Fate of the hero, by Hedonism (sex between reptiles and humans, and merging.) '"Cheer up," she said, and slowly started to finger herself. I gasped and groaned hotly, feeling the sensations of our cunt being played with. I was... growing wet'
Cancer of the Borg, By Hedonism(sex between humans and aliens, oviposition, unbirthing, merging and transformation) 'The captain pushed her fingers deep, loving the look of surprise and anxious pleasure on her friendís face. Then she squeezed her pelvic muscles and gasped throatily as her ovipositor slid free of her vagina'
SUMA by Hedonism. (non-consensual sex between a human and reptile, submission and flesh-bondage) 'Emera whimpered as he humped her with great, long withdrawals and sudden thrusts that took the egg-like head of his penis from her stark red lips
to deep into her womb'
The Baeral Milkmaid, by Hedonism. (nonconsensual sex between humans and creatures, submission, lactophilia, oviposition, unbirthing and merging) "The dragoness blew gently over the human's cunny. Wendy squealed and struggled anew as a second egg crept down slowly until it gradually peeped out of her inflamed vagina.Ē
Chicken Thief, by Hedonism. (non-consensual sex between humans and reptiles, transformation, slavery and (especially) oviposition) "She hugged the lizard-tailed dryad tightly. ďI canít do that again! Please donít tell me I have toooaaahhh... Agghhh, noooooOAAAAAAGGGHHH!Ē.