside, and with enough patience, would open wide enough to allow her to pass. Then three great strides placed her in nirvana, though somewhere in her mind, the word "garden" floated by. 

There were many kinds of delicious things to eat, and she ate them all. Crunchy things, squishy things, sweet and tart and wonderful! In her whole life, she had never had such fun, nor such good food. Every bite seemed to restore a bit more of her strength, and she could feel her empty belly slowly swelling full and round, gurgling quietly as it filled. 

Finally, she took a long drink from a small pond, and giggled when the little swimmy things tickled her muzzle. Her belly now very satisfactorily full, she waddled into the shade to lay down and chew her cud. 

Her mind was clear, and sharp. Every thing she saw was richer, meant more to her, than it ever had before. Strange new words and ideas filled her head, and while she sat, she thought, more than she ever had before. For the first time in her long life, there was so much to know, and to understand. She even felt the spirit of the plants around her, including the ones now in her belly, as they gave their lives to feed hers. 

While her greatly expanded mind was considering novel concepts like the sun and the moon, a sudden pain snapped her back to the present. She was in trouble, for the two-legs had quickly come all around her, and were beating her painfully. 

In a storm of blows and harsh sounds, she lumbered awkwardly to her hooves, and fled, or tried to, for she was surrounded. Finally, she made a break towards her stall, but not without cost, for the big female one scratched her badly with something cold and hard. As she lumbered toward safety, she felt her blood dropping to the earth. 

Cowering now in the small safety of her filthy stall, she licked awkwardly at the jagged wound along her ribs, and finally the bleeding stopped. As her breathing and heart began to calm once more, she heard the most frightening thing of all, the big bull one was coming. 

At last, in a tumult of their strange sounds, they all came in, the loud bull one, his cow, and their calves, all bellowing and shaking their limbs about. Still hurting from earlier, Marian huddled in the farthest corner of her stall, waiting for the real beating she knew was coming. 

Strangely, though they all jumped about and slapped at her, eventually they left her whole, securing the gate carefully behind them. Alone once more with her thoughts, Marian suddenly realized that she now knew how to work the gate. She also felt...strange. The great meal she had just eaten still sat warm in her belly, but her body felt...incomplete, somehow. 

After all the excitement of her morning, she settled into digesting once more, while her mind turned over the events of the past day. She knew that she had changed, but was still not certain why, or how, but she was sure that it had something to do with the stranger that had visited her in the early hours. 

The day passed, as it usually did, and after some time, she was feeling better, and decided to talk to Horace, the old horse, for he had lived here even longer than she had, and that was a very long time indeed. 

She called quietly across the walkway to him, for his stall was nearby. "Horace, wake up! I need to talk to you!" 

As always, his reply was slow, ever more so as his steps had grown, "What is so important, Marian, that I can't sleep through it?" 

"I don't _know_, you old mule, that's why I need to talk to you!" She replied, knowing that the slur was sure to wake him up. 

"I'll have you know," he began the old lecture, "that my ancestral line proceeds in an unbroken succession of pureblood belgians, back to the old country!" 

"Yes dear, I know that," she shushed him, "but I needed you awake. Something has happened to me, and I don't know what it may mean. You, who have seen so many winters, may understand." 

"Well, if you put it that way, youngster, tell me your problem, and I'll see if I can't put the weight of my experience against it. What's happened? I heard and smelled someone in the darkness." 

Starting from the beginning, Marian told the tale of her strange encounter, and all that had passed since. Near the middle, as she described eating the kitchen garden, she had to wait from him to stop laughing, but finally she was done. 

As soon as she finished speaking, a strange feeling washed over Marian, something she hadn't felt in years; all unannounced, her milk had come in again! She lay moaning softly against the wall of her stall as the warm feeling flowed through her, and collected in her udder, slowly quickening again to life below her. 

Apparently not noticing her distraction, Horace said quietly, "I really don't know what to tell you, Marian. Something strange has happened, and I think still is happening to you, but I don't think it's a bad thing. I have a strange feeling that something important is going on, but I'm not sure what. The best thing I can suggest to you, is to gather your strength. I will stand ready for your call, whatever comes." 

Blushing under her ragged fur, Marian meekly replied, "Thank you, my old friend. I am afraid, but with your help, I'm sure I'll be fine." 


The rest of the afternoon passed peacefully enough, and as her strength returned, Marian's mind continued to clear. Every moment, new thoughts, new ideas she had never even imagined before came flitting through her head. By the time night fell, she had already asked so many questions of poor Horace, that he had told her to shush before his ears fell off! 

Bit by bit, she was growing to understand herself, and the world around her, in ways that were new and exciting, but also a little frightening. Now, opening the gate to her stall seemed so simple, she wondered why it had always seemed like such a mystery before. 

At feeding time, the bull one came, and when she smelled the spoiled grain on him again, she knew that this was to be one of _those_ nights. Several hours after sundown, she heard the distinctive creak of the front door, and when Horace whickered softly, she knew he heard it too. More than one night he had been silent witness to her suffering. 

As usual, the bull-one brought the scratchy rope, and bound her head fast to the post he had placed there. This time he only beat her a little with his forelimbs, on her face and udder, before getting on the bucket to mount. 

She cried softly all through the rape; familiar as it was, it never became any easier, and with her new depth of understanding, was even worse. When he was done, however, instead of leaving, he only seemed to grow more angry. He went away only for a moment, and then came at her with something new, a long dark stick that stank of fire and corruption. Suddenly, another flash of inspiration hit her, and she knew that her very life was in danger! 

Trying to manage past her split lip and swollen face, she called to Horace, "Oh help! Please help me, he's got something awful, and is going to kill me!" Cowering, she broke down into sobs. 

From across the barn, Horace screamed a challenge, the sound ringing through the small space, and she heard a tremendous pounding, tearing sound, while he shouted, "I'm coming, Marian, this time the worthless cull has gone too far!" 

For the rest of her life, Marian never forgot the next thing she saw, Horace leaping into her stall, old and grey no longer, but huge and fierce, with fire in his eyes! He reared up, screaming again, and there was a great sound, and a puff of smoke! He crashed back to four hooves and staggered, throwing the bull-one smashing into the wall, before crumpling to the floor. 

Old once more, Horace smiled up at her from the ground, and wheezed, "Showed... him..." while the blood slowly dripped from the dark hole in his chest. 

Marian chewed through the scratchy rope as quickly as she could, and finally got free. Carefully approaching, she gently nuzzled her dear friend. His eyes were starting to glaze over with the pain of his wound, but he smiled at her. 

Every breath more labored, he spoke on, "Marian, I fear that my time is short. It hurts. Something is broken...inside me. I- I don't think I'll be able to take care of you for much longer." 

Tears falling freely from her aching face, Marian licked him gently, "You were very brave, my dear friend, I'm sure all of your ancestors would be impressed with your courage." 

Suddenly, that word seemed to take on a deep resonance for her, and she knew what she had to do. Speaking carefully, to make sure he understood, she said, "My friend, I can set you free...let you run beyond the pain. And I will take your strength into me, so that you can take care of me still. Is this what you want?" 

Barely able to breathe now, Horace nodded sharply, his eyes clear again for a moment. 

Marian lowered her muzzle to his throat, where his pulse still beat strong, and bit him, quick and sure. He winced once, and then seemed to relax all over. His blood flowed hot across her tongue, and with every taste, she felt him more and more with, and within her. With every beat of his heart, more and more of his self flowed into her, his knowdledge, and his strength, his steadfast devotion, were all around her. She felt her belly swelling full of his warmth. 

Long before she was done, she felt his soul slip free of his body, and with a gentle nuzzle to her poll, and a quick sound of receeding hoofbeats, her friend was gone. His body lived on, though, and she continued to feed from him, she was not going to waste any of his sacrifice! 

Finally, she was done, his body diminished to a shriveled likeness of its once massive frame. She cried more for him, than ever she had for her own little ones, for she had known him far longer, and he had been her one friend. There was nothing left for her here, but his sacrifice had given her the means to take revenge upon the two-legs. 


Slowly crawling back to consciousness, Robert flickered his eyes open, and then closed them again. The light from the single naked bulb overhead sent hot needles of pain through his skull. 

He slowly sat up, rubbing his aching head, and felt the warm stickiness of blood matting his hair. He was about to mutter a curse and climb to his feet, when a loud snort distracted him. Looking up, he saw a terrifying sight. 

Looming over him, bigger than he had ever seen before, was that damned cow! But now, she looked...the only word was scary. There was murder in her eyes, and blood on her chin. Glancing behind her, he saw the corpse of his old plow horse, and some of the events of the last hour came back to him. 

She drew his full attention once more, and he even gasped involuntarily, as the beast began to speak! 

"So," she began, this is how you two-legs talk. How simple it all is now. You are done with hurting us now, and you are mine." 

The last word sent a chill down his spine, and her eyes seemed to suck him in, and drown him in their depths. Helplessly, he stared back as she continued. 

"When you raped me, for the last time I'll note, you gave me your seed, bull-calf. I have that, and I have you. At long last, the balance is come due. Watch!" So saying, she seemed to swell right before his eyes, and shook herself all over! A great mass of dust and hair flew from her, clouding the air. 

Coughing on the dust, Robert finally recovered, and blinked several times in amazement! Where his ragged old cow had stood, there now was a sleek and glossy image of her as she had been when he first bought her, all those years ago. The scars on her face and side, however, were still visible beneath the shining fur. 

"Horace's sacrifice has given me the strength I needed. I took his life, for I would not allow you so much. Again, I am grown young, and stronger than you could ever dream. Everything you took from me, I shall take from you. But first, you shall please me." 

While he still sat upon the cold ground, she walked slowly up before him, and then closed her eyes. With a rushing, creaking sound, her udder suddenly started to swell, right before him! Moment by moment it grew, until it was as full as it had ever been and more! Huge and heavy, stretched tight and full, it hung low beneath her, all but dragging in the dust. 

Sighing slowly, she smiled, and then turned those eyes upon him once more. "Crawl to me, two legs, and drink properly of that which you valued so. Feed from me like a proper calf." 

Robert struggled, but was unable to resist her compulsion. Inch by straining inch, he crawled on his hands and knees, until the huge and obscenely undulating udder hung right before him. Her teats were so low, he had to wriggle forward on his belly to reach them, and finally suck one into his mouth. Immediately, he heard her sigh above him and felt her milk let down. She was so full, that as fast as he sucked, he could not keep up! Even though milk was running out of his mouth and down his chin, he could feel her udder still full and fuller, growing again, pressing lower and lower into his face, the soft rubbery flesh settling down over eyes and nose, cutting off the outside world, cutting off his breath! 

He was certain that his end had come, and that he would suffocate, but she suddenly moved away from him, milk still dribbling from her teats. After a moment, she regained her composure, and said, "Fear not, two-leg, your time will not come yet. Fetch the pail, and fill it as you were wont to do. I have another task for you." 

Doing as he was bid, Robert found the old milk pail, amazingly clean after the passage of so many years. Awkwardly, as he sat upon the floor, he milked her into the pail, and she stood above him and lowed softly all the while. 

The pail full, she turned her head to him, and said, "Take now that milk of mine, and feed it to all your family, your cow and your little calves all, then bring them back here to me. Much yet needs be done before dawn." 

As he turned to leave, he felt her hot breath on the back of his neck. She licked at his aching head suddenly, and when he turned he saw great fangs, wet with his blood, protrude from her muzzle. 

"Go you quickly," she said, "For I hunger." An ominous rumbling from her massive belly followed him as he went to do as he was compelled. 


As he walked across to his house, Robert tried many times to break the compulsion that held him in such an iron grip, but it was no use. He simply was unable to resist doing as he had been told, though inwardly he raged at the abuse! 

First, he went into the boys' room, and fed first Johnny, and then Mack, from the pail. While neither seemed eaeger to be pulled from sleep, at the first taste they quickly took deep drinks, and then seemed to fall almost into a trance, staring smiling into empty space. 

Finally, he went into his own bedroom. Jennifer lay asleep, the bedclothes draped like a circus tent across the huge dome of her belly, rising and falling gently with her breath. Slipping quietly up to her, he laid a hand upon her shoulder to wake her. Startled, she sat up suddenly, bumping the pail with her shoulder. Warm milk splashed onto her chest, staining her cotton nightgown. As the smell rose to her nostrils, she forgot whatever she had been planning to say, and, nose working furiously, grabbed the pail from him! Tilting it up to her mouth, she drank with manic intensity, not even noticing that she spilled nearly as much upon herself as she swallowed. 

When she was finished, the empty pail hung loosely from her slack hand, and the whole house seemed to pause for breath. Uncertain what to do next, Robert also waited, but not for long. A feeling, not quite a sound, pulled at him, viscerally. Without even noticing, he had taken several steps, and heard Jenny lumbering after him, bare feet slapping on the floor. 

They proceeded down the stairs, and he saw the two boys a few steps ahead, all moving steadily toward the barn, where the light spilled from under the main door. In a few moments, the whole strange procession trooped into the open stall, past the nearly skeletal remains of the old horse. 

The bastard cow licked her lips slowly, and saliva mixed with blood dripped from her fangs. She smiled in a self-satisfied way, and then began to hum, almost below his range of hearing. The sound washed through them all, like a punch to the gut, and knocked them all to their knees. Turning to them, the sound ceased, and in the eerie silence, she spoke. 

"The pain will only grow worse, pain of hunger, until you feed from me again. I'll enjoy watching you try and resist, suffering cold and hungry as I have so many nights. When you can't stand it any more, you know what to do." She finished speaking, and seemed to rest, her eyes closing. Her udder, grossly full once more, hung low beneath her, gurgling and undulating quietly, the fat veins lacing its surface pulsing with her heartbeat. 

Not many moments had passed when Robert felt the first hunger pang twist his stomach into a knot of pain, and he saw similar expressions mirrored on the faces of his family. The silence was downright spooky, for none of them uttered a single sound. More moments passed, and though his resolve was still firm, the rest of his family was not doing so well. 

The two boys crawled forward, apparently reacting instinctively to the fragrant milk dripping slowly to the earth from her over-full udder. While he strained to remain still, they each managed to locate, and attach themselves to, a teat. As they drank, each kneaded her udder, like kittens. The cow sighed, and again lowed softly, staring him in the eye all the while. 

Jennifer was the next to go, with an audible growl, her aching stomach overrode her better judgement, and she scooted around to the other side. He could see the waves her hard suckling put into the udder, even though its mass hid her from him. Finally, it was that rhythmic movement, and the sound of three hungry mouths suckling, that broke him, and he too crawled forward to drink. 

For some little while the world shrank to include only the nipple he sucked at, and the nourishment he needed so badly, but finally he was full, and was able to pull away from the now much-diminished udder. The boys were already lying curled up together, sleeping, but Jenny was still going strong. Even though her belly must have nearly doubled in size, she continued on, frantic, until there was absolutely nothing left. 

The cow turned around then, and regarded them all. "Had enough," she asked sarcastically, "Well, I haven't. It's time for me to eat, and I know just what. For all of my children that you have eaten, I will eat yours in turn. But, I at least will show them the mercy of a quiet and painless death, and they may yet return to this world wiser at the next turn of the wheel." 

Finished speaking, she lowered her huge head toward the sleeping boys, and inserting her muzzle carefully beneath the chin of Mack, who happened to be on top, she bit him lightly, just enough to start the flow, and then sucked at him, an expression of bliss on her face. Soon, even his feeble struggles ceased, and he seemed to drop into a deep slumber. 

Then, unexpectedly, she stretched her jaws wide, and, moving carefully, slowly wrapped her mouth entirely around his head! With several quick jerks of her neck, she had swallowed him up to the shoulder, and while they were both forced to watch, horrified and unable to move, she proceeded to swallow him whole! Inch by inch he disappeared into her throat, which swelled to obscene dimensions as his body made its way down. Finally, with a great final gulp, she sent him sliding down into her stomach, which bulged and gurgled quietly as his weight settled. 

Licking her lips once more, she said only "Delicious," before starting in on Johnny. As the larger of the pair, he took her a bit longer, and this time she started with his feet, slowly slurping up his legs and torso, before lifting his body entirely, throwing her head back, and swallowing him in a slow, rippling series of gulps, aided by simple gravity. When she finally had his head within her, another great gulp sent him also sliding down into her bulging stomach, grown now, with the added mass, to dwarf her udder as it hung, low and lumpy, below her. 

"Even better," she said, "But now I'm thirsty. I think you can help me with that, female. Haven't you always wanted to be a cow, just like me? A milk factory for the amusement of others?" 

Robert struggled to move once more, but was unable to utter even a tiny sound, as the huge cow stepped slowly closer to his wife, lying helpless upon the floor. 

Continuing, the cow said, "I think it's about time for your milk to come in, don't you? Can't you feel yourself freshening?" As she said those words, with a wicked grin, Jennie did indeed seem to feel something. Though unable to move, she still glanced down with fear at her chest, and suddenly he understood why! Her breasts were growing perceptibly, and faster with every moment. While he lay helpless, her breasts quickly outgrew her cotton night dress, splitting it on one side, and pushing it up on the other. When they were finally done, each was far larger than her head, and their great weight left her gasping, almost unable to breathe. 

Satisfied, the cow nodded, and said, "Not a bad set of udders you've got now. You might almost be saleable. No county fair records though, or premium breeding fees, you're still quite a bit too small for that; you could still walk. You don't mind if I satisfy my thirst from your body, do you..? After all, that's what stupid cows are for." 

Not waiting for a response, the cow lowered her mouth to one nipple, and sucking fiercely, began to rip the milk from Jennie's breast! This was no gentle nursing, as the expression on her face testified, but an agonizing taking. And as soon as she was finished with one, leaving it flat, obscenely draped over her belly; the cow immediately switched to the next. 

"Be glad it's not the machine, my new cow, for it's much rougher than I. You do seem to have a bit of a problem yet though, but I think I can solve that too." 

Lowering her head once more, she sank her long fangs right into Jennie's breast! Once again, that powerful mouth, cheeks flexing in and out, went to work, and amazingly her breast itself began to shrink! Every moment it grew smaller, finally returning to normal, but the cow didn't stop there, and continued sucking until it was gone entirely, leaving one side of her chest nearly flat! She then did the same to her other breast, leaving poor Jenny looking ridiculous with her huge pregnant belly, and no breasts at all. 

"Hmm," the cow nosed at her still full belly, "This will never do. Can't let you be having calves with just any old bull. No telling what kind of bloodlines she might have. You'll have to get light early." Here the cow paused, and with a great rushing, gurgling sound, her previously emptied udder filled once more, her skin audibly creaking with the pressure. It grew until it surpssed its previous great size, and then grew even greater, pulsing visibly with her heartbeat, until it just barely cleared the floor. 

Catching her breath, she said, "Oh, that was nice, I'll have to do it again soon. Now where was I? Oh yes, your little calf. Don't worry, I've still got room for dessert." She first tore the remains of the night dress from Jenny, leaving her naked and vulnerable upon the floor. Thrusting her nose between the prone woman's legs, she opened her mouth wide, and wrapped her lips around the entire pubic area! 

After a moment of settling, she began a brutal rhythm of sucking, the impact waves rippling across Jenny's belly, and with a gurgling rush, her water broke, all disappearing down the cow's throat and into her great stomach. Not many moments later, as Jenny's belly deflated like an empty balloon, a large lump moved through the cow's mouth, and stretched the gleaming fur of her throat all the way down until she had gulped it into her stomach. 

Raising her head, the cow slowly licked her lips clean of all the blood and fluids smeared there, but leaving Jenny in a mess on the floor. "Don't worry, little cow. All your troubles will be over in a little. One more thing you need do for me. Sit!" 

As commanded, Jenny sat up. The cow walked slowly behind her, so that while Robert could see her, Jenny could not. Turning around, she placed her hind end right above the sitting woman, looking pitiful there upon the dirty ground. 

An ominous rumbling issued from the depths of the cow's belly, and when she lifted her tail suddenly, a great gout of syrupy fluid spewed from her nether lips, which now hung open, wide and loose, as if she had just calved. While the thick liquid slowly dripped down Jenny's slickly-coated body, the cow seemed to be working herself up into a fit of some kind, for she shook in place, ripples of stress flasing across her legs and quarters, and rolling through her sloshing belly and udder. 

"Look well, two-leg, for it already begins. Soon you two will be my calves, mine and mine alone, never to forget that it was I that remade you in my own image, for all the rest of your lives." As she finished speaking, she turned her head and looked straight at him around the swollen curve of her flank. 

Only then did he notice the changes coming over his wife. All around her body, which still dripped slowly, a fine haze of fur was sprouting, and more subtle shifts in her proportions were also occuring, her limbs slightly shorter, and her torso longer and thinner. 

However, he had little time to observe before the cow again took action. Carefully splaying her rear legs, she slowly lowered herself until her legs, at such an awkward angle, could no longer take the strain. Then her hindquarters dropped suddenly, and with a great squelch, entirely engulfed Jenny's head! 

With a sickening series of growling and smacking sounds, the cow slowly squirmed her way down Jenny's body, thick slime slowly drooling from the alternately slack and tightly sucking lips of her sex. As her body's angle shifted, he could gradually see her head, and she was obviously enjoying herself, her eyes were closed, and her mouth open, broad tongue lolling out as she panted and pressed ever lower. 

Finally, she reached the much diminished swell of Jenny's belly, now marked with four familiar-looking bumps, and stood back up, hauling Jenny bodily along with her. Now her contractions were more visible, rippling slowly from one end of her huge belly to the other, each consuming just a little more of Jenny's lightly spotted body. From within her came odd wet slurping sounds, and at last the agionizing spectacle was over as the final bit of Jenny's clubbed feet slipped slowly from sight. The contractions continued for some minutes yet though, and then a great weight settled into the cow's groaning belly, making it sag still lower toward the floor. 

She shook herself slowly, from one end to the other, and when the tremors were finally done, she turned to face him directly, with hunger burning in her eyes. "So," she began, "at last, it is again come down to just you and me. Like so many times before, but now it is I that have the upper hoof, bull-cull. All the times, all the years, all that you have done ill to me have come due, and now you will serve me, as I was forced to serve you." 

So saying, she turned her tail to him, and, raising it high, she spread her lips wide in a great convulsion, their shining inner surfaces gleaming in the light, and said, "Take a good look at your new home, my calf, it's the last thing you'll be seeing for quite a while." When she finished, again her gut rumbled, and a musky-smelling stream of dark fluid, warm and sticky, splashed right in his face! The force was strong enough that he was even forced to swallow some of it, and the musky, vaguely smokey taste would not go away. 

As he sat there, dripping, he could feel his skin burning, crawling, and watched with growing horror as fur also began to sprout upon him. Even worse, he could feel the bones and muscled of his body shifting, drawing and compressing in new ways. He had no time to contemplate this, however, for immediately she told him to stand. Shivering slightly, he did as he was ordered, and waited with fear for what was to come next. 

"As many times as you took pleasure from me, you never even touched the spots that please me in return. Now you shall." She took a wide stance with her hind legs, and whipping her tail aside, she once again spread her lips wide, opening up the dark and fragrant passage into her deepest recesses. "Now," she commanded, "Push your foreleg into me, as deep as you can." 

He did so, though touching the hot and slimy flesh of her inner body made his skin crawl even more. With slow slurping thrusts he pushed deeper and deeper into her hot grip, to his elbow, his bicep, and finally right up to his shoulder, and he was forced to lay his face right against the sweating fur of her rump, disgusted with such closeness to the animal. 

"Now," she gasped, "out again," and as he complied, "and in, and out, and in, harder, faster, more, put your back into it two-leg, faster!" With every thrust, her breathing became harsher, and he could feel her trembling all over as the impact of his body sent great rolling waves through hers. Finally, she went beyond words, and with a final quivering shudder, her body crushed him in a iron grip, and as she continued to shake, began to draw him in! 

Fight as he would, he was no match for her strength, and within moments, his face was almost touching her sex. With the next contraction, it flared wide open, and as he was relentlessly pulled inwards by her rippling muscles, it closed, hot and wet, about his face. For a little while he could still catch a bit of breath, but when his chest passed also into her unbreakable grip, she crushed the air from him, and he finally passed into unconsciousness, sliding slowly into the belly of the beast. 


Marian pulled hard, over and over, somehow the feeling far more satisfying than any mating had ever been to her, and finally felt the last of him slip and slide down into the space she had prepared for him. As her belly slowly settled down, and rearranged all its many burdens, she sighed a great breath, and was content. 

After relaxing in the warm afterglow of her accomplishments for a little while, Marian stirred herself, and decided that she needed to find a safer place that this one to carry her calves, now firmly attached to her body, to term. 

She considered for a few moments, and then decided that the safest place would be up in the hills that ran near the farm. She was sure that so had gone the stranger, Evenstar, and perhaps she might be able to find her again, and to thank her. Regardless, it gave her a direction, and a goal, and stepping once more, each footfall a struggle with her great rolling mass, she began her journey into tomorrow just as the darkness of night began to pale. 


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