Impounded: Taco, (doggy vore)"Oh, that's half the fun, Taco darling.  Your body's going to be to my throat what my paw was to that tight, little muff of yours."

Sin City 2000 (furry vore, eating, swallowing, yiffing and Bitchy)
Type 1: The Techno-color Savior,“"What is it that you put into the food, Mr. Seymour?  Or is it the food itself?" 
Type 2: Snow Furries in Heat,“Ah, home sweet home. This beats your alleyway box any day, doesn’t it?” 
Type 3: Vore On the Floor,“Damn you, Bitch! Kevin, get me out of here! Get me out of here! Now!" Seymour's massive, wiggly gut twists and twirls for about a minute, and then all is quiet again"
Type 4: Maximum Yiff/Vore Drive,“Bitch lets go of hir meat and it plops heavily to the ground, squirting a little more spooge upon impact."
Type 5: The Better to Yiff You With,“Somewhere, out there, was a psychotic vixen yiffing hirself over the idea of swallowing me whole."
Type 6: Unchained Malady ,“Some of the furs in the crowd had to swallow only one fur before they were struck with a malady. First, they started belching more and more, and then it looked like they were getting filled up with invisible furs as their bellies grew bigger and bigger"

Rated Poodle Generation 13,(odd bits of stuff involving a military motif, young poodles... and Bitchy),"So be it then, Pooky.  You have my authorization to kill yourself.  You will not be missed"