>World of Flesh I: Initiation
World of Flesh I: Initiation

by Linus Blackburn

Krista cursed herself for waiting until the last moment, as usual.  The religious studies class taught at Simonsen College was a prerequisite for graduation in the timy religious school, and after missing too many classes, her research project would be her last attempt to get a salvagable grade.  Clutching the key to the storage room in her hand, she gazed about her in dismay, as the book on sumerian culture she needed had been relocated here while the main building was being remodeled, with the books stacked all around her with little regard to order.
The flickering, buzzing light fixture overhead was a further irritation as she dug through the stacks.  As she searched, something caught her eye; an ornate tome, obviously very old.

   "Now why aren't you in the rare books section, hm?", she pondered, lifting the book to the sole table in the room to take a look.  A lock was on the book, rusty from age, which snapped at the clasp with a bit of gentle tugging.  The book was written in a tongue she couldn't make sense of, illustrated with drawings showing what appeared to be bipedal animals, predominantly wolves and felines.  "Ooookay... Back in the stacks you go.  You're not what I'm looking for.", she mused, replacing the lock as best she could to hind her interloping.  A referance that contained what she needed caught her eye and she quickly nabbed it, locking the door behind her.

After arriving back at her dorm, Krista turned on her reading light, careful not to wake her sleeping roommate, and sat down at her desk to study.  She winced, leaning forward as a series of cramps went through her legs and belly.  "Just stress.", she whispered to herself, getting up to change into a long shirt to sleep in.  "I'll just lie down for a moment, and it'll go away." She shut off the light as she moved to her bed, rubbing her belly as she felt another cramp.  "Uhhh... what's happening?", she gasped, back arching involuntarily as her belly began to swell, toes digging into the bedding as soft, grey fur began to slip from her hands and her feet, quickly slipping up her arms and legs.  Her nails hardened into sharp, black talons that tore into her shirt, tearing the fabric away as if to present her sweating form to the full moon that shone in through the room's sole window.  She licked her lips as the pelt spread over her breasts, watching in awe as they firmed, swelli!
ng as drops of lactation trailed down her chest, matting the thick pelt.  She grunted as her hips widened, looking on in surprise and horror as an uncomfortable pressure at her panties, tearing them away and exposing a long, naked, red penis, tapered like a dog's, clear lubrication dribbing copiously from the tip, slickening the heated flesh and dampening the new sheath which swelled forth at its base.  Cock and tits both swayed as her toeclaws dug into the bedding, the very shape of her head changing, lengthening into a muzzle; the muzzle of a wolf.

The beast that was Krista panted as irrelavant things faded from her mind, things like classes and family and relationships.  The only thing that mattered now was the rut, the most primal of actions made the whole of her existance, corrupted forever by the forbidden tome.

The wolfgirl arched her back as a flood of birthwaters poured from her lupine sex, the thick, sticky torrent soaking her bed, spilling onto the floor.  She growled softly as a tiny, slickened, ball of fur, followed by two others, slipped free of her, tail flagging proudly as she leaned to lick the stickiness from the fur of her new pups.  All of them were hermaphrodites, like their mother, the first two each finding an erect teat and suckling dreamily, the third taking the tip of mommy's cock within her mouth, suckling at the member like a teat.  Krista crooned dreamily as she nestled
close to her pups, watching in satisfaction as the sticky fluid soaked into her bed, vanishing into the floor.  Her surroundings began to soften, to grow, the hard surfaces of the room becoming soft, yielding flesh.

If Krista could have smiled, she would have as the room itself was born, pulsing with a heartbeat of its own. Light bulbs swelled into fleshy growths that glowed with luciferance, water pipes beneath the floor softening into fleshy tubes pumping nutrients throughout the building, spreading corruption to the other rooms of the dorm.  Krista grunted, pulses of her essence pulsing from her cock to nourish her pup, toes curling.  She panted, caressing the tiny malenesses of the little boygirls suckling at her as a hot, fleshy envelope slipped from the ground, and engulfed her roommate, watching in hazy afterglow as her roommate thrashed within the translucent pod as her humanity was torn from her.  Krista watched in delight, pressing a handpaw up against the side of the soft structure as Beth was pressed up against the side of the translucent, milky flesh, massaging soft, perfect breasts, drifting over a stomach that'd put a supermodel to shame, caressing the face of the changing !
female.  "A mountain lion.", she thought, the name rising unbidden from the fading memories of the wolfgirl.  She cuddled her cubs, eagerly awaiting the birth of her mate.

A flood of hot fluid spilled forth as the feline slid, head first, from the embrace of the sac.  She yawned as her eyes opened, surveying her surroundings with a familiarity as she moved to lie down with Krista.  Beth's tongue slipped against Krista's as they kissed, her thick, heavy member slithering free from its sheath, marking the wolf's belly with slick musk.

Krista murmered in delight as she reached down to massage Beth's new maleness, rubbing the feline's belly; swollen, as hers was, with new life, needing to be born.  A warm, lupine muzzle descended on Beth's hardness, lovingly laving over the thick length as her mate shuddered and yowled, the wolf's paw caressing the soft folds of her sex.

The lights in the room seemed to turn to give better illumination as thick musk poured from Beth's center, the room eagerly absorbing her offering.  The floor raised a series of fleshy tentacles to help the kits slip from their mother, raising them to nestle to the softness and warmth of Beth's chest to feed.  Krista cuddled to Beth's back as she picked up the third little boygirl, licking lovingly at hir face before letting hir sit on mommy's tummy to drink of the salty sweetness dribbling from Beth's erection.

The new couple's attention was directed to Krista's children as they played in the corner.  The cubs had aged years in the last few minutes, appearing to be in the throes of adolescence. The older beasts looked on as panting muzzles suckled at hard members for a long moment, velvet soft animal tongues caressing the swollen organs almost lovingly.  Krista looked over and saw them slowly detangle from each other, slipping to all fours. An opening in the wall to the room next door slowly irised open to reveal the sole sleeping occupant.

At the speed of thought and a flash of fur, the wolves were upon the young human, tearing the useless, obscuring cloth from her body.  An impending scream was muffled by the girth of a manhood pressing into her mouth, the touch of claws at her side drawing blood, as if to warn her to keep still.  The biggest of the beasts stood and tugged her legs apart, howling in triumph as the slickened phallus pressed deep within the young girl.  The third shaft pressed against her back, spewing jets of preseed, slickeing the soft smooth skin.

Krista panted, sheathing within the delicious, welcoming warmth of her mate's cunt as she and Beth looked on. Fur spread like wildfire from the skin of the girl, her clit thickening, swelling into a phallus of her own.  Krista sighed dreamily as she thrust slowly within the kitten; such a big campus, so many humans to convert.