The Witch
[author unknown]
It was almost midnight, when my train arrived at the station. I got in and walked through the empty 
compartments. Although I had the train all for myself, I kept going until I reached the last 
compartment. If I had known about the deadly trap that I was about to step in, I still wouldn’t have 
turned back. The last compartment was for smokers and I just wanted to turn around and go back, 
because I don’t smoke when I saw a small smoke trail ascending over the last pair of seats back on the 
left side of the compartment. And while I was watching it I noticed a strange and alluring scent coming 
from back there. 
I entered the compartment and took a seat on the right, just beside from where I saw 
the smoke trail. I turned my head to see who was sitting on the other side of the train and the sight of it 
took my breath away and I felt my heart beating like mad. I presumed she was in her thirties. She was 
wearing a white top and leather skirt.
She had red long hair and while her skin was a bit pale, she had 
the most delicate and beautiful face I had ever seen. Her eyes a poisonous green she had a perfectly 
shaped nose and her lips carried a fine scent of red lipstick. Around her neck I saw a fine silvernecklace 
with a strange looking pendant, that reminded me of a Chinese alphabet letter. 
She wore flat, black shoes and very fine cream-colored stockings. She had cross-legged her shapely 
legs and was reading in a small book.
I let my eyes glide over her perfect legs. My heart was beating 
faster and I just couldn’t take my eyes away from that beautiful sight. I felt somehow bewitched by the 
unspeakable beauty of her legs.
Then I felt her stare. I didn’t see it. I felt it. I noticed my face getting 
hot red, but I still couldn’t turn my eyes away. I knew she was smiling as she had found another victim. Suddenly she stood up and I managed to look away. A feeling of depression came over me as I 
realized, that she was about to leave the train on the next stop and I would never see her again. 
From the corner of my eyes I saw her rummaging through a bag that rested on the luggage-rack above 
her seat.
 Then she sat down again and I saw that she had just stowed away the book and had taken out a 
small mirror and a lipstick and was now applying some of it onto her lips. When she was done, she 
stowed it away in a small bag and placed that on a small bench that was mounted under the window. 
She now very slowly took her feet out of her shoes and placed them on the opposite seat.
 That did it. I just stared a her feet right away. At first she didn’t move and I just stared in awe at the beauty of her 
feet. Then she shifted them from one side to the other and I nearly lost my mind. I couldn’t think 
anymore. I just drowned in the sight of her perfectly shaped feet. All of a sudden she pulled her feet 
back into her black shoes. 
They seemed to be made of soft and very thin leather. The shape of her feet 
and toes were clearly visible and were deeply imprinted in the material. “How wonderful they must 
smell” I thought to myself. 

She stood up slowly, got her bag from the rack and walked to the door. I noticed that she had left her 
small bag on the bench under the window.

 The train stopped and she left through the doors. I got up 
quickly, grabbed the small bag and left the train behind her. I wasn’t sure if I should give her the bag 
right now or maybe follow her a bit and see where she is going. “Did she leave it intentionally there for 
me ?” I wondered. Walking behind her I noticed, that she was wearing seamed stockings. The shape of 
her perfect Legs drove me nearly insane. I followed her like in trance. We came to a small parking 
place behind the station and she headed towards a black sportscar. She stopped by it’s side and started 
searching for the keys. I stopped right behind her and said with a trembling voice “Maybe they are in 
She turned around and looked at me in surprise for a second, but then began to smile as she 
spotted the small bag in my hand. “Oh, that’s very nice of you. I’m glad you noticed it. Thank you.” I 
handed her the bag. “Where do you live ? Maybe we have the same direction and I can bring you home 
as a reward”. Oh my god, what should I say ? I desperately wanted to drive with this woman no matter 
what direction. But how could I know in what direction she needed to go ? I decided to tell her the 
truth. “I don’t live here. I would have had to get of the train three stations ago.” I said. She smiled 
again. “Get into the car” she ordered. “I will bring you home, but I will need to make a stop at my 
home for an important phonecall. I hope you don’t mind. It’s not far from here.” “I do not mind at all” I 
said. She got into the car and I took seat beside her. She drove off and I had a hard time preventing 
myself from staring at her legs.
Eventually I could not resist her beauty any longer and I tried to get a 
glimpse of her legs and feet out of the corner of my eyes. “Do you like my legs ?” she asked all of a 
sudden. I flushed and muttered “They are of perfect beauty”. She laughed and said “Yes, they are.” Her 
self-confidence shook me to the core. “Your shoes are very beautiful and elegant, but they also look 
strange somehow” I heard myself say.
“These are indeed unusual shoes. I made them myself.” she said. 
“Do you make all your shoes yourself ?” I asked. “Yes, all of them.” She said. “You stared at my feet 
back in the train.” She stated. “Yes,” I said “I cannot describe how beautiful they are.” She said 
nothing, but gave me a look as if she knew exactly what I felt right now. 

I also seemed to have lost my sense of time, because the car just passed a wide gate and drove down a 
short lane towards an old mansion in the middle of the woods. We must have been in the forest that 
was set between this town and the next. The strange thing was, that I felt like we were just driving for 
about five minutes or so, but it was at least thirty miles from the station to the woods and we could 
never have made it in this short time. 

She stopped the car at the front door and quickly jumped out and entered the house. I followed her 
through the entrance hall to a large and comfortable living room. She went over to a small table with a 
phone and took seat on a comfortable looking armchair beside it, facing me. She took the phone and 
dialed a number. Then she made herself comfortable in the chair and slipped off her shoes, which were 
now standing right in front of her feet. My knees began to shake and I began to imagine how wonderful 
these shoes must smell.
My legs started moving all by themselves and I dropped to my knees in front of 
her shoes. I lowered my face to the inside of her shoes and tried to inhale as much of the sacred 
perfume of her feet as possible. She was talking to someone on the phone and didn’t take any notice of 
me. I looked at her beautiful feet in awe and slowly approached them. I was in heaven. I wanted to be 
near these feet forever and serve this beautiful mistress for the rest of my live. “Are you absolutely sure 
you want this ?” she suddenly asked me. I looked up and saw that she had finished her call and was 
looking down at me. She had guessed what I was thinking. Or had she read my mind ?
 “These shoes and all the others I own were once human beings just like you.” She said. I didn’t know what she was talking about. 
“I am a witch. I magically transformed these Humans into various types of shoes to 
fulfill their wishes of serving my feet for the rest of their lives. They are alive and feel a hundred times 
more sensitive than a human. They are living shoes whose only purpose of existence is to enclose my 
sacred feet and getting carried by her goddess to wherever she wants. They die like shoes do. They 
wither away and fall apart. They live in absolute ecstasy for the time I wear them and rest in holy 
expectancy whenever I chose another pair to wear. Do you want to share their fate ? There is no turning 
back once you are transformed. You are free to go if you want. But if you choose to become a slave to 
my feet then kiss my feet gently now and seal your fate forever.” 
I tried to realize everything she just told me and nearly passed out from excitement as I gently and 
slowly pressed a kiss on each foot. 
She laughed satisfied and ordered me to take off my cloth and kneel down in front of her. She slowly 
raised her right foot and gently placed her toes on my forehead. Then she closed her eyes and started 
chanting words and sentences in a language that I couldn’t understand. My eyes devoured the beauty of 
her legs and feet and I began to feel a tingling sensation at my forehead.
I felt a heat raise through my 
whole body like I would go up in flames any second, when I saw a bright flash of light and I felt my 
body shrink and deform. Then I lost consciousness. 
Eventually I awoke. I was afraid. Too many impressions descended upon me at the same time. My 
body felt separated. I knew instinctively that one part could not exist without the other. I was enclosed 
in darkness, but somehow I felt that I could still see. The most impressive feeling was the expecting 
emptiness inside my body. I tried to become aware of the shape of my body and I soon discovered that 
I had been transformed into a pair of flat shoes. Just like the ones my goddess was wearing back in the 
Suddenly there was light. A door was opened and I could see that I had been entrapped in a 
closed shoecase. She was standing above me in her breathtaking beauty. She was wearing her black 
skirt, but this time no stockings. Again she guessed my thoughts and said “I never wear nylons for the 
first time.
 You should feel my feet slip into your body and your soul until your whole universe consists 
only of my feet. When I go about my business in the world there will be nothing else for you but to fall 
from one ecstasy into the other each time I move my royal feet inside your body. You will not be able 
to think a single thought when I wear you on my feet. You will only feel and smell and tremble and 
worship. Are you ready ?”. She slowly raised her right foot and slid inside me. A wave of ecstasy went 
through my body that swept my mind away. Then she slid her left foot inside me also and pressed her 
feet with the full weight of her body inside my body and soul.
I drank the shape and the taste and the smell of her feet with each step she made and everything was Feel and Smell and silent worship,
just like my queen, the nameless witch had told me. 
The End