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 by Jewel
Auntie, the big frigging ant in the cage...

    Standing before you is your ordinary, run of the mill, plain old, ant, save for the one minor detail that it stands eye level with most morphic furs, it's back peaking at just 6' tall. It turns, regarding you for a moment, thick mandibles clacking in an odd series of chirps, before it turns around, returning it's attention to the most current flavor of the month, always on the prowl for more fun and food. Despite the size, the only other notable difference is the placement of six large holes, measuring approximately half a foot in diameter, on the central abdomen. Another amount of things counting to six is the great thick hairy legs, jut out in pairs on either side of each abdomen, providing a very stable and reliable means of transportation.
    Speaking of abdomens, the ant, in it's general shape, is something of three long, and quite black, slightly stretched orbs. They are connected together by a pair of thick trunks which carry food, fluids, and other vital things between the three workstations of it's body. On the front pod which happens to be a bit smaller than the rest, you notice the mandibles again, always clacking back and forth, occasionally a bit of gray liquid dribbling from the tips as it's venom sacks reflexively compress to keep a certain level of fresh poison, and expel the old stock. Following that, you see the classic pair of beading black eyes, soulless as the ant itself, and presenting nothing for the viewer, like closed shutters on a house. Perched above those eyes are a pair of antenna, always twitching and turning with the movement of the ant's head.
    The second pod back is generally nondescript, save for the six openings, which run parallel to each other in two columns of three, up and down the length of his back. The third pod contains more, both on the inside and outside, a clear slit curling from just below center, a little ways back, giving you wonder as to what might come out of said slit, and where it may go. Farther back, towards the end of the last rounded shell one spots another slit, this one more rounded towards the center, bowing out before thinning back out and disappearing completely into the solid form of the abdomen.
    All in all, Auntie is at the very least impressively built, and with the fact that his entire body works like a lever, he has, well, quite a bit of leverage on the world around him, taking and using what he wants, for where he wants. One should take great caution when approaching, lest the end up as a meal, a plaything, or something far worse.

Lyssia, the schoolgirl Elf...

   Lyssia is an ordinary and mostly stereotypical elfen maiden, standing fairly tall for one at 5'8" the only real major different between her and a human being her sensative long peaked ears. Her skin is fairly healthy to the point of being only a moderate white color, maybe a little pale around her cheeks.
   She has, of course, two arms and two legs. The latter looking a little too long since her body itself is fairly small in comparrison, her arms also being long so she looks a little spindly, whilst her fingernails are actually fairly short mostly from being chipped it seems.
   Her face is more an oval, her eyes quite large upon her face, a pale blue in color and looking whimsical most of the time, an expression given from their size. Her nose is also short with a flat bridge running up between them whilst her lips are a light red, but almost invisable since they're thin too. Her cheeks are clean and smooth with no freckles, but have a tendancy to show blushes all too well. Her ears are small enough to hide in her long black hair, the latter long enough to hang past her shoulders.
   Lyssia is presently dressed up for school, literraly, wearing a bright white blouse and halter over her top, with blue fringes around it's collar and front line, only slightly expanding to show her bosom; Whilst her lower body wears a simple blue skirt, which seems horribly small and occasionally flashes her thighs, or even more detail of the bright pink skin.. She doesn't seem to be wearing anything underneath her skirt either.

 Hazard, the upright incestuous fox...

Hazard, the lord of the house, father of Lyssia, and in this scene he is not wearing a dress
    The slim fox standing in front of you grins softly, his eyes fluttering in a greeting all his own. His sleek figure only serves to compliment his well defined cheeks, the soft curves of his shoulders, the light prance in his step showing the femininity with which he carries himself. Left and right his thick tail swishes, as your eyes pour over his form, thick red blushes thunder clouding upon his cheeks pawpads perhaps raises to his lips in a light giggle at the attention.
    From there you notice something definitely odd about this fox, in fact its downright strange. Besides his rather feminine appearance, what should be a normal red and white coat, is instead, in all totality, a thick orange blanket, covering him from the tips of his orange ears, down to his wrists and ankles. Though the exception from this illustrious and slightly glowing coat is his black gloved pawpads, all fours covered with the common markings of a normal fox. Those fingers, like many other parts of him, are slim and sleek, as if streamlined for softness, made to be strong enough to live up to only a little wear and tear, but to look absolutely fabulous, and give him an unpronounced amount of dexterity.
    Pouring over his body you notice something else complimenting the oddity of the fox before you. Most definitely, even with his feminine features, you can tell by unclothed flesh that he -is- male, but with his loose blouse, and short skirt he most definitely opened up someone else's wardrobe perhaps his sister's uniform. However the thought creeps into your mind that maybe, just maybe, this was his own stock of clothing, and with the level of comfort that he wears it, one can only assume that he is more than at home in the skirt and blouse.

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