>stories>Fixate>Sin City 2000, Type 4: Maximum Yiff/Vore Drive
Sin City 2000 
by "Fixate" 


Narrated by Timothy Freeze 

Type 4: Maximum Yiff/Vore Drive

Johnny Fullcock, rooster porn king, had gone to the coat room to get paid for his performance that night, but no one told him who was going to be giving him his dues.

I, Tim Freeze, backed up snow fox pup, turn the corner to the coat room's hallway just in time to see the long, bushy tail of the full body, scarlet leather, S & M slave suit wearing red vixen, known only as Bitch, slip inside the occupied coat room. Not knowing that Johnny is in there, too, I quicken my pace to catch up with my chosen mate. Luckily, I hear his voice before I end up revealing myself to either one of them, and stop just outside the door. Oh well, I can wait a bit longer. 

"Oh, shit! Please, Bitch. I'm only here for the money. Nothing else. Please!" What's got him so spooked? First, Bitch's employer, Seymour J. Polypophilacopolis, who my family are house guests of, tries to talk me out of mating with her. He says she's way out of my league, and hard to control. Now, the star that so many females drool over, is begging to be left alone by her. I mean, Gawd, she's dressed up as a S & M slave. You can zip her mouth shut and strap her limbs behind her back. How dangerous can she really be? I hear her unzipping something and guess right that it's the part keeping her muzzle closed tight. 

"Who said anything about money, Johnny? Seymour's through with you, so now it's my turn." Bitch's got the voice of a weaning puppy. It's bubbly and playful, not a hint of threat anywhere in there. Her one green, one blue eyes are probably just as playful as her voice, and that tongue... "That show made me hungry, so maybe I'll just eat you. What do you say, Johnny? You whana be eaten again? Huh?" 

"Eat me? Oh. *Cockadoodledoo*" My my, Johnny sure sounds relieved. What was the alternative? Now I'm tempted to go in there and watch the vore. 

"Oh, not like that, Johnny. I like my meals nice, and, creamy. You should be good at this, Johnny. Just stand like this and..." There's a swish and Johnny hits the wall with a squawk. 

"Oh shit, oh shit!" It sounds like Bitch's ripping off Johnny's clothes and unzipping hers. Hmmm, maybe I'll just stay out here. I'll get my chance to see her soon enough and I'd rather let them have their privacy. At least visually. "Dear, Gawd! Somebody! Help!"

"Now, let's see if I can make you live up to your name, Johnny *tee hee*", Bitch giggles. I wonder how many times Johnny's had to hear that line? 

"Oh Gawd! *caw* Please, no, don't *caw* Bitch. Just kill, me! *caw* Please!" Bitch ignores Johnny's pleas as she yiffs and mrrrs, and does who knows what to him. He screams this shriek so painful sounding, that it runs right down my spine and makes me back away from the room in fear. Her yiffing intensifies. 

"Oooo. *yiff* Oh yeah. *yiff* Oh yeah. *yiff* Almost there, *yiff* Johnny", Bitch mrrrs as Johnny makes distant warbling and choking sounds. A moment later, there's a ripping of meat, the sound of bones popping, more ripping, and then the sound of splattering blood. She must be a very messy eater. We will most likely not be using that room, once she knows that I'm out here. With all that splattering, she must be shaking his body parts all over the place. She giggles, and growls, and yiffs, and mrrrs. The blood splattering continues. I walk away to leave her be with her meal for a while. "Oooo, Johnny. You're good." 

At least Bitch will be well fed when I finally work up the nerve to ask her to mate with me. 

After spending some time exploring the rest of Seymour's dinner theater building, I finally return to the coat room, ready to mate. When I look inside the room, I am knocked senseless by all the spooge. Bitch must have given Johnny another one of Seymour's eccentric elixirs. I imagine Johnny literally exploding with spooge and Bitch dancing around in it fingering herself. There's a lot of blood, too, but it's nothing compared to the spooge on the floor, walls, and abandoned clothing. Maybe I will choose a different mate. At least until I'm ready to die. There, natural in the middle of the floor, with her back to me, and her long bushy tail wagging happily as she licks the long, dismembered, and naked neck of Johnny Fullcock, is the crazy vixen with the mohawk of lion's mane head fur. She turns her head over her shoulder in my direction, looks me over with those cute blue and green eyes of hers, and smiles sleepily. 

"Hiya, pup. How's it going?" Bitch selfishly clutches the plucked neck close to her body, partially hiding it between her mounding six-pack and erect teats. With a slight turn of her body, I can't see it at all, especially over the cute bulge in her stomach. She caresses the neck as she continues smiling at me. 

"Fine, Bitch. Fine. And you?" I look at all the blood and spooge again. "You sure are a messy eater, though this must have done wonders for his ego," Bitch looks at me curiously. "Oh, if he had lived, that is. I mean, talk about being backed up." I start laughing, she smiles slyly at me, and then giggles with me. 

"So, you were watching?" Bitch looks me over, and quickly turns me on with a lick of her super long tongue on her narrow muzzle, and a rub of her occupied belly. She mrrrs at me. "Did you like what you saw?" 

"No, I wasn't watching. I only heard. I mean, you're not exactly subtle, Bitch." I sweep the room with my eyes, Bitch giggles, rubs up a small puddle of spooge off the floor with her pudgy, ebony furred hand, and licks it off with that monstrous tongue of hers. With a yiff, I drop to all fours as she takes some time to moisten the naked neck with her tongue. 

"Oh, I always clean up after my meals." Bitch looks down at the long, naked neck, pokes and prods it, and then continues as she lovingly scritches it, "Especially when dealing with someone like Johnny Fullcock *yiff* you just can't help but make a little mess. You know what I mean, pup?" She mrrrs at the neck, pulls it in between her muzzle, closes her lips around it, and starts trying to drain it of whatever blood might be left. She caresses, massages, and scritches it like it was his intact body, or it looks like she is. She's still hiding that last piece of him away from my sight. 

"So, how did you do it?" With some effort, Bitch takes the thick neck out of her maw, looks at it, tucks it tight against her body and under her neck, it almost choking her, and turns her head in my direction, smiling slyly. "It was another one of Seymour's crazy pills, right?" She shakes her head playfully and starts caressing Johnny's dismembered neck again. Hmmm, okay. 

What are the alternatives? "Are you an inventor yourself?" Again she shakes her head, and mrrrs as she scritches the... neck? It's growing and twitching. Oh Gawd, please, no! "But, uh... Johnny couldn't have done all of this himself, could he?" Her tongue is like a miniature whip as she continues happily shaking her head. Her leg vibrates as she caresses, massages, and scritches that long, thick piece of meat reaching behind and past her head, faster. I start backing away as her stomach gurgles. I think I'm going to be sick. 

"*Yiff yiff* He didn't do any of it!" Then with a moan, Bitch spooges against the wall, sprawls out on hir back, pushes down on hir grotesquely huge member, and lets it all rain down on hir. I just stand there petrified, holding my dinner in, not knowing what to make of this. Hir sheath resembles, or maybe even doubles as a marsupial pouch, with the normal female piping below it, though equally over aroused. Hir teats have grown to the thickness and length of hir pudgy fingers, and I can't help but be reminded of Seymour's experiment with Mother. The genetics team had gone completely ballistic with hir creation, and now I knew what had ran through Johnny's mind as she literally ripped hirself through him. Help! I'm in Hell! HELP! 

"Wa, what are you... Bitch? Oh Gawd, what the hell are you?" I turn to leave, hit the wall instead, don't care, scrape up it for maybe a full second at most, and then fall on my back to the floor. "Ow! Well, that was stupid. Damn it, Bitch. Why you?" Bitch giggles at me, and then as I lay there moaning and trying to collect myself, she walks over to me, and pins me down, making me dodge having my face being dripped on. Wow, she's strong. It probably wouldn't take much effort from hir to gut me with that monstrous member, too. She could probably rip my limbs off without a second thought. "Ew! Damn it, Bitch! Get off of me, please! Get that... thing away from me." 

"Are you jealous, pup? I'm everything any fur could ever want. And I'm cute, too, so naa." Well, yeah. Okay. Bitch starts getting limp and makes me watch as a small puddle of spooge starts collecting on the base of my neck down, until hir ungodly member retracts into a bulge in and a knob just outside hir furry pouch. Then she looks between us, giggles, and sits on my still rigid member. This is really weird. Maybe that's why I'm enjoying it. Figures. She wiggles me in hir, and I stare at hir hopper six-pack. She doesn't have to restrain me anymore. 

"Yeah, I guess you are, but that... thing of yours is... well *yelp*" With a toothy grin on hir face, Bitch playfully attempts to crush my member into nothingness. My, what sharp teeth she has. Hope she isn't thinking of... 

"If you think that's cool, I can suck it just as hard, too." I yelp again, pop myself out of Bitch's tunnel, turn over, and attempt to run away on all fours. I get a few paces off before I get a painful hint that realized she's got my tail in hir grasp. "Though, if given the chance, I never turn down a good piece of tail." I turn to grab it away from hir and see that it isn't hir hand that's holding it. Well, now this should be interesting. "Are you ready, pup? Good. Then prepare to be sent back where you came from. *Tee hee yiff*" Bitch turns around, clutches the floor with all four paws, lifts hir long, bushy tail high, and my tail starts being draw into hir tunnel in pulses. Well, she definitely is amazing, but she's crushing my tail at the same time. I'll be paralyzed when she gets to my legs, and killed when she gets to my chest. I know she can and will do it. 

"Is it safe?" Bitch stops and looks over hir shoulder at me curiously. "If I were to, say, do it myself, then would I be able to survive." She giggles and let go of me. 

"Um, yeah. So pup, you want to go in like that? Okay, help yourself." As I slide closer to hir, Bitch turns over onto hir back, slides my tail farther and farther up hir, then grabs my feet, and inserts them within hir also. Then she lays down flat and starts scritching hirself as I continue where she left off. I figure that she'll get some help from one of Seymour's pills or elixirs to stretch hirself at some point in my journey, but instead she just goes back to playing with hirself. Considering what I'm doing, she isn't that tight, but I'm having trouble enough just getting all of my feet in. I wiggle my toes and she giggles. 

"Aren't you worried about me, say, ripping something, Bitch? You're not exactly made out of rubber." Bitch stops fondling hirself, looks at me curiously, and smiles a toothy grin. Is she? Then she reaches down, hooks hir fingers around the inside of hir fluffy tunnel, and stretches the opening to quadruple what I'd done so far. Hot damn! As she mrrrs, I just stare at it in amazement. Is there anything she can't do with hir body? I slowly wiggle myself down hir to my knees and she yiffs and mrrrs all the way. Then she lets go and spreads hirself out again, as I push myself farther and farther inside hir. I can now see the outline of my feet wiggling inside of hir. "When's the last time you had someone in you like this?", I ask once I'm up to my crotch inside of hir. I'm running out of space in hir womb and have to start bending my legs. 

"And they lived? Well, I don't know, pup. I've had plenty in me like that, *yiff* but eventually all of them died in some way... Sorry pup, that's just the way it goes." Wonderful. I wiggle myself farther down into Bitch's musky, slick tunnel and soon am able to grab hir thighs to quicken my pace. Then I figure I'll have some fun and start pushing and pulling my sheath and member in and out hir. We both yiff and moan, she caresses and scritches hir teats, I work harder, hir own thick member starts getting aroused, which quickly starts restricting my leg room, and then hir tunnel starts trying to compact my body. I yelp loudly and she looks happily down at me. "Oooo. Sorry, pup. This is *yiff* one of the reasons why they all died." Bitch mrrrs, clutches hir rigid member, rubs it, pulls it down against hir mounds and teats, hir body shutters, and then my legs are shot out of hir. Wow, never thought that could happen, and then again... I get up, walk over to hir, and scritch hir huge stick shift. 

"That thing wouldn't happen to have a reverse gear, would it?" I place my foot on Bitch's upper teats, wrap my hands around hir lever, and yank it up and towards hir feet. She gasps. Hmmm. I let it return back to neutral, stand over hir legs, then scritch the opposite side of the lever, lean on top of it, and me and it fall on top of hir. She yelps, yiffs, and makes hir member push me up and partially back onto my feet. Okay. I stand beside hir, massage the lever hard and fast, she starts yiffing and moaning excitedly, I jump on and squash the lever against hir chest, and she goes into a yiffing fit and squirts some milk. Then I plant my feet on the floor, scritch the lever as fast as I can, and throw the switch the other way. As she throws back hir head and lets out a high pitched howl/whistle, I swing around to the other side of the lever, shove my feet into hir moist tunnel, and am yanked loose from the lever. Awww, bad idea! I hit my head several times on the floor as I'm quickly sucked inside up to my neck and armpits, bang my muzzle on hir, slip inside, am able to lower and fold my arms, and then am given time to collect myself as she keeps going, a very musky breeze blowing down into my nose. The smell gets to me and I end up spooging with hir, with my body pressed into a tight fetal position. My deep breathing through hir gets hir going again and I have to wait a bit longer for hir to finally calm down. 

"Mmmm. Now that one was a keeper", Bitch mrrrs and then rubs hir hands around me, "You still okay in their, pup?" It was starting to get a little hot and sticky in this womb and I'm tempted to start licking hir to get another breeze. Finally I do and hir stomach starts growling. Time to recharge, refill, whatever. "*Mrrr* I think I better clean up this place. Wouldn't want the guests complaining." She rolls over onto all fours, pats me, and then starts waddling around the room licking up hir numerous puddles of spooge. Hir multi-functional body gurgles and groans and makes a bunch of other weird sounds around me. Fullcock's body is probably mush or nutrients by now, or the spooge out there. Bitch is most likely the incarnate or predecessor of all of Seymour's elixirs. "Whenever you want out, just scream." 

Once Bitch has finished cleaning up, she lays down on hir side and starts caressing me. It's starting to get soggy in here, but not so tight, so I move myself around to get out any knots or cramps I might have developed, and rub my fur against the soft, pulpy walls of hir womb to clean myself. I take a deep breath through hir, do a slow, three sixty jig, and loosen hir up more as I get my head, back, and tail clean. Pretty soon I'm splashing as I move, and so plug up the exit with my muzzle as the water level continues to rise. I wonder if any other fur has done this to hir. She slowly and very carefully stands up, trying not to drop me, and then waddles across the room. 

"Mmmm. Hey, pup. You're a pretty good load. Maybe I'll just keep you there for a while. Maybe forever. Oooo, yeah." Bitch scritches hir ripe belly, mrrrs, and momentarily crosses hir legs, cutting off my air supply. Not if I can help it. I scritch hir from the inside as I force air in and out of hir, and she starts to yiff. "Ooo. Keep that up and I'll end up dropping you, pup", Bitch mrrrs as she slides down to the floor. I can feel hir body tugging on my muzzle and I brace myself as I suck and blow harder. Pretty soon breathing is becoming very difficult and my muzzle's beginning to really hurt, so I uncork hir, and she proceeds to drain hir womb. After all the water is gone, I plug hir up and breath normally. "Oh my, and just when I thought I was finally house broken. *yiff* Well, I guess I'll just have to try harder next time, pup." 

Bitch licks up the water, then waddles on all fours to some nearby fountain to fill up even more than she was before. She walks around a lot as hir womb slowly fills back up, and then starts waddling around upright. Finally, some unlucky fur sees hir like this. 

"Bitch? Oh, um, hi. Looks like you've been eating... well. Bitch, are you preg?" I bounce around inside of Bitch as she drops to all fours and waddles up to the female. "Oh wow, you are, aren't you? I didn't think you could-" 

"Whana touch it?" Bitch stands up again, too fast. I have to brace myself quickly as she starts contracting and I hold my breath. 

"Oh my Gawd! Your not going to drop your litter here, are you? Oh Gawd, what should I do?" Awww, Bitch's breaking my muzzle! Damn this water bed. She can just drink some more later. With a pop, my nose and muzzle are pushed into womb and my air supply is cut off. Hir body quickly stops and I'm able to plug my aching muzzle back into hir before I start getting short of breath. She mrrrs as only a small amount of water is lost. 

"Mmmm. False alarm... Actually there is something you can do. I think the litter's due soon. If you could see if I'm dilated, then that would be a world of help." Huh? Now what? Everything seems fine from this end. 

"Um, uh, okay. Sure. Mind if I ask if the father's still alive?" Bitch lays down on the floor and giggles. 

"Oh, sure. Cute. Young. *yiff* Very much alive, for now... No no no, not like that. Like this..." And with a plop, my air supply is cut off again. There's muffled screaming, I adjust my position to look down hir tunnel, and figure correctly that the other fur's muzzle has been tightly corked into the opposite end. Oh, now I get it. 

Bitch then starts scritching hirself, hir body gurgles and groans, she starts mrrring, then moaning, and then the womb's ceiling starts buckling in on itself. The water pressure increases noticeably. As she yiffs, the water starts draining out of the womb, but it isn't by much until the fur's resistance fades and the water is forced into her lungs, then it stops again. Bitch starts yiffing and moaning "Pop Goes the Weasel", but there just isn't enough pressure. Time for hir to shift into a higher gear. I reposition myself and press against hir with all four paws. 

"*yiff, yiff yiff* Pop goes the *YIPE*" My mind buzzes and my vision blurs as the water pressure increases in powerful pulses. Bitch probably feels like hir body's going to explode. With every rub and pull of hir massive member, she is literally pumping hirself up until, BANG! The water is quickly drained from the womb, through the hole in the fur's chest, onto the hallway floor, and then I hear a sickening crunch as the female's muzzle is shattered, too. Wow, that could have been mine. Then there's the pitter patter of falling spooge outside above me. Once again the musk is unbearable in here and I add my own little contribution to filling hir womb back up again. 

"Mmmm. That one was a keeper, too... Hey, pup. You still okay in there?" I recork Bitch's tunnel, lick it, and she mrrrs in satisfaction. "Mmmm. Good. Well then, I might as well clean up this place *yiff*... You hungry, pup?" 

"Yes, Bitch. I'll have whatever you feel like... passing to me." There is a ripping of flesh and muscle, and then Bitch shoves the weasel's, I'm assuming it was a weasel, leg inside, thigh first. Then, to open up an air passage for me, she wiggles in the other thigh. Oooo, now she can be on four legs and standing at the same time. Cool. Riding on this thought, I happily devour one of the thighs to the bone, belch, and push the rest back out. Bitch consumes everything else, from tickley pelt to crunchy bone. She isn't a messy eater, just a noisy one. 

"*urp* Mmmm. Good fur, very good fur. *yiff* And now for a little sip from the water fountain. You thirsty, pup?" Bitch rolls onto all fours, and starts back towards the fountain. 

"Yes Bitch, though I can wait for it to warm up." She is starting to flood up again and I slowly reposition myself to lick up some of the warm, musky water. 

"Oh, it'll be warm. I wouldn't serve it any other way... and then for your dessert." I wait patiently for Bitch to get hir fill from the water fountain, then she rolls onto hir back, starts scritching hir upper left teat, and mrrrs. Oh, milk. That's even better. I guess after she's worked up a good supply within the mammary, she sits up, squirts it into one of the fountain's plastic cups, lays back down, and arches hir rear up to let the milk flow down hir tunnel and into my waiting mouth. She does this five more times, collecting it from each teat, and every serving is mmm, mmm good. 

"Mmmm. That was excellent, Bitch." I lick hir tunnel to get any milk that might not have made it, and in gratitude. She mrrrs in satisfaction. 

"Oh, don't thank me yet, pup. Not until you've had dessert." What the hell could dessert be? "It's the creamiest." My mind flashes back to Fullcock's 'treat'. Oh Gawd, no! I yelp as Bitch lays back down on the floor and starts scritching hir member. Then, hoping to Gawd that I can hold my breath for as long as it takes, I suck in deeply and stretch hir as much as possible, right before she plugs up hir tunnel with hir lengthened but not yet hard member. "Mmmm. Good move, pup. You may just be my first survivor, yet. Maybe. *tee hee*" 

Bitch massages and moans, and scritches and yiffs, and caresses and mrrrs, and hir member inches through hir more and more, and gets thicker and thicker. I breath normally in my airtight prison and watch warily as the member is forced farther and farther in hir until it almost pokes the other side of hir womb. This thing is massive and pulsing with pent-up up energy. 

Hir bodies gurgling and groaning loudly and I realize that she's holding the spooge back until it's sure to drown me. I hear the fountain running and hear hir gulping down water. There's no way she or I could possibly get this piece of meat out of... piece of meat. Hmmm. Good thing I didn't gorge myself. 

"Are you ready, pup. Here I *YIPE!!!*" The womb convulses as I bite down on the top of Bitch's member. It's extremely tough, and all I manage to do is create bloody puncture wounds. Oh shit, and makes hir let loose hir load, too. With a watery groan and a whoosh, the spooge courses through hir and into the womb. In seconds, I'm up to my underbelly in spooge and it keeps rising and rising, mixing with my air supply as a deep, gooey mess. "Tee hee. Just for that, pup, I'm going to let you drown in there." 

"No, Bitch! Let me out! Let me out! Please!", I whimper as I have to hold my nose to the top of Bitch's womb and push on it to breath out of my mouth. Some spooge finds its way into my mouth and I start breathing through my nose again. I shut my eyes tight and squirm at the feeling and thought of the spooge seeping into my ears. I won't be able to take in enough air through my nose to hold my breath. I swim up and gulp in as much air as possible, and a little bit of spooge. The womb soon fills completely with spooge and then the content gets denser and denser as she continues to pump hirself up. The pressure forces some of the spooge through my teeth and nose, and I have to strain not to cough. 

In desperation, I start flailing my limbs to scratch my way out, and the best I can do through the thick muck is tap the womb and deadly member. I'm very near the end of my breath and as a last resort, I once again feel around for Bitch's gruesome member, open my maw, spooge rushes down my throat, and I sink my teeth into the tough meat. She says something, though it's rendered incoherent through the gelatinous mass, my nose taps the side of hir womb, and then I pass out. I wonder how many furs she's killed like this? I wonder if I've broken any records for the longest survivor? She seemed to like me. Oh well. 

"Damn. I think I broke it. And just when the pain was getting excruciating, too." I came back to consciousness listening to Bitch complaining about something. I go into a violent coughing fix as I spit some of the spooge I drank, and then slowly realize that I'm in the dinner theater's hallway soaked and caked with spooge. Funny enough, my fur doesn't look much different than if I have been doused in water. I look at the large, wall to wall puddle of spooge I'm laying in, and then turn my head to look at Bitch. She sighs to me as she weighs the still massive but extremely limp member in hir spooge soaked hands. 

"Wow. I didn't think I'd live through that one. Thanks Bitch for letting me go." Bitch looks at me curiously, smiles weakly, then starts poking hir member as she sighs. I don't see my teeth marks, but I wonder if I contributed to its suggested damage. I wonder if that'd make me the first fur to hurt hir? 

"Yeah, whatever. I over estimated myself on that one, and now look at me." Bitch lets go of hir meat and it plops heavily to the ground, squirting a little more spooge upon impact. She winces with pain as hir stomach growls at hir, then looks at hir hands, and starts sucking hir pudgy fingers clean one by one. She definitely busted something in there and is now stuck with a massive umbilical cord to lug around. Oh well, she got exactly what she deserved. I get up, shake myself off, and then turn to leave. "You were lucky this time, pup, but next time I'm really going have fun with you." I stop and turn back to face hir. 

"Next time? Sorry Bitch, but there's not going to be a next time. I've had enough spooge today to last me a life time." And enjoyed every second of it, until that near death part. She even ended up giving birth to me after I spooged inside hir. Literally. Would that make me an asexual fur, or just born again? Do I have to call hir Mother now? I wave good-bye as I laugh at these thoughts. "Hope to see again some time, Bitch. You are one hell of a furry, you know that don't you?" She's looking sadly at hir busted hose and nods slowly to me. The thought of going over there and stroking it like a sprained back comes to mind and is then pushed away for its weirdness. I just can't leave hir like this. I mean, I'm hir first survivor. That's got to count for something. "I'm very sorry it ended like this, Bitch. I still really like you a lot." She lifts hir head and looks at me curiously. Hir green and blue eyes sparkle with tears. "Okay, I love you. From your weird head fur to your uncommon attributes, you are... well... You're like no other fur I could, or would, ever want to find. You're amazing." She flashes a warm, shark toothed grin. Yeah, that too.

"Wow, cool. I guess I like you too, pup. You've lasted this long. *yiff* I guess I can let you live out the rest of your life." Oh, well. I guess that'll have to do from the product of the high and mighty society. "At least until I get back to normal." 

"You'll never be normal, Bitch. I don't want you to ever be normal." Bitch giggles, then drops to all fours, and walks awkwardly over to me, dragging hir limp member between hir legs. All that weighs going to chafe hir pouch, too. "Though it would help you right about now." She nods, and then starts lapping up the giant spooge puddle. At least she recycles and reuses a lot. The rest of the high and mighty just use, gather, and dump into space. They say there's no life out there, so why waste such a conveniently vast dumpsite. No fur goes up there anymore, so why complain with the efficiency. They can use fission and fusion to create and recreate new and old elements and then eliminate the need for a visible dumping ground. Except for all the acid, and the continental gray clouds, and the almost endless winter, the world's never been better. Of course, the rockets don't always make it into space, but that's just more junk to be fired up for the next time. 

Bitch zigzags up to me and then starts licking the spooge off my feet. 

"Might as well clean you off as well, pup." Enough of this informality. I sit down outside the remaining puddle and watch as she sucks each of my toes dry and sharpens my claws with hir teeth. 

"Um, Bitch, my name is Tim. Timothy Freeze... Do you have a last name, or is Bitch your last name?" I couldn't see it being either way, but I had to know if Bitch was more than just a psychotic, high and mighty, yiff toy. She giggles and, once done cleaning my feet, starts grazing hir super long tongue higher and higher up my legs, sending tingles straight to my crotch. I'm glad she can be gentle when she wants to be. 

"Neither pup, um, Tim. My given name is actually V-520, but I nicknamed myself Bitchy, super yiff goddess, after I started blowing away my competition. *yiff* Or should I say, started blowing up my competition. *tee hee*" I laugh, and by the time Bitchy has reached my sheath, I am quite rigid. I watch hir to make sure that all she does is lick, and she curls hir tongue around my member. With a few encasing licks, there's even more spooge for hir to clean up, and she turns me over to clean my tail and rear. 

"Mmmm. You're very first class, Bitchy. Completely grade A *yiff*" I quickly turn my head when Bitchy lifts my rear off the floor and I find my entire tail down hir throat and hir tongue back around my member. Oh, why not? I tuck my legs, wiggle them down hir throat, and then slowly wiggle my body down hir elastic throat up to my armpits. It's slimy in here, but other than that, just fine. Hir tongue tickles me under my muzzle and I figure that the sex toy was made to breath only through hir nose and swallow stuff at the same time. I scritch hir upper teats once she's turned over. 

"Well, I'll definitely be clean now", I mrrr as I rub myself against Bitchy's stomach, and my body tingles. At first I think that I'm being eaten up by acid, and then realize that hir stomach is lined with wall to wall bristles and I'm getting a full body scritch. I make hir scritch me faster. The yiff toy can probably control the amount of acid in there, too. 

She tilts hir head back and opens hir mouth very wide so I don't pelt myself with those rows of sharp fangs, and I can hear hir yiffing with me. The yiff toy is the world's greatest ventriloquist. 

"You know, Tim, you're all right. You can live however long you like." Now that I'm sensing for it, I can feel hir blowing quick puffs of air on my back. It feels almost erotic, too. A couple more pushes and pulls on the sides of hir mouth, and then I pull myself completely inside hir scritching stomach. She yiffs and moans as hir stomach twitches and twirls violently, but its me who's in ecstasy. I hit my high, then rests as she coughs my squeaky clean body up onto the floor, carries me over to the side of the hallway, and gently sets me down before finishing with the hallway. The yiff toy's tongue can be as soft as silk, or as rough as steel wool. 

"Hey, uh, Tim. Could you go out and snag me some fur for dinner? I'm sill hungry." Bitchy sits next to me examining hir useless meat. It seems a little shorter, but then again, it could be because it's gathered somewhat under hir. She turns hir head towards me and whimpers. 

"What am I, your pimp now? I really don't go for this eating live furs thing." I stand up to seek the closest high and mighty. I disapprove unless it's some fur that deserves it. 

"If you really love me, you'll do it." Uh, whatever. I walk away like I'm greatly offended by that statement. "Tim? Tim? Please?" Now Bitchy really does sound as old as or younger than my sister. With a smile, I quicken my pace. 

"We'll see. Maybe I will. Maybe I won't." Bitchy can tell that I'm just playing with hir. By the time I hear hir running for me, it is too late. With amazing speed she is within touching distance of my long, bushy tail, and then with a bound, next to me as I turn to see what's going on. She pirouettes, hitting me with hir heavy member, and I'm thrown against the wall. She smiles a shark toothed grin at me as I stumble away, and then clubs me against the opposite wall with hir thick member. I look at hir dizzily as she stands in the middle of the hallway, drooling at me, stuffing hir still limp member up hir tunnel until its snugly out of the way. She was just giving me a head start, and now I'm game. 

"Tag. You're it." Oh, shit. I leap onto all fours and dash down the hallway. I seem to be faster than she is, and so after several twists and turns, I can no longer hear hir. That doesn't stop me from continuing at full speed, and eventually I find a trio of high and mighty. I run up to them, look nervously behind me, and then back at the startled group. 

"You got to help me! There's a freak of nature chasing me!" I didn't mean to say it that way, but when we all look back down the hall that I came from, they already know who comes sliding in. 

"Bitch!", the female skunk in the rhinestones and silvery gown exclaims as the female otter and male mink run for their lives. I quickly follow them and look over my shoulder. 

"Orgy sandwich!", Bitchy exclaims back as she charges for all of us greedily. The skunk drops to all fours, lifts her gown and tail, sprays hir, and then runs after us. It looks like Bitchy is stopped by the spray, but moments later, she's going again at full speed, jumps on the skunk's back, they tumble, she rips the skunk's clothes to shreds, and very quickly and messily consumes her. Hir tongue whips all over hir muzzle, cleaning and slapping off the blood, and then she's after the rest of us. Moments later, she's on my back, but leap frogs off of me and tears after the other two high and mighty as I skid along the floor. They turn the corner, dash away, she hits the wall, bounces off of it, and seconds later I hear first the otter, then the mink, scream. 

"Well, at least I'm safe now. I think." I very slowly walk to the next hall and see Bitchy laying on hir back, playing with hir bloated, twitching belly. I can still hear them screaming, so I cautiously walk up to hir, put my ear to hir stomach, and scritch it. She mrrrs as I caress hir moving tummy and then giggles. I scritch it vigorously, she looks at me, flashes a toothy grin, and then tightens hir stomach hard. Hir stomach is suddenly reduced to half of its bloated size and blood squirts through the cracks between hir teeth. "What the hell did you do that for?" 

"*mrrr* Just making room for you, Tim." She kicks me hard with hir foot. "Tag, you're it." She rolls over onto hir still fat belly, caresses it lovingly, and then giggles. "You know, Tim. There's nothing more satisfying than a sweetheart, and you're my sweetheart. *urp*" 

I yelp, dive onto all fours, and run into and down the next hallway as she giggles at me. She's giving me another head start, and I'm quite sure she'll find me again. A couple more hallways and I find my way to the lobby. I check to see if she's going to come running in from behind me, see the coast is clear, and head outside into the night. I'll do much better in the snow. My element. Knowing I'll leave tracks, I run around and back track, always looking for a sign of hir, and then finally hide under one of the high and mighty vehicles. A navy blue town car. I'm quite a ways from the theater, so I should be safe for a while. Bitchy isn't going to stop until she's done whatever it is she intends to do with me. No one can stop hir... except for maybe Seymour, but he's back inside and in no shape to be doing anything either. 

"Great. Now, what do I do? If I try to go back inside, I'll be in bigger trouble than... well, I'll be in big trouble." 

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