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                  Vore 101: First Lesson

                    by Dancing Queen
          (of the yahoo group..You look Yummy

“Welcome ladies to the first session of your voraphilic consumption education class. Otherwise known as Vore 101. I’m professor Fulpin and I’ll be your guide on this unique journey.” The professor greeted her students as the three teaching assistants (TAs) herded them into their seats. Professor Fulpin was a well rounded woman, definitely plump, bordering on outright fat; however her 5’10” height made things seem a little more proportioned then it might have looked otherwise.

The smaller dark haired TA checked that all the students were seated; the plump red headed TA made a quick head count and then checked the attendance sheet to make sure they had the right number of students while the busty blonde TA closed the door to the classroom.

“Thank you girls; now that we’re all seated we’ll begin with a short lecture before your first lesson.” Professor Fulpin paced slightly while the TAs took up positions in three of the room corners.

“But first are there any questions?” Professor Fulpin spotted a raised hand and nodded to the owner of it. “Yes…?”

“Uh… Sarah mam. I was wondering exactly what is this class? All kinds of upper classmen recommended it but they won’t say what it is really.”

“Well Sarah I intend to answer that shortly. Any other questions?” She scanned the room. “Yes… miss?”

“Sally, I was wondering why aren’t there any guys in this class?”

“That also will be answered in the opening lecture. Anything else? No? Well then we’ll begin.”

There was a brief rustle of papers as the girls got out paper and pencils for notes. The professor waited for everybody to settle back before starting.

“Now this class is a combination of biology, anatomy and nutrition. If we keep pace then by the end of our next lesson you should all be able to use basic swallowing techniques in order to consume a live meal close to your own size.”

The scratching of pencils on paper suddenly stopped and there was a wave of whispers and confused murmurings among the students. Professor Fulpin continued.

“In this class we will be focusing exclusively on the swallowing of human females however you will be able to apply the techniques we teach you to males, animals and any other large meal.”

One of the students, a large girl with short dark hair, stood up from her chair. “Is this a joke?”

Professor Fulpin looked directly at the girl, her gaze not faltering or showing anything but total seriousness. “What’s your name?”


“Laura would you come to the front of the class please?”

Laura signed and strode toward the professor, now slightly annoyed, feeling that Professor Fulpin was merely stalling.

“Stand there please.” Professor Fulpin pointed next to her and then massaged her jaw a bit.

Laura stood where she was told and look at the professor somewhat indignantly. “Well?”

Suddenly the professor turned on Laura, grabbed her arms and pinned them to her sides. At the same time she opened her mouth impossibly wide and swiftly engulfed the young girl’s entire head. There were gasps and screams from the other girls as the red headed TA went over the helped the professor hoist Laura up over Professor Fulpin’s head, her feet sticking straight up in the air, kicking about. With a series of loud gulps the plump college girl disappeared head first into the professor’s gullet, her ample figure stretching out the throat on her way down. All of the buttons on Professor Fulpin’s blouse popped as Laura moved down, finally settling into the professor’s now monstrously swollen tummy.

Some of the students simply sat in their seats dumbstruck while others made for the door. The busty blonde TA blocked there way, licking her lips at them to make it clear what would happen should they try to get past her. Professor Fulpin staggered back slightly, leaning against the chalk board for support, the red-headed TA helping her keep her footing.

“Thank you Stephanie.” She nodded to the TA and then turned her attention to the panicked classroom.

“Would you all please take your seats again; I’m not in the mood for further delays of the lesson.” The professor let out an impressive belch and waited as the girls took to their seats, all clearly scared, some shaking.

“Now as you see I am not particularly tolerant of disobedience in my classroom. Now where was I?”

Sarah nervously raised her hand. “You were saying that we’ll be able to apply what we learn elsewhere.”

“Thank you Sarah.” Professor Fulpin struggled to stand without having to lean against the chalk board and eventually managed it. She stood cradling her distended belly, her stance a bit wobbly. Her plump breasts now freed from the burst blouse lay exposed atop her tummy but she didn’t seem to notice, or at least didn’t seem to care.

“Now as I’m sure some of you know in the animal kingdom there are some species in which the females engage in cannibalism, consuming their mates after sex. Also some species such as snakes are able to unhinge their jaws and engulf prey far larger than their heads. A little known fact is that human females are able to do both of these things. It’s a skill that has been lost over time but I hope to help you understand and appreciate your unique gift as women. Men don’t possess the talents needed to perform as voraphilic predators, that’s why there aren’t any men in the class Miss Darling.” Professor Fulpin’s stomach shifted to one side as Laura squirmed about, the professor gave a small burp and rubbed the shifting lump of her midsection.

“Now if you would all please find partners, try to pair up with somebody close to your own size.”

There was a pause before the girls got up and started to move about, eventually settling into pairs. The blonde TA spoke up.


“Yes what is it Jess?”

Jess the TA pointed at a well rounded girl standing by herself. “Melissa here doesn’t have a partner.”

“Oh dear without Laura we have an odd number don’t we? Very well then. Julianne could you bring me that purgative?”

The smaller dark haired TA brought the professor a glass containing an orange colored liquid. Professor Fulpin took it from her. “Thank you Julianne.”

Julianne went back to where she had been standing as Professor Fulpin drank the liquid. Her face contorted in disgust as she swallowed it, she leaned against the black board, bracing herself. There was a gurgle in her belly and a wretching sound. With a heave the bulge in the professor’s belly moved back up her throat and Laura was regurgitated feet first onto the floor. Laura lay on the ground dazed, shaking and very wet from the professor’s saliva. She looked up at Professor Fulpin who glared back at her.

“Now then Laura, do you think you’re ready to rejoin your classmates and take this lesson seriously?”

Laura gave a jittery nod. “Y…yes mam.”

“Good then go and join Melissa.” Professor Fulpin pointed to the lone girl and Laura quickly went over to join her. Jess handed Laura a towel so she could dry off as best she could.

“We’ve lost time here I’ll have to cut the lecture short and move right on to the first lesson. I want to massage your jaw’s like so.” Professor Fulpin demonstrated, rubbing gently at the point where the jaw connects to the rest of the skull. “If you’re having any problems or can’t see me for whatever reason there should be a TA close enough for you to observe and follow along.” The three TA’s also began to rub their jaws. The class seemed hesitant at first but it wasn’t long before they were all massaging their jaws.

“Good class, open and stretch out your mouth as you rub.” The girls did so. “Very good class, now this next part requires concentration and self discipline so pay attention. You need to work your fingers right along the ridge where the bones connect, be sure to do this on both sides of the face. Now very carefully push in, try to spread that ridge. If you do it properly you should feel and hear the jaw dislocate like so.” The professor gestured to Stephanie who pressed her fingers in on her cheeks and with and audible *POP* her jaw hung low and she opened her mouth impossibly wide.

“Do not be panicked when this happens,” continued Professor Fulpin. “If you are having any problems the TA’s will assist you. Once you have successfully dislocated your jaw practice opening your mouth as wide as possible.”

For several minutes nothing really happened, but then there was a *POP* and all eyes turned to Sarah as her jaw dropped low. “Well done Sarah,” commended the professor. Shortly after there was a series of pops as the rest of the class proceeded to unhinge their jaws. Professor Fulpin waited and watched as more and more of the girls’ mouths opened far wider than they ever had before. Blonde Jess helped Sally finally pop her jaw loose and with that the professor continued.

“Well done ladies, now that you’ve all had time to get the feel of it I want you to take hold of you lower jaw,” she motioned to red-headed Stephanie beside her who demonstrated. “And simply thrust it back up into position, it should simply pop back into place.” Stephanie popped her jaw back and this was soon followed by a series or pops and snaps as the entire class replaced their jaws.

“Very good class, now in the time we have left we will attempt to get you all to suppress your gag reflex, this will not be an easy thing and I don’t expect you all to master it in just one class but please follow instructions and do your best.” Professor Fulpin paced at the front of the room as she spoke, she motioned again to Stephanie at her side who picked up a long spoon and displayed it to the class.

“You will find similar spoons at your desks. Please follow my directions and watch Stephanie for reference. Please note that you will be inserting this spoon down your throat and attempting to refrain from gagging. I know that most will not achieve this on the first attempt so there are buckets provided if you feel that you must vomit.”

The professor waited for the clatter of spoons and buckets to stop before continuing. “Now tilt you head back and slowly insert the spoon.” Stephanie demonstrated, opening her mouth enough to allow her to lower the spoon from above. “When you reach the point where you feel the first gag do your best to keep it back and hold the spoon where it is, if you have trouble feel free to remove the spoon and try again.”

The girls in the class started to make gagging sounds, sounding like some strange chorus. Most ended up removing the spoons but Sarah, Melissa and a few others managed to keep them in and after a bit stopped gagging from the presence of the spoon. Professor Fulpin waited until most of the girls reached this point.

“Now those of you who have achieved this first step can try inserting the spoon further. Be sure to do this slowly, and start over if you feel you have too. Please be sure that you stop gagging before venturing further. If you need assistance don’t hesitate to ask Julianne or Jess for advice.”

The gagging sounds resumed. Jess went over to help Sally who wasn’t managing to get the spoon in very far. A couple of the girls threw up into the buckets in front of them. Julianne took these away and replaced them with clean buckets, leaving briefly to dispose of the soiled buckets to avoid the smell from spreading.

Professor Fulpin wandered among the students and observed the progress of each. Sally was finally starting to get the spoon in further. Laura, like most of the girls, was having moderate success. Melissa and Sarah practically had the entire length of their spoons in with minimal gagging. The professor nodded her approval as she passed Melissa and approached Sarah.

“Very good Sarah,” said Professor Fulpin.

Sarah, who had not seen the professor approach her, was so startled that she lost her grip on the spoon and it disappeared down her throat. Sarah panicked swallowing instinctively, but rather than choking her the spoon simply slid down her gullet and splashed into her stomach. Sarah froze partly from lingering fear but mostly in amazement of what she had just done.

Professor Fulpin chuckled, “Getting a little ahead I see.” She gave Sarah a light pat on the back. “Don’t worry dear it won’t do any damage, just try not to make a habit of that or I’ll have to charge you for the cost of the spoons.” The professor chuckled again and moved on leaving Sarah to sink into her chair in continued astonishment. She had seen what Professor Fulpin had done with Laura but she had never really thought she’d be able to do anything like that herself.

Professor Fulpin clapped her hands to get the attention of the class. “We’re just about out of time. You homework is to continue trying to suppress your gag reflex at home and also to practice dislocating your jaws so you’ll all be comfortable with doing this for the next class. And also bring a change of clothes and don’t eat before you come to class. You’re dismissed.”

The girls put their spoons back and gathered up their things. They all left chatting in hushed voices about what they’d just experienced, most were eager for the next lesson. After the class was cleared the TAs began to clean up. Jess turned to Professor Fulpin.

“What do you think of this year’s batch professor?”

“I think this will go well, that Sarah especially shows great promise.”

To be continued…